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Smart Cookie: March 12, 2018

What a way to celebrate Girl Scouts’ 106th birthday today – by wrapping up what may be the most impressive Girl Scout Cookie Program in Colorado’s history! What would our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, think of today’s go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders as they pushed hard to reach their goals? These girls never cease to amaze us, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the guidance and support you give them along the way. The program wrapped up yesterday and now you’ll need to attend to a few details to close out.

Close out of eBudde

Troops will be locked out of eBudde at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13. Before then you need to ensure you’ve allocated all cookies to the girls in your troop, entered and verified all transactions, and submitted the final reward order. Also, don’t forget to print your final troop sales report. If you have any questions about cookie closeouts, please reach out to the Service Unit Cookie Manager in your area.

If you need additional Hometown Hero cookies, first check with other troops in your area to see if they have inventory to transfer. Hometown Hero Cookie Cupboards will close on March 14. Remember, all transactions (troop-to-troop transfers or cupboard orders) will need to be placed by Tuesday.

Money problems

Money problem reports are due by March 16 at 5 p.m. The ACH debit of funds to council will occur on March 21.

Let’s celebrate!

Now, sit back and celebrate with your girls! Remind them of all the great skills they’ve practiced during the cookie program: they’ve set goals, made decisions, practiced business ethics, worked on their people skills, and managed money. Seriously, these girls rocked it all! Keep it girl-led and let the girls decide how they want to celebrate, but here are a few ideas to get started brainstorming…

  1. Get energized outdoors: The weather has been beautiful – get outside and enjoy! Check the events calendar for a fun outing near you.
  2. Serious about service: No doubt your girls set a community service goal along with their cookie program goal. Now’s the time to get going. Make plans to deliver your Hometown Hero cookies as a troop and take a tour of the facility or meet the people served there. The deadline to deliver HTH cookies is June 29. Need help with ideas on how to give back? Check out the Community Service section of our Anytime Activities list. Or take a look at the Take Action Toolkits for each program level to help your girls get started changing the world!
  3. Pamper party: Go all out girly with a relaxing pj and pamper party. Pjs, a few fun treats, and a girl power movie are all you need to have a relaxing night, but if you want to throw in polish and face masks, go for it.
  4. Have a gift-making craft night: Cookie season takes a lot of volunteer power. Gather your girls to make homemade thank you gifts for those who helped them reach their goals: parents who walked them door-to-door, parents and troop leaders who volunteered for booths, the troop cookie manager, and many more! They don’t need to be complex or pricey to show appreciation. Pinterest has tons of ideas!