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Silver Award project: Jared Box for Children’s Hospital and baby hats for Memorial Hospital

Submitted by Emma C.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

13-year-old Girl Scout Cadettes from Troop 4523 Emma, Dori, and Kate would like to share our story about our great Silver Award project.  For this mission, we wanted to make a difference in children’s lives. We contacted Children’s Hospital to see how we could help. They told us that the Jared Box program was well needed and appreciated by the children having extended stays in their hospital rooms with no access to any playroom. To find out more about the Jared box project, please visit We also made baby hats for newborns to be distributed at Memorial Hospital.

We first had to earn funds to purchase the items to put in the boxes. We used the money we earned from selling Girl Scout Cookies to fund part of this project. But, we did not stop there. We made ice cream sandwiches (we baked chocolate chip cookies and added vanilla ice cream in the middle) and sold them at a park during a hot sunny summer day. Then, we all made lists of items we wanted to purchase and each prepared a certain amount of boxes to meet the needs of girls and boys between the age of 3 to 14. We decorated the boxes and also added a nice note to personalize each package.

On September 5, 2017, we delivered 71 boxes to Children’s Hospital and dropped off our handmade baby hats and Baby Clothes to Memorial Hospital. We all learned a lot from this experience from budgeting to time management and accountability. Working in a team was also a great part of this project.

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Silver Award project: Family Trail Day

Submitted by Sophia E.

Mountain Communities


Our Girl Scout Silver Award project was to organize the first-ever Family Trail Day in Summit County to restore a turnpike on a National Forest trail. We partnered with the Friends of Dillon Ranger District and Keystone Science School to achieve this. Our troop organized the day, advertised for the event, and planned fun, educational activities for the children. On June 24 2017, two rangers led the adults to restore the deteriorated turnpike. While the adults were working, our troop led fun activities for the kids to teach them about nature. The day ended with a picnic and the turnpike underwent a major improvement. It was such a success that the ranger district plans on doing it again next year!

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Troop 3505 earns Silver Award with community garden project

Submitted by Danica Lucker

Metro Denver

Highlands Ranch

Girl Scout Troop 3505, a group of four Cadettes in Highlands Ranch, earned their Silver Award by creating and completing a community garden at Ranch View Middle School on June 29, 2017. For the four girls: Elise, 14; Emily, 14; Abigail, 14; and Madison, 14; the project was more than a year and a half in the planning, and it will make a lasting contribution to the middle school where they attended in the community of Highlands Ranch. The project included budgeting and raising funds to completely revamp the space; working with a local nursery to design a garden layout; providing 20 xeriscape plants for the garden site; working with Douglas County Schools and Girl Scouts of Colorado to obtain the appropriate approvals to work at the site; and providing and completing all the labor to install the new garden. These tasks included weeding, tilling, planting, and mulching the outdoor garden space. The girls created the space in hopes that it can be used as an outdoor classroom and community space for Ranch View. In addition, the four girls have continued to work with a teacher sponsor at Ranch View Middle School to create a garden club to sustain it into the future.

For more information on the project, contact Troop Leaders Danica Lucker at (303) 791-0835, or Carolee Weitzel at (303) 470-3978.

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Highest Awards deadline

Girls bridging from Girl Scout Juniors to Cadettes or Cadettes to Seniors this summer have until Sept. 30 to submit online notification ( that they have earned their Bronze or Silver Award.

The Bronze Award is the highest achievement for Girl Scout Juniors and the Silver Award is the highest achievement for Girl Scout Cadettes. Through earning one of these Highest Awards, girls change their corner of the world and maybe even beyond. Through submitting online notification, you can order letters of recognition, certificates, and pins. Girl Scouts of Colorado honors and celebrates girls in a special way at our Highest Awards Celebrations in the spring. See photos from the 2017 celebrations:

Silver Award project: Sensory Garden

Submitted by Kristy Miller

Metro Denver


Three girls from Troop 972 (Katelyn-14, Safiya-14, and Mallory-14) wanted to help the kids with disabilities at Liberty Middle School by building a sensory garden. Two of the three girls went to Liberty and had been thinking of doing it from the beginning of their middle school years. They all joined together and decided to help the school’s ILC (Individualized Learning Center) program. The girls studied and researched on different sensory gardens built from scratch to prepare them to build their own garden. After their research was done, they went out to ask for donations from multiple franchises. Once they got all the materials they needed, they started building. It took about two months to finally get the garden ready for the school. Now in the 2017-18 school year, Liberty Middle School gets to use the garden for their learning. The girls are very glad they got to help the ILC teachers and kids learn to enjoy the outdoors with all senses.

After finishing our Silver Award, we would like to give a special thanks to the people who helped fund this project, including Michael Maroney from Big Horn Landscaping, Jake Henrickson from the Parker Lowes, Jordan from the Southlands Lowes, the employees at the Lowes on Buckley, Mary Adkins from the Parker Home Depot, the employees at Tagawa, our troop leaders Ms. Kristy and Ms. Kerry, and the wonderful principal and vice principal at Liberty Middle School: Mr. Doherty and Ms. Hale. Doing this project has not only allowed us to get more experience volunteering in our community, but has created a beautiful space in the community where students and teachers alike can learn more about nature.

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Silver Award project: Taylor’s Shelf

Submitted by Amy Peek

Metro Denver


Molly’s Silver Award project was aimed to specifically impact the lives of children and their families who are in a hospital, since being in such a situation is mentally difficult for everyone involved. In partnership with Tammie Gardner at the Parker location of Children’s Hospital, Molly was able to gain permission to install her bookshelf. Via a garage sale and multiple book drives, friends and neighbors contributed to the bookshelf through the donation of new books.

Once the shelf became a reality, Molly named the project Taylor’s Shelf, in honor of a family friend and fellow Girl Scout named Taylor. Taylor was diagnosed with Stage lV High-Risk Neuroblastoma when she was two-years-old and has now had nine years of survivorship! Molly wanted to share Taylor’s inspirational story and help raise the spirits of families in the hospital. The shelf, along with Taylor’s story, were installed at Children’s Hospital, Parker on August 9, 2017.

Molly’s goal is for patients and families to have access to light- hearted books in a difficult time that will help them find hope and keep their minds off of the reason they are in the hospital. A good book always makes her smile, and hopefully it will do the same for everyone else.

She gives special thanks to Tammie Gardner, Staples in Parker, and of course, her family, friends, and neighbors, who donated time and support towards her Silver Award project, Taylor’s Shelf.

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Silver Award project: Hope Farms

Submitted by Nikki Goethals

Metro Denver


For our Silver Award, Troop 2551 decided to help out at a nonprofit organization called Hope Farms in Elizabeth, Colorado. Their mission is to offer an opportunity for people and animals to learn, grow, and heal together in nature.

It was an amazing opportunity to help provide for people and animals at the farm. Hope Farms provides experiences for anyone in the community, regardless of ability, to learn about nature and animals on their farm.

There are a variety of animals on the farm that we learned about. There were horses, ponies, donkeys, cows, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, alpacas, dogs, cats, and more.

We felt we could help provide some additions to the farm to greater benefit the farm volunteers and attendees. We completed three projects for their sensory trail to donate to Hope Farms. We built and stained two benches for people to sit on at the farm to either take a break or to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds. We created a sign for their sensory trail and hand painted symbols for each sense. We also spray painted black tires bright colors for the participants to sit or play on outside. The troop used their remaining money to purchase a colorful wind chime for listening to. It was an amazing experience for us.

We learned various skills like woodworking, painting, planning, and most importantly, helping others and improving our community. We had an amazing time and Troop 2551 would like to do more volunteer work for Hope Farms in the future!

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Troop 60696 Silver Award Work

Submitted by Leona Lawless

Metro Denver


Troop 60696 took a full year to complete their Silver Award.
They built bridges of kindness, service, and community by 12 random acts. They connected the random acts to the Girl Scout Law. They learned to face their fears. They learned to respect all people regardless of their circumstances or jobs. They made the world a better place and were a sister to every Girl Scout. They created a video entitled Silver Award Video Troop 60696. I am so proud of my girls and their hard work on The Silver Award!

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Zoe’s Silver Award project: Help for the homeless

Submitted by Melissa H.

Pikes Peak


For Zoe’s Silver Award project, she hand-sewed and filled 60 bags of basic necessities for homeless people in the Colorado Springs/Monument area. Each bag contained a toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, bar of soap, washcloth, lip balm, granola bar, bottle of water, shampoo, and sunscreen.

Zoe solicited local businesses like cesspool pumping huntington ny, family, and friends for donations of all materials.

After sewing and filling the bags, Zoe and her friends and family kept the bags in their cars to hand out to people in need they see along their way. click to investigate more about their cars.

Everyone associated with this project thought a lot about the many struggles of living out on the streets. There are so many things that we take for granted, but for someone who doesn’t have such basic necessities, they can seem like extravagant luxuries. Even a simple bar of soap can be extremely helpful.

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Silver Award project: Family shelter

Submitted by Lillian L.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

I created a cart filled with books and games to donate to a family shelter in Colorado Springs for my Silver Award. There were people there of all different ages, so I provided reading material for all different age groups.

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