Find Your Girl Scout Adventure Rally

Host an Adventureful Rally near you

We need your help to connect girls with a Girl Scout Leadership Experience! We value and celebrate your dedication and thank you for joining us as we embark on serving more girls in your community. To make this as easy as possible for you, we’ve created new programs and resources.

First, we want to harness the creativity and local know-how of your Service Unit community by offering Community Engagement Grants to support you in hyperlocal marketing/visibility efforts. Grants are available  for service units or troops willing to embark on some true guerilla marketing.  Be creative, be unconventional, let your imagination soar. Think big but focus on YOUR community and how you can make more families aware of Girl Scouts.

Second, we’re offering a fun recruitment program in a box with our Girl Scout Adventureful Rallies. You can request a kit complete with everything you need to help girls in your community “Find Your Girl Scout Adventure” with an Adventure Dash, SWAPS, and Code Your Adventure activities.

Materials in the kit include: small jewelry-style zip lock bags, safety pins, tape, sand, sequins, painter’s tape, digital map to print, code key, paper, and markers. The Adventure Dash activity will ask you to bring along some larger materials that can be commonly found at home.

Request your kit here  and use the resources provided below to invite girls and families in your community to attend.







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