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Cookie video contest: Selling cookies like a boss

Submitted by Aydin Hoo

 Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Sabrina is a competitive second-year Daisy. She’s increased her confidence and sales pitch this year to up her game. A case of strep couldn’t stop her from starting the season strong. She filmed her video in one take while home recovering. Her cookie boss mentality keeps her working hard, taking all opportunities to sell even one extra box.  Her cookie goal is 210 packages. 

This video was submitted for the 2017 Best Cookie Video contest.

Cookie video contest: Want to buy some cookies?

Submitted by Melinda

Metro Denver


Isabelle is crazy excited about her first year selling cookies! Even though she’s only 6, she went door-to-door the first day for four hours until she sold out. After a refill from the troop, she went out the next two days again until she was sold out once more. This time we had to wait until a shipment arrived on Friday. So, she was taking orders to deliver on Friday and making plans for selling all weekend. The best part is her attitude. She’s so sweet about it. Just skips right up, and with a big smile says, “Hi, I’m Isabelle. Would you like to buy some cookies?” And it’s super funny anytime the response is “I’m sorry, I don’t have any cash.” To which she replies, “That’s ok. We take credit cards.” lol Then, even if they say “No.” she just smiles and says, “Ok. Have a great day!” and skips away. It’s so precious.

This video was submitted for the 2017 Best Cookie Video contest.

Cookie video contest: Cookies are awesome

Submitted by Coreena 

Pikes Peak


My name is Coreena. My goal is to sell 250 boxes. My troop is trying to sell a lot of cookies so we can help the homeless. I love my Girl Scout sisters. My favorite cookie is the Thin Mint!

This video was submitted for the 2017 Best Cookie Video contest.

Cookie video contest: A Brownie’s cookie song

Submitted by Aundrea F.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Alexis is in second grade and is a Brownie this year. She is trying to sell 300 packages of cookies. We live in Colorado Springs and are in Troop #42852. She loves being a Girl Scout, and getting to do all the fun activities with our troop!

She made up this little song, and hopes you all enjoy it!

This video was submitted for the 2017 Best Cookie Video contest.

Cookie Contest Winners


Thank you to all of the Girl Scouts who entered our #BlingYourBooth and Best Cookie Video contests. We received dozens of entries from all across Colorado and are so impressed by the creativity and enthusiasm of all of these cookie-bosses.

There are TWO winners of this year’s #BlingYourBooth contest and they will EACH receive $200 in Cookie Credits.

Bling Your Booth 21 Bling Your Booth 24

Coming in second place, and receiving $100 in Cookie Credits, is this Star Wars-themed booth.

Bling Your Booth 1

This booth came in third place and will receive $50 in Cookie Credits.

Bling Your Booth 63

We were so impressed with all of the entries that we also awarded Honorable Mention, along with $25 in Cookie Credits, to this booth.

Bling Your Booth 61

The winner of the “Best Cookie Video” contest is Skyler from Pueblo. She will receive $200 in Cookie Credits.

The prize for second place, $100 in Cookie Credits, goes to Ashla from Greeley.

Third place, $50 in Cookie Credits, goes to Jessica from Highlands Ranch.

Vote NOW for the best cookie video

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest for “Best Cookie Video.” We are so impressed by the creativity and enthusiasm of all of these cookie-bosses. Now, it is time to rally your friends and family to vote!

All of the entries have been uploaded to our YouTube Channel and are part of the playlist: Best Cookie Video Contest 2016. If you like a video, simply click the “thumbs up” icon beneath it. The video that receives the most “thumbs up” by March 1, 2016 at 9 a.m. wins!

First Prize: $200 in Cookie Credits

Second Prize: $100 in Cookie Credits

Third Prize: $50 in Cookie Credits

Fynn’s Cookie Story

Submitted by Samantha Archibald


Denver Metro

This is Fynn’s first year as a Daisy, she is in troop 65794.  Her first video was done to get people excited about GS Cookie season.  Going forward we made videos to introduce Digital Cookie, to help her get the Bronco Cookie Badge, and to encourage sales.  Now people send requests for new videos.

This story was submitted using the Share Your Stories form. You can share your Girl Scout moments too.

Gracynn’s Cookie Video

Submitted by Nina Duncan


Denver Metro

This year, my daughter Gracynn (7), decided she wanted to increase her goal to 500. We talked a lot about how she would need to work hard to reach her goal, and we discussed ways to help her reach her goal. Being a firm believer that this is Gracynn’s cookie business,  I explained to her that if she wanted to sell her cookies on social media,  that we would need to come up with a way so that she’s doing the asking, and not me.  That’s when she said,  “it’s too bad I can’t talk to them. ”

That lead to the idea of making a video.  Gracynn and I discussed what would be important to say to her customers, and that’s how we came up with a script. After recording,  we played around with subtitles and stickers, just to make her video more fun.  By the time her video was complete,  Gracynn was confident and proud of her hard work,  and super excited to sell cookies. We still have a month to go,  and Gracynn is over half way to her goal!

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Girl Scout Cookie time means contest time


There are so many ways for you to win BIG during this year’s Girl Scout Cookies sale. We’re hosting a variety of contests, including ones for best cookie video and best cookie dad.

Each contest is listed below along with a brief description. To learn more about the rules, deadlines, etc., click on the contest name. It will take you to the blog announcing the contest.

Best Cookie Video Contest

Selling Girl Scout Cookies online? Make sure you’re taking advantage of all the tools, which Digital Cookie gives you to be creative and customize your website, like creating and uploading a video. In addition to attracting more customers and increasing sales, your video could earn you $200 in Cookie Credits!

Share Your Awesome Cookie-Earnings Stories

We’re so excited to hear about all of the amazing things you will do with your cookie money! Help us celebrate girls and inspire customers to support you by submitting your cookie-earnings story here. Be sure to include your goals, Hometown Hero, and troop number, along with a fun pic of you and your troop! Submit yours by March 13, 2016 and you will get a free, fun patch.

 Colorado Girl Scouts: #BlingYourBooth

The #BlingYourBooth Challenge is back and this year, you could win up to $200 in Cookie Credits! This is also your chance to come up with fun and creative ways to attract more customers and increase sales.

Why is your Cookie Dad the best?

Dads are an important part of the Girl Scouts of Colorado Cookie Team. That’s why we honor dads, who help cookie bosses all across Colorado meet their goals. If your Cookie Dad is the best, write a short essay about what he does that is so awesome and submit it through the Share Your Stories form on the Girl Scouts of Colorado blog.

If you have questions, please email Girl Scouts of Colorado Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper.