A Girl Scout Brownie Journey

Girl Scout Troop 4445 from Dolores has just completed their Girl Scout Journey, The Quest. This Brownie story is meant to inspire their own Take Action projects. Along the way they will earn three keys.

The Discover Key – To earn this award, each Girl Scout Brownie will discover herself and her values—as a Girl Scout and a member of her family.

The Connect Key – To earn this award, each Girl Scout Brownie will connect as a member of a Brownie team, with her family on a healthy-living activity, and, as a group with their community to increase healthy-living opportunities.

The Take Action Key – To earn this award, Girl Scout Brownies will team up to identify a community place where the team can Take Action. Then they join together to make a plan to Take Action and carry out their Take Action Project to improve their world.

The Brownie Quest Award – At the end of the Quest, the girls also earn the journey’s culminating award, the master lock that needs all three of their keys in order to open. Through this award, the Brownies will see that, together, their three keys—Discover, Connect, and Take Action—unlock the meaning of leadership.

They all successfully earned this award. Their Take Action project was to collect items and send them to troops overseas.

The Quest

Pictured left to right:
Nobel Traweek, Akima Edwards, Hailey Melvin, Alana Coley, Lizabeth Likes, Sharma Chaffee, Hazel Smith, Katalina Moran and Alana Nowlin

Story Submitted by Troop Leaders Amy Melvin & Susan Likes

Girl Scout carries on a family tradition of earning her Gold Award

Kim Crawford, a Girl Scout from Brighton, has earned Girl Scouts’ highest honor, the Gold Award, for a project she did to collect 600+ toothbrushes and toothpaste for those in need in Africa. What makes this accomplishment even more special is Kim, who is a junior in high school, is developmentally delayed (she only reads at 1st grade level), but hasn’t let her disability hold her back. Additionally Kim’s inspiration for her project came from her cousin, Kerry, who earned her Gold Award when she was a Girl Scout and worked for the Peace Corps in Africa.

Kim spent months on her project and received a lot of support from her Brighton community. Everyone who donated to the project signed a poster, which Kim sent to Africa with the donations. And all the people who received her donations in Africa also signed the poster and returned it at the end of the project. When talking to Kim, she uses the words “happy and proud” to describe how it made her feel to help others through this project. In fact, helping others is one of the main reasons she likes being a Girl Scout.

Kim is part of the Special Olympics and other organizations in her community, but Girl Scouts by far is her favorite where she’s been able to interact with peers who are not like herself. Her mother, Jayne, has been with her every step of the way on her Girl Scout journey and currently serves as an organizer for Girl Scout groups in their community (or a service unit manager).

Kim and her mother Jayne were interviewed on 9NEWS on Monday, Dec. 10th, about this project. Watch the interview here.

Support Girl Scouts of Colorado in the Coloradoan’s Causes Giving Campaign


Girl Scouts of Colorado is very honored to be voted a top non-profit by the community through the Coloradoan’s Causes Giving Campaign.

As a part of this campaign, the community is now being asked to give to Girl Scouts of Colorado. The Coloradoan will partially match these donations, making gifts more impactful.

So consider making a gift. Even small gifts go a long way! And let your family and friends know about this too. 2012 was a challenging year for Girl Scouts of Colorado, but through donation programs like this, we can continue to offer the best leadership opportunities for girls across Colorado!

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Troop 1896 ornaments on US Capitol Christmas Tree

9584tree ornament
9584tree ornament

Submitted by Tina Benner
Highlands Ranch

In September, Cadette Troop 1896 made recycled-material ornaments that reflect Colorado to be part of the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Ornament Exchange.  They received notice December 4th that the ornaments they made would adorn one of the 63 companion trees that are in the Capitol. Great job Claire, Elise, Audrey, Sydney, Taylor, Riley, Krista!

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Troop 4451 pocket flag project a great success


November 29, 2012 – Coronado Elementary School, Littleton, CO

The Girl Scouts of USA named 2012 The Year of the Girl for their 100th Anniversary and has spent the year focusing on a program which instills each Girl Scout with a sense of strength and responsibility in her community.

To celebrate The Year of the Girl, Troop 4451 from Coronado Elementary School in Littleton, brought together leaders and Girl Scouts from eight local troops, a total of 75 girls and 12 leaders, for a first-ever All Troop Meeting on November 29, 2012. The leaders and Girl Scouts of Troop 4451 wanted to utilize the gathering as a platform to provide a large-scale and meaningful community service. They pulled from the concepts behind The Year of the Girl and decided that the most inspiring image of women representing strength, bravery, and service would be the very women who sacrifice and serve our country so that our girls are free to be Girl Scouts.

Towards this end, Troop 4451 adopted the Pocket Flag Project, a project during which miniature flags are folded, bagged with a special note, and then shipped to the front lines, where they are worn in the pockets of active soldiers to remind them of their flag and home. The girls set a big goal: to fold 600 flags in one hour! As the project evolved, the troop realized that Girl Scouts were not often given an opportunity to learn about the American flag, how to take care of it, what it symbolizes, and what it means to them. To remedy this before the event took place, Troop 4451 distributed worksheets, taught how to fold and handle the flag in person, and asked all of the Girl Scouts to write essays about what the flag means to them. They were also asked to invite friends and family who had served our country to the event or to help their Girl Scout write the essay. We wanted to be sure that by the time the project was over, the portion of the Girl Scout Promise which reads “I promise to serve my country” became more than just a phrase and the flag on their uniform became more than just a patch.

Pooling the Troop’s resources, we were able to gain the support of two important groups: The Daughters of the American Revolution – Columbine Chapter (DAR) and the American Legion Auxiliary – Unit 103 (ALA 103). The DAR provided books about the Flag Code and the Pledge, and both the DAR and the ALA 103 provided very necessary financial support to cover the cost of flags, bags, printing, and postage to the front lines. A friend of the Troop, a retired high-ranking Army officer, now employed at the Department of Defense, helped us to put together a group of six strong and inspiring active servicewomen. The event’s sponsors, as well as the servicewomen, joined us for the event and helped the girls fold the flags.

At six tables, Troop 4451 divided the Girl Scouts, the sponsors, and the servicewomen so that each table represented various ages, multiple generations, of girls and women. Each table was encouraged to share stories, learn from one another, and help to enrich the experience. As baskets of pocket flags filled, the girls would ceremoniously carry the flag baskets across the big gym, to the symbolic mailing box, pour them in, and ring our American eagle wrought iron bell. Each girl had a turn and they were so excited to carry the basket and ring the bell- they rang the bell with such pride! The servicewomen were Girl Scouts in their youth and joined us in our closing circle, as did our sponsors, and veteran Girl Scouts who had attended to support the event. The first woman from the Army Coast Guard to be sent to Afghanistan told the girls that she received a pocket flag her first time being deployed and said it now hangs framed in her office. She enthralled the girls with her story of how she wore it in her pocket and it made her feel connected to home.

To make sure the project is not just a one-time event, Troop 4451 sent home letters to all of Coronado Elementary School’s students in November asking them if they’d like to send a personal pocket flag to a deployed solider in their family, neighborhood, or community. This project sought to turn the Girl Scout promise into an action and succeeded tenfold… in fact, it succeeded 600 fold!

Respectfully submitted by Shoshana Nash, Troop 4451 Co-Leader


Girl Scouts of Colorado to hold Cookie Social Media Day Feb. 8

I’m excited to announce that Girl Scouts of Colorado is launching a first-ever Cookie Social Media Day during the 2013 Cookie Program! So mark your calendar, share the information with friends and family, and we look forward to having you participate! (Cookie Social Media Day is part of National Girl Scout Cookie Day  on Feb. 8th.)

Cookie Social Media Day 2013 

On Friday, Feb. 8, 2013, which is the date for Cookie Social Media Day and the first day of Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales in Colorado, we want everyone, from our girl members, adult volunteers, families, donors, partners, alumnae, staff and friends to be talking about Girl Scout Cookie time on social media. Our goal is to show the community the real-life skills they are supporting when they buy Girl Scouts Cookies.

Participating is easy!  

1. Log on to Facebook or Twitter at any time on Friday, Feb. 8.

2. Post a personal message/story about Girl Scout Cookie time. You are encouraged to incorporate the 5 Skills Girls learn by selling Girl Scout Cookies (Goal-Setting, Decision-Making, Money Management, People Skills, Business Ethics). And feel free to share a photo or two if you want as well.  Sample messages:

Facebook: It’s @ Girl Scouts of Colorado Cookie time! I very much credit my goal-setting skills to when I sold Girl Scout Cookies as a young girl (see the photo of me at age 8 here). Without those skills I don’t think I would have had what it takes to start my own business. Did you sell Girl Scout Cookies or know someone who did? What did you/they learn? See more about Girl Scout Cookie time in Colorado at www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org.

Twitter: Girl Scout Cookies helped my daughter become a math whiz. What’s your #gscocookies story? girlscoutsofcolorado.org @GSColo

Update 1/23/13: If you don’t have a personal Girl Scout connection, you can still show support for Girl Scout Cookie time on National Girl Scout Cookie Day Feb. 8th by posting a message like this on your personal (or company) social media:

Facebook: Today’s National Girl Scout Cookie Day! I/We salute @ Girl Scouts of Colorado for the leadership skills they instill in girls. I/We look forward to supporting the biggest girl-led business in the world by purchasing Girl Scout Cookies, which are on sale in Colorado through March 3. For more information, visit www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org.

Twitter: It’s National Girl Scout Cookie Day! I/We am/are purchasing cookies from @GSColo to support a great girl leadership program #gscocookies

3. Be sure to tag Girl Scouts of Colorado in your post. (Facebook: facebook.com/girlscoutsofcolorado) (Twitter: @GSColo; #gscocookies)

4. You can also share a link to Girl Scouts of Colorado’s website, which will have more information about purchasing cookies: www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org

Win “cool free stuff”

Watch our social media channels throughout the day of Feb. 8 for contests we will be conducting for your chance to win items like free Girl Scout Cookies!

Flyer: Cookie Social Media Day 2013 

Troop 43760 gives back by volunteering at Care and Share

Submitted by Hollie Hambly

This Holiday season Troop 43760 wanted to give back by packing food boxes for needy families for the holidays. The girls did a great job packing and ended up putting together a total of 8 pallets of food boxes (248 boxes). They even got a special visit from the Care and Share president (who was also a former Girl Scout). She spoke with them about all of the important life lessons you get from being a Girl Scout, and I agree!!!

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Eagle Girl Scout Troop holds Healthy Food Drive

Submitted by Sarah Braucht

Eagle Girl Scout Troop 3724 would like to thank the community that so graciously and generously supported its ³Healthy Food Drive!² The girls decided on this project to complete their Journey ³It’s Our World ‹ Change It² because helping families in need to eat healthy was very important to them. We are so proud of them for all the time and commitment they put into this effort! These girls are true leaders! Look for more greatness to come, and thanks again for your support!

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