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Credit card fees

Welcome to the 2017 Cookie Program.  Thank you for volunteering and helping to make this year a great success for our girls.  It couldn’t be done without you!!

Girl Scouts of Colorado has received a few questions regarding accepting credit cards. Girl Scouts can use an outside vendor such as “Square” instead of the Digital Cookie App.  A few things to keep in mind:

  • If you decide to us the Digital Cookie App, GSCO will pay all fees. 
  • If you decide to use an outside vendor, your troop is responsible for all fees.  GSCO has been asked if the troop can pass this fee onto the customer, or increase the price to cover these fees and the answer is no.  The fees come out of the troop’s proceeds.  Under Colorado law, it is illegal for any merchant to impose a surcharge on a purchaser or lessee who elects to use a credit or charge card in lieu of payment by cash, check, or similar means.

Please be sure to have the conversation about credit cards and how they will be accepted during your parent meetings this month to avoid confusion and conflict at the end of the program.  If you have any questions about credit cards, please reach out to your Product Sales Specialist.