Colorado G.I.R.L: Anna Hewson

Tell us about yourself.
My Girl Scouting career started in 1st grade when I joined Troop 1097 as a Brownie. I have spent the last 20 years as a TV photojournalist. I have two kids.

When in your life/career have you been a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader)?
When I was a teenager I was told by a TV cameraman that “girls don’t become cameramen, the equipment is too heavy.” From that moment I was determined to prove him wrong. My passion for photography and news drove me to get hired at a TV station and then prove to the management that yes I could handle the job as a female photojournalist. Throughout my career I have dealt with people questioning whether as a girl, I have what it takes to do the job. After 20 years of covering news and winning journalism awards such as Emmy’s and the DuPont award, I think I’ve proved that yes, girls CAN be anything they set their minds to.

What does it mean to “take the lead?”
Choose the path you want to take and blaze that trail.

Why is it important for girls and women to “take the lead?”
No one is going to be impressed if you stand back and wait to be told what to do. The people who get noticed are the ones who step forward, stand out, or volunteer to make a difference.

What has helped you achieve success?
The female role models who came before me. My co-workers who are leaders of the industry but also mother and who understand the importance of life-work balance.

Were you a Girl Scout?
Yes, Brownies and Juniors in Troop 1097 in Erie County ,NY. I still have my full uniform in my closet

If so, tell us about your experience and what is the most important thing Girl Scouts taught you?
Being a Girl Scout showed me the camaraderie of girls, the idea that we are all in this together and support each other however we can. My Troop Leader Mrs Sayers was such a dedicated leader who nurtured our creativity while allowing us to explore our individuality.

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