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FREE fun patch: Snuffle mats for shelter dogs

Submitted by Sarah Stocking

Metro Denver


Jordan, Tanvi, and Ananya from Troop 60846 are making snuffle mats for Aurora Animal Shelter, and they need your help. If anyone makes a snuffle mat for an animal shelter and emails us a picture, then we’ll send you a FREE FUN PATCH! And, you’ll know that you’ve helped a dog in need.

Snuffle mats are enrichment tools for dogs, and other animals, too! They’re made by tying fleece strips to industrial mats, so they’re sturdy and machine washable. Sprinkle food or treats over the mat, and the dogs enjoy searching through the fleece strips for their treats. This is a fun, engaging, stress-reduction tool for the dogs. They love it!


  • 12″x 12″ industrial rubber mat
  • 112 fleece strips cut 1.5″x 12″ each

We bought the TrafficMASTER 36″x36″ commercial floor mat from Home Depot (cut into 9 pieces). Cost is $26, but that makes 9 snuffle mats.

We got fleece donations such as pajamas, blankets, and material from our neighborhood, so the fleece was free.

How to assemble:

  • Copy and paste this link into your browser to watch our video for instructions: youtu.be/UWr4612mqcY
  • Double knot each strip of fleece between each pair of adjoining holes in a grid pattern (both vertically and horizontally).
  • Send us a picture of you or your troop donating your snuffle mats to a local animal shelter, then we’ll send each of you a FREE FUN PATCH! Send pics, number of patches needed, and your address to: snstocking@msn.com

Thank you for helping dogs in need! Have fun making snuffle mats!

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Girls of Troop 4257 Earn Bronze Helping Aurora Animal Shelter

Submitted by Melissa Deal


Denver Metro

The girls of Troop 4257 of Aurora decided to help Aurora Animal Shelter to earn their Bronze Award. The girls made cat toys and dog toys for the animals at the shelter. They also had a donation drive for the items needed by the shelter. The girls dropped off all of their collected items and toys and went on a tour of the shelter. The highlight of the tour were the kittens and puppies that were at the shelter. Good job girls!

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