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Cold with a chance of Thin Mints

Submitted by Kristin Coulter

Cadette Girl Scouts, Morgan Ward and Fiona Shore from Park Hill Troop 3573 got a surprise visit from Channel 7 Weatherman Mike Nelson. The girls had been working hard to attract customers to their cookie booth in the pet grocery store, Green Buddies, parking lot on Colfax Avenue, Saturday, Feb. 1, when Mike Nelson stopped in for a Thin Mint fix.

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Girl Scout Night at Nuggets Game

Despite the snowy and cold weather on Friday night, Jan. 31st, hundreds of Girl Scouts and their family and friends from throughout Colorado enjoyed a Girl Scout night at the Denver Nuggets game. The event featured Girl Scouts leading a flag ceremony at the beginning of the game as well as a Girl Scout Cookie sale at the conclusion of the game. Troops selected for these honors were chosen based on their ticket sales for the event. Girl Scouts also had the chance to spend the night at the Pepsi Center following the festivities. Girl Scouts of Colorado thanks the Denver Nuggets for partnering with us on this great visibility event!

We will also like to give shout-out to the proskins team for sponsoring us!!

Show us your “Random Acts of Cookie Kindness”!

Girl Scouts of Colorado wants troops and Juliettes to show us their “Random Acts of Cookie Kindness”!

Partner with a business or organization that will buy cookies from your girls.  The organization must agree to give their cookies to others as a “Random Act of Cookie Kindness”.  This is also a great way for girls to gain confidence and learn leadership skills.

Your troop/Juliette can win:

*$75 gift certificate to the GSCO shop

*Free Shipping for 6 months on orders from GSCO shop – orders must be place by phone or email to qualify

*Pizza Party catered by Girl Scouts of Colorado staff

*One of a kind patch from GSCO

The organization will win:

*Recognition locally and statewide on the Girl Scouts of Colorado website blog, Facebook and Twitter

*Winning troop and partner organization will be showcased at a GSCO signature event

Keep track of the sales and submit a video or pictures of your troop or Juliette with a representative of the organization along with your “Random Acts of Cookie Kindness” form which can be found at 2014 RAOK Contest.  The top 7 troops/Juliettes with the most partnership sales will win. Entry deadline is March 2nd and the winner will be chosen on March 4th.

Girl Scout Cookie time in the news in Colorado!


View more photos from Colorado Girl Scout Media Stars in action

Thanks to the hard work of Girl Scouts across the state, Girl Scout Cookie time is making the news! As we receive great web links to placements that are made, we will add them to this blog post so watch this post for updates. We will also be giving cookie media updates on our social media channels. Because not all media hits are added to the web (making them easy to share), this post doesn’t include all of the wonderful cookie placements we are receiving. We appreciate the media across Colorado supporting Girl Scout Cookie time!

Pajama Cookie Rally in Cortez starts off with fun!


Submitted by Dena Thomason

Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! Pajama party, singing songs, safety, making crafts, snacking on Girl Scout cookies, pizza, cookie costumes…….ahhhhhhh…..We LOVE being Girl Scouts! Six different Girl Scout troops got together and enjoyed a fun cookie rally on Friday, January 10th where we learned all about safety, what these yummy cookies taste like, singing songs, what we can earn for selling cookies, how to market the cookies but mostly how to have FUN with cookies and each other!


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Sell Cookies at the Nuggets Game!

On January 31, the Denver Nuggets are hosting Pajama Jam.  Tickets to the Pajama Jam are only $22 and include:

  • Ticket to the Denver Nuggets vs. Toronto Raptors game
  • Post-Game shoot around on the Nuggets Court
  • Girl Scout Gift
  • Sleepover at the Pepsi Center
  • Midnight Snack
  • Donuts and juice in the morning

We are encouraging troops to refer people in their network to buy tickets to this game/event.  The 3 troops who refer the most people will get to sell cookies at a booth after the game (GSCO will provide the inventory, and troops will earn the troop profit from the sales).  The troops who refer the 4th and 5th most people will have the opportunity to participate in the flag presentation during the National Anthem at the game. 

In order to be counted towards the troop’s referral total, the tickets must be purchased through the online link:  Although the link is for tickets to Pajama Jam, all referred purchasers should use it, even if they are only attending the game.  Tickets through this link are open to everyone (not restriction to Girl Scouts or their families).  The Nuggets will contact everyone who purchases through this link to request the number of the troop that should be credited.

All sales made by Monday, Jan. 27th, at noon will be counted towards selecting the contest winners.

Denver PSS Blog January 2014: Part 2- Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Denver PSS Blog January 2014:  Part 2- Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Who else started counting down the days until cookie sales start as soon as holiday break ended? I know I did! It’s the biggest time of year around here, that’s why this month’s theme is Cookies, Cookies, Cookies! We all know how big of an impact the cookie sale profits makes for a troop– It’s your biggest source of revenue and an important skill-building tool for girls. I have compiled a list of tips, tricks and reminders below to act as a resource for those of you who may be new. Cookie Sale vets, feel free to share your stories here too. Remember that assistance is just a phone call or e-mail away if you get stuck at any point with booth sales, girl registration, money issues or anything else. We are here to support you to the fullest.

Don’t forget to brainstorm with the girls how to use this money during booth sales. It’s a great way to keep morale high and encourage goal-setting.

Here is a very important, comprehensive, GSCO-specific PDF. It outlines our partnership with the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, the cookie activity pin, the Pajama Jam, contact information, cookie sale videos, poster PDFs and tons more.

Here are safety tips:

FAQs about cookie sales:

Things to remember:
a. Girls must be registered in order to sell cookies. If you are experiencing problems with registration, contact your PSS as soon as possible.
b. Your first point of contact is your Troop Cookie Manager. After that, the Service Unit Cookie Manager and then the Area Cookie Manager. If you don’t know who these people are, contact your Service Unit Manager or PSS and they should be able to help you find out.
c. When at a booth site, you are representing more than just your troop. You are representing Girl Scouts everywhere. Be on your best behavior, smile and say thank you even when you are turned down.
d. The Hometown Hero program is a great alternative to those who don’t care for cookies themselves.

Girl Scout cookies are an American icon, so wear your uniforms and sell those bad boys proudly! Best of luck and as we used to say in my old troop… May the samoas be with you!

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend Patch Program

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 2014 — February 7-8.

Participate in the day by completing one or more items from each of the five skill categories and then purchase your patch.*

View as a PDF: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend Patch Program

Goal Setting

  •          Create a poster to take to your booth sale explaining how your troop will use their proceeds.
  •          Work with your leader to post three community posters (found in the Volunteer Resource Guide on the GSUSA website) in local storefronts.
  •          With an adult, post your cookie goals on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social networking site on February 7th or 8th.

Decision Making

  •          Make a list of five people that can help you with making an important decision. Contact them during National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend!
  •          Look up what a Decision Tree is. How might this tool help your troop with your cookie sales?
  •          Discuss with your troop when and where you will sell cookies. Why is this important? How could this impact your individual and troop goals?

Money Management

  •          Determine how much money your troop would need to meet your troop goal. How many packages will your troop have to sell to raise that money?
  •          Discuss which forms of payment you will accept (cash, check, and/or credit cards). What are the pros and cons to each option?
  •          Discuss how promoting Hometown Heroes helps your troop with inventory management while also helping your local community. Work with an adult to send your Hometown Hero a message (or a message about your HH) through social media during National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.

People Skills

  •          Review with your parent or troop the “How to Sell Cookies” flyer available on the GSUSA website.
  •          Practice your sales pitch with three people.
  •          Decide which cookie is your favorite and practice how you would describe it to someone else.
  •          Create your customer contact list so you have it ready to go for National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend!

Business Ethics

  •          Research the definition of Business Ethics and discuss it with your family or troop.
  •          Discuss how to respond to customers that want to place an order before the sale starts, or doing a booth before the booth sale period begins.
  •          Review the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Discuss how they relate to your cookie sale.

*This 4” patch retails for $3 each. Available through the GSCO retail shop while supplies last.


National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 2014 Activities


Girl Scouts of the USA has set Feb. 7 and 8 as National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend across the country. Like last year, this will be an opportunity for Girl Scouts to join together and talk about the lifelong business skills learned by selling Girl Scout Cookies. When Girl Scouts talk in one collective voice about something, our voice is pretty powerful!

This year National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend starts at the same time as the Winter Olympics starts in Russia. Because Colorado Springs is the home of the U.S. Olympic Training Center, we’ve joined forces with them and will be celebrating National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend by cheering for Team USA.

There are several opportunities for Colorado troops/Girl Scouts to get involved in the celebration:

  1. Bling your Girl Scout Cookie Booth to show your Team USA support and share your photos with us on social media.*
  2. Sign up your family and friends to participate in the Short and Sweet Downtown Dash, a 1-mile family fun glow run held in conjunction with a Sochi Olympic Downtown Celebration in Colorado Springs (the home of the U.S. Olympic Training Center). The Short and Sweet Downtown Dash is at 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 7. You are encouraged to dress up as your favorite Girl Scout Cookie, and you could even add gear from your favorite Olympic sport! Share your photos with us on social media.* (Please note that Girl Scouts can’t sell cookies during this event as there is a no selling policy in downtown Colorado Springs. We do have a booth at this event and will be passing out information on how consumers can purchase Girl Scout Cookies from any Colorado Girl Scout, as well as giving out free Girl Scout Cookie samples.)

*Girl Scouts of Colorado’s social media channels:

  • Hashtags: #GirlScoutCookies #gscocookies #cookieboss #cookiebiz #onemorebox #TeamUSA #Sochi2014 #RaiseYourHands
  • Twitter handles: @GSColo @girlscouts @USOlympic
  • Free Girl Scout Cookie Giveaways taking place throughout the weekend on our social media channels!

Colorado Girl Scouts can earn a National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend Participation Patch (pictured above). More information will be posted in the Cookie section of soon.

As an Olympics fanatic myself, I know I can hardly wait for this event. I look forward to having you join us! Please let me know if you have any questions: or 303-607-4844.

Download Event Flyer: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 2014

Get Answers to Your Cookie Program FAQ’s!

Girl Scouts of Colorado has posted our new and improved Cookie Program FAQ’s for the 2014 season! Get a jump start on cookies and start reviewing these updates before the Cookie Program begings – it will be here before you know it!

2014 Cookie Activity


What Cookies?

• We will be selling the six most popular varieties of Girl Scout Cookies: Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Do-si-dos, and Savannah Smiles.

How does the Cookie Program work?

• Girls will sell cookies to these customers with cookies in hand. Instant gratification from the get go!
• Volunteers will place their starting inventory cookie order by December 6, 2013, based on 80 percent of last year’s final sales.
• Starting inventory orders (SIO) delivery for the Cookie Program will be picked up January 20 to 25.
• Council sales will take place between February 7 and March 2. My Sale boothing will begin January 26.

New this year, “My Sale boothing”!

• Girl Scouts of Colorado is now giving girls the opportunity to get a head start on their booth selling! My Sale boothing begins at the start of the cookie sale, January 26 and will allow girls to set up their own personal booths throughout the end of the sale, March 2. Through My Sale boothing, girls will only be able to set up booths at non council contracted locations. The regular booth sale period is February 7 – March 2; girls will be able to set up booths at council contracted locations during this time frame (Walmart, King Soopers, Same’s Club, Albertson’s, City Market, etc.)… All booth sales must be entered in eBudde and approved by your service unit cookie booth manager, service unit cookie manager or area cookie manager.

Want more Cookie Program updates?

• Check out the Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Product Sales Facebook page where you can get the latest and greatest information regarding the Cookie Program!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools will I need on my computer to access eBudde?

For the 2013-2014 season, users will need to have Internet Explorer 8 and above to access eBudde. Internet Explorer tends to rollout updates to their browsers in October of each year, so users should update yearly to ensure that they can utilize eBudde.

When do troops need to place their starting inventory order?

Troops need to enter their starting inventory order in eBudde by December 6, 2013 so the cookies can be baked on time and you do not have to think about cookie planning over the holidays!

How does a troop know how much to order?

Your starting inventory order is recommended to be 80% of your final sales from last year. All troops’ recommended 80% orders are posted at, including recommendations for new troops. If you have additional questions about your order, your service unit cookie manager and council product sales staff are available to help you figure out what makes the most sense for your order.

Why do you want me to order 80% upfront?

This is historically the amount that troops order for their initial order. This baseline provides troops with adequate inventories to prevent multiple trips to the cupboard and helps our cupboard keep their inventories manageable.

What if I have fewer girls selling this year?

Your starting inventory order can be adjusted by working with your service unit cookie manager.

What happens if the troop can’t sell all the cookies it orders initially?

Anything left over from your starting inventory order can be used for booth sales or returned to your local cupboard until February 12, 2014. After that date, you will be financially responsible for those cookies. Council is happy to trade full unopened cases of cookies for a different variety throughout the sale to help you clear out your inventory – this doesn’t include non-chocolates after February 12, 2014. We encourage you to utilize the Girl Scouts of Colorado classifieds online at to exchange or transfer cookies by packages between troops.

Will there still be an order form?

Yes, order cards will be distributed with the starting inventory order. Girls may still take orders and come back later to deliver if they so choose. For all girls, the order card become a cookie business record used to track customer sales. This card can be kept from year to year to make sure the girl builds her customer base.

How does the Cookie Program affect individual selling girls?

Girls who are not part of a troop will be able to get cookies from their local cupboard with the same return deadline of February 12, 2014.

Will the delivery process change?

No, the delivery process will be the same as last year.

Can we accept credit cards?

Troop leaders are responsible for arranging acceptance of payment with mobile credit card devices by their troop, and for any and all fees incurred to set up or process transactions. GSCO no longer trains or approves their use of credit cards. Individual Girl Scouts may not accept credit card payments for product sales.

How do I prevent having leftover inventory at the end of the sale that my troop has to pay for?

To prevent paying for excess inventory, you need to stay in constant communication with the parents in your troop about what they have on hand. Here are the best practices for inventory management:
• Require parents turn in all excess inventory by Sunday, February 9 to make sure your troop can meet the return deadline of Wednesday, February 12.
• Manage your cookie sale like a business, keeping a close watch on inventory, payments received and outstanding balances.
• Have parents turn in money and excess inventory once per week throughout the sale.
• Return consignment cookies to the cupboard within the consignment period established by your cupboard.
• List any excess inventory on the GSCO Classifieds Cookie Exchange at .
• Participate in the Hometown Hero/Gift of Caring program and make sure not to pick up these cookies from your cupboard until the sale ends.
• Schedule an extra booth sale or walk about the last weekend of the sale to get rid of remaining inventory.

Where is my closest cookie cupboard?

Information on cookie cupboard locations will be coming out soon from your SUCM.

If you have any questions, please contact your appropriate Product Sales Specialist with questions:

debi Metheny (Metro Denver, Northern & Northeastern Colorado):; (303) 607-4886

Kathy Singer (Western Slope, Southwestern Colorado & Mountain Communities):; (970) 628-8018

Shannon Allison (Metro Denver, Pikes Peak, San Luis Valley & Southeastern Colorado):; (303) 607-4839