Girl Scout Troop 70239 publishes a book about bullying

Submitted by Lisa Wellington
Troop 70239 leader

Girl Scout Troop 70239 has published a book for their GirlTopia Take Action project. After doing research on issues facing girls and interviewing experts, the troop members decided that “girls being mean to each other” and “girls bullying each other” were the issues they cared most about addressing.

It so happens that this troop has also been teaching Power Up Bully Prevention workshops for three years. And the Power Up curriculum was in need of some updating. One part of the Brownie Power Up curriculum in particular needed updating: the coloring book that was used for the curriculum was out of print and more copies could not be obtained. Troop 70239 girls decided they would write a new book, even better than the old one, built up from their own childhood experiences and using their teenage wisdom. The first workshop using the new curriculum and the new book was held on Sept. 10 in Fort Collins and received great reviews. 100% of participants said they learned how to be a better friend, and learned ways to help a friend who is bullied. You can buy this 80-page book for $8 from via this link: (P.S. we wish we could offer the book to you all for less money, but the CreateSpace people keep 90% of the proceeds. We’d just like to earn enough to cover the cost of the proof copies we’ve had printed for ourselves throughout the publishing process. )

Back cover of book:

After Hannah says she doesn’t want to be Claire’s friend anymore, Hannah begins to bully Claire using a handshake that used to be theirs. Claire, distressed by the situation, doesn’t know what to do. I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend Anymore explores four different ways for Claire to deal with the bullying. Including multiple scenarios, tips for bullies, and paper dolls, this book is great for any grade school girl or her adult mentors looking to learn more about friendship bullying and how to deal with it.

Pike’s Peak community gathers to support Girl Scouts

Gen Wow photo

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Photos taken by the Colorado Springs Gazette at the event

On Wednesday, Sept. 14th, hundreds of supporters of Girl Scouts of Colorado gathered at the Antler’s Hilton in Colorado Springs for the Girl Scouts’ Women of Distinction and Generation Wow! breakfast. This annual event, now in its 11th year, had special significance this year as Girl Scouts’ kicks off their 100th anniversary of its founding on March 12, 1912. The event also raised approximately $30,000 for Girl Scouting in the Pike’s Peak area.

During the event, Girl Scouts named six new women leaders in the community to the Women of Distinction honor. They were: Cynthia Doty, Consultant, PR, Community Relations and Military Collaborations; Stephannie Finley, President, Government Affairs, Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce; Cindy Fowler, Business Development/Community Relations for OfficeScapes; Sharyn Markus, Executive Director, Colorado Springs Dental Society; Sara Honn Qualls, Professor, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; and Danielle Summerville, Executive Director, Big Brothers/Big Sisters – Pikes Peak.

Also honored were 21 of the 100 girls named as Generation Wow! Girl Scouts in celebration of Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary. Generation Wow! recognizes outstanding girls between the ages of 5 and 18 whose individual achievements in Girl Scouts, their schools and communities set them apart as leaders. Honorees in attendance included: Bailey Andersen, Teagan Boda, Emma Louise Coffey, KC Cruz, Chiara Degenhardt, Rebecca Derryberry, Calli Jo Garcia, Zoe Hayward, Emily Lundquist, Hannah Lundquist, Megan Lundquist, Rachel Nelson, Ashlynn Secor, Alessandra Smith, Alora Stroh, Katherine Toldy, Eliana Wackerman, Sydney Wegner and Rebecca Mary Yukman (awards were also accepted for Rebecca Nelson and Amy West).

Generation Wow! honorees, Katherine Toldy and Becki Yukman, as well as the family of Becki Yukman spoke about the difference Girl Scouting has made in their lives.

Special thanks goes to event co-chairs, who are past Women of Distinction, Judy Cara and Jennifer Barber.

Read more about this event, including bios on our Women of Distinction honorees and those who sponsored the event, in the event program. Also learn more about our Generation Wow! Girl Scouts in the program booklet put together in their honor.


Support Girl Scouts’ at the Denver Women of Distinction event


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Last Thursday, Sept. 8th, the volunteer chairs for the Denver Girl Scouts’ Women of Distinction event – Christine Benero, Toti Cadavid, Valencia Faye Wilson Tate, Judi Wolf and Erin Yoshimura (not in attendance) – joined members of the Denver community, as well as Girl Scouts of Colorado’s president and CEO Megan Ferland, at a private Girl Scouts’ reception at the Denver Botanic Gardens. This event was one of the many ways these volunteer chairs are asking the community to support Girl Scouts of Colorado during the annual Girl Scouts’ Women of Distinction event. This year’s event will help Girl Scouts’ celebrate 100 years as the organization honors 100 Girl Scouts across the state who have been named Generation Wow! Girls selected for Generation Wow! demonstrate outstanding leadership skills through their work in and outside of Girl Scouts. For more information on supporting the
Generation Wow! program or serving as a sponsor of this event, please contact Kim Lewis at

Girl Scouts of Colorado brings Power Up to Pagosa Springs High School Students and Faculty

Power Up Student Body

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On August 24th, 2011, Girl Scouts of Colorado trained the faculty and staff of Pagosa Springs High School to facilitate our Power Up anti-bullying program. Every teacher in the high school participated in the workshop, including the principal, Mr. David Hamilton. On the first day of school, the following week, 480 students participated in Power Up and learned about the three kinds of bullying and how to intervene when they see something wrong. This was the first time in Colorado that Power Up has been taught to an entire student body. Principal Hamilton was excited about the outcome of the training and is planning that all future freshmen be required to participate in Power Up as part of their freshmen orientation.

Journey Project earns two troops awards, friendships

By Louise Bashaw
Troop 2016 advisor


Cadette Troop 2016 planned and carried out a Bridging picnic on May 9 at McCabe Meadows Park in Parker to help Junior Troop 513 earn their bridging requirements for Cadette level.

What started out as a Journey Project for the Amaze Journey, became a fun maze of activity stations that earned both troops the ‘All About Birds’ Interest Project patch. After a flag ceremony and pizza dinner, the Cadettes introduced their guests to experienced birders for a bird-watching hike; led educational stations of bird song identity, bird feeders and raptor rehabilitation education; and taught a fun bird game created just for the event.

Since the two troops meet at the same times, they hope to plan more fun activities together for the future.

Troop 72160 earns Bronze Award

Submitted by Jun Yasui (Troop Leader)

The girls in Troop #72160 from Fort Collins learned that many animals in their community need some help. They called two animal shelters and asked how they could help.

They volunteered at a dog wash event hosted by one of the shelters. They washed, rinsed and dried many dogs for two hours.

They held a fundraiser in front of a pet store for two days to collect supplies and donations. They collected 110 cans of cat/ dog foods, 15 bags of treats, 27 toys, 3 jars of baby food for birds, towels, peanut butter, cleaning supplies and much more!

They also made many fleece toys and blankets to donate. They delivered the donations to three animal shelters (Larimer Humane Society, Animal House Rescue & Grooming and Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic) and took a tour at the Larimer Humane Society. One girl’s family adopted a dog from one of the shelters while they were working on the project. They are proud of themselves for helping the animals in need and making a difference in their community.

Generation Wow! Girl Scouts complete service project

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Generation Wow! Girl Scouts from Colorado met this last weekend, Aug. 20 and 21, in Colorado Springs and Denver to participate in a service project with Girl Scouts Women of Distinction, who are women leaders in the community. During this project the girls and women made worm composting bins that they plan to take back to their communities to help reduce landfill waste and produce a nutrient-rich soil good for fertilizing.

The Colorado Springs Gazette and Denver Post covered these events.

Mother of Generation Wow! honoree Kathryn Conrad also made a photo slideshow of the Denver service project day. Thanks, Stephanie!

Additionally, mother of honoree Cassidy Cheesman made a website about her experiences as a Generation Wow! Girl Scout. Thanks, Kristen!

Girl Scouts throughout the state and country will participate in similar Forever Green environmental service projects during Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary.

More information on Generation Wow!

Girl Scouts help kickoff the school year

From Troop Leaders Kristen Simon and Crystal Fleming

I wanted to share the generosity and leadership of Troop 3874 of Westminster. Our Brownie troop (they are now Juniors) volunteered to take down the flag at the school before every meeting during the last school year. While folding the American Flag they noticed that it was rather ragged and decided to use their cookie money to purchase a new flag for the school. Knowing that the girls wanted to purchase the flag, I asked the principal if the troop could perform the opening flag ceremony on the first day of school this year. We met in front of the school in the summer so they could practice so they would be prepared on the first day. On Aug. 22nd, the first day of school, the principal announced that our troop would perform the opening ceremony in front of the entire school. We could not be more proud of our girls! Not only did they see a problem and solve it, they were confident and showed amazing leadership.  Also, our girls have noticed that the school’s Community Garden is in desperate need of weeding. They are planning on meeting afterschool soon to pull the weeds.

Colorado Girl Scouts canoe Boundary Waters

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From Judy Moisey Asay, one of the Girl Scout adult volunteers on the trip

A group of teen Girl Scouts from Colorado and Nebraska canoed the Boundary Waters of Minnesota from Aug 3rd-Aug 8th. Canoeing in the Boundary Waters is considered one of the ultimate canoe trips that one can canoe. The girls all took canoe classes from Girl Scouts of Colorado to prepare for the trip, which was a primitive camping trip as well as a test of skills and strength. The girls portaged (or carried) their 60 pound canoes on nine portages with distances of a quarter mile to a mile in length. They also carried all of the camping and personal equipment too. The trip was 44 miles in length, following the US-Canadian Border for most of the trip. The weather was great, the scenery gorgeous and a great time was had by all.

Where did your Girl Scout summer travels take you?

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