Ending on a High Note: Session 7 at Magic Sky Ranch

Session 7 was the last resident camp session here at Magic Sky, and we all made sure it was a great one.  Campfire Sunday night opened the session, where everyone sang songs and staff and CITs performed silly skits.

Our Brownie Discovery Camp tried out all of the amazing activities camp has to offer.  They made bird feeders with Ash at Arts and Crafts, scaled the climbing wall, and learned beginning ballet moves in Dance and Drama.  With a very busy schedule, they even got to go on a pixie hunt.

This week our Night Owls learned lots about the night sky, taking advantage of later breakfasts to stay up and go stargazing.  They even got to see a couple shooting stars from this week’s meteor shower.  While the three Night Owl cabins each participated in different activities.  They all spent time at Arts and Crafts, Nature and Science, Dance and Drama, and the Climbing Wall.

Our Archery Adventures campers honed their skills at the archery range before moving on to the field archery course.  They also got to make atomic ice, Magic Sky’s scientific name for ice cream, with Ladybug at Nature and Science, and developed improv skills with Cinderella at Dance and Drama.

The All the World’s a Stage group developed their acting chops, working with our Dance and Drama specialist, Cinderella, every day.  They wrapped up the week by showing off their improv skills at a performance Friday afternoon in front of the entire camp.  In addition to all of the time spent acting, they did archery, decorated cupcakes with Ash, and had a Spa Night at their cabin.

In addition to all of the individual activities, everyone came together Wednesday morning for a Carnival Field Day.  There was face painting, a sponge toss, potato sack races, hula hoops, parachutes, the opportunity to make a silly hat, and music for a dance party.

Thursday ended with closing campfire where all of the cabins got to perform skits together.  Emotions were high for staff and campers as they were sad to leave but happy to get to see their families again soon.

All the World’s a Stage’s improv show wrapped up the week with a bang.  During the performance all of the other units also got to perform their favorite song as a group.

We hope to see you all next year.

Happy Camping.

-MSR Staff 2013

Through the Shutter: The Snapshot Program at Magic Sky Ranch

9397217488_81f0db6e41Snapshot arrived on the Sunday all eager for camp to begin, cameras at the ready. All the campers began checking in, making their way down to their home for the week- Cassiopeia, and they met their awesome counselors for the week; Pikachu, Red tail, Kodiak and Snoopy! The first night went by so fast as it was so filled with planning for the week, deciding on what activities we wanted for the week as well as games and then opening campfire where all the counselors performed skits.

On Monday, the first full day of camp, we had such a busy day.  We began the day with Dance and Drama with Cinderella where we played improv games. Then it was time to head over to the Archery field, we learn how to shoot and then we all got to shoot 3 arrows each.

After lunch we had nature and science with Ladybug where we did jelly belly-ology. We learned about classifications of living things and then we got to classify jelly beans, we also got a chance to take photos of all the interesting things in Ladybugs room.

Then after dinner we had an introduction to photography, we got to learn about different types of photography, and basic techniques and terms, for example aperture, exposure and shutter speed. Then we got to practice what we learned, by going around camp and taking an alphabet of photos. For this we each took a photo to represent each letter of the alphabet, we were as creative as we wanted to be. Finally we concluded the evening with s’mores.

Soon enough it was Tuesday, or otherwise known as inside out day for our unit, so we all headed to breakfast with our clothes inside-out. After breakfast we had nature and science with Ladybug, we learnt about zodiacs and made our own using paper. We then made our own lava lamp using water and oil, which operated on the principles we learned regarding the difference in mass of things. We then had arts and crafts with Ash where we got to make pop can tab bracelets.

After lunch we had nature and science again where we did strawberry DNA, in which we extracted the DNA from a strawberry. After this we made marshmallow men using different DNA variables.

We then had a pack out dinner followed by a sunset hike to look out point, it took us about 30 minutes to get there, but once we did it was so pretty as it looks like you can see for miles. We took lots of photos here, we also got to use the Polaroid camera and Lomography camera. After some time at lookout point, we began our descent back to camp, and got back to the cabin just in time for bed.

Then Wednesday came about, and we were having character day so we all got to dress up as our favorite characters or even ones we made up. To start the day we had dance and drama with Cinderella where we did improv dance.

Then it was time for all camp, which was Disney stations. We stayed in the activity centre where all the stations were set up. The stations included face painting, Disney talent show, balloon animals, princess crown making, and dress up relay race.

After we had lunch we stayed in the dining hall for a piggy party, this means we got to eat chocolate pudding, in which we had to find a gummy worm. The catch was that we couldn’t use our hands. So we all got very messy.

It was then time to go to the climb wall where we all got to climb and we all met our personal goals we made ourselves.

Then after dinner we went back to our cabin for a spa night, so we all showered and got clean, and did our hair. Some of us even painted nails.

We woke up on Thursday for the last full day of camp and 80’s day, so we all dressed in neon, side ponytails and baggy clothes. We began our day with nature and science with Ladybug where we did bottle rockets.

We then had our hike to the lake, which took about 30 minutes. We took lots of pretty photos along the way, and when we got there the lake was so beautiful, that we took lots more photos. When we were done taking photos, we went to the shelter area to have lunch, and a bit of a break, until we headed back to camp.

Then we had arts and crafts with Ash where we made dream catchers, we also picked our favourite photos to be in a slideshow on Friday, and practised our skit.

After dinner it was closing campfire, where all the units got to perform their skits. They were all really good and funny.

Friday was the final day of camp, so we woke up bright and early. We began the day with a little bit of packing, followed by high ropes, where again we all made personal goals. And I think we all met them or beat them. Then it was time for lunch, where we got to watch our photography slideshow which had all our photos in. It was so good, and everyone was commenting on how good the photos looked.

We then went to dance and drama for some drama games, and then it was time to go back to the cabin ready to go home.


The end.


Love Pikachu

If you want to see any of the photos this fantastic unit took during their week here, check out the two sets on Flickr:



The first link is the slideshow of the photos they shared with camp.  The second link is all of the pictures campers took on the cameras they borrowed from camp.

Girl Scouts provides summer science program in Greeley

Girl Scouts of Colorado once again partnered with Rodarte Cultural Center and Anna Gimmestad Memorial Park in Greeley to offer a summer Girl Scout program to local girls. This summer the program focused on the science of light (optics) through Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Lighten Up program put together in collaboration with Colorado State University. At the end of the program, the girls were very proud to have earned a patch for completing the program!

Amazing programs such as this could not be possible without our sponsors, including CenturyLink, Intel, The Women’s Fund of Weld County and Wells Fargo. A special thanks goes CenturyLink employees who volunteered their time and worked one-on-one with the children in this program! Two of the CenturyLink volunteers also presented on their careers in science or engineering for the girls. We additionally want to thank Kaarin Goncz with CSU (also a Girl Scout alum) for again partnering with us on another great Lighten Up program!

Posted by Amanda Kalina, PR Director, Girl Scouts of Colorado, in collaboration with Amy Myers, Director of Development, and Brenda Realyvasquez, Program Support Specialist, with Girl Scouts of Colorado

Our most critical need: adult volunteers

I’m really excited to share the story that 9NEWS (KUSA) recently aired about Girl Scouts of Colorado! The story, which I have linked below, highlighted exactly what our most critical need in our organization is right now — adult volunteers. As you may or may not know, there are thousands of girls on waiting lists that want to be Girl Scouts, but can’t until volunteer leadership is found.

We hope you will consider volunteering with us, or sharing the 9NEWS story with others and ask them for their support. To get through these hard times this is where your support is most critically needed.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, please consider making a donation to Girl Scouts on our website and make the worthwhile investment of supporting our next generation of Colorado leaders!

We thank you in advance for your support!


View the story here

Girl Scouts Volunteer Camp Planning Meeting

Join us at a Volunteer Run Camp Planning Meeting!

This meeting will give information and timelines regarding council support to volunteers wanting to run either a day or overnight camp in 2014.

Where: 400 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80209
When: August 14, 6pm-7pm

Call in options available! We will be recording the meeting and sharing documents and information from it via this blog in the future.

Please send interest to be on the invite list for call in-options and to receive meeting attachments to Betsy.Till@gscolorado.org.

GSCO Horse Program changes – the future of the horse program

Girl Scouts of Colorado has volunteers committed to creating horseback riding opportunities for Girl Scouts across the state. We are happy to announce that Julie Fischer, former Statewide Horseback Director, has offered to stay on with GSCO as horseback riding volunteer to continue to develop horse programs away from GSCO properties. She will continue to develop connections with riding facilities and stables to offer Girl Scouts options and opportunities to ride at a discount. Julie will also continue to develop and host events and activities with facilities that Girl Scouts can attend in connection with horses. She is working on Wrangler in Training (WIT) opportunities that would allow older Girl Scouts to still learn and obtain skills relating to horses.

Julie is also working on additional riding opportunities so troops/girls have riding options they can opt into during their overnight camp experiences at summer camps, similar to what Magic Sky was able to offer this past summer. She is also connecting with outdoor organizations who do high adventure and outdoor opportunities for scouts as well.  Anyone who has information on facilities near them already offering discounts or who may be interested, or anyone who is interested in helping Julie go forward with developing other horse options as a volunteer, please contact her at dj2fischer@wildblue.net

We are also excited to see that Julie will be moving on to pursue her PhD – Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership from University of Phoenix.

Julie “Pecos” A.C. Fischer

Horse Advocate – Volunteer

Girl Scouts of Colorado


303-747-2512 office/home

Girl Scouts participate in Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

Girl Scouts of Colorado once again participated in the annual Colorado Dragon Boat Festival at Sloan’s Lake in Denver on July 27 & 28. Despite the abnormally cool and wet weather over the weekend, this was a great opportunity to introduce Girl Scouting to the community. We received lots of interest from both new girl and adult volunteer members. Additionally our booth, which was in the children’s Dragonland area, gave participants the opportunity to color dragon masks, learn their Chinese zodiac symbol and spin the wheel for prizes (in addition to warm up a little from the cool weather :)).

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who helped make this booth successful. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Posted by Amanda Kalina, PR Director, Girl Scouts of Colorado, with help from the Denver Recruitment Specialists for Girl Scouts of Colorado 

Meadow Mt Ranch GSCO Blazing Saddles July 21st-26th 2013

Our final session of Blazing Saddles was a great week, even with the rain and a short hail storm.  The riders were able to venture out to Copeland Falls for lunch ride and day ride to Finch Lake.  Their final ride was full of trail blazing, games in arena, songs, and music as they sang their way into RMNP 😉  Check out their singing talents as they ride into the park at the following YouTube link:


A family of one of the campers also created this fun video from the week: http://youtu.be/zR14_SI5bEA

Girl Scouts create a library with over 1,500 books for Denver Children’s Home


Submitted by Lauren MacMillan

We bought, sanded, and painted bookshelves with donated paint, made 10 posters, solicited book donations and collected more than 1,500 books from one church, four schools, and two libraries; logged, sorted, labeled, shelved the books, and created a check out system therefore creating a self-sustaining library for the Denver Children’s Home Resource Center.

I was courageous by making calls to complete strangers for the project and strong by carrying boxes and boxes of heavy books. We were friendly, helpful, and caring by creating a fun little self-sustaining library with over 1,500 books. I helped my country and made the world a better a place by providing reading materials to less fortunate kids.

This story was submitted via the Share Your Stories form. You can share your Girl Scout moments too.


Minutes – Outdoor Property Subcommittee Meeting, 7.19.13

In May, 2013 the GSCO Board of Directors commissioned a subcommittee composed of volunteers and staff to review the usage and sustainability of GSCO outdoor, or wilderness properties, including: Pawnee Lodge, Kiwa Korral, Hamp Hut, Lazy Acres, Twisted Pine, Magic Sky Ranch, Sky High Ranch, Meadow Mountain Ranch, and Tomahawk Ranch.
The Outdoor Property subcommittee held their initial meeting on 7/19 to review their charge from the statewide, volunteer board and determine their course of action. The following is a synopsis of the meeting and a list of next steps. Summaries from future meetings will also be posted on the blog.
I. Background/Context
a. The committee reviewed their charge from the board, which includes: gather and review data related to the outdoor / camp / wilderness properties in GSCO and make a recommendation to the GSCO Board of Directors on the future of these properties for their review, discussion and action.
ACTION: It was determined that the committee shall draft a formal statement of their charge for inclusion in the committee’s process document (referenced below).
b. The committee reviewed the current financial conditions and projections for the organization.
c. The committee reviewed the planned programming changes for the summer of 2014 http://gscoblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/2014-outdoor-program-changes/
d. The committee reviewed information and data about each property. Data included basic information about each property, current and historical usage, needed capital improvements, annual expenses and annual revenue.
II. Scope of Work
a. The committee discussed the potential process for the assessment and evaluation of the properties.
ACTION: It was determined that a proposed process should be drafted for committee review at the next meeting. The committee stressed that the process should include ways in which the public would be informed about the process, receive committee status updates and provide feedback.
b. The committee discussed current committee members and deliberated on the need to add members.
ACTION: It was determined that the committee would identify 2-3 additional members from GSCO volunteers. Interested volunteers may contact Jacky Noden (jackyk.noden@gscolorado.org) for details.

III. Next Steps and Timeline
a. The committee discussed the overall timeline for the project, as well as a feasible goal for making recommendations to the board.
ACTION: The committee requested that the draft process detailed above include a proposed timeline. The timeline will be reviewed at the next committee meeting.
b. The committee agreed to meet again in approximately 2-4 weeks to review the proposed evaluation process and timeline.

Girl Scouts of Colorado