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Power of Cookie: Troop 74180 travels to Savannah

Submitted by Michelle Roberts

Northern & Northeastern CO

Fort Collins

I wanted to share some of our experiences in Savannah and Tybee Island. We’ve saved cookie money for several years and the girls were finally able to plan and execute a trip to the East Coast to check out where Girl Scouts started. Our girls are first year Girl Scout Seniors from Fort Collins. We’re having an awesome trip and not only learning about the incredible history, but learning about each other as well. We’ve spent time at the beach, completed a program to earn the GA coastal badge at the Marine Science center, toured the historical Tybee Island lighthouse, went on a historical Savannah Carriage ride, completed the Old Fort Jackson Girl Scout militia experience, toured Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace, saw the Girl Scout First Headquarters, and the Andrew Low house. We’ve also had fun discovering the secrets of Savannah each day like Forsyth Park and River Street. We plan on visiting Skidaway Island State Park and doing some hiking, as well as some more beach time. The girls have worked together to plan, cook, and clean most of our meals and have worked hard to keep us on budget.

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2019 – 2020 D-Pass Grant recipients

Congratulations to these seven Colorado Girl Scouts who received a 2019 -2020 D-Pass Grant:

  • Christine B.
  • Jenaya R.
  • Kaylee E.
  • Summer G.
  • Natasha C.
  • Sadie S.
  • Renata O.

The D-Pass Grant is awarded to girls who are accepted to a 2019 – 2020 Girl Scout Destination and meet the qualifications. Girl Scout Destinations are the ultimate adventure for individual girls ages 11 and older. Girls can apply to participate in a life-changing experience with Girl Scouts from across the country.

Interested in learning more about Girl Scout Destinations? Click here:

Spaces still open for Costa Rica 2020

Submitted by Jody Clair

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Hello, I am a 16 year leader and looking to fill six spaces for Girl Scouts. These prices will go up any day. The girl can be 6th grade-12th grade at travel time. Since it is summer, graduates may attend as a their senior trip. We will leave out of Denver. The dates are in flux until EF Tours sets us with another group. We are looking at the second and third week of June 2020. Please feel free to share with families, troops, and more! This does NOT have to be the whole troop. Individual Girl Scouts are welcome. Please email me at and I will send you an itinerary and more information.

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Still time to apply for a gsDestination

Still thinking about going on a Girl Scout Destination? You’re in luck! There are still many Destinations that still have availability. As the ultimate adventure for individual girls ages 11 and older, you have the opportunity to explore amazing locations around the world with Girl Scouts from different states and have life-changing experiences. Applications for these unique opportunities are open through April 2019 at

  •  Advanced Space Academy, 6/16/19-6/21/19
  • Archaeology & Culture: Uncovering the Mysteries of Colorado’s Pueblo Communities, Durango, CO, 6/30/19-7/6/19
  • Ashland- Art of Theatre, 6/23/19-6/29/19
  • Athens and the Islands, 7/22/20-8/2/20
  • Biking Denmark and Sweden: Cycle the coast and castles of Scandinavia, 7/17/19- 7/24/19
  • CampHERO: Wisconsin, 7/21/19- 7/26/19
  • Caribbean Land and Sea: Puerto Rico, 7/28/19- 8/3/19
  • Catching Waves: Costa Rica, 6/29/19- 7/13/19
  • Channel Island Adventure: California, 7/7/19- 7/15/19
  • Costa Rica & Panama Service Challenge, multiple dates summer 2019
  • Curtain Call in London, 7/25/20- 8/5/20
  • Discover South Africa, 7/25/19- 7/7/19
  • Equitation Challenge: Georgia, 7/28/19- 8/4/19
  • Escape to Iceland, 6/11/19- 6/18/19
  • Ethiopia: An African Mountain Adventure, 6/11/19- 6/21/19
  • Germany- Castles in the Sky, 7/15/19- 7/24/19
  • Grand Tour of Italy, 7/21/20- 8/3/20
  • Greece- See Kayaking Kefalonia and Ionian Islands, 6/23/19- 7/2/19
  • Happy Trails: Georgia, 7/28/19- 8/4/19
  • Hollywood Dreamin’, 6/30/19- 7/6/19
  • Horseback Riding Mongolia, 7/3/19- 7/12/19
  • Japan- Land of the Rising Sun, 7/6/20- 7/16/20
  • Lake Erie Island Exploration, 7/28/19- 8/4/19
  • Majestic Alps: France, Switzerland and Italy, 7/26/19- 8/3/19
  • Native New Mexican Adventure, 6/1/19- 6/10/19
  • North Country Rock n Wilderness: Minnesota & Canada, several days July 2020
  • Orlando Adventure Quest, 8/4/19- 8/11/19
  • Rainforest, River & Reef: Costa Rica, 7/27/19- 8/10/19
  • Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure: Costa Rica and Panama, several dates summer 2019
  • Space Academy: Alabama, 6/16/19- 6/21/19
  • STEM: Energy Solutions in Germany, 7/19/20-7/30/20
  • The Great Panda Adventure- China, 7/2/19- 7/11/19
  • Wilderness Adventure Photography- Yosemite, 6/23/19- 6/29/19

Questions about paying for the trip or what an individual travel experience is like? Email

Still room to explore Costa Rica

Submitted by Jody Clair

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

If you or your Girl Scout will be entering 6th grade or higher at travel time in June of 2020, there is still room for you! Check out the amazing, educational itinerary by emailing Jody Clair at I am so excited we have eight people signed up at this time and would love to get to 14 or more! Please email me BEFORE registering with EF Tours.

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Uncover the mysteries of Colorado’s Pueblo communities

Want to experience a Destination, but not quite ready to travel out of the state? You are in luck! This year, GSUSA is hosting an AMAZING Destination in Cortez from June 30- July 6, 2019.

Join archaeologists at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez to take part in hands-on fieldwork. You’ll help excavate great houses on a site located nearby on private land. When you’re not busy digging into the past of ancestral Pueblo great houses, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Four Corners region of the American Southwest, going to restaurants, museums, and sites such as Hovenweep National Monument, the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, and Mesa Verde National Park.

On the day you arrive, researchers will conduct an orientation and brief you on the work you’ll be doing. Fieldwork will begin on the second day, where you will:

  • Excavate ancient households and public architecture: Most days, you’ll arrive at the dig immediately after breakfast and spend much of the day working with hand trowels, brooms, buckets, and screens to remove and identify artifacts and other archaeological finds. Your work may focus on the excavation of homes, middens (trash deposits), and the great houses.
  • Survey for future excavation sites: Help with remote sensing surveys that identify likely areas of archaeological significance. Remote sensing tools are used to identify features beneath the ground that may have been overlooked by standard survey techniques.
  • Survey for future excavation sites: Excavate a site of the ancient Pueblo II community.
  • Lab Analysis: Process artifacts recovered from excavations—pottery, lithics (stone tools), ground stone, and animal bone—which includes washing, sorting, cataloging, and labeling them.

In the evenings, you’ll head back to the field station for dinner and time to relax. Additionally, you may attend programs, including an introduction to research at Crow Canyon, presentation by staff archaeologists, and guest lectures on current research in Southwestern archaeology.

Find more information and apply by March 31, 2019:

Cost Rica: A Touch of the Tropics 2021

Submitted by Nicole Harmon

Metro Denver


Hello families and friends,

I have an amazing opportunity that I would like to share with your Girl Scouts and parents. I have been awarded an opportunity to lead a 10-day trip to Costa Rica in July of 2021. I am allowed to share this once in a lifetime opportunity with local Girl Scouts in Colorado. Spaces are limited. Registration is $95 and there is an option to pay $57 every two-weeks per person or $112 per month or to pay manually, which is what many Girl Scouts do in order to pay the money needed for their trip. The manual payment plan has made it so the troop leader can directly apply cookie money earned from the individual girls directly to their trip fund. Insurance is highly recommended in case someone gets sick or something happens.If a girl or parent cannot come, they are given a refund of all their money except the 95$ registration, of course.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the girls to visit another county and experience these kinds of excursions. Here is the link as well to our personal website for this tour where you can find much more information:

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2021 Costa Rica Girl Scout EF Tour informational meeting

Submitted by Josie Hamm

Metro Denver

Greenwood Village

Hello Girl Scouts!

Will your Girl Scout be between the ages of 11 to 20 in July 2021? Are you ready for adventure? Want to travel abroad? Want to learn about a different culture, do a service project to help them, and have the time of your life while doing so?

Then, please join us on Sunday, March 31, 2019 from 3 – 5 p.m. at the SouthGlenn Library. We ask that you please use the SignUpGenius link to let us know who is joining us to find out more about this wonderful travel opportunity:

POC is Josie Hamm from Troop 60008

Cell: (757) 268 – 5971


Want more information? Visit the tour website:

Please note there is a $200 educational scholarship offered by EF Tours, if you register for the trip by April 14, 2019. Don’t miss out on this great adventure!


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QuestFest Savannah: July 18-21, 2019

Girl Scouts from across the country are invited to Savannah, Georgia, where Juliette Gordon Low founded the organization in 1912, to use their smart phones to navigate through the historic district with their team to solve clues, complete challenges, carry out random acts of kindness, and give back to the community. Girl Scouts capture their experiences in photos and videos and submit them for points using the exclusive QuestFest app. The team with the most points wins AMAZING prizes!


It doesn’t matter whether you were a Girl Scout for one year or 10 years! You’re invited back to the historic home of Girl Scouting in Savannah, Georgia for this exciting one-of-a-kind opportunity to reconnect with past troop members and make new Girl Scout connections! “Quest” throughout Savannah with the girls, participate in separate events just for adults, or do it all!

Learn more at:

New Deadline for Costa Rica 2020

Submitted by Jody Clair

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Hello Girl Scouts!

Are you interested in the Costa Rica 2020 trip? The new deadline is February 26, 2019 to get a deposit in. This allows plenty of time to make all the payments and have the fun meetings with all the other Girl Scouts going too! Would you like an application? Would you like more information? Girl Scouts need to be entering 6th grade to 12th grade or a graduation trip, at travel time. Please email the leader, Jody, at  with questions.

Application: Jody Clair Enrollment Flyer COSJ (1)

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