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Troop 35159 visits Mission: Wolf

Submitted by Samantha King

Pueblo & Southeastern CO

Pueblo West

Daisy and Brownie Troop 35159 of Pueblo West and their families enjoyed a beautiful day in Westcliffe at Mission: Wolf. They learned how the wolf sanctuary came to be and how all of the wolves ended up living there. They learned the importance of human interference with nature and how important all things, big and small, are part of an ecosystem. Girl Scouts gathered donations of supplies for the sanctuary and learned how they repurpose used materials, as Mission: Wolf is a volunteer-only sanctuary and receives funding in donations only. Girl Scouts learned about being self-sufficient and living together with nature. It was a wonderful day, we learned a lot, and had FUN! Way to go Troop 35159!

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Cadettes from Troop 2551 help out at Terolyn Horse Rescue

Submitted by Jennifer Harrison

Metro Denver


Cadette Girl Scouts from Troop 2551 wanted to earn their Silver Award by helping out animals, so we found Terolyn Horse Rescue in Elizabeth. Terolyn is run almost exclusively by Teri Allen, who rescues horses from dire situations, rehabilitates them, and finds them new homes. Teri works very hard and there were plenty of projects around her ranch for our girls. The girls decided to help by photographing and inventorying a trailer full of donations and building a set of obstacles to help Teri with training horses. The girls found plenty of time to love on some of Teri’s wonderful adoptable horses!

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Star Wars Camp at Sky High Ranch

Submitted by Melissa Ellenberger

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

SU 13 had a fabulous time at Sky High Ranch during their camp-out. The girls made tie-dye t-shirts, hiked to the Kyber Crystal Mine, made their own lightsabers, went through Jedi training, and delivered the Death Star plans to Leia and R2D2.

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Silver Award with Shiloh House

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Submitted by Lisa Svede

Metro Denver


Congratulations to Hailey L. of Cadette Troop 60762 for earning her Silver Award this year. Hailey was recognized at the Highest Awards Celebration in Denver on May 7, 2017 for the work she did partnering with Shiloh House. Shiloh House offers specialized 24-hour care for youth between the ages of 5 to 18 experiencing severe behavioral and emotional issues. Placed in home-like settings, youth receive intensive therapeutic intervention to address behaviors and issues that impact their daily participation in the community. When Hailey reached out to Shiloh House, she learned they were in great need of lightly used or new towels, blankets, sheets, and new socks. Upon learning this, Hailey reached out to her community with a video on her mother’s Facebook page; through community websites; by asking her school to put in a newsletter; by asking her church to put in the bulletin; and making the collection drive known to all of the troops in her K-8 sister troop. For several weeks, Hailey collected items from the community. She held a collection night with her sister troops where she spoke to the troops about Shiloh House and her Silver Award project. Hailey delivered the many donated items she collected to Shiloh House in February. Congratulations, Hailey!

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Silver Award project: Senior youth connection


Submitted by Korrine Bishop

Northern & Northeastern CO

Fort Collins

Come join me the third Saturday of each month from 4 – 5:30 p.m. and help out at Parkwood Retirement Home in Fort Collins.

You could come once or every month!

You can sign up at

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Exciting announcement from GSUSA






From Girl Scouts of the USA

We are excited to inform you that Sylvia Acevedo, interim CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA since June 2016, has been appointed permanent CEO of the organization, effective immediately. The appointment comes after an extensive nationwide search. 

As a lifelong Girl Scout who has served the organization with distinction for many years, Ms. Acevedo brings to the role a deep understanding of the mission of Girl Scouts and the needs of today’s girls. Indeed, her tenure as interim CEO has been marked by a renewed emphasis on Mission + Movement and the implications for girls. She is a true visionary with a strong desire to lead the Girl Scout Movement into the future, and with her passion for everything we stand for, we know she will continue to bring new and innovative ideas, as well as new members, to Girl Scouts. 

Also advantageous is Ms. Acevedo’s background as an engineer, which will help Girl Scouts raise its profile among Silicon Valley companies and expand external support of STEM activities-a key component of our organization’s programming. Throughout her professional life, she has advocated for Hispanic, Asian, and other minority populations in the U.S., as well as girls’ and women’s causes. Ms. Acevedo recently received a Distinguished Service Award from ALPHA in recognition of her lifelong participation in Girl Scouts and work as an entrepreneur, author, engineer, and, yes, a rocket scientist. 

Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts and girls’ incredible leadership capacity.

Learn more:

Silver Award event: Bees

Submitted by Ariella Wells

Northern & Northeastern CO

Fort Collins

Some of the girls from Troop 70720 would like to invite you to their final Silver Award event on May 18, 2017. They will be presenting the movie “Vanishing of the Bees” and also having a class about what you can do in your own backyard to help bees.

3:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Gardens on Spring Creek

Can’t make it to the event? You could still sign their bee protection pledge:

Level 1 is you agree to not use Roundup

Level 2 is you agree to not use Roundup and harmful pesticides

Level 3 is you agree to not use Roundup and harmful pesticides and plant bee friendly flowers and plants

Sign up or take the pledge at

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Showing our support for children and families battling cancer

Submitted by Nina Schulze

Metro Denver


This year, Troop 60114 began a service project called Friends of Phenyx, where we show support to children and families battling cancer. The girls have collected letters, pictures, and gifts in support of our friend, Phenyx, who has meshenchymal chrondosarcoma.
Continuing to be inspired, the troop donated over 200 packages of cookies to Brent’s Place, a safe and clean housing community for children being treated at Children’s Hospital.

Using their cookie money, the troop purchased coloring books, activity pads, books, and other fun items and made busy bags to be handed out to children receiving treatment at Children’s Hospital.

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Multi-Level bridging requirements event


Submitted by Katy Herstein

Metro Denver

Highlands Ranch

It can be difficult for leaders to have their troop complete the two requirements for the Bridging Arc badge. A solution: organize a multi-level bridging requirements event where all levels can talk to the Girl Scout level below theirs and listen to the Girl Scout level above. There were two rounds of discussions in order to make this happen. Girl Scout Daisies made cards to pass along to incoming Girl Scouts! It was organized chaos, but over 100 Girl Scouts completed their bridging requirements within an hour!

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Daisy Troop 65742 Take Action project

Submitted by Rebecca Lipman, GSCO Volunteer Support Specialist

Metro Denver


This past year, Troop 65742 from Cherry Creek Challenge School discussed numerous Take Action project ideas and the girls kept going back to the idea of planting flowers in a garden. We have expanded on this idea throughout the year and a seed was planted as we began to collaborate with other organizations and sponsors. One sponsor that our troop collaborated with was CampExperience™. Their mission is fundraising and contributing money to non-profit organizations in Colorado. Creating a community garden at St. Anthony’s North Health Campus has been a goal of both the hospital and CampExperience™. Our troop leaders asked how our troop could be involved in the community garden project. In meetings and discussions, we started looking at the idea of having Daisy Troop 65742 decorate/paint terra-cotta pots that CampExperience™ would have at the Health Summit. The artistic pots decorated by the girls and local artists were gifts for individuals who donated to the community garden.  The project was supported by Home Depot and Lowes who together contributed over 100 terra-cotta pots. All the art supplies used during troop meetings to decorate the pots were donated by Guiry’s. Many other individuals and artists contributed to making this project possible. Troop 65742 participated in financially contributing $5,000 to St. Anthony’s North Health Campus Community Garden. The girls were present at the Spring Success Health Summit to present the work they did and share what they learned from this project!