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Openings for Urban Trails Day Camp July 30 – Aug. 3

Submitted by Tiffany Stone

Metro Denver


There are still TWO more ADULT VOLUNTEER openings for the Urban Trail service unit’s upcoming day camp!

Urban Trails Day Camp
Cherry Creek State Park
July 30 – August 3, 2018

A 90% DISCOUNT for your girl to go to this day camp. The whole week of camp will cost around $20!
Frappacinos galore
Awesome Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors to hang with all week
Free hat
Lessons and activities already planned
AMAZING PA helpers and AMAZING adults to work with

The Catch?:
You need to volunteer the entire week. It is a 830 a.m. – 3: 30 p.m. commitment.
You will need to bring your own lunch, as all campers do.
This camp is for Brownies/Juniors and PA’s/PAI’s (no Daisies for this camp)

IF you are interested in having your girl come to this camp with you as a volunteer, please contact me ASAP at (303) 204-4675 or urbantrailsdenver@gmail.com. This offer must close on July 16!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Erin Wogaman

Girl Scouts of Colorado is celebrating extraordinary volunteers throughout the state in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month. Erin Wogaman of Canon City in the Pikes Peak region has served as a troop leader and Product Program volunteer for many years. She is also a shining example of the wonderful role Girl Scout volunteers play in the lives of girls and our community.

GSCO asked Erin to answer a few quick questions about her volunteer experience. We hope you find her as inspiring as we did.

Why did you become a Girl Scout volunteer?

I became a Girl Scout volunteer because of my daughter. She is the youngest of three and has two older brothers. I still remember my time as a Brownie, with my mom as my troop leader, making place mats, sit-upons, camping, and so much more. I knew that I wanted my daughter to have those memories to cherish. I did end up bridging to Junior, but we had moved and it wasn’t the same without my mom being involved. I promised my daughter that for as long as she is a Girl Scout, I will be one as well…possibly longer.

Tell us about your different volunteer roles as a Girl Scout.

After the role of parent to an amazing Cadette, I am a troop leader of a multi-level troop. I am in my 9th year as an adult volunteer and have started several troops in New Mexico and Colorado. My troop consists of nine Daisies, twelve Brownies, four Juniors, and five Cadettes. Next year, we will add Seniors to our troop family. I am a service unit manager and service unit product program manager. I love working with the other leaders in my service unit and we have become a second family. We have grown in the last year and have plans to continue that growth. I am also an adult advisory member for our older girl group called SPLAT. We are still in the beginning stages, as this is our first year. The SPLAT girls represent different troops in our service unit. The girls planned and led our Cookie Rally this year and will be planning summer and fall activities. I am a member of the Pikes Peak Region Cookie Committee, an adult trainer, and recruiter for my service unit.  

What have you learned as a Girl Scout volunteer?

Working with girls of different ages and with different abilities requires patience and the understanding that all girls can do anything they set their minds to. Every girl, in every troop, brings something new to the troop and they need the opportunity to shine and lead to their ability. I have learned that Daisies can start campfires, cook meals, participate in a flag ceremony, and so much more. I have the ability to give girls an amazing experience of leadership, courage, and learning life skills. I have learned that I must provide them with the opportunities to be the girl-led troop that they are.

What do you hope girls have learned from you?

I want them to learn to take risks, to challenge themselves, and to try out for that sport, solo, or part in the play. I want them to know that Girl Scouts is something they should be proud of. This is their experience and that they each have a voice. I hope they have learned that living the Girl Scout Law every day will take them far and they will make the world a better place.

How has your experience as a volunteer helped you become a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader)?

Being a Girl Scout volunteer has pushed me to challenge myself to be a better person and to put others first more often. Getting up in front of strangers has never been something I enjoy, other than with girls. This year, I challenged myself to take on new roles and those roles require me to break those walls, to take risks, to lead with other adults, and to challenge our service unit to grow and offer the best experience for our girls. As a leader, I will never ask my girls to do something that I am not willing to do. I even challenged myself (after much coaxing) to walk across the Royal Gorge Bridge. I have always said that I would be the one crawling down the middle of the bridge. I won’t say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My heart was racing and my legs were shaking, but I did it. I want my girls to know that they have my support to try those scary things in life and I will be here to cheer them on.

Want to nominate a volunteer for Girl Scouts of Colorado to spotlight? Please email Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at annemarie.harper@gscolorado.org.

Get girls outside: Badge activity options


We’re giving you and your girls options… outside options! We added outside activities to ten badges in the Volunteer Toolkit section of myGS. Research shows nature-based activities challenge girls and support their social development by encouraging them to become more self-aware and to cooperate, communicate, and solve problems more effectively.

New Get Girls Outside! Badge Activity Options:

  • 2 Daisy Petals: Lupe, Clover
  • 4 Brownie Badges: First Aid, Snacks, Making Games, Senses
  • 4 Junior Badges: First Aid, Simple Meals, Staying Fit, Detective

Please click on the new Get Girls Outside! banner at the top of the Year Plan and Meeting Plan tabs in the Volunteer Toolkit—–both tabs are filled with details on the new Get Girls Outside! features and how to access them.  Don’t worry, there are still the same indoor options you’ve seen before for these badges – you now just have choices!

Nature-based activities often place girls in new physical, psychological, and social situations that motivate curiosity and foster a sense of discovery, so Get Girls Outside!

Volunteer Toolkit Bug Fixes Addressed in our Recent Maintenance Deployment:

  • Toggle between Member Profile and Volunteer Toolkit: You can now use the myGS drop down from in the Member Profile to switch back to the Volunteer Toolkit.  Previous functionality only allowed toggling from Volunteer Toolkit to Member Profile without logging out.
  • Calendar Download Function Now Properly Syncing: Users reported that the download calendar functionality of Year Plan tab was downloading, but with no data associated with it.
  • Combine Meeting Firefox & Safari Error: “Time is invalid” error now corrected for those browsers.
  • Time Zone Issues Fixed: All myGS users regardless of time zone, had Volunteer Toolkit Year Plan times visible as Eastern Standard Time. This issue has now been corrected.
  • Update Meeting Dates/Times Fix: Several users have reported an inability to seamlessly adjust individual dates and times. Users will now be able to seamlessly adjust times to individual meetings.
  • Year Plan now the default tab upon logging into Volunteer Toolkit.

Volunteer Spotlight: Nancy Mucklow

Nancy Mucklow


Ask Nancy Mucklow how long she’s been a Girl Scout and she’ll say “forever!” This lifetime Girl Scout joined our sisterhood in the second grade and hasn’t looked back. She planned on having a daughter and becoming a troop leader, but life doesn’t always work out like we plan.

After she and her husband moved to Steamboat in 1989, they had two boys. Nancy remained involved in Girl Scouts as a Service Unit Manager, but soon the boys’ 4H activities required more of her attention. Even though Girl Scouts had to “take the backseat” for a few years, she remained involved and did what she could to support local girls, leaders, and other volunteers.  After her youngest son graduated from high school a few years ago, she jumped full force back into Girl Scouts.

“Nancy has REALLY helped grow Girl Scouts in our Mountain Communities, particularly in her service unit,” said Cricket Hawkins, Volunteer Support Specialist for Girl Scouts of Colorado.

So, how did she do it? Nancy will tell you it was one volunteer…  one troop… one girl at a time. She got to know each of them personally. What did they want to do as Girl Scouts? What did they need help with? What activities did they only dream of doing and what was getting in their way of accomplishing their goals?

Nancy did all she could to help. She worked to secure local funding, which enabled Routt County Girl Scouts to go horseback riding regardless of their ability to pay. She has also helped to organize a STEM Day, troop camping trips, and events designed for specific age groups, like Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors.

“Our older girls need to be participating in events designed just for them, so Girl Scouts is more than just a line on their resume or college application,” she said.

Nancy realizes she is able to do more than the average volunteer, but that doesn’t stop her from encouraging others to help whenever and wherever they can.

“Whatever small amount you are doing—whether it’s providing snacks at a meeting or driving girls to a field trip–  it’s important. Even if you can only do one small thing, it matters and it makes a difference in the lives of girls,” Nancy said.

Nancy is also a member of the Girl Scouts Board of Directors. Her term expires later this year, so she applied for a seat on the GSCO Membership Connection Committee. In addition to her role as a Girl Scout volunteer, Nancy also sits on the board of the Routt County United Way and volunteers with the local Methodist church.

This magic moment at Sky High Ranch


Submitted by Jess Moore

Volunteer counselor JuneBug and her daughter are attending camp at Sky High Ranch this week. Growing up in Massachusetts JuneBug attended Girl Scout camp in the hills between Fall River and Boston. Before camp, she had never realized that there were forests. It was the first time that she had been camping and she was hooked.

In her teenage years she was also a camp counselor here in Colorado and the counselor mentality has followed her through life. JuneBug, when not at camp, is a clinical psychologist and works at a high school in Colorado.

Following the time honored tradition of “Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout,” when JuneBug had kids of her own, she enrolled her son in Boy Scouts and daughter into Girl Scouts, and also became her daughter’s troop leader.

As the troop leader, she organized plenty of camping trips for the girls, but recently wanted her daughter to experience the magic of Girl Scout camp, fully believing that the courage, exploration, acceptance that Girl Scouts provides is invaluable.

“Life is about transformation and change, and you can get stuck.”

JuneBug says that you may ask yourself “why doesn’t change happen?” When you step outside of your daily habits, that’s when you can change. This, to her is a cornerstone of the magic that surrounds Girl Scout camp. Character building is something you can’t always get in schools and camp life supplements a child’s growth. A lot of kids don’t have a space in which to change, because they can’t get out of their daily habits to change.

JuneBug still thinks of herself as a camp counselor at heart and would love to take the kids in high school out to do ropes courses or experience the outdoors so that their transformations can happen.

“Magic happens because you are stepping your foot outside of your comfort zone; you see things in a new way; and you are in a special place that is harder to get to in your normal day-to-day life. Camp makes you a better person for the world!”

As she and her daughter, who is in 8th grade, attend camp this year; they are in different units here at Sky High. JuneBug is excited to give her daughter the camp experience; she is hoping that her daughter will one day be a PA, CIT, and eventually a counselor because it is a magical experience in a persons’ life – not just for girls, but magical for staff and everyone involved.

“I wish that every girl (and every boy) could experience the camp magic in their lives.”


We want to hear from YOU!


Tell us about your experience with Girl Scouts this year!

This spring, Girl Scouts of the USA is introducing a new survey called “Girl Scout Voices Count.”

There will be versions for girls, parents, and volunteers—so we can get an idea of what the year was like for everyone.

Here’s what you need to know:

Girls: Your chance to tell us about your experience starts May 11. To participate, you need to sign up for the Girl Scout Voices survey panel. If you are 13 or older, you can sign yourself up here: www.GirlScoutVoices.org! If you are 12 or younger, ask your parents to sign you up.

Parents: Look for an email that tells you how to sign your daughter up for the Girl Scout Voices survey panel. We also want to hear from you and will be inviting you to participate in a parent/guardian survey starting June 1.

Volunteers: Your opportunity to give feedback will begin June 1. In a few weeks, we’ll be sending you an invitation to participate via email, but you can also keep an eye on our social media feeds for information on when to participate.
We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Got questions? Can’t find the email with the survey invitation? Feel free to get in touch with us at GSVoicesCount@girlscouts.org.


Why do you love your leader?

Leaders are the extraordinary force that make Girl Scouting possible every day—and that is truly amazing. They give their time, spark, and hearts to make a difference in the lives of girls who in turn help make the world a better place.

Volunteer Appreciation Day is April 22, 2015 and we want girls to help us honor outstanding leaders. Girls should write a short essay about why they love their leader. Girls 12-years-old and younger can have a parent help them. Girls 13-years-old and older should write their essay themselves. Submit your essay through Share Your Stories on the Girl Scouts of Colorado web-site and be sure to include a photo of your leader, preferably involved in a Girl Scout-related activity. However, any photo will do. You may also submit a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video. All submissions must be received by Thursday April 23, 2015.

The best stories will be shared on the Girl Scouts of Colorado blog and social media networks. We also have a special prize for the best submissions to show our leaders just how much we appreciate them.

If you have questions, please email Girl Scouts of Colorado Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper.


Outdoor Volunteers Needed – troop camps, dads &more!

Every year, especially during the summer, there are many ways to get involved with Outdoor Programs. The statewide Outdoor Programs Team includes:

Betsy Till, Outdoor Programs Director
Haley Peel, Assistant Outdoor Programs Director (in charge of all volunteer-led outdoor programming!)
Monica Gray, Tomahawk Ranch Camp Director
Kim Petau, Sky High Ranch Camp Director.
We can’t do it without the help of volunteers like you! Here is a list of volunteer opportunities this summer (review them with your troop!)

Troop Camp Host Director:

  • Works with Haley Peel and the Troop Camp location on program, and logistics.
  • Once at the Troop Camp, works on-site with staff to make sure things are printed if needed (each Troop Camp location will have a digital download of health info, waivers, etc.).
  • This person may have meetings with Haley Peel and/or the Troop Camp location prior to the camp to make sure it is “Girl Scout-y”
  • This person receives free admission to camp along with their child
  • Haley Peel approves these Troop Camp Host Directors, and help get them registered for camp prior to January 13 with the appropriate discount. Deadline to apply for this is December 15.
  • Interested? Contact: Haley.Peel@gscolorado.org
  • The Needs for Troop Camp Host Directors:
    • Camp Jackson Troop Camp 8/9-11; needs host director in Rye

Troop Camp Host Troop:

  • Help do things like: create caper charts, welcome girls/leaders to camp, help with cabin assignments, lead Girl Scout songs/games.
  • They work with the Troop Camp Host Director and camp staff at the Troop Camp Location to make sure the schedule works, and there are girl-led opportunities at the Troop Camp.
  • They support the Troop Camp Host Director, help the girls lead their peers, and help coach first time campers/troops.
  • They receive a 20% discount to the Troop Camp for up to 6 girls on top of the camp fees, and must be Juniors or above.
  • Girls can also use cookie credits, and cookie volume discounts (5% if you sell 500 boxes, 10% if you sell 100 boxes, etc.) towards camp fees.
  • Haley Peel will gather and collect host troop payment info to enroll them in camp in CampInTouch prior to opening camp registration on January 13. Deadline to apply for this is December 15.
  • Interested? Contact: Haley.Peel@gscolorado.org
  • The Needs for Host Troops:
    • MMR June Troop Camp 6/12-14; in Allenspark
    • MMR July Troop Camp 7/10-12; in Allenspark
    • Gypsum Troop Camp 7/19-21; in Gypsum
    • MMR August Troop Camp 8/7-9; in Allenspark
    • Camp Jackson Troop Camp 8/9-11; in Rye

Day Camp Adult Volunteers

  • Adult volunteers are needed to help with Day Camps
  • They are approved by the individual day camp directors, and registered through CampInTouch by Haley Peel
  • They register their daughter for camp and pay their 10% deposit, then once the Day Camp Director gives their info to Haley she will give the 90% discount to their girl on the back end and also will enroll the adult
  • Interested, Contact the Day Camp Director to apply
  • The Needs For Day Camp Adult Volunteers:
    • Be Wild! 6/8-12; 10 adults in Aurora; heather.browning77@gmail.com
    • A Journey Through Time 6/15-19; 6 adults in Colorado Springs; mkeown1@gmail.com
    • Franktown Day Camp 6/15-19; 10 adults in Franktown; silver.bashaw@gmail.com
    • Boating Specialty Day Camps 6/22-26; 11 adults in Morrison, various boating specialties, may need additional training; silver.bashaw@gmail.com
    • H2O Sampler 7/20-24; 10  adults in Morrison, various specialties, may need additional training to volunteer; silver.bashaw@gmail.com
    • Horseback Riding Day Camp 8/10-14; needs 14 adults and 2 lifeguards in Morrison; christikcb@yahoo.com
    • NEW: Fort Collins Girl Scout Day Camp! This camp is re-starting with new leadership and will operate in 2015 at Swift Ponds. Contact Dorsi, me@dorsismith.com to learn about adult volunteer opportunities!

NEW: Outdoor Instructors: archery instructors, fishing instructors, and boating instructors are wanted for single and/or multiple day events. Contact haley.peel@gscolorado.org know if you are interested.

Outdoor Program Volunteer Directors

Camp Dad (or Mom!)

  • This is for dads (and moms) that may feel out of the loop when volunteering at other Girl Scout activities, but love the outdoors and want to share their experience with troops!
  • Camp Dads (and moms) are needed in every troop and service unit to help with camping experiences for the girls.
  • Recommended trainings: Overnight, and Cooking and Camping Trainings. Find them on the Activity Finder!
  • Interested? Contact your local troop or service unit!

Camp Buddy Troops

  • For troops who love camping, and want to share it by being buddies to other troops who may have less experience. Talk about a great opportunity for girl-led outdoor experiences!
  • This can also be for troops looking to share a property or lodge (like Hamp Hut, Twisted Pine, or Pawnee Lodge) with other troops!
  • Interested or want a buddy troop for your first camp experience? Contact: Haley.Peel@gscolorado.org

Resident Camps Volunteers

  • Four adult volunteers needed at Tomahawk Ranch
  • Two adult volunteers needed per week (about 12 total) needed at Sky High Ranch
  • Spaces for these volunteers are limited because campers fill our bed spaces and there are limited spaces for these additional adults to sleep (we love them though!); they receive 50% off their daughter’s resident camp registration.
  • They are never placed in the same unit as their daughter, so that the adult and the daughter get their own experience at camp.
  • Camp directors work to get them registered prior to the opening of camp registration on Jan. 13 as well. Deadline to apply for this is January 7.
  • Questions? Contact: Monica.Gray@gscolorado.org for Tomahawk Ranch, or Kim.Petau@gscolorado.org for Sky High Ranch. Resident Camp Adult volunteers complete the camp staff application found here after December 5. They also go through additional levels of background check according to our State Childcare Licensing Standards.