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My Promise – My Faith: Courageous & Strong


Submitted by Girl Scout Troops 2214 & 10065

Western COlorado

The My Promise – My Faith pin is a Girl Scout Special Opportunity Award.  By earning this award, girls have explored how Girl Scouts and faith offer similar ideas about how to act and how Girl Scouts ties into all different faiths.  By choosing a different line of the Girl Scout Law each year, the award can be earned every year a girl is in Girl Scouts!

We have an annual all-troop (two troops as is the case now that our original troop became Cadettes!) sleepover.  Girls have to earn the privilege to attend this sleepover by showing they are capable of always living the Girl Scout Law, during troop meetings.  The girls earn stars for behavior and participation in our weekly meetings and all girls with a minimum number of earned stars are invited to the sleepover.

The sleepover is the best place to work on this pin, because we have a captive audience for an extended, uninterrupted period of time.  As the girls go to a religion-based school, this pin is a no-brainer for our troop. So, we have worked on My Promise – My Faith for the last 4 years during the sleepover and we always do our sleepover in a church.  All our girls go to the same Catholic School, but about 25% of them are not Catholic so, we have moved around from year-to-year to different churches in our town, so we are sure to, at least, hit the denomination of every girl in our troop.

There are 5 steps to completing this award.  The first is to choose a line from the Girl Scout Law, on which to focus.  This year we planned our entire evening’s events around being COURAGEOUS and STRONG.

When the girls arrived, they checked in at a table with a sign stating “The phrase DO NOT BE AFRAID is written in the Bible 365. That’s a daily reminder, from God, to live every day COURAGEOUS and STRONG!”, there they collected a keepsake button we had made with the phrase “Do Not Be Afraid” , with the year, that the girls could wear on their uniforms or pin on their school bags or anywhere they wanted DAILY reminding of what they learned while earning these pins.


The second step to earning the pin is to interview a woman of faith who can talk about how she tries to act in her life based on our chosen line of the Law.  We chose a non-Catholic teacher from the girls’ school.  Mrs. H is a shining example of a woman of faith.  She lives every day exemplifying her faith and is a great role-model for our girls, in and out of school.  She spent a little over a year as a missionary, with her family, in Liberia during the beginning of that country’s Civil War, prior to being emergency evacuated as the war started to turn extremely violent.  The home in which her family lived is literally a crater in the ground now, where bombs hit within days of Mrs. H and her family being evacuated.  She talked at great length and answered questions about how living her faith and believing it gave her COURAGE and STRENGTH helped her get through a very turbulent time (and continues to do so)!

Mrs. H teaches 5th grade so many of the girls have had her as a teacher and those who haven’t still know and love her.  She is extremely unassuming and you’d think a group of rowdy girls would eat her alive.  But, Mrs. H has a gracious personality and commands attention.  The leaders of younger girls were extremely impressed by her character, demeanor and the girls were all captivated and extremely attentive!  She is an amazing women and we are extremely fortunate to have such an inspiration working so closely with our girls!!



The third step is to find three inspirational quotes by women that fit with the chosen line of the Law.  We had fruitful discussion about each one and the girls could (if they chose) use the quotes on an art project they completed later in the evening. Below are the quotes we chose and some of the meanings the girls came up with:

“It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends.” – (Professor Dumbledore) aka J.K Rowling

  • Be who you are, no matter who you talk to
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Stand up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves even if you have to anger someone
  • Be honest

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

  • You can’t ever learn something new if you don’t take the first step
  • The outcome of doing something you are scared of can be amazing
  • What if you never tried ice cream?  How would you ever know it is the BEST food in the world!

“Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it by use.” – Ruth Gordo

  • The more courage you have, the easier it gets
  • Baby steps lead to great things
  • Once you have courage to do something and you find you could, you can do it again and again


At this point we had been together for a couple of hours so figured we should probably feed them 🙂  Dinner time….Thumbs up for pizza!


After dinner we decided to put the girls to the test!  We wanted them to see how they COULD gather courage and strength to get through a series of activities.  So, we set up stations and had an evening of FEAR FACTOR (like the TV show)!!

Step one…sort into groups.  Sometimes it takes courage to try new things with NEW people, rather than always with our friends and staying in our comfort zone.


All stations had labels.  The name of each event was sometimes enough to have girls questioning their resolve! 🙂

One station was called WORM PIE.  Here we had plates of whipped cream for each girl.  Hidden within the pile was a gummy worm.  The girls had to find their worm WITHOUT using their hands or any utensils.  Not knowing the worm was candy and not real, all but one girl tried this!


Another station was called CAN YOU GUESS.  Here we had several flavors of baby food.  We had taken the labels off the jars and the girls had to taste test all the flavors and guess what the flavors were.  We chose some easy foods, like applesauce and some baby food versions of the kids’ favorite foods, such as Mac-n-Cheese.  It was hilarious to see their faces and even better were the reactions when we gave them the answers afterwards and they realized every one of the pureed foods were foods they eat in its whole state!  All girls tried this event.  The girls with more than 50% guessed correctly won a yummy(er) treat!

h1 h2

Ummmm….WHAT?!?!  Pretty sure we didn’t feed them THAT, but from these photos you’d think we did 🙂


PHEW….a smile…ish!!!


One station we had to set up outside so we wouldn’t make a mess on the nice carpet in the parish Friendship Room.  This one was called ROTTEN EGG CHALLENGE.  Girls had to crack an egg into their hands and carry it from a starting point to a bucket several yards away.  Once they deposited their egg they had to crack an egg into a teammate’s hand who then walked back the other direction.  Every girl tried this event.

h1 h2

The last event was called PIG GUTS KEY SEARCH.  This one got great reactions out of the girls.  First off, it stunk!  A leader had purchased a bunch of canned food items from the Dollar Store, such as Spaghetti-Os, applesauce, grape jelly, canned mushrooms and few other “gross” items.  Mix in some water and you get slop!  In the bucket we dropped 6 keys.  2 of the keys opened a pair of padlocks.  Each girl had to dig around for the correct key and when they opened the lock they dropped the keys back into the pig guts and handed the, now-relocked, padlock to the next girl in line.  They learned really quickly that if they pulled an incorrect key from the slop they shouldn’t put it back in (increasing their odds of finding the correct key sooner) and that both of the correct keys were interchangeable and would open either padlock so two girls could go at once!  All but one girl tried this event.  The one who flat-out refused was the youngest girl in her group and the older girls were REALLY sweet to her!!



The fourth requirement to earning the pin is to make something to remember what they’ve learned.  We made collages on canvas with the words COURAGOUS and/or STRONG on them.  Using magazines, markers and modgepodge we got some really pretty artwork!  As mentioned above, the girls were given the 3 chosen quotes to copy if they wanted, as well.

Leaders add some modge-podge and VOILA!  Beautiful art to take home!

h1 h2

By this point, it is pretty late in the night….past usual bedtimes for our younger girls.  So, we usually wind down by watching a movie and having quiet time until they all crash.  Cookie season started the next day so we watched some GSUSA videos so the girls could get ideas on how to sell, sell, sell!

h1 h2

Now….GO TO SLEEEPPP!!!!!  🙂  Well, first it’s like herding cats, then it was bedtime.  But, bright and early again, it is breakfast time….which, of course, is not possible without these bright-eyed-at-6am-lovely-ladies!


A couple of years ago we started making homemade Belgium waffles, as each of the leaders had an iron.  So, it has become our tradition.  Add some bacon, fruit, yogurt, milk and breakfast is served.  YUMMY!!

After a quick game of “as soon as you round up all your things and pack them up we will put your name in a drawing for a fun prize” (you might call it bribery, we say PRETTY MUCH!!), we finished our event by discussing what we learned and making a commitment to live what we learned!  This is the last requirement for the pin.  So, in one activity packed evening a troop of over 40 girls can earn this award.


As you can imagine it is an exhausting time.  But…the memories and photos are all the incentive we leaders need (well…that and the fact that a year passes before we do it again!)  The best part of the evening, is the sisterhood!


h1 h2





h1 h2

A few weeks after our event, the girls received their pins which were blessed by Father Jaochim during Mass. The whole troop was honored in front of their entire school and parish community.



Celebrate World Thinking Day in Jefferson County


Each year Girl Scouts and Girl Guides celebrate World Thinking Day as a way to embrace sisterhood around the world and learn about other countries.  Join Girl Scouts from Jefferson County and Metro-Denver in the celebration this year at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.  Troops will help girls look at the culture and lives of girls in these countries through music, food, games, and activities. Each troop participating will be expected to create a display about the country they choose.

Age: All

Where: Jefferson County Fairgrounds

Address: 15200 W 6th Ave, Golden, CO 80401

Date: April 12th, 2015

Time:1:00-4:00 PM

Price per booth: $15 per booth (every girl/adult in your troop gets in under the cost, patches/pins are not included in this cost.)

Price per Person with no booth: $3 per girl and $4 per Family members/friends/public, children under 3yrs old are free.

Register at:

Questions contact:

Are there any Girl Scouts out there ready to YELL?

Submitted by Lily Barkau Lee
Fort Collins
Northern and Northeastern Colorado

Are there any Girl Scouts out there ready to YELL? We are looking for Girl Scouts ages 11 to 18 who would be interested in a brand new program called Youth Engaged in Learning about Leadership (YELL). After this 12-month program, girls will be able to demonstrate:

  • Personal leadership – encompasses a leader learning more about herself and developing life skills that strengthen self-image
  • Organizational leadership – engages girls in practicing skills for decision-making
  • Community leadership – focuses on girls organizing to create community change

During this year-long program, girls will have four (4) 3-day retreats where they will learn about:

goal setting
decision making
stress management and time management
working with others
conflict resolution
engaging and empowering others
cultural competence
managing groups
team building (we will be doing a ropes course)
program planning and evaluation
leadership and service learning
leadership and youth-adult partnerships

To put what they’ve learned in to action, girls will then complete a final project of becoming the Directors of the annual Parent Daughter Camp held at Meadow Mountain Ranch in early August. Overall, our goal is for the girls to become empowered to be strong, confident leaders in their personal and professional lives in the future. Applications for this program are being accepted until May 15, 2015 and girls accepted into the program will be notified by May 31, 2015. Dates and locations for the upcoming program are:

The Class of 2016

Session Dates Location
#1 August 28-30, 2015 TBD
#2 October 9-11, 2015 Greeley (commuter retreat)
#3 January 22-24, 2016 Twisted Pine
#4 April 22-24, 2016 TBD
Directors Planning Weekend June 24-26, 2016 MMR
Parent Daughter Camp August 5-7, 2016 MMR

The cost of the program is $350.00 and includes lodging, activities, meals and learning materials. For more information or to request an application, please contact or call Lily at (970) 218-2395.

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Travel to Sydney & the Great Barrier Reef in 2017

Sydney Sydney2

Submitted by Cortney Kern

Travel gives you opportunities to learn about new cultures and meet new people. It is the mission of Global Girl Scouts of Colorado to provide unique opportunities for you to travel with your fellow Girl Scouts to amazing destinations.

In 2017, you can visit Sydney’s Rocks District where European settlers first came ashore 200 years ago; travel the scenic coast; learn about Australia’s amazingly diverse marine biology; feed dolphins on Moreton Island; and see the Great Barrier Reef, nature’s largest living organism and home to 400 kinds of coral and 1,500 species of fish.

Below is more information on how you can put your cookie money to use this season and get started on an amazing adventure! Lead chaperone of Global Girl Scouts is LeEllen Condry. Please contact her with any questions on travel at:

Pricing and Itinerary Information: (valid through March 31st)

2017 Tours:

Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef- Enrollment, Current Pricing, and Tour Website

Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef Itinerary

*Note: Lunches (as noted on the itinerary) and a suggested tipping amount for the Tour Director, local guides, and bus drivers are not included.

Every EF tour includes airfare, ground transportation, comfortable hotel accommodations, breakfast and dinner daily, a full-time tour director and local guides, and the most extensive safety and security regulations in the industry. EF also offers the lowest prices, guaranteed, as well as unparalleled support for Girl Scout Leaders, girls, and their parents, making it easy, safe, and affordable for your girls to experience the very best historic, cultural and natural sights in the world.

How to Enroll:

You can enroll online using the tour websites linked above. Each tour website has a pink button saying “Enroll On this Tour”. Click to start the online enrollment with EF now! Enrollment is $95 per person and locks in your total price.


Travelers have the option to enroll with the manual payment plan or to sign-up for EF’s Automatic Payment Plan. This is a great way for families to make the trip more affordable!  I would recommend that your entire group enrolls on the Monthly Payment Plan – it is much easier to manage!

Automatic Payment Plan

-$95 Enrollment Fee

-Automatic Monthly or bi-weekly Withdrawals until a month prior to departure

-Can be supplemented with Fundraised Money to adjust Monthly Payment Amount




Manual Payment Plan

-$95 Initial Deposit

-$50 maintenance fees

-$150 due 60 days later

-$150 20 months prior (fall 2014 for a 2016 summer tour)

-$300 14 months prior (late spring 2015 for a 2016 summer tour)

-$300 due 9 months prior (fall 2015 for a 2016 summer tour)

-tour balance due 110 days prior to departure

Money Earning:

We also know that money-earning is a large part of planning a trip! From learning about goal-setting and budgeting to team-building and event-planning, girls can learn life skills while preparing for their tour. We have gathered many fundraising ideas and resources from our years of working with Group Leaders and Girl Scouts and we invite you to take a look:




Red Rocks Community College presents: Cadette Woodworker Badge

The Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Skilled Trades departments at Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) are very excited to work with Cadette Girl Scouts this spring to help them earn their Woodworker badge. Come join us in learning the basics of woodworking.  RRCC has a state of the art carpentry and woodworking lab, so this will be an excellent place to explore, learn, experiment and build.

We will start with the basics:  learning to use a hammer, screwdriver, level, wood saw, tape measure and other tools of the woodworking trade.  Then, put what you’ve learned into practice on a variety of projects.  We will culminate with a creative project you can take home.

But, you’ll be taking home more than just a project! You’ll take home the skills and confidence to start your own woodworking project!

When: April 3

Time: 5:00 PM

Where: Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood

Cost: $5 per girl

Register now:

Save the Date: Cocktails & Cookie Creations

Join fellow Girl Scouts, supporters, and community leaders for Cocktails & Cookie Creations! These adult tasting events feature savory appetizers made with Girl Scout Cookies, wine, specialty cocktails, a silent auction, and more. Cocktails & Cookie Creations in Grand Junction is Friday, April 17, 2015.  The event in Steamboat Springs is planned for Thursday, May 28, 2015. Tickets for both nights are on sale now and sponsorships are still available.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect at Cocktails & Cookie Creations in Grand Junction:

The Local: Samoa encased in chorizo-made into a slider with chipotle aioli

Spoons: Pico de gallo corn fritter with Tagalong mole braised beef

Citrolas: Rah-Rah Raisin salmon risotto with cookie crumble balsamic reduction

Bin 707 Foodbar: Do-si-do crusted pork belly sliced on barley risotto with rhubarb gastrique

Community Hospital: Panko shortbread Ahi tuna on a honey coconut rice cake with wasabi siracha aioli

No Coast Sushi: Braised beef with Thin Mint curry, Thin Mint tabbouleh and Thin Mint Naan bread

Here are the recipes from Cocktails & Cookie Creations in Steamboat Springs last year:

Asian Braised Pork Belly with Dos-i-dos

Mole Pork Tenderloin with Tagalongs

Samoa Badge of Courage

Good news! Greg Smith and Kate Rench are returning this year and we can’t wait to taste the new dishes they’ve created.

For more information on Cocktails & Cookie Creations in Steamboat Springs, email Carol Griffin.

For more information on the event in Grand Junction, email Cindi Graves.




Jeffco World Thinking Day Celebration rescheduled

With meteorologist predictions of the worst blizzard in three years on Sunday, February 22, 2015, Girl Scouts of Colorado has decided to reschedule the Jeffco World Thinking Day Celebration. We have troops and entertainers coming from all over the metro area, and CDOT has requested people to stay off the roads on Sunday. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but excited to reschedule for Sunday, April 12. We want to have full attendance for what is sure to be an amazing cultural experience for the girls and families.

To still bring a little taste of the world to your family on Sunday, consider:

  • Making friendship bracelets
  • Cooking an ethnic meal together
  • Watching Tipping the Balance and identify fair trade products in your house
  • Reading the newspaper, AP newsfeed or world news blog and discuss global issues as a family

You will receive more updates on our April 12 celebration soon. Please stay warm and safe this weekend!

March 6 luncheon to honor women leading change in the world


Submitted by Megan Sehr

Want to celebrate International Women’s Day this year? Join WorldDenver on March 6 for their annual International Women’s Day luncheon and help them honor two women trailblazers leading change in the world: Lieutenant General Michelle D. Johnson, U.S. AFA, who represents the fearless leaders needed to challenge women’s agenda in the military; and Terry Odendahl, GlobalGreengrants Fund, who supports international change for marginalized women through fighting climate change and environmental injustice. Learn more about the event at:

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Outdoor Skills Camps coming soon – Register Now!

Outdoor Skills Day Camps

Back by popular demand!

An annual favorite event for Girl Scouts is coming back – Outdoor Skills Day camps are being hosted in Longmont, Thornton and Boulder.

Who: 1st Graders and up
When: 9:45am—3:45pm  after Scouts Own (exact times will be sent)
On Sale Price/Girl: $16 includes hot Sat. lunch and Outdoor Skills patch
Adults: free up to required ratios—(1 adult: 4 Brownies or 1 adult: 6 Juniors or 1 adult: 10 Cadettes)
Additional adults: $5/day
Event Maximum: Up to 100 girls (register early). Bring a friend.

Sample of Outdoor Skills to Learn and Improve

  • Knife Craft and Safety
  • Knot Tying
  • Compass Use
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Fire Building and Campsite Set-up / Tent Pitching
  • Emergency First Aid and Preparation

Each girl will earn ‘Outdoor Skills’ patch.

Brownies/Juniors/Cadettes may do activities that are part of other awards.
Each girl should bring a washed/peeled veggie for the lunch Stone Soup. Come with your troop or on your own.
Please register NOW:

Questions to:

Girl Scout Senior/Ambassador Troop 70007 is running this event to help Girl Scouts learn Outdoor Skills and as a fundraiser for their big summer trip to California.

Date Registration and Payment Deadline Location
Sat Feb 28 Feb 24 United Methodist Church, 350 11th Avenue, Longmont, CO 80501
Sat Mar 7 Mar 3 Good Shepherd UMC, 3690 East 128th Avenue, Thornton, Colorado 80241
Sat Mar 14 Mar 10 Mountain View United Methodist Church, 355 Ponca Place, Boulder, Co 80303


Download Outdoor Skills Day Camps Flyer 2015 final.pdf

Save the date! Highest Awards Celebrations planned across the state


We are so excited to gather all across the state to recognize and celebrate girls who have earned the Highest Awards in Girl Scouting. Check for an event near you, mark your calendars and help us commend these girls of courage, confidence and character! Please RSVP for the event you intend to join using the links provided.

Pikes Peak Highest Awards Celebration

May 15 6:30pm Penrose House Garden Pavilion 1661 Mesa Avenue Colorado Springs

RSVP here

Western Slope Highest Awards Celebration

May 1 Roper Ballroom 6:30pm 136 N. 5th Street, Grand Junction

RSVP here

Boulder Area Highest Awards and Bridging Ceremony

April 26 2pm Mountain View Methodist Church 355 Ponca Place Boulder

RSVP here

Denver Metro Highest Awards Celebration

April 28 7pm Faith Bible Chapel Atruim 12189 W 64th Ave, Arvada

RSVP here

Northern Colorado Highest Awards Celebration

April 24 5:30pm The Ranch- McKee Building 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland

RSVP here