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Nancy Mucklow honored at bridging ceremony

Submitted by Cricket Hawkins

Mountain Communities

Steamboat Springs

On the last warm Sunday of the summer of 2017, Girl Scouts in Steamboat Springs presented Nancy Mucklow with the “Thanks” badge. Nominated by Girl Scouts of Colorado Board of Directors chair-elect Rae Ann Dougherty, Nancy did not expect the overwhelming number of endorsements that also supported the honor. Ms. Dougherty was unable to attend, but provided the following statement for the ceremony:

“Because of Nancy’s spirited devotion, Girl Scouts of Colorado is fortunate to have a strong and growing base of active Girl Scouts of all ages in Steamboat Springs, a key area of our Mountain Communities region! Not only does she share and invite girls from all over the state to participate in Steamboat events, her energy routinely spills out into other geographic areas throughout the state with a VERY positive impact. Without Nancy’s dedication, commitment, enthusiasm, and energy, I believe we would not have as strong, dynamic, and vibrant Girl Scout Program in Steamboat Springs. Even with her male dominated family, she shepherds many girls, as well as adult volunteers, through the program.”

You can read more about Nancy, this special honor, and her Girl Scout story in the Steamboat Pilot and Today.

Prior to the surprise presentation, many Girl Scouts bridged to Brownie through Ambassador level with a full rededication ceremony. Thank you everyone for a wonderful afternoon!

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Planning for Highest Awards

As school kicks in to high gear, you might be planning your year with your Girl Scout troop. If you are a Junior, Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador or a parent or troop leader of a girl in these Girl Scout levels, Highest Awards should be on your brain!

The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards are the highest achievements in Girl Scouting and focus on identifying a community issue, researching the issue, developing a plan to address it in cooperation with a team of community members, establishing a global connection with others, and providing sustainability so the project can continue impacting people even after girls have earned their award.

More than 1,400 girls across the state earned their Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award last year and we hope to see these numbers continue to grow year after year.

To support girls, parents, and troop leaders throughout the Highest Awards process, we have many helpful resources on our website and offer “Highest Awards and Take Action” trainings both in person and online.

In person trainings at upcoming Leadership Summits:

Online Training October 9, 2017:

Online Training December 14, 2017:

Questions? Visit,, or email


Volunteer View: September 2017

Fall Product Program begins Sept. 23

Get ready to explore your dreams! The Fall Product Program starts on September 23. In-person sales will run through October 15. Online sales will end October 30. All troops must have a completed ACH formfor the 2017-18 membership year in order to participate.
Our popular S’mores Club is returning this year, and girls and adult volunteers who rock both the 2017 Fall Product and 2018 Cookie Programs will receive special rewards! Make sure your troop participates in the Fall Product Program so you can join the club.
Deadline for Bronze and Silver Award notifications
Earning one of the Girl Scouts Highest Awards is a way for girls to change their corner of the world and beyond! Girls bridging to Cadettes or Seniors this summer have until Sept. 30 to submit online notification that they have earned their Bronze or Silver Award. Through submitting online notification, you will order letters of recognition, certificates, and pins, and girls will be invited to participate in our spring Highest Awards Celebrations.
Signup for a Leadership Summit
Meet fellow leaders, have your questions answered, learn new skills and gain lots of useful information to make your Girl Scout year a successful one at a Leadership Summit! Register today for one of four upcoming Leadership Summits around the state.
Visit the MCC at a Leadership Summit to provide your feedback during our Service Unit Survey. You’ll also have an opportunity to talk with GSCO National Council Session Delegates who will represent Colorado at G.I.R.L. 2017, the Girl Scout National Convention in Columbus, Ohio this October.
Check out the GSCO Family Guide
Share this guide with parents so they can see what Girl Scouts is all about!

Download now »
Girl Scouts’ partnership with JOANN
GSUSA and JOANN Stores will be teaming up to inspire girls, troops, and volunteers to explore their individual creativity and use it to make a positive influence on the world. Through a new reward program, JOANN will offer a discount to members of Girl Scouts and donate a portion of sales to GSUSA.
Some JOANN stores will allow troop leaders space to meet and may be open to troops selling cookies in front of their store during cookie season. Troop leaders should check with the District Manager to connect with a local store and should always check with the landowner as well.
Upcoming events
Sept. 29: Sky High Ranch Fall Rendezvous
Test your mettle at Sky High by flying over the canyon on our zip line, balancing on the low-ropes course, honing your archery skills, and more at our annual staff-led troop camp Rendezvous.

Oct. 1: Girl Scout Day with DU Womens’ Soccer
Come cheer on the Pioneers as they take on North Dakota State. Tickets are $7 per person with promo code GIRLSCOUT.

Oct. 7: – Engineering Day with Society of Women Engineers at Colorado School of Mines
Learn about Engineering with a fun project! We’ll be working on badge requirements for some of the new engineering badges.

Oct. 14: Air Force Football Scout Day and Camp Out
All Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, friends and family are invited to cheer on the Falcons as they take on the UNLV Rebels. Troops and families can stay after the game for the annual campout.

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60 years of Girl Scouting with Edna “Skipper” Hollis

Submitted by Ann Thacker

Metro Denver


Edna “Skipper” Hollis led Girl Scout Troop 362 during my growing-up years. Who knew she would still be leading us, as adults, 60 years later?

Troop 362 was a big troop with three different age-groups. I was in the middle. That was nearly 60 years ago. And, we’ve kept in touch all those years… reuniting the last Saturday of every July at Skipper’s rustic cabin on the shores of Lake Eldora. She left this place on Thanksgiving 2016 at 104 ½ years old. As we gather at the cabin for one last time, we reminisce and bask in her love. She was a remarkable woman whom I deeply loved and admired.

Her energy was limitless. Even though she was nearing 50 back then, she taught us to: swim, canoe, hike, snowshoe, mountain climb, toboggan, ice skate, and chop ice from a deeply encrusted mountain spring. We learned to dip our buckets in the cold, clear water for drinking and bathing. She filled our days and nights with songs, swimming, cooking on a wood-burning stove, wildflower hikes, bird walks, campfires, and scary stories that went “boo” in the night.

She demonstrated kindness, compassion, unconditional love, and even taught us to “date young men.” To this day, my best date was the one she arranged for us (and chaperoned) with Air Force Academy Cadets. She showed us nature in its authentic purity, tender beauty, raw power, and rugged grandeur…all the while keeping us safe and secure.

More than anyone I’ve known, she trusted the goodness and abundance of life. Knowing that nature is God-made-manifest, she revealed a natural world, full of miracles that live forever in my heart and imagination.

Because of her, I remember to pause and drink in a sparkling dew drop, or inhale the scent of a soft, pink rose. I hug trees, speak to crickets, and sing duets with meadowlarks. I stand tall when lightning splits the clouds and thunder rolls. And all the while, I feel her presence, sense of wonder, and joy; as I take in the awe of each moment.

She embodied all that is good and continually expressed gratitude for life itself. She stood as a pure reflection of the divine, an illuminated mirror in which we could see our own souls.

How intimately she knew and loved the One Creator! And, how generously she loved each of us!!! I’m profoundly grateful for the privilege of opening the gift that she was… and I celebrate her; for she enriched my life.

Thank you, Skipper, for being who you are… a blessing to us all!

Girl Scouts of Colorado is proud to celebrate the legacy of one of our most cherished alumnae, Edna “Skipper” Hollis. In 2016, Skipper passed away at the age of 104, leaving a 94-year history of Girl Scouting as a girl and an adult volunteer.  Skipper touched the lives of hundreds of girls, families, and volunteers and will be remembered for her love of the outdoors and the annual troop gathering she hosted at her Colorado cabin for more than six decades.

To make a gift in honor of Skipper, which will support opportunity grants to ensure any girl is able to attend camp, or  to honor an alum who has made a difference in your life, go to the Girl Scouts of Colorado website: 

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Connections: September 2017

Kick off your next Girl Scout year with access to brand new, girl-tested and approved programming! Combined with existing STEM and outdoor programs, as well as programming in life skills and entrepreneurship, these new Journeys and badges are designed to help you unleash your inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™.

Learn more.

If you’re having trouble accessing these new resources, please reach out to your volunteer support specialist. Don’t know who that is? Email

New Online Resources 

We’ve been updating some resources to make your life easier. Check them out:

Fall Product Program Begins Sept. 23

The Fall Product Program starts on September 23. In-person sales will run through October 15. Online sales end October 30. All troops must have a completed ACH form for the 2017-18 membership year to participate.

Our popular S’mores Club is back, and girls and adult volunteers who rock both the 2017 Fall Product and 2018 Cookie programs will receive special rewards!

S’more details

Travel the world with Girl Scouts

Are you interested in learning more about all the ways you can travel as an older Girl Scout? Join our upcoming travel webinars! Register today to be on the email list to receive the webinar link sent out one week before the webinar date. Can’t make it? We will record them and post to the GSCO blog.

Our most successful summer camp session yet

GSCO had an amazing summer camp season this year, with more than 2,000 campers at overnight and day camps! Visit our Flickr page to see fun photos.

Thinking of renting a GSCO property? Our policies have changed, so make sure you’re up to date.

Share you G.I.R.L. story

Girl Scouts are adventure seekers, problem solvers, and so much more! We are G.I.R.L.s (go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, leaders)!

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Join Daisy’s Circle and save

Join Daisy’s Circle and get a $5 new member coupon to use at the Girl Scouts of Colorado Shop. Shop in person in Denver, by phone, or email.

Coupon applies to in-stock merchandise only, and cannot be transferred or copied.

This offer expires on 10/15/2017, so join today!

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Upcoming Events

Sept. 9: CU Football Scout Day
Come cheer on the Buffs in Boulder as they take on the Texas State San Marcos Bobcats.

Sept. 16: Scout Day with the Colorado Rockies
Watch the Rockies play the San Diego Padres and get a fun event patch.

Sept. 23: Fall Product Program Begins
Participate to earn start-up funds for your troop this year, and for the chance to join the S’mores Club.

Sept. 29 – Oct. 1: SHR Fall Rendezvous
Test your mettle at Sky High with our zipline, low ropes course, archery, and more!

Oct. 14: Air Force Football Scout Camp Out
Root for the Falcons as they take on the UNLV Rebels and camp out after the game.


Volunteer Spotlight: Marti Shuster, MCC member

How long have you been a Girl Scout?

45 years

How long have you been on MCC?

Less than a year

What inspired you to join MCC?

Back in Michigan, I had been a part of a similar committee and wanted to play my part in keeping communication open between staff and volunteers.

What have you learned through being part of this committee?

This is a hard working group of people from all over Colorado who strive to make Girl Scouts a great experience for all girls.

Why would you recommend being a member of MCC to other volunteers?

It’s a great way to get involved and stay involved and make a difference to Girl Scouts in Colorado.

Tell us about yourself.

I moved to Colorado four years ago from Florida (and Michigan where I grew up). I truly believe in what Girl Scouts represents and what it teaches girls. That’s why I have stayed in so long. I am currently the leader of my granddaughter’s Daisy troop and I love working with these young girls. I can tell how they have grown in just one year. Can’t wait to see how they progress over the next eleven!

I am also a member of GSCO History Committee.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is lucky to have a unique governance system with the Membership Connection Committee as the centerpiece of our democratic process and a way to give our members a strong voice in the issues they care most about. Would you like to be a voice for Girl Scouts of Colorado? Speak up and contribute our success together! To reach the MCC, e-mail

What does “girl-led” mean?








Submitted by GSCO Board Chair-Elect Rae Ann Dougherty

The 2017 Leadership Summits have begun! The first was in Colorado Springs and a wonderful opportunity to obtain training, updates, as well as build our Girl Scout networks.  All are important as we begin a new Girl Scout year.  While in training, I reflected on some of my past experiences as a Girl Scout Cadette troop leader…

Back in the 1980’s, I served as a Cadette troop leader.  While the traditions of Girl Scouts were the same then as they are today, as leaders we did not use the phrase “girl-led” as much as we do today.  None-the-less the way troops were run were similar and the results were similar.

One spring, although not asked, the girls in my troop announced they wanted to go on an overnight trip that was NOT camping.  Fine. As their leader, I immediately began to facilitate the process by asking the questions associated with planning such an event.  After discussion, we considered going to a theme park and staying in a hotel. That started the girl’s minds going. Lo and behold, while I had not suggested that they do any between-meeting research, the next meeting they came prepared!  Girls had, unbeknownst to me, obtained hotel options, knew ticket prices, knew the distance and how many cars/adults would be required, set up a budget, and more. Mind you as this was decades before the convenience of the internet, cell phones, Google maps, or other technology to which we have become accustomed.  As such, the research was significantly more involved than it would be today.  No worries, they quickly figured out how to use 1-800 phone numbers for the various hotel chains, how to read a map, etc.!  Needless to say I was blown away, but so proud of them!

We continued to plan and ultimately went on the trip.  Since they had lead the process so well, while at the theme park I followed their lead making sure that they were safe, but doing what they wanted and joining with them on the rides that they wanted to go on.  Since we were following their lead, my co-leaders and I did not pay much attention … until I ended up on one of those roller coasters that did TWO upside down loop-deloops!  (This is NOT the type of ride I seek.)  After I recovered from that experience, I continued to follow them, but suggested that I wait for them whenever they then decided to go on any more thrill rides.  I guess they were fine as long as I went with them.  Ultimately, they enjoyed the rest of the day without more thrill rides.  (I have yet to go on another roller coaster like that!)

Along the way we added a few activities so they were able to earn the “Travel” Interest Project as well.

The non-formal learning the Girl Scout program offers continues to impress me.  This was a memorable experience for me and one that I remain proud of all that those girls accomplished.  Although this was not intentionally a “girl-led” experience, it certainly became one.  Why?  Because that is the way Girl Scouts is, it just naturally flows for the girls to grow and develop their leadership.

Do you have a “girl-led” story to share?  Use the Share Your Stories form.

Leadership Summits are here and coming to your area in the coming weeks (Metro Denver, September 16, 2017; Northern Colorado, September 23; Grand Junction, September 20; Pueblo, October 14).  My experience at the Colorado Springs event on Saturday, August 26 was fabulous.  I was even asked for  feedback and insight to enhance the service unit experience. To register or find one in your area, use this link:



Announcing online payments for your troop

Did you raise your hand to collect payments for your troop? Hats off to you!

Girl Scouts of Colorado wants to make your life just a little bit easier. We’ve partnered with Cheddar Up to give troops all of the tools they need to create a payment collection page in minutes.

Creating a collection is easy. After you create your troop’s account at, you will have access to customized libraries created just for Girl Scouts of Colorado. You name it, you can collect for it: outing, event, dues, gear, fundraiser… the list goes on.

Even better? You can collect information as well. Have an event coming up and need to collect payments plus a waiver? Girl Scouts of Colorado has pre-loaded forms that you can add to your collection page.

Create an online collection for your troop and enjoy:

    Accept payments by credit card and cash or check. You’ll be able to track online and offline payments.
    Add form fields to your collection to eliminate paper and move all information-collecting online.
    Cheddar Up tracks all payments and information online. In one click, easily export to Excel.
    Securely transfer funds directly to your units bank account with an online record of all withdrawals.And, every volunteer’s dream:
    Replicate collections year after year—with saved history for always-there online records.

To see these features in action watch the quick video tutorial:

Sign up for free and get started:

Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Bissell, MCC member

How long have you been a Girl Scout?

I have been a Girl Scout for 47 years.  Some of those were girl years, but most of them are adult years. I have  been a leader of every level except Girl Scout Daisies. My favorites were 30+ years as an older girl leader/advisor. Those were great years and I have kept in touch with many of “my girls.”  It is wonderful to see how they have changed from girl to woman.

How long have you been on MCC? 

This will be my second time to be on the MCC. My first time was in 2012 for two terms, I think.

What inspired you to join MCC? 

I love Girl Scouts and I want as many girls as possible to get to be a Girl Scout. My part of Colorado covers lots of miles and there are very few girls who participate in Girl Scouting in this area.  I want to make Girl Scouting available to girls in small towns.  I want to be able to help them achieve Highest Awards, travel abroad, and go on Destinations.  I also want to show girls and leaders that they can lead and that their dreams and goals can be met through Girl Scouting.  Lack of communication is a real problem here because so many do not have internet access and, since so much of Girls Scouting is now online, I would like to see more communications through other ways. I hope that progress can be made through MCC to help GSCO realize that there are big gaps in online communications that is not the girls’ faults.  There has to be another way to deliver program.

What have you learned through being part of this committee?

The more people work together to achieve a common goal, the better the experience and the outcome.  Working together is also a great example for girls to learn.  When they see what can happen with a group working together for a common goal, they will be more likely to use that in their lives, too.  Usually, the more people that share a goal and are willing to work for it, the better the committee will be in the future and the more likely that they will share their skills in team building with their troops who, in turn, will use it as they work for a girl-led troop and the more confidence that they will have to achieve it.

Why would you recommend being a member of MCC to other volunteers?

I have noticed, when I do trainings, that most of the leaders have no idea as to how GSCO works, how decisions are made, and what it takes to make Girl Scouting possible.  MCC is a good way to “get your feet wet.”  It does a lot of it’s work by phone, isn’t so expensive that most people could handle it.  You don’t have to travel a long way several times a year. An MCC member gets to know a lot of people in her territory as she talks to them about various concerns. I like it because I get to talk face-to-face with them and can answer questions, and, most of all, establish and a network of people who want to help the troop and the girl and the adult succeed, a relationship that can lead to better understanding of how GSCO works and they have someone they have met who is an person who really cares about girls and the Girl Scout program.

Tell us about yourself.

I am 71-years-old and my husband, Wayne, and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this summer.  I was born in Texas, went to school in Texas, married in Texas, lived for 2 1/2 years in Canada teaching in a coed boarding school while my husband was in Vietnam.  We have two children, a son, Terry (he and his wife Heather live in Broomfield) and a daughter, Beth (she and her husband Todd, live in Fort Worth and they have our three grandsons, Justyn, Jaxson, and Joshua.  Beth is a Gold Award recipient and Lifetime Girl Scout  and is the principal of an elementary school. Terry will be starting a new job in June.

Wayne and I love to travel.  We have been to almost all 50 states, all but two of the Canadian provinces, Europe, Africa, Ukraine, Vietnam, Ireland, and Central America.  Both of us are now retired and we were in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China in January and our anniversary gift to each other will be a trip to England and Scotland in August.

My Girl Scout experience began as a Brownie in Texas when cookies were around $1 a package.  I earned my First Class Award in high school.  I have been a day camp director, took girls to Macy Conference Center in New York, attended the WAGGGS international conference the year it was held at Macy. I was an alternate to the Vermont Round-Up and, as an adult was on the program staff twice  for a Wider Opportunity with 1,200 girls in   Tennessee. One year I was the music leader and another year I was the ceremonies director.  I was elected for two terms as the president of the Board of Directors for the Columbine Girl Scout  region here in southeastern Colorado.  I am currently a trainer, program resource person, on three different Gold Award Mentors committees right now, the GSCO History Committee,  GSCO Global Girl Scouting committee, and will begin my second time to be on MCC. I am also a Lifetime member of GSUSA and I am looking forward to 2020 to celebrate 50 years as a Girl Scout.  I was on the 100th GSUSA celebration state committee in 2012. I coordinated the library display here in Pueblo and did the Flat Juliette activities for the state event.  AND…I love being a Girl Scout!

I am the youth ministry leader at our church.  One of my duties with that is Vacation Bible School.  This is my  5th year to write my own curriculum and it’s a lot of fun!  I am responsible for the children’s classes at our church and I teach two classes every week.  I am retired from Dillards.  My favorite hobbies are reading and music.  I am currently trying to declutter our house and it should be finished some time in the next century! I love romance books and historical books and my favorite book is the Bible.  I have an Associate of Arts degree from Lubbock Christian University (College back then) and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Abilene Christian University (College back then).  I also did some post -graduate work at ACC, but, I never finished it.

I may have left something out, but, this is MORE than enough!

Girl Scouts of Colorado is lucky to have a unique governance system with the Membership Connection Committee as the centerpiece of our democratic process and a way to give our members a strong voice in the issues they care most about. Would you like to be a voice for Girl Scouts of Colorado? Speak up and contribute our success together! To reach the MCC, e-mail

Creating a Family Agreement

Submitted by GSCO Volunteer Support Specialist Allison Ellington

Western Colorado

Grand Junction

We’ve all heard the quote, “It takes a village to raise a child.” As a mother and a part of the GSUSA sisterhood, I couldn’t agree more. I love the fact that our Girl Scouts are around so many positive influences. I’ve noticed the troops that seem to function the best are the ones that have many different family members involved in helping with the troop. There are so many ways to get involved, but we’ve heard troop volunteers say that it’s hard to ask for help and some don’t know what to ask for. On the flip side, we’ve heard families tell us they want to help, but leaders never ask for it or don’t have something for the adults to do when they do offer. GSCO recommends a family meeting to start the year off on the right foot. There are some great details on how to have one of these meetings, who to include, and what to cover in our newly released Volunteer Essentials. A parent/guardian/family meeting, or a meeting of your friends-and-family network (as encouraged in many of the leadership Journeys), is a chance for you to get to know the families of the girls in your group. This is also a time to get a Family Agreement in writing. Below is a great example of one you can use with your troop, but feel free to customize it to your needs. If you have any questions about the family involvement meeting or creating a group agreement, please reach out to your volunteer support specialist. Don’t know who that is? Email

Group Agreement Example