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How to help with the Waldo Canyon Fire relief efforts

We are proud of all the efforts local Girl Scouts have done to help with the relief efforts around the Waldo Canyon Fire.

As a reminder, Girl Scouts CANNOT raise money for fire relief efforts. They can collect ITEM donations, such as food, water, clothing, etc. Or make a monetary donation from a Girl Scout troop treasury or personal funds to a relief agency such as the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Girl Scouts are also encouraged to volunteer at organizations looking for helping hands.

There are many fire relief activities happening in the Colorado Springs/Pikes Peak area where Girl Scouts can offer their assistance (see list below). These activities change minute by minute, so please check with the organization first to find out the needs. We are also posting relief agency updates on our Pikes Peak Regional Facebook Page.

If you have further questions, please let us know. Thank you for supporting your community!

Waldo Canyon Fire assistance opportunity for Girl Scouts to help evacuated pets

From Girl Scout Alexa Huesgen Hobbs


Yesterday at the All Breed Rescue & Training, located at 20 Mount View Lane, Suite C, in Colorado Springs, I helped with some of the 57 animals temporarily housed there. Seven cats, three dogs, one gecko and one bunny were evacuees, and the rest came from the Humane Society to make room there for more evacuated pets. Just like anyone of any age can do, I walked, fed and loved the dogs and cats.

I interviewed some of the staff while there was a rare moment of rest (the dogs where napping) and asked what they needed. “We need volunteers of all ages, but we also need animal food, blankets, towels, treats and toys for the cats and bunnies. We already have enough for the dogs, but we are especially low on things for the bunny. All he has is cardboard as a toy,” one staff member said. They also need people to take sheets and towels to the laundromat and wash food / water bowls.

Phew! Those dogs are a lot of work! We gave them kongs, splashed in wading pools, took walks and cooled them down with ice placed in front of fans. One puppy named Madeline was so happy she was doing back flips! At least Madeline was happy. Many dogs “cried” and hunkered down in their kennels –  like the dogs I walked, named Midori and Samurai. Now imagine those sad, lonely dogs at night – even worse! But you can help! A maximum of 10 people (any age) can stay the night (a troop?) and comfort the dogs. So if you want to assist in fire relief, try feeding, walking, playing and possibly spending the night with evacuee pets. Dog walking shifts are 6 a.m., noon, 5 p.m., with play and naptime in between. Call  719-264-6460 and then go to 20 Mount View Lane, Suite C. I hope to see you there!

Note: All Breed Rescue & Training fosters out pets (in close relationship with the Humane Society) and doesn’t normally house the pets. They now have 57 animals and could take up to 120, so they need lots of help. Speak with Office Manager Sara Simon, or any of the other helpful staff on what they currently need. Email:; Website:

Read another story from Alexa with tips on how you can help

Girl Scouts help with Waldo Canyon Fire relief efforts

From Girl Scout Alexa Huesgen Hobbs

I live 6 miles from the Waldo Canyon Fire – we are not in danger at this time and decided rather than sitting around watching the news we needed to do something!

I bet you have all heard about the Waldo Canyon Fire by Colorado Springs and all the countless people working to stop it. But do you know that Girl Scouts are involved? Yesterday Colorado Springs Girl Scouts from Troops 1947 and 863 collected water and Gatorade to give to the fire fighters. I went up with my fellow Girl Scouts from Troop 863 and delivered the days donations at Coronado High School where a buffet and lots and lots of coolers full of drinks were set out for the fire men and women. Also, there was a Q&A with Mayor Bach and others. Today we are going to walk and play with dogs at the All Breed Animal Rescue Shelter housing evacuees pets.  I really hope this fire will end soon, but I’m also glad I got to help.

Photos I’ve included:

1) View of fire first night from my house downtown: fire is orange glow center right (above Fine Arts Center Parking lot) and Pikes Peak is to left.

2) Bringing rehydration to the Firefighters at Coronado High School

3) In front of supply stash – we didn’t bring all of that!

4) Shopping for Gatorade and water

5) Mayor Bach

6) Media trucks

If your Girl Scouts or troop is interested in helping out with similar efforts, look for requests for help on the Waldo Canyon Fire Group on Facebook. Also, many of the local media outlets covering the fire are including information on how you can help. We’ve also heard Colorado Springs’ Care and Share is looking for non-perishable food items, especially looking for snack bars, cereal, crackers, butter and jelly. Please keep in mind that Girl Scouts can’t raise money for other organizations or causes, but can donate money from troop treasuries or personal accounts.

Epcot – Bridging into the Next Century Ceremony

Submitted by Jody Clair

Colorado Springs


If you have five minutes, check out this video created by Caryn Kessinger Co-Leader of Troop 3810 from CO Springs. She used video and photos to capture all the amazing moments of this trip of a lifetime. Flat Juliette, four girls and 2 leaders attended the ceremony at Epcot in Florida. Please join us on this journey!

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It is finally long enough!

Submitted by Jeri Webb Greeley

Daisy Girl Scout, McKenna, has been waiting a long time for her hair to be long enough to donate to Locks of Love. Her older sister was able to do donate before and McKenna decided she wanted to be able to give her hair to help other people also! As a bonus- she really LOVES her new summer haircut : )

Here she is before and after.

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Troop 2551 celebrates end of year with art show


Submitted by Nikki Goethals

Troop 2551 chose to complete their Brownie – World of Girls journey, and earn their Tell a Story badge, by hosting an art gallery of their work from throughout the year. For the art show, troop members invited friends, families, neighbors, co-workers and library patrons to come and see their displayed artwork and photography chronicling their journey and year as a Girl Scout.

The art show included pieces done while earning their Painting badge – including self portraits, still life paintings and paintings that expressed an emotion. The show also displayed the girls’ advertisement drawings that they worked on to showcase how media can be used to distort or stretch the truth. Some exhibits were created to highlight important aspects of their Girl Scout year including Disney princess artwork honoring their Disney on Ice field trip, decorated wooden houses to honor their Take Action project to feed the homeless and torn mosaic holiday tree artwork to celebrate last December’s holiday party. There were even pieces that focused on each girl’s individual strengths.

Combined with the art show, Troop 2551 also celebrated the end of their Girl Scout year and officially bridged to Junior Girl Scouts.

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Northeastern Colorado Girl Scouts earn Cookie Top Seller honors


We are proud of the efforts of four Cookie Top Sellers in Northeastern Colorado — Katie, Taylor, Jamine and Selena! Here are photos of the girls as they received their 2012 Top Seller medals. Each of these Girl Scouts sold 750+ packages of cookies.

100 Girl Scouts honored at Cookie Dinner

2012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0012012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0022012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0032012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0042012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0052012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 006
2012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0072012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0082012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0092012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0102012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0112012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 012
2012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0132012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0142012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0152012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0162012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0172012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 018
2012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0192012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0202012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0212012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0222012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 0232012 Top Sellers - Denver Dinner - 024

The annual Girl Scouts of Colorado Top Seller Cookie Dinner was held in Denver on Saturday, June 9th. Girls honored at the event had sold 750 or more packages of cookies during the 2012 Cookie Program. A fun evening of dressing up and dancing the night away was had by all!


Girl Scouts of Colorado Sings simultaneously as Girl Scouts Rock the Mall

Colorado Sings - June 9, 2012 - 078

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On Saturday, June 9th, Girl Scouts of Colorado joined the nation to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting.

Dozens of Colorado Girl Scouts traveled to Washington, D.C. to join 250,000 from around the world at Girl Scouts Rock the Mall. (Read about their journeys on the Girl Scouts of Colorado blog.)

And, at the same time, more than 300 Girl Scouts and their family and friends, as well as Girl Scout supporters and alumnae, joined the festivities from Colorado’s State Capitol at Colorado Sings. (Photos can be viewed above.)

The Colorado Sings event honored the state’s 100+ Girl Scout Distinguished Alumnae, as well as Colorado’s Oldest Living Alumnae. Edna Hollis and Vera Carucci, who are both 100 years old and live in the Denver area, were recognized as the oldest living alumnae. Our alumnae honorees also received the following media coverage:

We live blogged from both events thanks to the wonderful efforts of volunteers and staff.

And below is a video highlighting the sights and sounds of our memorable Colorado Sings event, including interviews with our oldest living alumnae.

If you were part of these festivities, we’d love to hear from you too. Share your story, photos and/or video with us.

It was fun to be part of this historic day for Girl Scouts!


Daisy Girl Scouts raise money for High Park Fire victims


Submitted by Jeri Webb

Girls from Troop 4238 in Greeley raised almost $40 to donate to the High Park Fire relief efforts. Selling lemonade and fruit snacks, they worked, along with the help of their brothers, in the smoky air to help others in need.

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