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Wild and Wacky Weather Camp

Submitted by Cricket Hawkins
Keystone Science School

Summit County Girl Scouts enjoyed a Wild and Wacky Weather camp at Keystone Science School March 16 and 17. The girls learned about their local weather, how to use personal weather stations, micro-climates of Colorado, why snow is so important to Summit County, and how to predict the weather! The girls also created a weather station log and checked the weather from the school’s weather station each morning. Our collaborative effort would not be possible without the generous support of the Summit Foundation and Copper Environmental Foundation-thank you!

Summit Daily News did a story about the camp in their March 27 issue

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Brighton Troop hosts Christmas Party and Toy Drive

Submitted by Lisa Dunbar

Brighton Girl Scout Troop 50458 Hosted
Harpers Ferry Service Unit
2nd Annual
Christmas Party & Toy Drive
With the Jolly ole’ man, Santa.

Troop 50458, a combination of Cadettes and Senior Girl Scouts, had seen a need to help out children during Christmas. The thought that many kids during Christmas would not wake up with a present under the tree, the girls wanted to make sure they could help out as many as they can, so why not ask our fellow Girl Scout Sisters to help out. So that is what they did. They contacted the City Of Brighton to help these kids in need. Came up the idea that they could host a Christmas Party and ask everyone who attended to bring an unwrapped toy for children of the ages 8-13 years of age for both girls and boys.

Each Girl Scout enjoyed playing a life size game of, Girl Scout Cookie Land, a remake of the famous Candy Land. Two crafts, “God’s eye” and snowflakes that were made with recycled paper.

At the end of the night, 180 Girl Scouts and family member attended the event with 220 toys donated to the City Of Brighton. On February 5, 2013 the Troop was given “Certificate Of Appreciation” by the City of Brighton for their willingness to help out The Brighton Employee Charities Committee for helping those in our community.

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Shattering stereotypes of women

Submitted by Heide Schumm
Aurora, Colorado

Troop 2245 has been working on our Media Journey, and each of us cultivated two
commitments about shattering stereotypes of women that are presented in the
media. We wrote and recorded these videos at Rangeview High School. While we
were there we learned how a broadcasting studio works and watched the students
record daily announcements. While working on this journey we learned that there
a lot of different stereotypes of woman and we also learned how to overcome
them. Thank you to Ms. Kelley at Rangeview for putting together our video.[youtube=]

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Coming together for Dominican Sisters Home Health


Submitted by Marnie Walsh
Denver Metro

The Dominican Sisters Home Health Agency of Denver provides FREE health care for the poor, sick, and uninsured of Denver. The agency makes thousands of in home visits per year to Denver’s sick elderly who have no family. The tables were turned on March 11 when the agency was visited by the Cadettes of Girl Scout Troop 50301 laden with donations.

The visit was a culmination of organizations stemming from Christ on the Mountain (COTM) Catholic Church in Lakewood. Three girls from Girl Scout Troop 50301, Jolene Janus, Annie Janus, and Regan Snellgrove, as part of their Silver Award organized a quilt assembly project on January 27 at COTM which was a huge success thanks to the over 30 volunteers that showed up to design, cut, iron, sew, and tie. Thirty lap quilts were assembled that day. Fabric was donated by David Sandoval and the Knights of Columbus Council 7640 donated money to purchase the batting. Some parishioners sewed quilt tops at home to be finished by the volunteers on the assembly day. Other parishioners donated crocheted afghans. Through the combined efforts, 40 handmade lap quilts and afghans were donated.

The giving didn’t stop there, however. Mr. Sandoval presented a check on behalf of the COTM Outreach Committee who donated the cost of four wheelchairs. Girl Scout Troop 50301 also donated much needed medical supplies including three shower chairs, a raised toilet seat, med planners, 300 latex gloves, and over 700 cleansing wipes. The troop donated these wish list items using proceeds from their 2013 cookie sales. The Girl Scouts were treated to a tour of the Dominican Sisters property where the Scouts learned the history of the agency and the legacy of service the agency provides.

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Celebrating Girl Scouting’s 101st birthday

Submitted by MJ Bishop
Fort Collins

Girl Scout Troop 4455 collected baby items to make a baby basket. On Friday, March 8, girls from our troop met at PVH (Poudre Valley Hospital – Ft. Collins). The Baby Basket was delivered to be handed out to the first born baby girl on March 12, 2013, in honor of the 101st birthday of Girl Scouting.

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Troop 14520 honored at Vail Veterans Banquet


Submitted by Cricket Hawkins
Vail, Eagle Valley Girl Scouts

Girls Scouts from Eagle Valley Troop 14520 were guests at the Vail Veterans Program banquet at Sonnelap Resort in Vail on March 4. The girls were invited by Fort Carson veterans, recipients of their 2012 Wounded Warriors choice. The troop was not able to deliver the cookies to the veterans during a BBQ scheduled for last summer because of the wildfires. They were honored during the banquet and were finally able to give the cookies to the veterans! Another Wounded Warrior delivery is planned for this July. Way to go girls!

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Eagle Valley Girls hand out 6,720 cookies!


Submitted by Cricket Hawkins
Avon, Beaver Creek Resort

Five Girl Scouts from Eagle Valley troops 11810, 14520, and 10155 handed out 6,720 Thin Mints to skiers in 30 minutes at Beaver Creek Resort on Saturday, March 9. Beaver Creek/Vail Resorts purchased 60 cases of cookies for the girls to hand out during their “Cookie Days” over the next three weekends. The resort normally treats skiers to chocolate chip cookies and thought Thin Mints would be a fabulous new treat for the skiers! Isabelle, Kalista, Alicia and Maddie and Shelby (pictured here) had a blast wearing the resort’s Cookie Chef costumes and handing out the cookies! Special thanks to Beaver Creek/Vail Resorts for purchasing the cookies and supporting all of the girls in the Eagle Valley Service Unit!

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Thanks to you, we’re building the leaders of tomorrow

Thanks to our donors, volunteers, members and community supporters, Girl Scouts of Colorado is helping girls reach their leadership potential. Because of you, girls are gaining courage and confidence, discovering the joy of service and growing as leaders every day.

Click the cover to read the 2012 Annual Report.

Colorado Springs Girl Scouts deliver cookies to Westside Cares


Great work to Colorado Springs Girl Scout Troop 2705 who recognized their Hometown Heroes for the 2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program, Westside Cares, last Thursday, March 7th. The troop collected more than 100 packages from their customers during the cookie sale for this organization, which helps those in need in the community. Additionally, the troop, which meets in the area, plans to do further community service projects for the organization, including a toothbrush/toothpaste drive. Fox 21 News in Colorado Springs/Pueblo as well as KKTV-CBS 11 News covered this troop’s presentation of cookies.    

Even Girl Scouts and leaders make mistakes – but have courage to make it better

Submitted by BraveMoon Troop Leader

This week, one little Brownie is struggling to complete a big project, a Respect project. Something she has no GSUSA booklet mapping the requirements for, because she felt her actions toward her sisters and leaders were much less than respectful and she takes her Promise seriously.

She had just been hurt emotionally by someone after making an immense charitable effort on their part, as the cynical saying goes: No good deed goes un-punished. In her pain she lashed out, making poor choices, despite loving her troop sisters and her leaders.

As soon as the poor choices were made she yearned to take them back, but alas, words spoken cannot be unspoken, sand cannot be put back into the glass.

This little Brownie however knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she was wrong and that it is her duty to make amends to those she hurt. To study and learn again to ‘Respect [herself] and Others’ even to the point of publically denouncing herself, sacrificing her own personal goals and accomplishments, only to seek forgiveness, because she does respect herself and knows she respects no one who does not take ‘Responsibility for what they say and do’.

I know her troop immediately forgave her unconditionally, as her troop has grown to have the deep sisterhood that is intended to be shared amongst Girl Scouts everywhere, but she still feels it neccessary to make the formal effort.

She told this leader that “if we assume everything will be OK we will have no one to lean on when it is not,” I took it to mean “you never fully appreciate what you have until it is gone” and when she asked me if I had ever made a “bad choice” before, that broke a promise I had made, I told her in complete honesty: “Yes, I have. I had to work hard to fix it and I remember every day what happened because of my poor choice so that I hopefully will not make it again. Even Leaders make mistakes, what makes you a good leader is what you do when you realize you have lost your way, made a mistake.”

This little Brownie asked me to write a blog submisson, she wishes not to be named or her troop number be mentioned, as she does not seek recognition from others. She wants to help others who may have made a mistake “to gain the courage to make it better,” even if they are embarrassed. Her troop sisters will recieve her Respect Project at their next Troop meeting.

As one of her adult leaders I am glad her troop sisters have such a good leader in their midst, it will be a blessing when she receives their forgiveness and she earns their respect back.

Thank you for allowing me to share her learning experience.

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