Colorado Reads: The Early Literacy Initiative


Leading Through Reading Literacy Program

This joint venture with Girl Scouts of Colorado and Colorado Reads will help educate the next generation of leaders about the importance of literacy through peer mentoring and girl-led Take Action service. GSCO’s partnership with Colorado Reads will focus on programs with the goal of helping Girls Scouts become advocates for literacy. In partnering with community organizations and mobilizing passionate individuals to strengthen the early childhood system in every corner of the state, Colorado is gaining ground on literacy proficiency.

How can my Girl Scout troop help promote literacy and earn a badge?

Find something that inspires you and your Girl Scout troop to make a difference! For more details on how to get these activities started in your troop download the Leading through Reading program packet.

  1. Organize a book drive
  2. Start a book club
  3. Organize a spelling bee
  4. Organize a field trip to the public library
  5. Organize a literacy carnival in your community
  6. Establish a backpack program
  7. Host a reading party
  8. Establish a One Book program
  9. Start a literacy tutoring/mentorship partnership

Can we partner with a school to promote early literacy in multiple ways?

Yes!  A partnership is a great way to foster a lasting bond between the local community and a Girl Scout troop. In addition to establishing Girl Scouts as positive role models for students, participating will help boost feelings of self-esteem amongst the Girl Scouts. Your troop may wish to partner with a local school or a high-risk school. Contact the school or school district you wish to partner with to learn about policies and how to become involved in the school. Have a basic plan in mind when calling.

What it’s all about:
Early literacy is vital to the economic and cultural vitality of Colorado. Last year, statewide assessment programs found that more than 16,000 third graders were not reading proficiently. To provide these children with opportunities for lifelong success, Colorado Reads and Girl Scouts of Colorado are working to strengthen early childhood systems and literacy programming throughout the state.

Promoting early literacy is important. Literacy lays the foundation for post-secondary education and job readiness. The Center for Labor Market Studies estimates that each American student who fails to graduate from high school costs the economy $360,000 in lost earnings, taxes, and productivity compared to their peers who graduate. Studies have shown that the biggest indicator of whether a child will graduate high school is his or her level of reading proficiency in the third grade. In 2011, only seven out of 10 third grade students in Colorado tested as proficient or above. Many of Colorado’s children are at substantive risk of not graduating high school and not being work force ready.

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