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Troop 2255 works towards Gold Award








Submitted by Janice Houston

Northern & Northeastern CO


As part of their requirements to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award, Troop 2255 learned about food and food waste as part of their “SOW What?” Journey.

Community Food Share is an organization based in Louisville which works to fight hunger and food waste in our communities. They provide fresh, nutritious food to those in need, while also increasing the environmental health of the community by working to redistribute food instead of throwing it out. You can help them by donating food (any amount helps) or volunteering, either individually or with a group. Volunteering is a very fun experience for ages five and up. Girl Scout Troop 2255 recently volunteered at Community Food Share and enjoyed it immensely. They highly recommend it to others.

Info: https://communityfoodshare.org/about-us/how-we-work/

Volunteer sign-up: https://communityfoodshare.org/volunteer/individuals-families/

Girl Scout Troop 2255 has three Fairview freshman members: Lizzy N., Trinity P., and Claire T. Freshman Abbi S. of New Vista completes the troop. Cheryl Paulson is the troop leader and Janice Houston is the co-leader.

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Gold Award Girl Scout: Amy Fishman, Boulder, “Connecting Teens With Nature”

What did you do for your Gold Award project?

As a high school student in Boulder, I’ve had incredible access to the outdoors throughout my teen years, like many of my classmates. However, as I’ve progressed through school, I learned that many of my peers do not remain engaged in the environment or its issues: they do not spend time outside, choosing instead to focus on schoolwork, Netflix, or other indoor activities, rather than the area that surrounds us. For my project, my aim was to foster a connection between teens and the environment. To this end, I worked to acquire information focused on teens’ engagement with the outdoors and then facilitated an improved connection with the outdoors. Through this, I also increased their understanding of environmental issues, in Boulder and beyond.

How did you measure the impact your Gold Award project made on your target audience?

At the start of my project, I administered surveys to students at high schools in my area. The results of the surveys illustrated the lack of environmental connection experienced by my peers. After analyzing the surveys, I designed a program based on their results that subsequently improved participating teens’ levels of engagement with nature and understanding of issues impacting the environment by approximately 30%.

How is your project sustainable? How will your project continue to impact after your involvement?

Science Adventure Program has agreed to a written commitment to continue the project through an annual meeting focused on fostering environmental stewardship and awareness in high school aged teens before they begin adult life. I shared information with a number of environmental groups, both local and international.

What is your project’s global and/or national connection?

As part of my project’s sustainability, I contacted the environmental organizations Green 10, Sierra Club, and Forest Stewardship Council. Green 10 is a coalition of environmental organizations that are active on the European level, which helped me to have a global impact by sharing my information. Forest Stewardship Council is located in the United States and focuses on environmental stewardship in relation to United States forests. Both Green 10 and Forest Stewardship Council responded to my research, which helped to spread the information acquired in my project nationally and globally.

What did you learn about yourself?

Throughout this project, I learned how to effectively communicate my ideas to a wide variety of audiences. I have also learned the importance of delegating work while in a leadership position. I realized that I was incapable of doing everything myself: for example, I could not administer a large quantity of surveys to multiple high schools. By delegating, I was able to reach my goals.

How will earning your Gold Award impact you in the future?

I believe that earning my Gold Award will impact me primarily due to the fact that my communicative and leadership abilities have improved. Because I want to continue my education in regards to environmental studies, which has a focus on collaborative group work, having strong communication skills will be impactful to me in the future.

Why do you feel the Gold Award was an important part of your Girl Scout experience?

At the beginning of high school, a large number of girls in my troop ended their involvement. This was deeply disappointing to me, because Girl Scouts has been deeply important to my personal community and friend group. Only one other girl remained part of my troop, and we both decided to complete our Gold Awards. Our work on our separate projects added to my experience as a Girl Scout, and I think that because we were supporting each other in our goals, I was able to build a strong community and truly learn from my experience as a Girl Scout in high school.

How did earning your Gold Award help you become a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader)?

I think that my Gold Award project helped me to become an innovator because I was obligated to solve problems as they arose, which challenged me, but also forced me to grow in this respect. For example, one meeting with students was scheduled in late December, but it became difficult for classmates to meet up in person for the second meeting in January. To resolve this, I chose to lead a session through a group email conversation. This, to me, was an effective and innovative solution, and helped me to become a stronger problem solver.

To me, completing my Girl Scout Gold Award project represents the fulfillment of my commitment to Girl Scouts. Much of my younger years focused around being a Girl Scout, and to recognize that I have gotten to this point as one is deeply important to me. I connected with my community by sharing my passion and my idea with the people around me, which has been one of the most important aspects of my time as a Girl Scout.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: This blog represents only a small fraction of the hard work, dedication, and requirements that go into earning a Girl Scout Gold Award. It is simply a brief summary, which is meant to inspire Girl Scouts to Go Gold in the future. For more information on earning your Gold Award, please email highestawards@gscolorado.org

Parent Information Night – Boulder, CO

Please join us to learn all about what it means to be a Girl Scout and the wonderful volunteer opportunities available.

As a Girl Scout, your girl will practice leadership with grit like a go-getter, problem solve like an innovator, embrace challenges like a risk-taker, and show empathy like a leader—in an all-girl, girl-led, and girl-friendly environment where she can feel free to let her full, magnificent personality shine through every single time.

Inviting K-12th grade girls and an adult to learn more. New troops are forming today!

Outdoor Skills Days in Boulder

Submitted by Susan Knott

Northern & Northeastern CO


Girl Scout Troop 7 is doing three Outdoor Skills Days with the opportunity to earn some badges. Tickets are going fast, but there are still some available for Saturday, April 13 and Saturday, May 4, 2019! If you want to know more, check out the document below that has all the info you need. Hope to see you there!

Register now: https://sites.google.com/site/gsoutdoorskillsdayscolorado/ 


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Brave Games: Wet, wild, water Edition

Submitted by Denine Dains

Northern & Northeastern CO


Join us for “Brave Games: Wet, wild, water edition” day camp June 10 – 14, 2019 from 9 a.m. -3:30 p.m. at Boulder Valley Church of Christ (270 76th Street, Boulder 80303). Our camp offers girls entering grades K-5 a traditional camping experience, emphasizing Girl Scout traditions, songs, archery (Brownies and Juniors), camp cooking, camp games, crafts and wet, wild, water fun. Daisies will be completing their Outdoor Journey during camp and Cadettes will be earning their LIA Award.

Register now: https://daycampforscouts.wordpress.com/ 

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Celebrate National Women in Sports Day at CU Boulder

Celebrate National Women in Sports Day with the CU Women’s Basketball team on February 10, 2019 as they take on the USC Trojans at 1 p.m. at CU Event Center (950 Regent Dr., Boulder 80309). All Girl Scouts, family, and friends are welcome to join with discounted tickets starting at $7 and free tickets for all kids age 12 and under.

A full schedule for the day is linked below! Celebrations include skills and  fitness stations, autograph session, and the women’s basketball game. For more information, visit: https://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/content/girlscoutsofcolorado/en/events-repository/2019/national_women_in_sp.html


Sweet Cow Ice Cream wants to buy cookies from YOU

Sweet Cow Ice Cream, which has multiple locations in Denver and Boulder Counties, will support Colorado Girl Scouts during the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program! As in years past, Sweet Cow will purchase Girl Scout Cookies from local girls/troops to make two special flavors to be offered during February/March 2019.

“Mint Girl Scout Cookie” is a Dutch Chocolate and Natural Peppermint ice cream with lots and lots of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies blended throughout. It will be available at Sweet Cow shops in Louisville, North Boulder, and South Boulder starting February 3 until it runs out, at which point “Samoa Samoa” will take its place!

“Samoa Samoa” is a light caramel ice cream with toasted coconut, lots of Samoa Girl Scout Cookies, and a homemade hot fudge and caramel swirl. It will be available at Sweet Cow in the Highlands, Platt Park, and Stanley Marketplace shops starting February 3 until it runs out, at which point “Mint Girl Scout Cookie” will take its place!

Last but certainly not least, Sweet Cow will have their “Vegan Mint Girl Scout Cookie” available around February 13. Just like the Mint Girl Scout Cookie, but without the dairy.  A delicious option for anyone dairy free!

You can find out which flavor Sweet Cow is scooping up at your local shop by checking their website, or by using their free Sweet Cow App!

Sweet Cow will purchase the cookies needed to make these special flavors from Colorado Girl Scouts starting February 3, 2019. The number of packages purchased from each Girl Scout/troop will depend on the needs of each shop and the popularity of these special edition ice creams. To sell cookies to Sweet Cow, simply visit one of the shops where these special flavors will be sold and give your best Girl Scout Cookies sales pitch.

National Women in Sports Day with CU Women’s Basketball

Celebrate National Women in Sports Day with the CU Women’s Basketball team on February 10, 2019 as they take on the USC Trojans at 1 p.m. at CU Event Center, 950 Regent Dr, Boulder, CO 80309. All Girl Scouts, family, and friends are welcome to join with discounted tickets starting at $7 and free tickets for all kids age 12 and under.

This is not a drop off event. Adult to girl ratios for events must be met. Girls attending with a troop leader should bring a completed parent permission form for a Girl Scout activity that troop leaders will retain for their records.

Purchase tickets online at: https://www.fevo.com/edp/Girl-Scouts-of-Colorado-cQnsx3d

Questions? Email community partnerships manager Aimee Artzer at aimee.artzer@gscolorado.org.

For more information regarding CU events contact Marisa Danos at (303) 492 – 4467 or marisa.danos@colorado.edu.


Girl Scouts show off historical pride with future goals

Submitted by Julie Dye

Northern & Northeastern CO


Girl Scout Troop 3010 learned all about Rosie the Riveter and walked in Boulder’s holiday parade as Rosies, all carrying signs saying things like “future engineer,” “future teacher,” “future world hunger activist,” and “future leader.” They were so proud and a big hit in the parade!

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Boulder Girl Scouts get their hands dirty to help low-resource children

Submitted by Susan Twetten

Northern & Northeastern CO


For the second year in a row, Girl Scout Troop 73500 in Boulder volunteered their Saturday morning to clean bikes for Share-a-Gift, which helps low-resource families provide holiday gifts for their kids. The girls cleaned 145 bikes!

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