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An Interview with ZisBoomBah’s Quest All Star Girl Scout


ZisBoomBah Quest All Star
ZisBoomBah Quest All Star

Many of you have heard about Girl Scouts of Colorado’s partnership with an amazing online program called ZisBoomBah. The program is for Girl Scout Daisies-Juniors, and it centered on Healthy Living. This FREE program for Girl Scouts of Colorado members takes girls through healthy living quests that are fun, interactive and educational.

We caught up with Girl Scout Cherysh and her mom Kacey to see what they thought about ZisBoomBah. Cherysh is not just any Girl Scout on ZisBoomBah. She has done the most quests out of any other girl in the whole state, with a total of 19 quests completed. Now that is an accomplishment! Cherysh started on the site back in October as a Girl Scout Juliette with the help of her mom Kacey.

When we asked Cherysh what inspired her to do 19 quests, Cherysh said “Why not! They are really, really fun, and I learned a lot of fun new things at the same time!” What was your favorite quest, we asked? “I loved the Halloween quest. It was cool, but Pick Chow is my favorite, and I play it all the time” What is Pick Chow, and why do you like it so much? “Pick Chow is a quest where you make a meal, and it has to be the right portion sizes. Then you send it in, and your meal can get featured as the Meal of the Week. Mine has been featured before!” We asked Cherysh what are some other cool things that she got to do on ZisBoomBah? “ I have an Antatar. Her name is Princess C, and I have earned points (by playing quests) to buy her dresses. Right now I want to try to earn enough points to get her a cell phone.” We asked Cherysh what she would tell other Girl Scouts to convince them to join ZisBoomBah, “You should join ZisBoomBah because it helps you be more active, you get to play new games, it is so fun, and I love the Antatars. I am going to keep going and keep doing ZisBoomBah, and they should to!”

We also talked with Cherysh’s mom Kacey to see what she thought of the program and how ZisBoomBah has impacted their family over the last few months. “ZisBoomBah has affected our whole family. At first it started with Cherysh using the site, she was more conscious of what she was eating, she was more active, and she was learning so much. Then it started something for our whole family. ZisBoomBah would send out emails with recipes for meal ideas and snacks that we have tried as a family. I can also go on as a parent and create quests for Cherysh to do that are specialized to what she needs to work on, like spelling for example, not just healthy living.” We asked Kacey the same question we asked Cherysh about what would you tell other Girl Scouts and their families to convince them to join ZisBoomBah, “It is a great tool to get your family eating healthier, to learn things like portion control, meal ideas, game ideas for both inside and out to help get your whole family more active.

Wow, Cherysh is quite an amazing girl and healthy one! She has taken the Live Healthy Lead Healthy Challenge, she is changing the way her family sees healthy living thanks to ZisBoomBah, and is still going! So leaders, parents, and girls who is next? You have heard what Cherysh and Kacey had to say and now it is your turn. You can still sign your troop up or your individual girl for ZisBoomBah by May 31st and complete three quests and you will receive the ZisBoomBah Patch for Free. For more information or to sign up please contact Monica Slater at

Learn more on how you can get involved in this program on the Girl Scouts of Colorado website.

Girl Scout Gold Awardees visit Colorado State Capitol

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On Monday, April 8th, 11 of this year’s 38 Colorado Girl Scout Gold Award recipients from throughout state (yes, even one from Montrose was there) visited the State Capitol in Denver. The Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouts.

The girls had a chance to sit on the floor of the House of Representatives as well as take a tour of the capitol grounds, among other activities. Many of the recipients family members joined them for the visit.

Colorado’s House of Representatives also read information on the floor about this year’s Gold Award recipients during their business of the day on Monday. Additionally Fox 31/CW2 TV out of Denver covered this event for their newscasts and the Girl Scouts of the USA Blog ran information on these events too.

We are so proud of this year’s recipients! Look for more information on the blog and website soon about this year’s projects. (In fact we will be having you vote on your favorite project(s) of 2013!) For a list of this year’s honorees and more information on the Gold Award, visit the press release section of our website.

And to get a sneak peek into this year’s Gold Awardees and their projects, view the video we shot on Monday with interviews with some of this year’s honorees.


Did you earn your Gold Award/highest award in Girl Scouts? This summer Girl Scouts will be organizing a Gold Award Alliance Directory. Look for more information coming soon, but, in the meantime, here is the preliminary information.

Volunteer Opportunity of the Week


Celebrate Earth Day with Girl Scouts! This Denver event on April 21st, presented in partnership with the Energy Service Corps, will be a fun and engaging day for all girls and volunteers. Girls kindergarten through twelfth grade will participate in activities, such as traveling through different stations in their “flower-powered car,” exploring the wonders of water and investigating the real food network. We are looking for volunteers to assist with each of these fun activities and more. Together we can learn how to take care or our planet. What a way to celebrate Earth Day! Contact Alli at for more information.

Wray Girl Scouts earn Gold Award

Julia Campfield, Gold Award Recipient, Wray, Co.
Julia Campfield, Gold Award Recipient, Wray, Co.
Renae Dotson, Gold Award Recipient, Wray, Co.
Renae Dotson, Gold Award Recipient, Wray, Co.

This spring, Julia Campfield and Renae Dotson will be receiving their Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting. Though an honor in itself, here’s another special fact: they are the first girls in more than 25 years from their hometown, Wray, Colo., to receive this award! Both girls attend Wray High School and did extremely unique and thoughtful projects to receive their Gold Award.

Julia utilized the Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary (in 2012) for her Gold Award project, creating an event for her community to celebrate the occasion. The day included crafts, cooking, skits, letter writing to soldiers and a food drive to help the local food banks. Many area Girl Scout troops helped as this required a lot of event planning and spreading the word in the community. Julia also wrote articles for the local Wray newspaper about Girl Scouts’ history.

“Completing my Gold Award has made me very extremely accomplished,” said Julia. “The greatest challenges were staying on top of it and dealing with finances! I love being in Girl Scouts because of the way the organization builds the leaders of tomorrow. I’m thrilled to be a part of that.”

Renae focused on an art project for her Gold Award. She created an art class for Kindergarten to fourth grade children to amend the issue of there being little to no art classes for this age group. Art is one of Renae’s passions, and she believes that the sooner you are introduced to it the better. The art mediums addressed through this Friday afterschool project included 3-D, symmetry, abstract, paint, pencil and pastel. At the end of the class the students entered their favorite piece of art in the Wray Art Show. Her lesson plans for the class will be used for similar future projects.

“I grew from a very shy and timid person to a confident leader through earning my Gold Award,” said Renae. “I also feel I inspired some future artists, giving them an outlet to express themselves. I’m the oldest girl in my family. I wanted to be the best big sister I could be and set an example and show my siblings that anyone can achieve their Gold Award. I love being in Girl Scouts because it’s like having another family. We get to have fun doing all the things that we like.”

Campfield and Dotson will be honored by Girl Scouts of Colorado this spring at the statewide Highest Awards events.

Pueblo West Girl Scouts Festival of Countries


Submitted by Debbie Fortune
Pueblo West Library

SU 338 in Pueblo West has been holding a Festival of Countries for several years during Girl Scout month. This activity was attended by 67 Girl Scouts this year and featured nine countries. It is a great way for the girls to learn about Girl Scouting around the world and participate with other Girl Scouts outside their individual troops.

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Wild and Wacky Weather Camp

Submitted by Cricket Hawkins
Keystone Science School

Summit County Girl Scouts enjoyed a Wild and Wacky Weather camp at Keystone Science School March 16 and 17. The girls learned about their local weather, how to use personal weather stations, micro-climates of Colorado, why snow is so important to Summit County, and how to predict the weather! The girls also created a weather station log and checked the weather from the school’s weather station each morning. Our collaborative effort would not be possible without the generous support of the Summit Foundation and Copper Environmental Foundation-thank you!

Summit Daily News did a story about the camp in their March 27 issue

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Brighton Troop hosts Christmas Party and Toy Drive

Submitted by Lisa Dunbar

Brighton Girl Scout Troop 50458 Hosted
Harpers Ferry Service Unit
2nd Annual
Christmas Party & Toy Drive
With the Jolly ole’ man, Santa.

Troop 50458, a combination of Cadettes and Senior Girl Scouts, had seen a need to help out children during Christmas. The thought that many kids during Christmas would not wake up with a present under the tree, the girls wanted to make sure they could help out as many as they can, so why not ask our fellow Girl Scout Sisters to help out. So that is what they did. They contacted the City Of Brighton to help these kids in need. Came up the idea that they could host a Christmas Party and ask everyone who attended to bring an unwrapped toy for children of the ages 8-13 years of age for both girls and boys.

Each Girl Scout enjoyed playing a life size game of, Girl Scout Cookie Land, a remake of the famous Candy Land. Two crafts, “God’s eye” and snowflakes that were made with recycled paper.

At the end of the night, 180 Girl Scouts and family member attended the event with 220 toys donated to the City Of Brighton. On February 5, 2013 the Troop was given “Certificate Of Appreciation” by the City of Brighton for their willingness to help out The Brighton Employee Charities Committee for helping those in our community.

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Shattering stereotypes of women

Submitted by Heide Schumm
Aurora, Colorado

Troop 2245 has been working on our Media Journey, and each of us cultivated two
commitments about shattering stereotypes of women that are presented in the
media. We wrote and recorded these videos at Rangeview High School. While we
were there we learned how a broadcasting studio works and watched the students
record daily announcements. While working on this journey we learned that there
a lot of different stereotypes of woman and we also learned how to overcome
them. Thank you to Ms. Kelley at Rangeview for putting together our video.[youtube=]

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Coming together for Dominican Sisters Home Health


Submitted by Marnie Walsh
Denver Metro

The Dominican Sisters Home Health Agency of Denver provides FREE health care for the poor, sick, and uninsured of Denver. The agency makes thousands of in home visits per year to Denver’s sick elderly who have no family. The tables were turned on March 11 when the agency was visited by the Cadettes of Girl Scout Troop 50301 laden with donations.

The visit was a culmination of organizations stemming from Christ on the Mountain (COTM) Catholic Church in Lakewood. Three girls from Girl Scout Troop 50301, Jolene Janus, Annie Janus, and Regan Snellgrove, as part of their Silver Award organized a quilt assembly project on January 27 at COTM which was a huge success thanks to the over 30 volunteers that showed up to design, cut, iron, sew, and tie. Thirty lap quilts were assembled that day. Fabric was donated by David Sandoval and the Knights of Columbus Council 7640 donated money to purchase the batting. Some parishioners sewed quilt tops at home to be finished by the volunteers on the assembly day. Other parishioners donated crocheted afghans. Through the combined efforts, 40 handmade lap quilts and afghans were donated.

The giving didn’t stop there, however. Mr. Sandoval presented a check on behalf of the COTM Outreach Committee who donated the cost of four wheelchairs. Girl Scout Troop 50301 also donated much needed medical supplies including three shower chairs, a raised toilet seat, med planners, 300 latex gloves, and over 700 cleansing wipes. The troop donated these wish list items using proceeds from their 2013 cookie sales. The Girl Scouts were treated to a tour of the Dominican Sisters property where the Scouts learned the history of the agency and the legacy of service the agency provides.

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