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Troop 75 donates Teddy Bears to first responders


Submitted by Rachel Whitmire

On April 25th, Rural/Metro-Pridemark Ambulance and Girl Scout Troop 75 teamed up to help each other and help others. The troop of 17 Daises and Brownies used a portion of their cookie sale proceeds to purchase 75 stuffed bears for donation to Rural/Metro-Pridemark Ambulance.

“We give the toys to our youngest patients as a way to help comfort them in a crisis,” says Courtney Morehouse, PIO for Rural/Metro-Pridemark. Many times, children are frightened when they need to be transported by ambulance. The bears help ease their fears and help the EMTs and paramedics provide necessary medical care during an emergency.

As a thank you to the troop, Rural/Metro-Pridemark EMT Kyle Mickelson gave a 30 minute first aid presentation and ambulance tour to the girls. They learned about emergencies, 9-1-1, and first aid safety, which will help the girls earn their First Aid badge.

The stuffed bear donation is part of the troop¹s “caring and sharing” unit, which included collecting 600 boxes of cookies for donation to their Hometown Heroes, the 1,200+ volunteers of the Denver Dumb Friends League; delivering handmade pet beds and toys to the pets at the DDFL; collecting 83 boxes of cookies for donation to Operation Gratitude; and visiting a senior center to visit with the residents, decorate for Valentine’s Day and bring handmade gifts and cards to the residents.

About Rural/Metro in Colorado

Rural/Metro-Pridemark Ambulance provides emergency and non-emergency ambulance services in Colorado. Rural/Metro also provides non-emergency medical transportation services to several Denver Metro area hospitals and healthcare providers. The workforce of over 400 highly trained EMTs, paramedics, RNs, dispatchers, fleet mechanics, vehicle supply technicians, and administrative personnel value their communities as much as their patients. The company is committed to a positive patient experience and strong community partnerships.

Girl Scouts earn the Barn Girlz Rock Patch at Colorado Classic Horse Show


Submitted by Alice Hughes

Girl Scouts of Colorado partnered once again with the Colorado Classic Horse Show to offer the 6th annual Barn Girlz Rock event on April 14, 2012. Nearly 80 Girl Scouts, ages 10-12, attended the 36th annual Colorado Classic Horse Show to learn about horse health, horse care and the horse show industry.

The Girl Scouts watched the horse show to learn about the Saddlebred, Morgan and Arabian breeds. After the show, the girls rotated through 10 educational stations with topics such as: horse behavior, horse health, safety around horses, riding equipment and clothing, grooming, horse shoeing, adopting wild mustangs, barn tours and a horse trivia game.

“This event is fun,” said Shea, 9, Lakewood, from Troop 3895. “Getting to pet and feed the horses is the best part.”

The patient purebred Arabian horse “Just Smokin’” demonstrated equipment while presenter McKenna Caspers delved into the three styles of riding represented at the horse show and the beautiful equipment specific to each style.

“I have to admit that I’m scared of horses, but I love them so much,” said Annabelle, 10, Denver, from Troop 3895. “Horses are so beautiful and they can talk to you with their ears, eyes, body and feet.”

Girl Scouts learned how messy it is to brush a furry pony at the grooming station. Godzilla, a mini-Shetland pony left an explosion of creamy white fur on the ground much to the Girl Scouts’ delight.

“This is so fun to brush a pony,” said Sarah, 10, Lakewood, from Troop 2801. “I’ve never done this before. I’ve never been this close to a horse before.” Sarah’s sister Willa, 11, chimed in “I like making patterns in her fur.”

Troop 2510 from Wheatridge learned the complicated process of making a horse shoe from farrier Del Slaugh. He demonstrated how he makes a horse shoe from a piece of steel, heating it until it is bright yellow at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit and then shaping it with his hammer. Each group of Girl Scouts got to take a completed, but still warm horse shoe home with them.

“It looks like hard work to be a farrier,” said Miranda,10, Wheat Ridge, from Troop 2520. “My favorite things about horses are that they are beautiful and graceful. Horses just click with me!”

At the veterinary station, Dr. Lauren Fischer described a horse’s skeletal structure and drew bones on a Shetland pony named Chili. Girl Scouts also listened to Chili’s heart beat and lungs breathing.

“That was cool listening to a horse’s heart beat,” said Jacqueline, 9, Aurora, from Troop 2105. “I love horses. They are calm and lovely. I like riding them too at Girl Scout camp.”

After the event, girls could continue their education with a special take-home notebook filled with horse facts, fun activities and equine industry contact information. Girls could also win free riding lessons donated by professional horse trainers.

See more photos:

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Troop 3810 surprises Hometown Heroes with milk and cookies

Submitted by Jody Clair
Colorado Springs

Troop 3810 in Colorado Springs met with Cimarron Hills Fire Dept. As our Hometown Heroes, they received 123 packages of GS cookies as well as a Milk & Cookie party. The girls brought milk and additional boxes of cookies to share. During that time, the amazing firefighters chatted and answered questions for the Cadette troop about their jobs.  They were very nice and offered a tour of the station. But to our amazement…since they were our HTH they decided to take it one step further. They pulled a fire truck out in the drive area and all the girls (including a sister Daisy and Brownie) had a chance to go into the truck, wear uniform gear AND help pull out the hose and put out a pretend fire on the tree with water shooting from the hose. Emma (our sister Brownie) stated “that water is intense”.

100 donations for the 100 years


Submitted by Joyce Kohlmeier
Fort Collins

Troop 70884 started planning at the beginning of the year as to how to celebrate the Girl Scout 100 year Birthday. What do we do? Have a party, well that was a given. Then everyone thought- What would Juliette Low do? What would make her proud? So we decided that community service would make her proud. We knew that Juliette Low loved animals so the first service project was set. We would collect 100 dog bones to donate to the Animal House a no kill shelter in our community. We would do this by talking to our friends, neighbors our fellow Girl Scouts at our service unit meeting. Before you knew it we had our 100 dog bones and more. We went to the Animal House and made our donation. We told them of our 100 goal. The sent us a nice note and were very grateful.

Next- wow what to do next. Juliette Low liked education. That was it. We would collect 100 school supplies and donate them to Irish Elementary. We would do it in the same way. Getting the word out to our neighbors and friends about what we wanted to do any why. Before we knew it. We had 100 school supplies to donate. Irish was very grateful and we received a fantastic note from them. It was a wonderful experience. Part 2 of our service project will be next- stay tuned:)

Part 2
Troop 70884 continued story on what to do for our 100 years that would make Juliette Low proud. We decided that collecting dog bones for animals was wonderful and school supplies for children was pretty good also. What else, what else could we do that would make Juliette Low proud. We could collect 100 cans of food for the Larimer County food bank. So off we go, we tell our neighbors, friends and fellow Scouts what we want to do. We also had a goal of letting the community know that we were 100 years old and how Girl Scouts can help in the community. We collected and sorted our food, checked the dates and we had 144 cans of food. When we took it for donation it came out to 134 pounds. Karen the nice lady that helped us at the food bank told us that this food would probably go out tomorrow because the need is great. We are so thankful to all of the people who helped us make our goals. We worked on these projects for four months and it was worth every minute. We have a couple more goals for this year -wish us luck to make them.

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Troop 70884 at the museum


Submitted by Joyce Kohlmeier
Fort Collins

Cadette Troop 70884 from Fort Collins decided that we were part of a once in a lifetime experience. We wanted to visit the museum and learn all about 100 years of Girl Scouting. We were so very lucky to run into JoAnne Busch and Marty Allison who helped us learn so much about our history and why we are Girl Scouts. We decided to go to dinner and have an evaluation meeting. The girls loved the Girl Scout exhibit and said that their favorite part was learning all about the uniforms from Marty and learning about the Chippewa kitchen from JoAnne. We talked about how fun it would be to have a bunch more interactive things to do. Voting on the favorite cookies was a hit with us. We also loved tying knots. We also talked about how very lucky we were to have wonderful volunteers who would take the time and effort to put something like this together so we could learn. A big thank you to them.

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Gunnison Celebrates 100 years of Girl Scouts


Submitted by Perri Pelletier

Girl Scout Junior Troop 10558 in Gunnison hosted a community-wide GS 100th birthday celebration on March 14. We had at least 80 people attend, including Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, and “mature alumnae!” The energy was GREAT! Our oldest alumna was an active Girl Scout in the 1930s!

The Juniors led the group in singing traditional Girl Scout favorites, and they gave short talks about aspects of history including cookie sales, uniforms, and Juliette Low. They also awarded numerous door prizes to members of the audience. The event was a tremendous success. Even in tiny Gunnison, Girl Scouting links many generations of women and girls in such a special way!

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Live Blog: Girl Scouts’ Earth Hour Celebrations

Girl Scouts of Colorado will be holding two Earth Hour Celebrations, in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, this Saturday, March 31st, from 5 (Fort Collins)/5:30 (Colorado Springs)-9:30 p.m. You can participate in these events live via the links below. And while you are participating live, we encourage you to do your part in honoring the Earth / the environment and participating in your own Earth Hour activities from wherever you are in Colorado (or the world). Then share your activities and/or photos with those participating in the events in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs via the live blog.

Let’s show the world how Girl Scouts are at the forefront of environmental sustainability and can make a huge positive impact on the environment in just one evening! (It’s just one more way to celebrate our 100th anniversary too)

Links to the live events:

Parker Girl Scouts lead successful Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary event


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Girl Scout Troop 1292 of Parker wanted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts in a big way. So they worked for several months to put together a Flash Mob for Girl Scouts of Colorado to celebrate this historic occasion. The dance for the Flash Mob was to the popular Girl Scout song IGNITE by Lifetime Girl Scout Member Melinda Caroll, which will be sung/danced to at many Girl Scout events over the coming year including the Rock the Mall National 100th Anniversary Sing-Along event on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in June.

On Saturday, March 17th, in the midst of the exciting St. Patrick’s Day festivities in downtown Denver, more than 100 Colorado Girl Scouts, who were decked out in green and grinning from ear-to-ear, gathered in Writer’s Square on 16th Street Mall for the Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary Flash Mob. Girl Scouts, leaders, families, friends and alumnae traveled from all over Colorado to be at the event. There were girls from Aurora, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Denver, Lakewood, Monument, Parker, Superior, Thornton and Westminster.

Here is a video the troop created from the events. Nice work Troop 1292!


Historic and memorable Girl Scouts’ 100th in Colorado


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Wow! What a day Girl Scouts of Colorado had on Monday!

I had the pleasure of starting out my day Monday with an interview to celebrate Girl Scouts’ 100th on 9NEWS’ morning show, Colorado’s #1 news station in Denver. Two teenage Denver Metro area Girl Scouts joined me for the interview, and we had a great time! After that interview I quickly moved over to the State Capitol for the Honorary Capitol Troop 2012 festivities with the state’s female legislators.

Roughly fifty Girl Scouts and several dozen Girl Scout alumnae and supporters joined in on the events at the Capitol. Some of these attendees got to sit on the House and Senate floor, and four Girl Scouts led the Pledge of Allegiance to open the House session.

But the “memorable” events of the day took place when both the House and Senate passed Resolutions in honor of Girl Scouts of Colorado, our 100th anniversary celebrations and the lifelong leadership skills Girl Scouts has instilled in girls for generations.

The best part of these Resolutions were after they were read members of the Legislature offered their support of Girl Scouts, many sharing their memories of being involved in the organization. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“I can still change a tire in 17 minutes because of a Girl Scout badge!”

“I developed a love of camping because of Girl Scouts.”

“It was through Girl Scouts we developed the courage, confidence and character to be standing in front of you today.”

“I believe Girl Scouts is where we got our foundation from.”

“Girl Scouts is the glue that keeps women on track to be great leaders.”

“I learned to face my fears through Girl Scouts.”

After the festivities on the House and Senate floors, the female legislators joined Girl Scouts of Colorado for a lunch, sponsored by AT&T. At the lunch, these legislators were inducted in their Honorary Troop 2012 with a pinning ceremony. Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Board Chair Stephanie Foote, as well as Girl Scout Christina Bear spoke about local Girl Scouting.

“This is a momentous occasion for Girl Scouts, and AT&T is proud to sponsor this induction of Honorary Troop 2012,” commented the president of our sponsoring organization, Bill Soards of AT&T Colorado. “For 100 years the Girl Scouts have made it their mission to teach that next generation to take the reins and drive their own destiny. You have taught that through hard world and perseverance, you can make the world a better place for this and the next generation.”

Troop 2012 symbolizes that the leadership possibilities for girls and women in this country are endless. The Capitol Troop 2012 forms a partnership between Girl Scouts of Colorado and the women members of the state legislature to address issues that impact girls. It also broadens the presence of Girl Scouts of Colorado at the State Capitol to recognize the depth and breadth of our work.

Below we have a video of the event at the Capitol, and there is a link above to the photos taken from the day. We are also excited about the Girl Scouts who visited hospitals around the state to induct the baby girls born on Monday into the Honorary Troop 2012 as well. Check out those blog posts to learn more. (Blog #1; Blog #2) Additionally check our blog and Facebook Page for other posts on Colorado Girl Scouts 100th anniversary festivities.

Girl Scouts of Colorado honored Western Slope Generation Wow! Girl Scouts at a special ceremony with the Mayor of Grand Junction on Monday, March 12th. Here is a quote from one of the attendees of the event, Susan Alvillar, who is a supporter of Girl Scouts:

“Inspirational, impressive and fun! The girls each told the audience what inspired them to make a difference, which included things like being empowered to stop bullying, the honor of being in a troop with awesome sister Girl Scouts and making a difference in their community. The event was attended by two members of the City Council, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Pitts, who is the father of three former Girl Scouts and five granddaughter Girl Scouts, and Councilman Bennett Boeschenstein, who is the father of two former Girl Scouts. Parents and other family members snapped pictures and enjoyed cookies and milk at a reception following the event.”

We are also proud of the recent 100th anniversary media coverage Girl Scouts of Colorado has received. Here are some highlights:

I’ve been a Girl Scout for about as long as I can remember, and this is a day and moment in history I won’t soon forget. I’m glad I had a chance to be part of it!