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Leader loves seeing girls develop their voice


Submitted by Margaret Flynn

Wheat Ridge, CO

Denver Metro

This is my first year as a Girl Scout leader after taking over my daughter’s Troop in the fall. I took the Leadership position because it was a activity that my daughter absolutely loved and I did not want her to miss out! Little did I know that I would get so much out of being a Leader…way more than I give. I LOVE seeing the girls use their problem solving techniques while they work as a team. It is especially fun to see them develop their own voice. I recently challenged my Troop to write a script for a sales video that they can share with family and friends. I think they did a fine job!! My girls hope to earn enough money through Cookie Sales to go on a Camping trip this spring. Thank you for watching!

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Michelle’s cookie video, with piano intro

Submitted by Michelle Bowen
Western Slope

Ive been playing piano for 6 years, and wanted to incorporate it into my cookie video by doing a mini piano lounge skit. Buy COOKIES help a girl take a destinations trip!

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Brandie’s cookie video

Submitted by Brandie Bowen
Western Slope

Here is the video we made for her digital cookie website. This is her second year selling cookies, and she has some exciting ideas about how her troop should spend their cookie money.

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Selling cookies and can’t wait to go to camp in Colorado


Submitted by Emma Johnson
Fort Morgan
Northern and Northeastern Colorado

My name is Emma and I am a first year Junior. I just moved to Colorado from Michigan and my troop has really welcomed me here. We are saving our cookie money for camp but we haven’t decided which one yet. Whichever one we pick I can’t wait to go to camp here in Colorado!

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Cookie Weekly Update – Feb. 17

What a wonderful response we have had to the cookie sale this first week. Right now, all of the available cookies for the sale are in girl’s hands –  this is unprecedented!


Everyone from the bakery to staff to volunteers are doing everything they can to help girls achieve their goals and get them the product they need to help their cookie businesses thrive – we’ll keep you updated when we anticipate more cookies to be available in your local cookie cupboard.

What can we do if we need cookies?

  • Do troop to troop transfers — communicate through your service unit or the GSCO Classifieds to try to find available inventory.
  • Encourage families to return any cookies they don’t intend to sell this week to the troop cookie manager.
  • Encourage girls to go old school and take orders for door-to door sales. Keep cookies in the troop and family cupboard for booths.
  • You don’t have to wait for Feb. 25 to return full cases – you can help other troops with extremely low inventory by returning cookies you don’t intend to sell in the next week to your service unit cupboard
  • Smart Girl Scout entrepreneurs know to use the law of supply and demand – lack of supply builds demand and excitement.
  • Keep your booth sales! It’s OK to sell out of some varieties and take orders at booths.
  • Sell what you have! The good news is that the cookies our customers love the most and that equate to nearly half of our sale are Thin Mints and Samoas, and those are the varieties we have the most of in the state!

Update e-Budde

Help us plan for the rest of the sale – please take some time this week to update the Girl Orders tab in eBudde. We need an accurate count of cookies allocated to the girls and amount of money collected from the girls to get a better idea of where we stand and what we need.

 Cupboard volunteers rock!

Please thank our cookie and cupboard managers for all they do! You wouldn’t believe how hard these local volunteers work. They are cookie heroines and heroes.

Right here, right now, you are an important part of a truly historic sale. Girl Scouts of Colorado is on pace to break all records, and we can’t thank YOU enough!

Girl Scout Senior Troop shares booth-selling success


Submitted by Rene Butler

Denver’s Girl Scout Troop 51207, a 10th-grade Senior troop, has sold a lot of cookies in the last nine years. How many is a lot? Try almost 45,000 packages since they started selling in first grade! One of the keys to their success has been doing numerous booth sales throughout the season, sometimes up to 50 in one season.

Their cookie mom, Rene Butler, has been instrumental in setting up procedures and organizing booth selling so it’s made simple and effective. For the past three years, Troop 51207 has joined their cookie mom and offered training to metro-area troops on how to run effective booth sales.

The training includes the topics of how to schedule booths in eBudde, what makes a booth location good, booth supplies and materials (including the fabled “booth box” Rene has devised), booth etiquette, and how to count back change properly.

Topics such as how to divide the cookies among girls who worked at the booth, safe money handling, inventory supplies, how to record booth sales in eBudde, and booth setup techniques were also covered.

The troop plans to continue doing this training every year because they really enjoy helping the younger girls (and their parents!). The girls were able to share anecdotes from booths they’ve worked at while teaching tips that really work to sell to customers.

“It was really nice to see the younger kids and their enthusiasm, and it was really cool that we were able to teach them a bunch of stuff,” stated Brynn, an eighth-grade Juliette.

Isa, a fifth-grade Junior, reported that she “liked how all the older girls were there and got to know how you set up and how to keep your money safe and about the (supply) box that goes under the table.”

Her troop-mate, Madeline, said, “I thought it was very exciting. I liked talking to the older girls and they had a lot of experience, and I learned a lot new things about what to do and what not to do.”

From a mom’s perspective, Isa’s mom, Katy Ayers, was glad that “there was lots of useful content…it’s fun to see just what all is possible to do as a troop.”

Cookie inventory

Five days into the sale, we have the equivalent of 93% of the amount of cookies that were sold in the entire six weeks of last year’s sale out in the field. With 1,700 less girls selling this year, we should not have this volume of cookies out. This means that troops are either on pace to more than quadruple last year’s sale or there are cookies in the field that will not be sold this week or even next week. As a result troops who have done what we have asked do not have enough cookies for their booths this weekend. Please play nice for everyone’s sake. We have enough cookies, we just need you to share and be realistic about needs for this weekend. Per the troop guide:

1.       Please check with your girls first for excess inventory, then check with other troops in your service unit.

2.       Use your starting inventory for booths first.

3.       If you have more than you need for this weekend, please let your service unit cookie manager know and transfer them to another troop or return them to your cupboard.

Council expects another shipment of cookies next week, so you will be able to get more, but the numbers tell us that some people have cookies in their garage that that will not be sold. That’s how our council gets stuck with hundreds of thousands of cookies at the end of the sale, and it hurts us all.  An important note:  please be kind to your cupboard managers. These are volunteers who put in an unbelievable amount of time to help you and your girls. They are awesome!