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Honoring First Responders

Submitted by Talya Z.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

My Girl Scout sisters and I made a plan to brighten the day of first responders in our hometown. 19 girls committed to doing something special for our first responders. I took Chick-fil-A food, along with pumpkin and apple scones, for CSPD to enjoy. A couple of my Girl Scout sisters took yummy treats and a cute thank you poster to AMR. This is one of my favorite things about being a Girl Scout. We like to make people feel appreciated and not forgotten.

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Troop 35159 delivers cookies to AMR


Submitted by Samantha King

Pueblo & Southeastern CO

Pueblo West

Troop 35159 chose American Medical Response (AMR) to be their Hometown Hero for cookie season. They chose AMR because of what they do for the community, and what they did for the troop. While earning their “First Aid” badge, the troop got the chance to tour an ambulance and speak with first responders. They had such a great time learning that they wanted to say thank you, not only from themselves but the community as well. Way to go Troop 35159!

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