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Cadettes work to complete the “aMAZE” Journey

Submitted by Girl Scout Cadette Troop 59

Metro Denver

Lone Tree

Troop 59 learned a lot from the “aMAZE” Journey.  We learned a lot about friendship, anti-bullying, self-confidence, cliques, stereotypes, and overall social well-being.  Over the winter, we took the “aMAZE” Journey a step further.  Some of the girls in Troop 59 wrote on sidewalks or left notes around school, to encourage people to be kind and happy.  Other girls gave flowers to students to put a smile on their face or passed out blue bows to wear in support of local law enforcement. The project made a positive impact across our community.  We did this to educate ourselves on friendship, make a difference, and prepare for the future.

To conclude, we learned a lot and helped our community in a fun way.  It was an interesting experience.

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Girl Scouts take over Fiske Planetarium

Submitted by Rebecca “Zap” Lankford

Metro Denver


Troop 3572 of Broomfield hosted a scouts only event on Sunday, Oct. 29 at CU Boulder’s Fiske Planetarium. With the help of Claire, the presenter, and Spencer, the pilot, girls were shown a number of constellations and nebulae, went flying by the International Space Station, learned how to find the North Star, and floated in Saturn’s rings. The planetarium was almost full with 195 scouts and family members present. The ooohs, aaahhhs, and general excitement about space made for an exhilarating afternoon. The visit to the planetarium fulfills some of the requirements for badges for Cadettes and Seniors. Great job, girls!

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G.I.R.L. Stories: Cadette Troop 60043’s Urban Adventure

Submitted by Katy Herstein

Metro Denver

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch Girl Scout Troop 60043 worked on their Urban Adventure badge in June 2017. We used the Urban Adventure Quest challenge to explore the city in a scavenger hunt type of game. The girls took photos so we could document our day and share it with others (the last step of the badge that they chose). It was a super fun experience that I hope the girls will remember for a while!

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“Mission Sisterhood” and “Amaze!” Journeys

Submitted by Genia Babyak

Northern & Northeastern Co


Berthoud Senior Girl Scout Troop 71126 is hosting Senior “Mission Sisterhood” and Cadette “Amaze!” Journeys! Earn your Journey and badge in an easy, fast, and fun way with your sister Girl Scouts! The Senior “Mission Sisterhood” Journey will focus on personal wellness for every girl and how to achieve your goals. The Cadette “Amaze!” Journey will focus on the twists and turns of getting along. Both Journeys will be FUN!

This event will be held on October 29, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Berthoud Elementary School. The address is 560 Bunyan Avenue, Berthoud, CO.

Cost is $40 per participant and payment must be made in advance. Make check out to Girl Scout Troop 71126 and mail it to Megan Courtright, 108 Hummingbird Place, Berthoud, CO 80513. Please specify which Journey you will be taking. The deadline is October 25.

Participants should bring a lunch and snack for this day-long activity. If you have any questions, please contact Megan at 970-980-7261 or courtrighttm@gmail.com.

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Journey weekend Dec. 1 – 3, 2017: Looking for partners

Submitted by Rebecca Lankford

Metro Denver


Hello leaders and older girls!

Our troop of Cadettes and soon-to-be Seniors are planning a weekend at Tomahawk Ranch to work on a journey. We would love to partner with some other Cadette and Senior troops for the planning so that we can all be successful in completing a journey and meet some new scouting friends.

We have not selected the journey yet, but we do have three cabins reserved. You can make your own food or purchase the food at the camp. If you make your own food, you will need to bring your own gear, plates, etc.

The only fees would be to cover the cost of the cabin and your food (which you either bring or you purchase from GSCO). This is not a money-earning activity for our troop, just an opportunity for the troop to work with other girls.

Our troop will take up the better part of one cabin. We need to cancel the reservation for the other two cabins two-months in advance, so the deadline to commit will be October 1.

If you are interested in working with us on a journey please contact us at troop53572@gmail.com.

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Cadette Troop 2551 does some urban orienteering

Submitted by Nikki Goethals

Metro Denver


As we wrapped up our final year as Cadettes, the Girl Scouts were excited to do the new Urban Orienteering in the Capital badge offered by Girl Scouts of Colorado.

For many of the girls, it was their first time riding the lightrail or going to the 16th Street Mall.

They chose to have lunch at The Melt on the mall when we arrived, which was lovely. Then, they navigated quite a walk to the Little Man Ice Cream Shop.

We discussed pickpocketing and safety along the way while taking pictures of our adventure downtown.

On the way back, we split up and took two different light rail rides back home and met up again at the Nine Mile Station on Parker Road.

Everyone had a great time– easily one of our favorite badges to complete. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!

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Earn Moviemaking Badges with Digistar

Submitted by Digistars Make-a-Movie Workshop Ltd.


Denver Metro

Cadettes and their troops now have a great opportunity to earn Digital Movie Maker and Screenwriter badges with the Digistars Make-a-Movie Workshop!

Choose a stop motion animation (Claymation!) program, or make a live action movie using green screen technology – both fulfill the requirements for both badges.

Digistars offers after-school enrichment programs at many metro-Denver schools as well as at the studio in central Denver. Single-day vacation camps that run during school holidays as well as weekend workshops and summer camps provide more opportunities to fit making a movie into your schedule.

Even more, troops can book private sessions and Digistars instructors can even run the program at your location!

Programs cover all aspects of movie production including storyboards, set building, scriptwriting, acting, directing, filming, and editing. Our trained instructors are professional filmmakers who have a passion for helping kids bring their stories to life on film. Every instructor has passed a fingerprint background check as well.

Visit http://digistarsworkshop.com/ to learn more and see some of the fantastic films Digistars kids have made in our programs.

Register online or call 888-611-5090 for more information.

See you in the movies!

Outdoor Adventure Club – First Weekend at MMR!

oac-tb-the-short-wallLast weekend the Outdoor Adventure Club had it’s first monthly event at Meadow Mountain Ranch!

The girls built a solid  support with each other while completing challenges together on our low ropes course.

The girls focused on building a foundation of outdoor cooking, fire building and campsite setup skills. This weekend, we have two more rounds of girls coming through the September program. We encourage girls who are in this program to “share their stories” on our blog.

Because of such high demand for this program, we have split weekends up into multiple events, and offered multiple weekend dates. This is a very exciting pilot program and we are thrilled at the response and feedback we will receive from girls and their families in order to work on future programs like this for older girls.


Centennial Cadettes serve lunch at day shelter


The girls in Troop 61133 decided to spend their first meeting of the school year in service to others. On Sunday, Sept. 11, the troop spent their day serving a midday meal to the homeless.

We contacted the Volunteers of America to schedule a time to serve lunch at The Mission in downtown Denver, the last VoA homeless day shelter open in the entire U.S. This day shelter provides people in need with a host of services including spiritual support, mental health, education, access to support organizations and daily meals.

More than 100 people came through the line to receive the meal. The girls helped plate the meals, served the plates, sanitized the center, cleaned the grounds and also cleaned up after the meal.

We were so lucky to be able to spend a few hours giving back to people who truly need it.

The Cadette troop has been together since 1st grade and the girls are now in 6th grade at Campus and West middle schools.

Camps for Cadettes


Cadette Girl Scouts have a variety of options at summer camp. Whether it’s hiking to the top of a mountain, or soaring down the zipline, adventure and challenge are an essential piece of camp. Girls connect with each other and nature in an atmosphere like no other. Where else is it all girls, for girls, all the time? Register your Girl Scout for camp now! Review camp sessions. Here is a list of open sessions at our camps at this time:

Adventure camps are a hit with Cadettes! They provide a level of challenge and skill mastery in a community atmosphere of support.
NEW SH165 Iron Chef SHR
SH19, NEW SH435 Adventure Olympics
SH63 Legends of Archery
SH535 District 14
SH54 Pioneers
TR06, TR26 Arrows
TR07 Survivor
TR08 Storytellers
TR16 Olympians
NEW TR405 The Dark Side


Farm based camps offer Cadettes a chance to build confidence while working with animals and in our greenhouse. They include horseback riding at nearby stables.
SH17 SH29 Ranch Hands

Water based camps offer new challenges and friends. It’s “cool” to build your water based skills at camp. In our land locked state, this is the place to be for Cadettes this summer.
SH28, SH56 Pond Hoppers
TR25 Pirate Splash

Zipline camps offer a bit of thrill and challenge. Girls are faced with team dilemmas on the low ropes course and then get to zip once a day (weather permitting). Girls must be at least 60lbs to avoid getting stuck mid-zip.
SH55, SH64 Zip Life

Is horseback riding your thing? Cadettes entering 7th grade through Ambassadors can take a Colorado horseback adventure. In this trip, girls will take a 3-day, 2-night adventure on horseback. They’ll then spend 3 days on a working ranch at cowgirl camp. One day will be spent whitewater rafting.
TT01 Colorado Horseback Adventure

Twelve-day camps offer Cadettes an extended time at camp. Who doesn’t want to spend more time building outdoor skills and lifelong friendships at the same time?
TR34 Mocking Jay (12-day)
TR35 H2O (12-day)
TR37 Girl v Zombies (12-day)
TR38 TR’s Go Pro (12-day)

Three-day camps offer Cadettes a taste of camp without the huge time commitment! We know Cadettes often have busy summers, but there is still time for camp!
TR01 Tri Tom (3-day)
TR45 Tri Wizard (3-day)

Troop Camps are a fun for Cadettes to camp with their troop and leaders. At Troop Camps, meals, activities and lodging in camp cabins or tabins is included. At Troop Camp, you’ll experience sisterhood with other troops from around Colorado (and maybe beyond!) Troop camps include activities, lodging and food at beautiful camp locations.
SH35 Sky High Troop Camp
TC01, TC03, TC04, TC07 MMR Troop Camp
NEW THIS YEAR! TC044, TC074 MMR High Adventure Troop Camp
TC02 Outdoor Cooking Troop Camp
TC05 Camp Jackson Troop Camp
TC06 Western Slope Troop Camp


Do you like to camp, and love the outdoors? Show off your skills! Reach for the Peak, is an annual outdoor skills competition that is 29 years strong. Do you and your troop have what it takes? Reach for the Peak is at Sky High Ranch on August 12-14. The Reach for the Peak Tickler gives troops a practice day of the skills before for the big event on June 4, 2016.

Family Camps allow Cadettes and their parents to experience Girl Scout Camp together. Create memories at camp together where you’ll have delicious camp food, sleep in camp cabins together, and get to do fun camp activities too.
FC01 Lazy Acres Me and My Guy
FC03 Tomahawk Ranch Me & My Family
FC04 Tomahawk Ranch Me & My Guy

Register now for Girl Scout Camp! Review camp sessions.
Reserve a Girl Scouts of Colorado Property for your troop/group! Check out Travel Opportunities for Girl Scouts!
Pay camp balances with CampInTouch, with a Cookie Credit Card or a Gift Card prior to April 30 to lock
in Early Bird Pricing!