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Journey in a Day event for Daisies

Submitted by Ariella Wells

Northern & Northeastern CO

Fort Collins

Troop 70720 ran a “Three Cheers for Animals” Journey in a Day event for Daisies at the McKee 4H Ranch Building in Loveland. 27 Girl Scouts Daisies from around the state joined them. The girls had a guest speaker from Animal Friends Alliance, made lots of projects, and did activities! For the ending project, they did a Take Action project of making winter feral cat boxes for a local animal rescue! They will distribute the boxes out to areas that have homeless/feral cats which can use them.

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Girl Scout Cadettes support Wags and Menace

Submitted by Darby Petitt

Metro Denver

Highlands Ranch

Girl Scout Cadette Troop 442 of Highlands Ranch was chosen to represent Wags and Menace at the Doggie Dash on Sunday, September 22, 2019 at the Boulder Reservoir. Wags and Menace is a foundation that funds emergency medical care for animals around the world, ranging from dogs to sloths to elephants and all animals in between. The Girl Scouts spent the last month collecting blankets, towels, and sheets from their neighbors and schools to present to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley on behalf of Wags and Menace. Their collection was the largest ever collected at this event while the girls promoted the Wags and Menace foundation at the Doggie Dash. They walked the two-mile loop with the other participants and canine friends while learning about pet safety and care from the Wags and Menace representative. At the conclusion of the event, the Girl Scouts were presented with a Best Kids’ Team Spirit Award for their efforts in collecting supplies and representing the Wags and Menace Foundation team.

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Three Cheers for Animals with Girl Scout Daisies

Submitted by Nancy Muklow

Mountain Communities

Steamboat Springs

Girl Scout Daisies from Steamboat Springs have been learning more about animals with the “Three Cheers for Animals” Daisy Journey! Before our trip to the Routt County Humane Society, we decided to make something to keep the pets there comfortable. We asked them what might be helpful for their animal guests. We tied fuzzy fleece blankets into pet beds for the cats and dogs we are going to visit! We also made special no bake pumpkin and peanut butter dog treats to share with new friends at the shelter.

We are go-getters: We try new things like tying knots in our blankets. It’s harder than you think!

We are innovators: We work as a team to make sure everyone’s blanket is finished! Sometimes one knot is just as good as the two the pattern describes!

We are risk-takers: We dip our hands into the peanut butter batter to roll it into balls of goodness for our pet friends.

We are leaders: We know that taking good care of animals is a lot like taking good care of ourselves. We all deserve a wonderful life!

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Wild in the Outdoors-Raptor Girl Scout Day Camp in Pueblo!

P 25

Come join us at the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo (NRCP) for a Free Range Kids day camp this summer.  You will build shelters, learn new outdoor skills, cool off by wading in the Arkansas River and learn about Colorado’s raptors. This camp is takes place July 15-19 and is for girls in from second to fifth grade. If you can’t attend this Wild in the Outdoors camp, your Girl Scout troop can also fulfill nature badge requirements easily with the Nature Center activities.  There are free weekend raptor talks at 11:30am on Saturday and Sundays. On May 4th you can attend the Raptor Center Open House to see the new larger cages for recovering birds. To learn about all the various group and individual activities the Nature and Raptor center offers, you can visit their website or call 719-549-2414.  You can register for the Wild in the Outdoors camp here.