Colorado G.I.R.L.: Aristea Brady

Tell us about yourself.

 I am a doting mother, a grateful wife, a loving daughter, an appreciative sister, an adoring dog owner, a proud journalist, and an avid bicyclist! I have two-year-old twins: Lexi and Brady.  Needless to say, my household is busy, busy! I like to say my life is full of beautiful chaos :).  When I’m not holding one twin on each hip, you can find me at the TV news station. I’m an evening anchor for Fox31, the Fox affiliate in Denver. I love telling impactful stories about people in the community where I grew up. I feel so fortunate to work back in my hometown!

When in your life/career have you been a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader)?

Before me, everyone in my family had chosen a fairly traditional career path.  They were lawyers, doctors, teachers, and businessmen and women.  When I was just seven-years old, I told my parents I wanted to be a TV news journalist. At first, they said, “But that’s show business!! People don’t keep jobs in show business. Don’t you want to do something more stable?! Something someone in our family has done before so we can help you?” But, I never lost sight of my dream. The time came to pick a college, and I applied to the best school in the nation for journalism: Northwestern University in Chicago. It’s pretty hard to get accepted there, so I studied really, really hard and tried my best to involve myself in lots of leadership activities. Well, the news came that I got in! Mom and Dad said I could go to the journalism school, but I also needed to major in law and business as “safe back-up’s.” I agreed…but knew if I worked hard and stayed humble, I could make TV news into a career.  And I have!  Guess what? My parents are now my biggest fans.

What does it mean to “take the lead?”

My mom would always say to me, “Aristea, don’t be afraid to take the bull by the horns!” To me, that’s taking the lead.  It’s chasing life’s opportunities instead of sitting quietly and waiting for them to come to you. I truly believe that any success I’ve ever had was the result of me putting the course into action. Find your dreams..and then, don’t walk to them…run!

Why is it important for girls and women to “take the lead?

We are in the middle of such a significant movement right now when it comes to women. Women from all walks of life are paving the way for us, screaming, “We are important!!” For years, so many women felt they couldn’t have a voice. It’s important for women to “take the lead” because without the pioneers before us doing just that, this movement wouldn’t have happened. We all need to sit back, watch and learn how it’s done.

What has helped you achieve success?

Keeping positive people around me at all times, and maintaining balance. One of the reasons I chose to be a TV news journalist is because the position almost requires balance to be successful. You must be smart, well-read, and have a sense of what’s going on in our world. At the same time, you must always try to be compassionate and kind. People expect that when you are telling their very personal stories. I believe if you are a good family player, it immediately makes you relatable and a better newsroom leader.

Were you a Girl Scout? If so, tell us about your experience and what is the most important thing Girl Scouts taught you?

I was a Girl Scout for a couple years in early grade school. I remember learning about leadership, the importance of communication, and a sense of self, even then. These are important years in life, a time when what we’re told really counts. I’m so grateful to have heard things that I keep with me now, all these years later. I can’t wait to get my daughter started in Girl Scouts so she can have the same experience!

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