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Girl Scout update from Pueblo

Submitted by Carmen Valdez


Pueblo and Southeastern Colorado

Hello again wonderful Girl Scout land, yet another adventure of my traveling show!  I totally think I need to have roadies, cause I carry a lot of stuff around, of course that implies I am a rock star. Wait a minute I am, because  my recruitment team and I find those girls and help them shine like the stars they are.  I take my Girl Scout recruitment show on the road.

Yesterday, I met two amazing people who are going to volunteer for Girl Scouts. One, is a rapping granny, she has a manager and everything so cool. Hopefully, she can break it down at the annual Chalk Art Festival in Pueblo! The most exciting news is that I have new volunteer for troops, or possibly she will start her own.

There was also a Girl Scout Daisy tea. Fun, edible teacups, and lots of information on how mom could volunteer with her daisy Girl Scout to help her sparkle and shine. Way to go mom! My job is never boring, I love, love, love to talk about Girl Scouts to anyone who will listen. Troop leaders don’t forget you are the best recruiters by sharing you positive energy and taking new potential volunteers under your wing.  Ta for now!!


Top Sellers celebrate at Glenwood Caverns

77 Girl Scouts and their family members gathered Saturday, June 6, 2015 at Glenwood Caverns to celebrate “cookiebosses” who sold 750 packages or more of Girl Scout Cookies. Top Sellers enjoyed a day pass to the adventure park, which included a cave tour and rides. During a luncheon, which featured a fajita bar, girls were presented with their Top Seller medallions.

Denver Troop visits DAM for Dia de los Ninos

Submitted by Lisa Westrope


Northern and Northeastern Colorado

When the Denver Art Museum announced kids under the age of 18 would be free, we decided to jump at that! But then we discovered Dia de los Ninos, and we all got in free, so it was even a better deal!

We drove 2 hours to get there, and spent the entire day enjoying art, crafts, food and entertainment. Everyone had a great time, and out of the whole group, only 3 of us had been there before, so it was an exciting new adventure for all! We had a great time, and the kids all had fun talking about their favorite pieces there. The top three were Linda by John DeAndrea, Fox Games by Sandy Skoglund, and Night Hunter by Stacey Steers. (Interestingly, they were all 3 dimensional pieces!) What a great day!

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GS Day at the Plains Conservation Center

Submitted by Katy Herstein

Highlands Ranch

Denver Metro

Troop 60043 and Troop 62624 joined other Girl Scout Troops at GS Day at the Plains Conservation Center. The girls from my troops chose to do the Homesteading patch. They experienced school from the late 1800s, as well as how they traveled, lived and tried to cultivate the land. It was a terrific experience for us all!

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Highlands Ranch troop bridges to Cadettes

Submitted by Katy Herstein

Highlands Ranch

Denver Metro

On May 31st, Troop 60043 Bridged to Cadettes. The past year was our first year as a troop and the girls did a terrific job completing Junior Badges, doing a Journey in a Day at Camp Twisted Pine and their Bronze Award to Benefit the Humane Society of Platte Valley. So proud of these girls and looking forward to having them all back as first year Cadettes!

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Molly Cain visits with Girls Looking Forward

GSCO Recruitment Specialist and motivational speaker Molly Cain recently had the chance to speak to our Outreach group at the Betty Marler Center. The Betty Marler Center is operated by Rite of Passage, which is a residential treatment program for young women. Our Outreach Associates visit one specific pod there for Girl Scout programming, because they earned it. With this program we have a pretty constant group of girls every week unless they are released. They range from ages 15-20. This group of girls spends all of their time together, so the bonds they have with one another are very genuine. The Girls Looking Forward program gives them opportunity to work together, collaborate on projects, set goals and have fun.

Molly said this about the experience: “I walked in with high hopes that I would be able to inspire their lives a little, bringing encouragement to the table to hopefully motivate a change within themselves. I think I may have been successful, but as much as I’d like to think I had a small part in their lives. They truly were the ones who helped inspire me.

“This was my first speaking engagement that I almost cried on the spot and I’ve been speaking for well over a year. At Right of Passage there were so many emotions throughout the whole room, I had goosebumps. The audience was amazing, engaged and completely quiet. They asked many questions throughout my presentation, very conversational, which I love; and we all had the chance to learn a little more about one another.

“By the time that we were done, there were hugs given, relationships made and a new light shown in those four walls. This not only influenced my journey; it influenced theirs too. The Girl Scouts provide so many opportunities for girls, it’s unreal. I could literally talk for hours about this organization, is my passion!”

If your troop or group is looking for a motivational speaker to visit one of your meetings, please contact us.

First Steps Toward the Gold – Upcoming Gold Award Training


Attention all 8th grade Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors, Troop Leaders and parents in the Denver metro-area! If you (or your girl) is thinking about going for her Gold Award, don’t miss Gold Award Training on Wednesday, June 10th. This is a free training that is mandatory for Seniors and Ambassadors, who plan to submit a Gold Award proposal within 6-12 months. Supporting adults are strongly encouraged to attend as well.

The training starts at 6:30pm at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 2300 S Patton Court, Denver, CO 80219.

Register online HERE!

You may be asking yourself . . . What is the Gold Award? Why would I want to go for the Gold? Should I encourage the girls in my troop to go Gold?

The Gold Award training will answer all of these questions and more! At training you will learn about the benefits of earning your Gold Award, the steps you must take from beginning to end, how you will work with a Gold Award mentor, and get any and all of your questions answered. Girls and adults will participate in different trainings, concurrently, which will provide valuable information to make your Gold Award experience successful.

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You can also check out these awesome resources online:

If you have specific questions about the Gold Award feel free to contact your regional staff contact.

Make Girl Scouts product sales work for you

Mark your calendars: Fall Sale dates are Oct. 3-25, 2015. We’re working with a new company this year and exciting changes are coming to make the Fall Sale easier for your girls to raise funds to start their Girl Scout year off right. Watch for details this summer.

Changes are also coming for the cookie sale (Jan. 31-March 13, 2016) too. We’ve been gathering feedback, working with Little Brownie Bakers and making plans for the 2016 sale. Stay tuned for more details this summer.

Westwood Bridge celebrates the end of a fun year

Submitted by Mary, Program Associate and Outreach Troop Leader

The 2015 Girl Scouts program at Westwood Bridge was a wonderful success with 40 girls. We explored new wildlife around the world and did old-time favorite crafts during the holidays.

Check out the slideshow of the Westwood Bridge girls celebrating the end of a wonderful year of program. Each girl received a chalkboard keepsake to decorate and sign. Beautiful job by all!