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Get Answers to Your Cookie Program FAQ’s!

Girl Scouts of Colorado has posted our new and improved Cookie Program FAQ’s for the 2014 season! Get a jump start on cookies and start reviewing these updates before the Cookie Program begings – it will be here before you know it!

2014 Cookie Activity


What Cookies?

• We will be selling the six most popular varieties of Girl Scout Cookies: Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Do-si-dos, and Savannah Smiles.

How does the Cookie Program work?

• Girls will sell cookies to these customers with cookies in hand. Instant gratification from the get go!
• Volunteers will place their starting inventory cookie order by December 6, 2013, based on 80 percent of last year’s final sales.
• Starting inventory orders (SIO) delivery for the Cookie Program will be picked up January 20 to 25.
• Council sales will take place between February 7 and March 2. My Sale boothing will begin January 26.

New this year, “My Sale boothing”!

• Girl Scouts of Colorado is now giving girls the opportunity to get a head start on their booth selling! My Sale boothing begins at the start of the cookie sale, January 26 and will allow girls to set up their own personal booths throughout the end of the sale, March 2. Through My Sale boothing, girls will only be able to set up booths at non council contracted locations. The regular booth sale period is February 7 – March 2; girls will be able to set up booths at council contracted locations during this time frame (Walmart, King Soopers, Same’s Club, Albertson’s, City Market, etc.)… All booth sales must be entered in eBudde and approved by your service unit cookie booth manager, service unit cookie manager or area cookie manager.

Want more Cookie Program updates?

• Check out the Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Product Sales Facebook page where you can get the latest and greatest information regarding the Cookie Program!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools will I need on my computer to access eBudde?

For the 2013-2014 season, users will need to have Internet Explorer 8 and above to access eBudde. Internet Explorer tends to rollout updates to their browsers in October of each year, so users should update yearly to ensure that they can utilize eBudde.

When do troops need to place their starting inventory order?

Troops need to enter their starting inventory order in eBudde by December 6, 2013 so the cookies can be baked on time and you do not have to think about cookie planning over the holidays!

How does a troop know how much to order?

Your starting inventory order is recommended to be 80% of your final sales from last year. All troops’ recommended 80% orders are posted at, including recommendations for new troops. If you have additional questions about your order, your service unit cookie manager and council product sales staff are available to help you figure out what makes the most sense for your order.

Why do you want me to order 80% upfront?

This is historically the amount that troops order for their initial order. This baseline provides troops with adequate inventories to prevent multiple trips to the cupboard and helps our cupboard keep their inventories manageable.

What if I have fewer girls selling this year?

Your starting inventory order can be adjusted by working with your service unit cookie manager.

What happens if the troop can’t sell all the cookies it orders initially?

Anything left over from your starting inventory order can be used for booth sales or returned to your local cupboard until February 12, 2014. After that date, you will be financially responsible for those cookies. Council is happy to trade full unopened cases of cookies for a different variety throughout the sale to help you clear out your inventory – this doesn’t include non-chocolates after February 12, 2014. We encourage you to utilize the Girl Scouts of Colorado classifieds online at to exchange or transfer cookies by packages between troops.

Will there still be an order form?

Yes, order cards will be distributed with the starting inventory order. Girls may still take orders and come back later to deliver if they so choose. For all girls, the order card become a cookie business record used to track customer sales. This card can be kept from year to year to make sure the girl builds her customer base.

How does the Cookie Program affect individual selling girls?

Girls who are not part of a troop will be able to get cookies from their local cupboard with the same return deadline of February 12, 2014.

Will the delivery process change?

No, the delivery process will be the same as last year.

Can we accept credit cards?

Troop leaders are responsible for arranging acceptance of payment with mobile credit card devices by their troop, and for any and all fees incurred to set up or process transactions. GSCO no longer trains or approves their use of credit cards. Individual Girl Scouts may not accept credit card payments for product sales.

How do I prevent having leftover inventory at the end of the sale that my troop has to pay for?

To prevent paying for excess inventory, you need to stay in constant communication with the parents in your troop about what they have on hand. Here are the best practices for inventory management:
• Require parents turn in all excess inventory by Sunday, February 9 to make sure your troop can meet the return deadline of Wednesday, February 12.
• Manage your cookie sale like a business, keeping a close watch on inventory, payments received and outstanding balances.
• Have parents turn in money and excess inventory once per week throughout the sale.
• Return consignment cookies to the cupboard within the consignment period established by your cupboard.
• List any excess inventory on the GSCO Classifieds Cookie Exchange at .
• Participate in the Hometown Hero/Gift of Caring program and make sure not to pick up these cookies from your cupboard until the sale ends.
• Schedule an extra booth sale or walk about the last weekend of the sale to get rid of remaining inventory.

Where is my closest cookie cupboard?

Information on cookie cupboard locations will be coming out soon from your SUCM.

If you have any questions, please contact your appropriate Product Sales Specialist with questions:

debi Metheny (Metro Denver, Northern & Northeastern Colorado):; (303) 607-4886

Kathy Singer (Western Slope, Southwestern Colorado & Mountain Communities):; (970) 628-8018

Shannon Allison (Metro Denver, Pikes Peak, San Luis Valley & Southeastern Colorado):; (303) 607-4839

Girl Scout fundraiser in Durango raises $1,500

Thank you to everyone who attended our Durango fundraising event on Friday evening, Oct. 18th. This fun event called “Betty Girl Scout Happy Hour” paired Girl Scout Cookies with beer crafted by our location hosts, Ska Brewing Company. Nearly 40 community members, including Girl Scout alumnae, attended and helped raise $1,500+ for Girl Scout programs in the area. The event also featured a silent auction. Ska Brewing Company looks forward to partnering with Girl Scouts on future events!

Girl Scout Community Recruitment Event in Estes Park Sept. 14th

We invite the community to come join us in Estes Park on Saturday, Sept. 14th, for Milk & Cookies. This is an event where you can learn more on how you can support Girl Scouting of Colorado, including how girls can join and more about the critical need the organization has for volunteers. The event is free and will take place from 1-3 p.m. at the Historic Elkhorn Lodge on 600 W. Elkhorn Ave. Western Dairy Association has partnered with Girl Scouts of Colorado on this event and will have hands-on information stations and interactive games, which enable participants to learn and get excited about calcium, bone health and proper nutrition. There will also be tasty treats on-hand — Girl Scout Cookies and milk, yogurt and ice cream provided by Meadow Gold. More information on the event: Milk Cookies Estes Park. We hope to see you there!

Posted by Amanda Kalina, PR Director, Girl Scouts of Colorado



GSCO Horse Program changes – the future of the horse program

Girl Scouts of Colorado has volunteers committed to creating horseback riding opportunities for Girl Scouts across the state. We are happy to announce that Julie Fischer, former Statewide Horseback Director, has offered to stay on with GSCO as horseback riding volunteer to continue to develop horse programs away from GSCO properties. She will continue to develop connections with riding facilities and stables to offer Girl Scouts options and opportunities to ride at a discount. Julie will also continue to develop and host events and activities with facilities that Girl Scouts can attend in connection with horses. She is working on Wrangler in Training (WIT) opportunities that would allow older Girl Scouts to still learn and obtain skills relating to horses.

Julie is also working on additional riding opportunities so troops/girls have riding options they can opt into during their overnight camp experiences at summer camps, similar to what Magic Sky was able to offer this past summer. She is also connecting with outdoor organizations who do high adventure and outdoor opportunities for scouts as well.  Anyone who has information on facilities near them already offering discounts or who may be interested, or anyone who is interested in helping Julie go forward with developing other horse options as a volunteer, please contact her at

We are also excited to see that Julie will be moving on to pursue her PhD – Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership from University of Phoenix.

Julie “Pecos” A.C. Fischer

Horse Advocate – Volunteer

Girl Scouts of Colorado

303-747-2512 office/home

Things are happening in Product Sales!

Product Sales is happy to announce that our team is now complete and “hungry” to serve Girl Scouts of Colorado, its members, volunteers and families. We are very excited to work with you!

(From bottom) Jordan Alvillar (Administrative Support Specialist), Kristina Meredith (Product Sales Specialist), Angel Haxton (Director of Product Sales), debi Metheney (Product Sales Specialist), Kathy Singer (Product Sales Specialist) and Dana Harrod (Product Sales Analyst)
(From bottom) Jordan Alvillar (Administrative Support Specialist), Shannon Allison (Product Sales Specialist), Angel Haxton (Director of Product Sales), debi Metheny (Product Sales Specialist), Kathy Singer (Product Sales Specialist) and Dana Harrod (Product Sales Analyst)

In order to serve you more efficiently, we have provided brief staff descriptions for each of us:

Jordan Alvillar, Product Sales Administrative Support Specialist:

Got questions about Cookie Credits, the Fall or Cookie sale, or need additional support from Product Sales? Jordan helps with “tightening up the screws” in our department. She is based out of the Denver office and is very excited to participate in the upcoming Fall and Cookie sale as an official Product Sales staff member!

Contact:, (303) 607-4870.

Shannon Allison, Product Sales Specialist (Denver Metro, Pueblo and Colorado Springs (El Paso County):

Shannon Allison, Product Sales  Representative
Shannon Allison, Product Sales Specialist

Shannon is our brand spankin’ new member in Product Sales! She just moved to Colorado after living and working in South Florida for the Girl Scouts of Gulf Coast Florida! She was the Sales Coordinator and worked with Product Sales and the Girl Scout Shop. Shannon was a Girl Scout herself and is loving the opportunity to work with volunteers and staff to continue to help empower girls to become leaders. She is ready to get started with Girl Scouts of Colorado and we are so happy to have her!

Contact:, (303) 607-4839.

Angel Haxton, Director of Product Sales:

After 17 years, Dorothy Gregory retired as the Product Sales Director. We were very fortunate to inherit Angel as the new Product Sales Director after serving on the Girl Scouts of Colorado Product Sales team for 2.5 years. Angel has twelve years of previous Girl Scout experience as the CFO of Girl Scouts of Oklahoma. Something you’ll hear Angel say often is, “I love my job”. She is an enthusiastic leader who is determined to make this years Fall and Cookie sale the best ever.

Contact:, (303) 607-4819.

debi Metheny, Product Sales Specialist (Northern, Northeastern Colorado and Denver Metro):

debi Metheny was a Membership Specialist for Girl Scouts of Colorado before she came to the Product Sales team. Through her Product Sales Specialist position, she has been able to make strong connections with volunteers and members.

Contact:, (303) 607-4886.

Kathy Singer, Product Sales Specialist (Western Slope, Southwestern Colorado and Mountain Communities):

Kathy has been on the Product Sales team for 2.5 years. Before that, she was a Service Unit Product Sales volunteer for three service units in Grand Junction on the Western Slope. Kathy has a knack for planning spectacular Top Seller events to honor the Girl Scouts of Colorado who sell more than 750 boxes of cookies!

Contact:, (970) 628-8018.

Dana Harrod (Product Sales Analyst):

Dana had worked for Girl Scouts of Colorado in Registration and Business Systems for eight years before coming to Product Sales. Dana also has experience as a troop and unit volunteer as well as a council trainer. Dana serves as the “technical support” branch of the Product Sales team. She provides extensive technical and customer support for the user side of eBudde and NutE and also assists in inventory management with the Cookie Cupboards around the state.

Are you ready for the Fall Sale and Cookie Sale like us?

We are excited to announce the Fall and Cookie Sale dates below:

Fall Sale 2013:

Sale Dates: September 21, 2013 to October 13, 2013
Order form due to leader by: October 14, 2013
Turn in Money to Leader by: October 14, 2013
Deliver Products to Customers: October 30, 2013 – November 10, 2013

NEW to this year’s Fall Sale! We are now offering Fall Program Credits for this year’s sale, which will work like Cookie Credits! Stay tuned for more details.

Cookie Sale 2014:

Sale Dates: January 26, 2014 – March 2, 2014
Deliveries Start: January 20, 2014
Big Delivery Day: January 25, 2014
Cookies Now! My Sale Boothing: January 26, 2014
Council Booth Sale Starts: February 7, 2014
Cookie Return Date: February 12, 2014 (*You cannot return anything that is non-chocolate after the return date)
Arrival of Awards: April 21, 2014

We will be selling the six most popular varieties
Do-si-Dos, Samoas, Savannah Smiles, Tagalongs, Thin Mints and Trefoils
*Since inventory management has been a big challenge for non-chocolate varieties, we’re asking that you order only what you think you can sell. Non-chocolate varieties cannot be returned this year.
NEW! Personal Booth Sales are a go from day one!
Get creative and think about where girls can arrange their own Booth Sales throughout the entire sale. You still need to get them approved so they can get in eBudde and you’ll get the bonus of public promotions through the Cookie Locator website
and mobile app!
Council contracted sites such as Walmart, Sam’s, Safeway, King Soopers and Albertsons will run Feb. 7– March 2.

Volunteer! Want to be an asset in this year’s Fall Sale or next year’s Cookie Sale? Become a volunteer! All you need to do is fill out a volunteer application and specify if you would like to participate in the Fall or Cookie Sale!

Hungry for updates regarding Fall Sale, Cookie Sale and Product Sales in general? Visit the Product Sales Facebook page!

Thanks for reading! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to better serve you.


Product Sales

Girl Scouts of Colorado honors top cookie sellers


View more photos of the Top Cookie Seller Luncheon in Denver

Over the last month Girl Scouts of Colorado held several events throughout the state to honor the more than 400 Colorado Girl Scouts who sold 750 packages of Girl Scout Cookies during the 2013 sale. (View the program of this year’s top cookie sellers)

On Saturday, June 22nd, I had the honor of attending the ever-popular Top Seller Luncheon at the Denver Marriott Tech Center with roughly 95 of this year’s top sellers from around the state. Girl Scouts of Colorado’s President and CEO Stephanie Foote as well as retired Vice President of Product Sales Dorothy Gregory, the new Director of Product Sales Angel Haxton and Denver Product Sales staff, Jordan Alvillar and Dana Harrod, also joined me at the event. I always love seeing the girls of all ages dressed up in their fancy attire with smiles ear to ear! The luncheon includes a presentation of the top cookie seller medals, voting on next year’s cookie recognitions and dancing with the yearly conga line through the banquet hall.

Also on Saturday a rock climbing top seller event near Durango took place. Volunteer Dena Thomason snapped these photos at the event to share with us. Looks like fun was had by all!

Other cookie top seller events this month included the Glenwood Caverns and Pueblo Dinner Theatre on June 8 and coming up on June 29 is high tea at Victoria’s Tiny Tea Room in Eaton. Did you attend one of these events? Please share your photos and stories with us so we can showcase them here on the blog as well .

Congratulations to Girl Scouts of Colorado’s 2013 Cookie Top Sellers!

2013 Cookie Season Wrap Up

Girl Scouts of Colorado thanks you for a great cookie season.

Girl Scouts in Colorado, with the support of their leaders, families and friends, sold 4.19 million packages of Girl Scout Cookies this season! Congratulations to the girls for their success and to the volunteers for guiding girls to discover the 5 Essential Skills: goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

The total sale was down about 5 percent from last year, however there were about 6 percent fewer selling girls, so the per girl average actually increased.

The top seller in the state, Madison Walker of Arvada, sold 4,200 packages of cookies! Fifteen girls sold 2,500 packages of cookies or more across the state. Last year, only seven girls reached that goal.

This year, girls earned $245,000 in Cookie Credits to pay for camp, events, travel, Girl Scout merchandise and more.

As a team, parents, volunteers and staff improved inventory management procedures, which helped to reduce the amount of cookies remaining at the end of the sale by more than half. Thank you for working hard to manage your inventory and meet return deadlines.

We’re looking forward to another great year in 2014.

After 17 years of service to Girl Scouts in Colorado, Dorothy Gregory, former Vice President of Product Sales, has retired. Her product sales leadership has been instrumental in funding the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for generations of girls in Colorado — a priceless contribution! Angel Haxton is the new statewide product sales team leader for Girl Scouts of Colorado.

And check out these great cookie sales pitches done by our 2013 cookie sellers! These girls are learning a lot of business skills through the Girl Scout Cookie Program! (Colorado Springs, #3810) (Denver #51435) (Denver #52316) (Aspen, #53919) (Parker #61292) (Denver #51058)

Troop 75 delivers cookies to Dumb Friends League


Submitted by Rachel Whitmire

In 2012, the Daisies and Brownies of Troop 75 visited the Denver Dumb Friends League for a class and tour. They learned about the incredible work the League does to help 25,000 homeless pets each year, and discovered that the shelter could not operate without its army of 1,200 extraordinary volunteers.

Inspired, the girls voted in January to make the volunteers of the Denver Dumb Friends League their Hometown Heroes for 2013. Throughout the cookie season, the girls asked friends, relatives and each of their cookie customers to buy an extra box to donate. The community response was amazing, and the girls were able to meet their goal of collecting one box of cookies for each of the 1,200 volunteers!

On April 2, Troop 75 delivered 1,200 boxes of cookies (plus a few extra cases for the hardworking staff!) to the Dumb Friends League, where they were gratefully accepted by League staff and Ambassador Dog Jezebel.

About Troop 75: Troop 75 is comprised of 23 Daisies and Brownies from the Ricks Center for Gifted Children. So far this school year, the girls have contributed their time, talents and troop funds to the following local organizations: Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado, S.A.M.E. Cafe, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Sunrise Senior Center, Denver Dumb Friends League, and Denver Zoo.

About the Denver Dumb Friends League: Founded in 1910, the Dumb Friends League is a national leader in providing humane care to lost and abandoned animals, rescuing sick, injured and abused animals, adopting pets to new homes, helping pets stay in homes, and educating pet owners and the public about the needs of companion animals. For more information, please visit

Navy men, women happy to receive Hometown Hero cookies




Submitted by Stephanee Estrella

Hometown Heroes – Sailors from Goose Creek, SC

Thought I would share these pics with all of you.

Here are some pictures of the Hometown Hero Cookies Recipients. These young men and women are in the Navy and are stationed out of Goose Creek, South Carolina.

Our sailor connection was Nathan. His mother, Karen Mozola, paid for the shipping for these cookies. Karen reported to me that Nathan was the HERO for the day when the boxes of cookies came in and were distributed.

It warmed my heart to see how happy these people were in their pictures. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we did.

Stephanee and Sophee
of Troop 52402 – in The Pines Service Unit

This story was submitted via the Share Your Stories form. You can share your Girl Scout moments too.

Western Slope Girl Scouts make record Hometown Heroes donation


On Tuesday, April 16th, the Western Slope’s largest Girl Scout Troop 12214 of Holy Family Catholic School made a Hometown Heroes donation of more than 500 packages of Girl Scout Cookies to Catholic Outreach. This was the largest Hometown Heroes donation made by a troop on the Western Slope this year.

The troop blogged about their effort, which included some local media coverage, on their troop’s blog. Read the blog here.

Posted by Amanda Kalina, PR Director, Girl Scouts of Colorado