Girl Scouts are in love with ZisBoomBah!

In case you have not heard about ZisBoomBah, the amazing program that Girl Scout troops are raving about. ZisBoomBah is an online gaming program for Daisy-Junior Girls Scouts that is centered on Healthy Living. This FREE program for Girl Scouts of Colorado members takes girls through healthy living quests that are fun, interactive, and educational. Troops love this program and here is what they had to say about what they thought about the site. Hollie Hambly a Colorado Springs Girl Scout Junior troop leader loves ZisBoomBah and so do her girls. “Girls are creating obstacle courses, trying new food and recipes at home with their families; they look forward to going on the site and completing the quests.” Hollie’s troop does 30 min of healthy living each troop meeting, “the girls really look forward to that part of the meeting,” said Hollie. A local Denver Girl Scout Brownie troop is planning on using ZisBoomBah to help them complete their Brownie Quest by working with their families around healthy living. “Our troop is earning our Family Star and is planning on using ZisBoomBah to help earn this award,” said Kristin Hamm a Girl Scout Brownie troop leader in the Denver area.

“ZisBoomBah is a creative and fun way for girls to learn about Healthy Living and it is less work for the leader because the activities are already created,” said one leader when asked about the site. Troops also have the freedom to create their own quests that apply to exactly what their troop and girls are working on. “My girls inspired me to write quests for our troop, I wanted ones that the girls could help create,” said Hollie who has created quite a few quests for her troop to complete. When a girl completes a quest she earns points, which she can use to buy accessories for her Antvatar.

What are girls saying…

“I love my Antvatar, I created it, and I get to use my points to dress her up,” said one Girl Scout Junior in Hollie’s troop. My girls love the message boards; they get to talk to each other in a safe and fun environment, stated Hollie. “I really like the Pick Chow program; right now I am trying to get all my stars so I can win my dessert,” stated Hollie’s daughter. Pick Chow is an online quest where girls learn about portions and what we should be eating at each meal. The Girl Scout Juniors and their families love the recipes that they find on the site, and the recipes give families a fun way to try new foods and the girls earn points for their quests in the process.

Are you and your girls ready to sign up? Any girl in a troop or a Juliette can join ZisBoomBah. Whether you just want to do a few quests or want to do 50, you will fall in love with this site. ZisBoomBah really is for everyone! This is a fun, free and amazing resource just for Girl Scouts of Colorado, and you do not want to pass this up. Also, if your troop or individual girl member signs up by November 30th and completes two quests, you will receive the ZisBoomBah fun patch for Free! Check out ZisBoomBah at

If you are ready to get started or have questions, contact Sloan Moore  to get your troop or Girl Scout signed up!

Program Aide trainings coming soon


Become a Program Aide and sharpen your skills as an emerging young leader. Program Aides can mentor younger girls, help plan and run Girl Scout events or help at Day or Resident summer camps. You must be in the 7th -12th grade to attend one of the basic trainings. Upcoming trainings:

November 10th, Basic Program Aide and service project at the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo

December 7-8, Basic Program Aide and Camping Specialty, Tomahawk Ranch, in Bailey

Questions? Contact Kim Petau @

Troop 12214, a multi-level group of 44, does it all

Submitted by Victoria Cardamo
Grand Junction

Troop 12214 at Holy Family Catholic School, in Grand Junction, is a multi-level troop of 44 girls. The troop started with 14 Daisies in 2009 and has grown since. 12 of the original members are still part of the troop! The troop is led by 10 volunteers and has 2 product/cookie sale parents. They meet weekly for 1 1/2 hours from September through May. This is a very active troop who tries to participate in most Council and SU events, such as Thinking Day and the annual Christmas Mitten Tree. Troop leaders have been on SU teams to coordinate and plan an annual Thinking Day, Spring Dance and Fall Event. Their Head Leader is also the SU Treasurer. Troop 12214 participates in the Grand Junction Veteran’s Day Parade each year, a family camping trip every Summer and does a hygiene and/or food drive each Fall for a different local charity. They have made it their goal to collect 100 pony tails for Locks of Love, by December 31st, in honor of the 100th Anniversary of Girls Scouts. They are planting a community garden at their school and have started an age appropriate, all troop, Self Esteem program based, in part, on the documentary Miss Representation.

The photo was taken in September in the backyard of the Grand Junction Service Center, immediately following the troop’s annual Investiture and Rededication Ceremony.

Troops capture a moment in time at Hamp Hut time capsule project

Submitted by Kathryn Leslie

Cadette Troop 3401 was asked to come to Hamp Hut on a beautiful Saturday to help a Junior troop make time capsules. We taught the girls about Juliette Low and then about time capsules. Each girl made a time capsule, they were all very nice.

We taught them Girl Scout songs and we learned how to sing in round. The Junior Leader taught us all how to sing “Make New Friends” in sign language. Our troop had a great time with the Juniors!

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Troop 2569 donates AED, girls get training


Submitted by Tina Saunders

When the girls were 2nd & 3rd grade Brownie Girl Scouts they worked on the cooking Try-It badges and served the meals to the members of the American Legion hall that we are sponsored by. With the money we raised through these dinner events the girls were able to buy the legion hall an AED machine. The machine was delivered to the legion hall in May 2012 and we finally had training in October 2012. All girls in the troop received free training for CPR and how to use an AED. The girls continue to do cooking events for the legion hall to connect with the members and work on more cooking badge work.

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Evergreen Girl Scouts host 9-11 commemoration


Submitted by Colleen Butler

At Marshdale Elementary in Evergreen, we had a 9-11 Commemoration. We all gathered at the front of the school and all the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts gathered around the flag pole and said the Pledge of Allegiance and two of my Girl Scouts sang the National Anthem. Our principal said a very moving speech about the importance of this day and to not forget it. We also had police officers, fire fighters and ambulance there to honor them. I gave the Girl Scouts a great 9-11 patch for this morning. We really had a great day! Troop 2495 Juniors

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Troop 3810 has family fun at Anderson Farms to supplement Sow What Journey

Submitted by Jody Clair

The girls had a family day at Anderson Farms in Erie. The Senior Girl Scouts are working on the Sow What Journey. They went to the pumpkin patch and corn maze to tie the trip to the journey. Lunch, wagon ride and beautiful weather shows “thinking outside the box” for journeys can be a lot of fun!!

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Junior Girl Scouts learn about rabbits


Submitted by Tina Saunders


Some of the girls from Junior Troop 2569 are trying to earn the Summit Award. Over the summer they worked on the Agent of Change Journey. All the girls had left was to do was their Take Action. They wanted to do something related to animals, but finding an organization that will work with girls under the age of 13 or 14 was our biggest challenge. We learned of the Colorado House Rabbit Society and were able to schedule a tour, learn about rabbits, make toys for them and learn how we can spread the word for protecting, caring for and adopting of the bunnies. To learn more, please visit

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Two hundred Girl Scouts learn science can be fun

On Saturday, Oct. 20th, female engineering students with the Society of Women Engineers from the Colorado School of Mines showed 200 Girl Scouts at Girl Scout Engineering Day at the Colorado School of Mines that STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) is all around them and can be fun. Girl Scout Engineering Day at the Colorado School of Mines is a popular Girl Scout event, for both the participants and the teachers, and has taken place on the campus for many years. The jam-packed day of hands-on STEM activities, all planned by the college students, included learning about the creation tornadoes and earthquakes, magnetic fields, electricity, states and phases of matter, compression and tension, and more. Girls also learned about careers in STEM and took a tour of the Colorado School of Mines campus.

In research released this spring by the Girl Scout Research Institute, 74 percent of teen girls are interested in STEM subjects and the general field of study. Further, a high 82 percent of girls see themselves as “smart enough to have a career in STEM.” And yet, few girls consider it their number-one career option: 81 percent of girls interested in STEM are interested in pursuing STEM careers, but only 13 percent say it’s their first choice. Additionally, girls express that they don’t know a lot about STEM careers and the opportunities afforded by these fields, with 60 percent of STEM-interested girls acknowledging that they know more about other careers than they do about STEM careers. The study concluded girls are drawn to the creative and hands-on aspects of STEM the most and particularly want to know how a STEM career could help them make a difference in the world.

Girl Scouts of Colorado incorporates fun and educational STEM activities into all aspects of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience—from camp to badge projects, events and after-school programs. Girls are introduced to STEM-related careers and to successful female role models who work in those careers. Girl Scouts’ STEM programs contribute to girls’ academic achievement and encourage them to realize their potential and leadership capabilities in STEM fields.

Girl Scouts of Colorado did live social media from the event. View a replay of this event here: Girl Scout Engineering Day at the Colorado School of Mines.

Girl Scout collects food to thank her community


Several Brighton Girl Scouts have teamed up with Brighton area Cub Scouts to conduct a community food drive to benefit Brighton area food pantries this month. Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts have collected food outside of the Brighton King Soopers for the past couple of weeks.

Jessica, a Girl Scout Brownie from Brighton, came up for the idea for this project after her family had to get food from one of the food pantries to feed her family.

“She wanted to help because the food pantry didn’t have a lot of food when we visited,” said her mother, Sarah.

“I’m excited to help people who are hungry, “ said Jessica.

“Helping people – that’s just what Girl Scouts do, and be nice,” commented Girl Scout Hannah, who also helped with this project.

The group has collected lots of food, and will start delivering it to the area food pantries this weekend. During their delivery they will also get a special behind the scenes tour of what it takes to run a food pantry.

The Girl Scouts who helped out with this project are new to Girl Scouts (in fact they are part of Juliettes, or the individual girl program) and are very excited to be part of an organization that gives back to their community!

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