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Troop 70884 teaches 70145 fun stuff

Submitted by Joyce
Fort Collins

Troop 70884 loves the meaning behind the World Association Pin and wanted to teach that to younger girls. Brownie Troop 70145 said that we could come and teach. We decided that it should be in a fun way. The girls came up with a game like musical chairs with passing (very quickly) a ball and when the music stopped the Brownie who had the ball had to answer a question about the pin, (with a little help from the Cadette). Then the girl got to tape part of the World Association Pin to a board. They did this until the World Association Pin was built. We all had a great time. We laughed lots.Thank you to Brownie Troop 70145 for allowing us to come and teach about our wonderful World Association Pin.

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Troop 32189 makes Trinidad beautiful with flowers



Submitted by Becky Buhr

The Daisy girls enlisted the help of the older Brownie girls in our troop and their parents to help the City of Trinidad look more beautiful. By planting these flowers the Daisy Girls earned their Golden Honey Bee Award to finish the Journey to the Daisy Flower Garden.

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Girls get moxie to be President


Can a woman be President? She can be President or anything else she wants, is the message that 75 Junior Girl Scouts went home with after spending the day at the Colorado State Capitol on June 1. The girls learned about the Women’s suffrage movement and the accomplishments of America’s most inspiring female politicians, including Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

“It was shocking to learn that women didn’t used to have a lot of rights,” said Dakota S. from Troop 2569 in Westminster. “I like the idea of women running for office, and I want to do it. Maybe I’ll be the first woman President!”

The girls had some lively debate during a mock election to decide whether cell phones should be allowed in school. Teams represented various constituents and lobbied for their position. The day ended with girls staging their own political campaign, with girls taking on the roles of candidate, campaign manager, press secretary, volunteer coordinator and finance director. This leadership experience was sponsored by AT&T.


Troop 52131 honors our fallen soldiers

Submitted by Nancy Gadbois


The Girls Scouts put flags on fallen soldiers gravestones on May 26 to honor Memorial Day. It created an Avenue of Flags display off I25 and 104th. The flags have been donated to Highland Cemetery by families of deceased veterans. These flags were presented to the families for the dedicated service by our veterans to the United States of America. The girls return every year to provide this service. We feel honored to have our freedom in America and to be allowed to be part of organizations like Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts of Colorado Sings & Rock the Mall

Saturday, June 9th, is going to be an exciting day for Girl Scouts across the country!

We are celebrating our 100th year yet again with the world’s largest sing-along, Rock the Mall, at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Girl Scouts of Colorado has several groups who will be part of the estimated 200,000 attendees from across the world at the event.

But for those who can’t go, a local sing-along, Colorado Sings, will take place simultaneously at Colorado’s State Capitol. During this event Girl Scouts of Colorado will recognize local Distingused Alumnae, as well as the oldest living Girl Scout alumnae in Colorado.

If you can’t make it to either event, follow the events live on our blog. You can sign up today via this link for an email reminder about following the live event. We will be blogging about our local activities as well as about our Colorado delegation at the Rock the Mall in Washington, D.C.

And if you are attending one of these events, be sure to take some photos and/or video and share it with us on our blog, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn Alumnae Group Page. You can even follow our live event and share your thoughts and photos via these communications channels as well.

We look forward to having a fun day of celebration June 9th!


Millions of electronics are carelessly tossed into landfills every year.  Girl Scout Troop 2879, from Aurora, Colorado, recognized this environmentally damaging situation and is striving to change the practice and break a Guinness World Record at the same time.  Aurora Troop 2879, partnered with a national electronics company, Metech Recycling, is spreading the word to other Girl Scout Troops across the country.  On June 3, 2012, Metech Recycling and Girl Scout troops across the United States are attempting to break a Guinness World Record for the most electronics recycled in a day.

In Colorado, Troop 2879 and Metech Recycling will be collecting electronics from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at three Denver Metro locations:

  • Aurora – Grandview High School, 20500 E Arapahoe Rd, Aurora, CO 80016 (along Arapahoe Road).
  • Denver – The Shops @ Northfield Stapleton (North of Off Broadway Shoes, East of Macy’s)
  • Lonetree – Sky Ridge Hospital (South parking lot near the ER, follow Emergency signs)

Troop 2879 and other Girl Scout troops selected Metech Recycling for this project because they are a Certified e-Stewards recycler.  That means Metech Recycling meets the highest environmental standards and ensures that personal data on electronic devices is securely destroyed to protect your identity.  Over 95% of all materials will be securely recycled for remanufacture.  No recycled materials will be incinerated, landfilled, or shipped abroad to be dumped.  For more detailed information, visit

Responsibly recycling electronics requires some fees to cover processing costs. Referring to the appliance chart on we see that the fees for smaller computer monitors and TVs will be $10; televisions and monitors larger than 20 diagonal inches will cost $15.  Printers, fax machines, DVD players, VCRs, vacuums and other small appliances will cost $1 each.  Items such as desktop and laptop computers, iPads, iPods, mice, keyboards, VCR tapes, all types of power cords, etc. are recycled at no cost to the consumer.  Residents bringing electronics for secure recycling should be prepared to pay these fees by cash or check.

The Girl Scouts will also be accepting donations for Grants for Girls.  Grants for Girls assist girls who financially cannot join Girl Scouts as well as provide programming materials for girls with financial need.  Girl Scouts of any age are welcome to volunteer to help with this project.  Please contact Troop 2879 for more detailed information at

Small town Girl Scouts explore big city

submitted by Troop 10015

Small town girls visiting the big city. This is the real life story for Cadette/Senior Girl Scout Troop 10015 from Gunnison. Troop 10015 got an experience of the big city life by getting to ride a train called the “Light Rail” and going to a historical Girl Scout museum in the welcoming home of Ernie and Carol. Finally, we got go to the Buell Theater and see “Wicked,” the untold story of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda, the Good Witch. “Wicked” is a musical that catches and keeps you on the edge of your seats with anticipation until the end.

We would love to have this experience again or maybe even a farther journey. Hopefully in the close or distant future, we will get to see more musicals and more historical Girl Scout hotspots!! Thank you especially to Ernie and Carol, the amazing “Wicked” actors and Kelly, our leader.




Troop 70884 plants flowers and grows smiles



Submitted by Joyce Kohlmeier
Fort Collins

One of Troop 70884’s goals was to donate 100 hours of community service this year. The house next door to the leader’s house is a non-profit home for challenged adults. The folks who live there are wonderful and their caretakers are great.

During a meeting, one of our girls said maybe we could do something to help these folks. So we asked and the one thing that they needed most was to have their yard cleaned.

We decided on a Saturday and we were so excited. We got up to a gloomy morning of rain. We decided we can do this anyway it wasn’t that bad. The troop had bought some flowers and a parent donated a tree and flowers. We got all of our tools together and all of us. The parents helped, we had an older brother and a little sister. By the time we all got going there were 22 of us. What a crew we had.

We met with one of the caretakers and she taught us some sign language so we could communicate.

We cleaned out flower beds, made flower beds, planted a tree, moved roses, planted roses and, you know what, it stopped raining.

We had a great time. The kind folks in the house treated us to a pizza lunch.

They were so appreciative. We learned much this day about giving and sharing. The entire time we were there, many many times I heard from the girls and adults. I am so glad we did this. It is so wonderful. What started out as a community service project ended up touching us more. There was lots of laughter and the appreciation was so great there were some tears. My hope is that everyone at least once in their life can feel the way we felt that day.

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