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Troop creates care packages for cancer patients

Submitted by Jodie Eshbach

Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak

Aurora, Brooke and Rilea from Pikes Peak Troop 43701 made 60 care packages for patients at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. Their mentor, MaryJo Lehman, a nurse at the Center, gave them a tour of the facility, where the Girl Scouts talked to nurses and patients about items that would help them through chemotherapy. Brooke, Rilea and Aurora’s care packages contained sunscreen, moisturizer, chap stick, hand sanitizer, nail care, water, hard candy, socks and hats!  They spent a full day at the Cancer Center handing out their gifts and lifting spirits!  The girls felt like they made a difference, but most of all, were amazed by how upbeat and positive the patients were.  It was a wonderful experience!

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Pirates Cove Girl Scout family & friends event


Join Girl Scouts of Colorado for a family and friends night at Pirates Cove!

When: Sunday, August 2, 2015, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Where: 1225 W. Belleview Ave., Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 762-2683

Cost: $5.00 per person.  Payment must be by credit card in advance of event. No walkups will be permitted to attend. 

Preregister by July 23, 2015 at:

Every person entering the doors must pay in advance, even if they do not swim. Children under two are free.

You may bring sunscreen, towels and your own food and drink (no concessions provided). No alcohol or glass containers are permitted.

Questions? Email Keile Stewart at Please put “Pirates Cove”  in the subject line!

Pirates Cove Flyer

Troop 52627 helps local food bank

Food_Drive_-_Group_K IMG_6015

Submitted by Kara Posso


Denver Metro

The girls in Cadette Troop 52627 held a food drive last weekend (6/13) for our local Broomfield food bank (FISH). They stood outside King Soopers (with manager approval of course!) for three hours, asking if people would like to donate to the local food bank. They had fliers with 5-6 different items on them to pass out to interested customers. Customers, who didn’t want to purchase food, were welcome to donate money. The money collected was used to purchase fresh meat and eggs for the food bank. After three hours, the girls collected 384 pounds of non-perishable food and $237 to spend on meat and eggs. With an additional $50 from our troop, the girls purchased 134 pounds of fresh meat and eggs from King Soopers. The girls delivered the food (518 pounds total!) and were given a tour of the facility. During the tour, the girls discussed other ways they could help the food bank; such as volunteering their time to help sort food or adopting a shelf with a promise to keep it as full as they can.

My co-leader and I feel very blessed to be able to spend time with these generous girls, who are certainly showing Girl Scout Spirit!

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Top Sellers celebrate at Renaissance Festival

74 Girl Scouts and their family members gathered Saturday, June 13,  2015 at the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colo. to celebrate “cookiebosses” who sold 750 packages or more of Girl Scout Cookies. Top Sellers enjoyed admission to the festival as well as a King’s Buffet, which featured an appearance by the festival’s King and Queen, who stopped by to congratulate the girls. During the buffet lunch, girls were presented with their Top Seller medallions by one of the festival’s town criers with assistance from the GSCO Product Sales staff.

Arvada Troop celebrates summer “Ocean Style” in San Diego

Ocean Love San Diego

Submitted by Sheryl Blish


Denver Metro

Come celebrate summer Girl Scout style!

Arvada Troops 3301 & 3302 began their summer celebration with a two-week trip to California.

Check back often to read about their adventures in Cali!

Today’s photo is the girls hitting the surf on Coronado Island near San Diego. The sun, the beach, and the Ocean were perfect!

We can’t wait to share our stories from California and we want to hear all about yours too!

“Love” from Troop 3301 & 3302 in California!

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Geocaching on Elf Lane

Submitted by Lisa Westrope


Northern and Northeastern Colorado

Our girls learned all about geocaching!  Thanks to our community library, who provided us with a guide (thanks Darlene), GPS devices and compasses, we navigated our way along Elf Lane, and found several geocache goodies!  It was great compass review for the girls, and a perfect day to be out exploring!  Living in the mountains certainly has its benefits!  To read more about our adventures, check out our blog!  🙂

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Five Daisies become Brownies

Submitted by Laurie Nieb


Denver Metro

Troop 63388 planned their bridging celebration with the help of GS books and GS website. The Daisies planned the menu, made invitations and practiced the ceremony four times! We learned new songs to welcome our Brownies. We cheered as our Daisies walked over the bridge to their moms, who placed the new Brownies sash over their shoulder. Our Friendship/Closing Circle was our best with all our Moms and Dads joining us!

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Submitted by Cassidy, a Girl Scout working to earn her Gold Award with a project called “Imagination Station.”  This blog is the latest update on her progress. To read her previous blog, click here

My “Imagination Station” project is coming together wonderfully. Thank you so much to everyone for the incredible support in my project! Please consider bringing books to Tattered Cover Aspen Grove before July 31 to donate, if you haven’t already. Mention my project to any staff member and they will collect them for you.

I have exciting news to share! I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Scholastic warehouse last week and choose over $450 worth of brand new books. The Idyllwilde community neighborhood in Parker raised that money from the book fair they held in May. I’ve already placed most of these new books on the shelves at Joshua Station, and the kids are super excited. One girl, who especially loves reading, began jumping for joy when she saw them! These kids are incredible and will appreciate new books so much. I’m still in need of more books, so please donate, if you are able!

On Monday, June 15, I held our first summer book club meeting. There are five lovely girls with me in book club, ages ranging from 7-12, and we are reading Magic Tree House: A Perfect Time For Pandas. We discussed endangered animals and made panda bear Shrinky Dinks in the toaster oven. It was a fun meeting even though it got a little crazy 🙂 We will meet every Monday from 6-7 p.m. at Joshua Station. My good friend Brynn helped me organize books before the meeting. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Thanks again! Also, check out next week’s publication of the Highlands Ranch Herald for a story on my project. This is all such a blessing, and I can’t wait for what’s to come!

Local Girl Scout inspires troop to aid hospitality house

Alison Freeman Girl Scout Press Realease Pic

Submitted by Alison Freeman


Southwestern Colorado

Nine-year-old Alison Freeman is a Junior Girl Scout in the Cortez Girl Scout Troop #2619. In April 2015, she completed a community service project as part of attaining her Bronze Award. The Bronze Award is the highest possible award that can be achieved for a Junior Girl Scout. In her own words, the following outlines her experiences during this project:

“I chose to help the Rose Hill Hospitality House in Grand Junction for my bronze award project because my mom, my dad, my brother and I stayed there in our time of need. They helped us a lot when my grandpa Gary Crouse was in the hospital.

I presented my plan to my Girl Scout sisters and they all liked the idea, so my next step was to call the hospitality house and see what was needed. They said that they were in greatest need of toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The next time I met with my troop I asked each one of them to ask their dentists if they could donate toothbrushes and toothpaste. I was looking for 10-20 from each of them. I had a dentist appointment the following week and got 10 toothbrushes and 10 toothpastes and 10 flossers from my dentist, Dr. Carlson, who does all sorts of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. Members of the First United Methodist Church, where we hold our Girl Scout meetings, left donations in our Girl Scout room, after I wrote a letter to them. We also received donations from members of the community, in response to requests posted on social media. I asked my orthodontist, Dr. Shafer he is one of the best orthodontist in Murrieta and my Alpharetta GA dentist, and he thought I wanted a check but then I told him that we needed toothbrushes and toothpaste and he gave me a whole box of each.

One other girl went to her dentist, Dr. Vreeken, and asked. She got 20 of each! Another girl went to the store and bought some toothbrushes and toothpaste, and another bought mouthwashes and flossers.
It was hard to keep calling over and over as well as also reminding everyone to do it. It stressed me out a lot. I had a great feeling about this project, and it turned out to be a great success. My team came through at the last minute, with 100% participation, and Rose Hill Hospitality House benefitted.

We went to Grand Junction to the hospitality house on Sunday April 29th and they gave us a tour. We presented well over 200 toothbrushes and toothpaste for their facility. It felt great to help!

How I lived out the Girl Scout law is I helped people at all times. I am honest, fair and friendly and helpful, caring, courageous and strong. I respect myself and use my resources wisely. I can make the world a better place and be a sister to every Girl Scout.”

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Troop 70487 of Berthoud earns Silver Award

Submitted by Kathryn Worrell


Northern and Northeastern Colorado

8th grade Cadettes in Troop 70487 from Berthoud wanted to promote reading and recycling for younger people. We decided to to make a Little Library, which is a “Take a  Book, Leave a Book” idea for our Silver Award. Since we were going to put it on a street corner, we had to do a site plan and map it out all according to scale. When we had finished that, we had to take that plan to the city planners to get the plan approved and they did! Then, we were all cleared to start building the Little Library. The troop found a local carpenter to build it for us and he used all recycled wood and handles. We had to take off the doors to be able to paint the Little Library, then we primed all the parts, then painted it with exterior paint. Next, we shingled the turrets and roof with recycled shingles. The Little Library is painted it to look like Hogwarts, from Harry Potter, with the Tardis, from Doctor Who, in front of it. As we were digging the post hole, people were walking by and asking questions about what it was and how it worked. Our troop knows this was a great success because only after a couple of days, it was already being used. Once we had built it, we registered the Little Library on so check us out on the world map! Autumn, Alexa, and Kathryn had a great time working on this project and we thought it was a lot of fun!!

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