Troop 70884 plants flowers and grows smiles



Submitted by Joyce Kohlmeier
Fort Collins

One of Troop 70884’s goals was to donate 100 hours of community service this year. The house next door to the leader’s house is a non-profit home for challenged adults. The folks who live there are wonderful and their caretakers are great.

During a meeting, one of our girls said maybe we could do something to help these folks. So we asked and the one thing that they needed most was to have their yard cleaned.

We decided on a Saturday and we were so excited. We got up to a gloomy morning of rain. We decided we can do this anyway it wasn’t that bad. The troop had bought some flowers and a parent donated a tree and flowers. We got all of our tools together and all of us. The parents helped, we had an older brother and a little sister. By the time we all got going there were 22 of us. What a crew we had.

We met with one of the caretakers and she taught us some sign language so we could communicate.

We cleaned out flower beds, made flower beds, planted a tree, moved roses, planted roses and, you know what, it stopped raining.

We had a great time. The kind folks in the house treated us to a pizza lunch.

They were so appreciative. We learned much this day about giving and sharing. The entire time we were there, many many times I heard from the girls and adults. I am so glad we did this. It is so wonderful. What started out as a community service project ended up touching us more. There was lots of laughter and the appreciation was so great there were some tears. My hope is that everyone at least once in their life can feel the way we felt that day.

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Troop 70741 focuses on community service


Submitted by Molly Fiechtl
Fort Collins

Our troop decided to focus our efforts this year on community service. Our 4th grade girls helped stuff backpacks for Pineridge Indian Reservation, sang carols at an Assisted Living Facility, volunteered at the Flying Pig 5k Race, donated 325 pounds of Girl Scout Cookies to the Food Bank for Larimer County through Hometown Heroes donations, and donated 10 percent of their 2012 cookie sale proceeds in cash to the Animal House, a local no-kill shelter. Wow! Great work, girls!


Cadette Troop 182 likes passing it forward

Submitted by Annette Alvarez

The girls in Cadette Troop 182 from St. Thomas More Parish in Centennial haven’t stop doing service after earning their Bronze Award last year. Under the guidance of troop leader Annette Alvarez and assistant leader, Stephanie Conrad, the girls engaged in three different service projects this year.

The girls made birthday bags with donated paper goods from Celebrations in Parker along with cake mixes and frosting they collected. These bags were donated to the Parker Food Bank to be handed out to the needy to celebrate a birthday. The girls also prepared a complete dinner meal that was donated to the Boys Hope Girls Hope home in Centennial. Lastly, the troop volunteered at Vision World where they sorted clothes for three hours that was donated to 42 different countries. Several of the girls’ moms accompanied the troop in this endeavor to make it a great Mother/Daughter Service Day.

Troop Members are: Oksana Alvarez, Makena Baldwin, Elizabeth Brown, Kathryn Conrad, Gabrielle East, Sofia Gratton, Grace LaClaire, Catherine Schifano, Alyssa Schmidt, Clare Weisiger, and Ashley Wright.

Olathe Girl Scouts travel to statewide bridging ceremony

Submitted by Nancy Lindsey

Troop 54 is from Olathe. Yes, the home of the famous Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn!! We traveled over the Continental Divide to participate in the 2012 statewide bridging ceremony. We had five girls bridge from Juniors to Cadettes. Three of them had been a part of Girl Scouts since first year Daisies! It was an amazing event and we are so glad to have participated!

Here’s an article that the Cañon City newspaper wrote about the event.

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Breckenridge Girl Scouts Honored Statewide, Locally

Eight Breckenridge Girl Scouts were recently named to Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Generation Wow! In celebration, Breckenridge Mayor John Warner presided over a ceremony at the Senior Center on May 2nd to recognize these Girl Scouts. The eight girls recognized were Geneva Ascher, Leah Carney, Nicole Choma, Littlepage Green, Savannah Halvorson, Kalina Macias, Natalia Niemckwicz and Lilli Tobias.

The girls, 6th graders at Summit Middle School, were among 100 girls chosen from around Colorado who are destined to be the leaders of tomorrow. Their advisor, Kari Killberg, praised their leadership, saying, “It’s been a wonderful experience watching these girls grow from little Brownies doing crafts to the lovely young ladies they are today. They have taken on responsibility for their meetings and service projects, and all the planning that goes along with it.  They are committed to making friends and making a difference in their world. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of them because it’s going to be amazing!”

County Commissioner Thomas Davidson, also in attendance for the May 2nd ceremony, was impressed with the girls’ confidence and accomplishments.  “I am so proud of Summit County’s Girl Scouts, and it is particularly impressive that our little county has eight girls of the 100 selected statewide,” he said.  “It’s a testament to how well we’re preparing our girls to lead in the future.”

The 100 girls of Generation Wow! – including the eight local awardees – were chosen from around the state to celebrate Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary this year. This distinction recognized outstanding girls between the ages of 5 and 18 whose individual achievements in Girl Scouts, their schools and communities set them apart as leaders. They exhibited a high level of volunteer achievement and made significant contributions to their community; demonstrated strong leadership skills; participated in a service learning project; and demonstrated exceptional teamwork, conflict resolution, and goal setting.

There are nearly 200 Girl Scouts in Summit County and 30,000 Girl Scouts statewide, all living the mission of becoming girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. For more information about joining or volunteering with the Girl Scouts in Summit County, please call Cricket Hawkins at 970-379-9059 or visit

Check out the article about this event in the Summit Daily News.


Troop 611 puts on Green Tea for Earth Day

Submitted by Jeri Webb

Senior/Ambassador Troop 611 decided they wanted to do a Girl Scout Tea for Earth Day 2012. The “Green Tea” focused on showing the Princesses how they can keep their countries clean and beautiful.

The Princesses arrived wearing their finest gowns ready to have fun with crafts, songs, games, food and, of course, tea. The girls also learned how to take care of themselves and how to present themselves with an etiquette lesson. The event was a blast and I am not sure who had more fun – the Daisies and Brownies or the older troop!

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1,000 trees and counting: Park Hill Girl Scout troop does their part

Submitted by Erica Crosby
Denver, Colorado

On Earth Day (April 22 2012), Girl Scout Troop 667 in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, planted 1,000 trees at the reclaimed Druid Mine near Central City. Sixteen girls in 4th and 5th grade planted the Bristle Cone Pine, Colorado Spruce and the Limber Pine. They planted these trees to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award. The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest award that a junior Girl Scout can earn. The Druid Mine is within a watershed with mine waste everywhere. The trees they planted where tiny little saplings, barely visible to see from afar. The Girl Scouts hope that many of the trees will grow, despite the dry, rocky climate with little rain for the trees to feed on. Hopefully many of the trees will grow to tall, healthy trees.

Written by Emily Turner, a Girl Scout from Troop 667


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Cinco de Rhino: Troop 864 collects cans for Cheyenne Mountain Zoo event

Submitted by Nicole Niles
Colorado Springs

Troop 864 collected cans for Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Cinco de Rhino event on May 5. We collected 32 #’s of cans. We had 2 Juniors who went door to door asking neighbors as well as picking cans from the trash when they saw them. I am so proud of my Troop for the hard work that they put into collecting and crushing cans. We had so many bags of cans, that they barely fit into my car to deliver them.

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Colorado Springs Pride honor Girl Scouts as Organization of the Year

Colorado Springs Pride recently gave Girl Scouts of Colorado their 2012 Organization of the Year award, an honor bestowed based on a community vote.

Colorado Springs Pride Organization stated “Award recipients are the public ambassadors of what we consider Excellence In Pride. They represent a mix of individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the LGBT community and have demonstrated their work to empower the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people within the city of Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Region to achieve civil and social equality.”

Cynthia Doty, Girl Scouts of Colorado Woman of Distinction, and Sandy Taylor, Executive VP of Membership for Girl Scouts of Colorado, accepted the award at the Pride Awards event in Colorado Springs on April 7th. Picture below provided courtesy of Rachael Pulscher.

Girl Scouts of Colorado