Thin Mints make connections

Submitted by Marnie Walsh

Girl Scouts in Troop 50301 from Lakewood are making connections in their community to support the Outdoor Lab program in Jefferson County. Holly H. recently learned that Concordia Lutheran Church had a surplus of 60 used, metal, folding chairs. She is making arrangements to deliver the chairs to the Outdoor Lab Foundation. Holly explains, “Since I’m in Girl Scouts I can help other people more than if I weren’t in Girl Scouts because I know how to communicate with people and connect and take action for others. The chairs that are being donated to the Outdoor Lab Foundation have to do with taking action because I am taking the chairs from Concordia and finding them a home.”

Last Fall, the Girl Scouts spent about 15 percent of the Troop’s proceeds from their famous Girl Scout Cookie sales to use for Outdoor Lab. Several members of Troop 50301 delivered two “Thin Mint” laser pointers and a case of copy paper to the Outdoor Lab Foundation at the Education Center for Jefferson County Schools. The Outdoor Lab Schools were in need of laser pointers for their astronomy classes. The Outdoor Lab Foundation was in need of copy paper for ongoing communications and outreach. The Girl Scouts Troop 50301 provided just a few of the items from Outdoor Lab’s wish lists, but it made all of the difference.

The principals of Windy Peak and Mount Evans are excited to use the new “Thin Mint” lasers (named after the delicious, minty chocolate, cookies now available for sale from Girl Scouts throughout Lakewood) in their astronomy classes held on Mondays, all year round. When the principals showed the scouts the way the lasers worked, he explained how the beam of light bounces off of the water vapors in the air so vibrantly that it forms a line that looks like it reaches to the stars. Jolene J. comments, “The show was impressive, but we hear it is so much more amazing to actually see it in the sky at night.”

Troop 50301 is still trying help the Outdoor Lab Foundation locate 12- 18 stackable, padded, armless, banquet chairs for use at the Mount Evans Outdoor Lab School. Aisha C. remarked, “The chairs for the Lab are important so that the students in class could sit and enjoy the class rather than stand up.” To add to the need of chairs, Annie J. said, “We, our Troop, are hoping that by writing this article that hotels and/or other organizations will have it in their hearts to donate chairs because we haven’t been able to contact anybody yet who had been willing to give to the Outdoor Lab the chairs that they need.”

The Girl Scouts would like anyone with stackable, armless, padded, banquet chairs to please contact the Troop 50301 Leader, Marnie Walsh, 720-446-9257, so they can donate them to this amazing organization so children can continue to learn in this unique environment the Outdoor Lab Schools provide.

Article written by 8th grader, Jolene J.

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Girl Scout troop starts at VOA’s Brunetti Lofts


Troop 1287 is a brand new troop of girls who are living at a local Volunteers of America facility, which is helping single-parent families on the road to self-sufficiency. The kindergarten-fifth grade troop of Girl Scouts meets weekly at Brunetti Lofts in downtown Denver.

On Sunday, Feb. 10th, the troop held a Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sale at the Brunetti Lofts and sold 100 packages. The girls have sights set on using the money they’ve raised through cookie sales to go to Girl Scout summer camp, among other activities, according to troop leaders, Jenifer Woods and Marcie Tidd.

One of the largest takeaways the girls are learning through Girl Scouting is how to give back to their community. Many of the girls have commented that they hope they can organize a project to give back to Brunetti Lofts.

This is one of the many Girl Scout groups in Colorado which provides programming to girls in underserved areas. Girl Scouts provides all girls the opportunity to learn how they can become a leader who makes a difference in the world.

Article in Denver’s YourHub

Blog submitted by Amanda Kalina, Director of Public Relations, and Amy Myers, Director of Development

Girl Scout Wranglers-in-Training and older girl volunteers needed

We are looking for volunteers – older Girl Scouts who are crazy about horses and Girl Scout WITs (at least going into WIT I program in 2013) – to help us with an exciting horse event for Girl Scout Juniors and Bridging Brownies! Older girl volunteers will rotate as assistance at the stations and help the professionals while learning along with the girls. Any volunteers in the WIT program (or going into WIT program in 2013) will have the hours count towards their WIT training.

The event is for bridging Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors who will spend a full afternoon of hands-on, horse-related activities while they earn a fun horse patch. All Girl Scouts will be able to watch a show horse competition at the Colorado Classic Horse Show. Girl Scout Juniors and Brownies will rotate through stations to learn about: veterinary care, horse shoeing, horse breeds, behavior, safety around horses, grooming and a barn tour, plus more fun horsey info.

The date of the event is May 4th, 2013 at the National Western Event Center in Denver, CO from 1:30-4pm. Volunteers will need to be there by 10am to help with set up, etc.

If you are interested, please contact Julie Fischer at or 303-747-2512.

Volunteer Opportunity of the Week


Have you heard about the new My Promise, My Faith award? Girls of all grade levels can now earn the My Promise, My Faith pin developed by Girl Scouts of the USA. This pin, which girls can earn once a year, complements existing religious recognitions and allows all girls to further strengthen the connection between their faith and Girl Scouts. Everything in Girl Scouting is based on the Girl Scout Promise and Law. The Girl Scout Law includes many of the principles and values common to most faiths. Thus, while a secular organization, Girl Scouts has, since the movement began, encouraged girls to take spiritual journeys via their faiths’ religious recognitions. We are seeking volunteers to coordinate kick off events for this award in their local communities. Volunteers will work with staff to partner with local faith based communities. For more information, please contact Alli Oswandel at

Archery Certification Course

Have you always loved archery?  Become a certified teacher in only one day!


There are three opportunities this spring and early summer to complete your Level 1 Certification in Archery.  This certification is recognized by the USA Archery and National Field Archery Association.  This course is designed to qualify instructors for short term recreational archery programs.  You will be able to teach basic archery skills to others confidently and safely.  Certification is good for 3 years from date of issue.

 Cost is only $100!

This covers your materials, your certification, and lunch.

Adults (18 and up)



Friday March 15 – Magic Sky Ranch

Sign up by March 3.


Saturday April 13 – Magic Sky Ranch

Sign up by March 31.


Saturday June 8 – Sky High Ranch

Sign up by May 19.

The archery range is outside so please be prepared to spend a portion of the day outside.


 Be sure to start your season on target by aiming for your mark to teach Archery in 2013!

Letterboxer Brownies from Ireland and USA

Submitted by Jessica AlbrechtWalter


My Mommy has shared my story about my traded letterboxes here on the blog before:

I am sharing today to tell everyone that the Irish Dathuil Letterbox HitchHiker came in the mail and my own troop launched it at our PAL Literacy Book Drive KickOff!

I am so excited about it! My Penpal and partner, Vicki is an Irish Girl Guide Brownie. Her Mam could not find a blank book so they had one made! It is really spectacular! Another IGG Leader knitted the book its own sweater and they put IGG Membership and friendship Badges on it and a neat tiny flag of Ireland.

I want to bless my new friends in Ireland Sevenfold and you can help me!

Please contact me (on my troop’s e-mail and let me know if you would like to Find the HitchHiker. We will start passing it around after our PAL Literacy FieldTrip on Valentine’s Day and while mine is in Ireland getting so many wonderful pictures and stories from all their girls I hope we can start filling up their HitchHiker also!

Thank you for helping me with my PAL Literacy Challenge Take Action Project from GSCO and Colorado Reads!


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Ice fishing makes you hungry for cookies!


Submitted by Lisa Westrope
Red Feather Lakes

Being in the mountains of Red Feather Lakes, our troop has come up with clever ways to sell cookies! For example, Andrea found out that ice fishing makes people hungry, so she pulled her sled out onto the ice and sold lots of cookies to folks on the lake! Way to go Andrea…and what a gorgeous day it was! We are a new troop, so this is our first time selling cookies, and the girls have sold more than twice what we originally intended.

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