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Ziah is very enthusiastic about selling cookies

Submitted by Susan Wilson-Madsen
Denver Metro

Ziah is a 6th grader, first year Cadette. She has been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten. Ziah loves Girl Scouts! She loves everything about Girl Scouts. She loves the badges, she loves selling cookies and she loves serving her Hometown Hero and her community. She is full of personality and it shows in her video!

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Media Stars spread the news about Girl Scout Cookie time

Girl Scouts of Colorado Media Stars have been VERY busy spreading the word about Girl Scout cookie time these past few weeks. From Colorado Springs to Loveland to the Western Slope and everywhere in between, Girl Scouts have talked with television, radio, and newspaper reporters about all the wonderful things they can do and have done because of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

In case you missed any of these incredible stories, here they are.  We have tried to link back to as many of the articles as possible. Please keep in mind: not everything that airs on television or the radio, or is printed in the newspaper is published online

Western Slope

Girl Scouts (and sisters!) Bella and Elena chatted with Emily Frederick of KREX-TV about this year’s sale and the two new flavors.

KREX Interview

Girl Scouts in Fruita kicked off the sale with a drive-thru cookie booth. The story aired on KKCO-TV and KREX-TV.

Pueblo & Southeastern Colorado

Girl Scout Cookies were among the foods featured at a community potluck dinner.

Pikes Peak

Girl Scouts told KRDO-TV that even though Girl Scout Cookies are available online this year, they still learn important lessons by selling door-to-door and at booths.

KRDO Intervie Sami and Hailey

Media Star Natalie was interviewed live, on-air by 92.9 PEAK FM about the start of cookie sales. Portions of her interviewed re-aired on the radio station’s morning show and throughout the week of February 9th Click the player below to listen to Natalie’s interview.

Media Star Sami was on the front page of Fountain Valley News.

Sami also talked about Girl Scout Cookies with Lauren Ferrara of Fox 21 News.

Mountain Communities

Girl Scouts Maggie Murray and Katie talked with Krystal 93 radio about the upcoming cookie sale, the Gold Award, and how to become a Girl Scout.

Metro Denver

Media Star Alex told Ashley Porter of The List, airing on the Denver Channel, about how she plans to be a cookie-boss by selling Girl Scout Cookies online.

Media Stars Rachael and Emma, Girl Scouts from Aurora, talked with Aurora News Weekly about the new cookie flavors and the upcoming sale.

IMG_1154 IMG_1155

Arvada Girl Scouts played “Face the Cookie” with the morning team on KWGN.

Girl Scout Cookies 101: Robbyn Hart of 850 KOA Radio interviewed Media Star Cassidy.

On the eve of the start of the sale, super-sellers Madi and Charlotte shared their tips and tricks for being cookie-bosses with 9News.

A photojournalist from Fox 31 Denver followed a group of Arvada Girl Scouts as they went door-to-door on the first day of the sale.

Girl Scouts Evyn and Robert created recipes with the new Girl Scout Cookies, gluten-free Toffee-Tastic and Rah-Rah Raisin. They showed Gary Shapiro and Corey Rose of 9News how to make one of them during a live, on-air cooking demonstration.

Steve Burrell of 93.3 radio bought Girl Scout Cookies from a Denver-area Girl Scout live, on-air.

Northern and Northeastern Colorado

Evyn and Robert Batie love cooking with Girl Scout Cookies. They created new recipes using gluten-free Toffee-Tastics and Rah-Rah Raisins. They shared those recipes with Jessica Benes of the Loveland Reporter-Herald.

The Estes Park Trail Gazette has published several articles about Girl Scout cookie time.

Girl Scout Media Stars are recruited every fall, typically in August and September.  For the 2014-15 Girl Scout year, this opportunity is full. However, if you know a girl interested in being a Media Star for the 2015-16 Girl Scout year, please contact Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper. 


Leader loves seeing girls develop their voice


Submitted by Margaret Flynn

Wheat Ridge, CO

Denver Metro

This is my first year as a Girl Scout leader after taking over my daughter’s Troop in the fall. I took the Leadership position because it was a activity that my daughter absolutely loved and I did not want her to miss out! Little did I know that I would get so much out of being a Leader…way more than I give. I LOVE seeing the girls use their problem solving techniques while they work as a team. It is especially fun to see them develop their own voice. I recently challenged my Troop to write a script for a sales video that they can share with family and friends. I think they did a fine job!! My girls hope to earn enough money through Cookie Sales to go on a Camping trip this spring. Thank you for watching!

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Michelle’s cookie video, with piano intro

Submitted by Michelle Bowen
Western Slope

Ive been playing piano for 6 years, and wanted to incorporate it into my cookie video by doing a mini piano lounge skit. Buy COOKIES help a girl take a destinations trip!

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Brandie’s cookie video

Submitted by Brandie Bowen
Western Slope

Here is the video we made for her digital cookie website. This is her second year selling cookies, and she has some exciting ideas about how her troop should spend their cookie money.

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Selling cookies and can’t wait to go to camp in Colorado


Submitted by Emma Johnson
Fort Morgan
Northern and Northeastern Colorado

My name is Emma and I am a first year Junior. I just moved to Colorado from Michigan and my troop has really welcomed me here. We are saving our cookie money for camp but we haven’t decided which one yet. Whichever one we pick I can’t wait to go to camp here in Colorado!

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Cookie Weekly Update – Feb. 17

What a wonderful response we have had to the cookie sale this first week. Right now, all of the available cookies for the sale are in girl’s hands –  this is unprecedented!


Everyone from the bakery to staff to volunteers are doing everything they can to help girls achieve their goals and get them the product they need to help their cookie businesses thrive – we’ll keep you updated when we anticipate more cookies to be available in your local cookie cupboard.

What can we do if we need cookies?

  • Do troop to troop transfers — communicate through your service unit or the GSCO Classifieds to try to find available inventory.
  • Encourage families to return any cookies they don’t intend to sell this week to the troop cookie manager.
  • Encourage girls to go old school and take orders for door-to door sales. Keep cookies in the troop and family cupboard for booths.
  • You don’t have to wait for Feb. 25 to return full cases – you can help other troops with extremely low inventory by returning cookies you don’t intend to sell in the next week to your service unit cupboard
  • Smart Girl Scout entrepreneurs know to use the law of supply and demand – lack of supply builds demand and excitement.
  • Keep your booth sales! It’s OK to sell out of some varieties and take orders at booths.
  • Sell what you have! The good news is that the cookies our customers love the most and that equate to nearly half of our sale are Thin Mints and Samoas, and those are the varieties we have the most of in the state!

Update e-Budde

Help us plan for the rest of the sale – please take some time this week to update the Girl Orders tab in eBudde. We need an accurate count of cookies allocated to the girls and amount of money collected from the girls to get a better idea of where we stand and what we need.

 Cupboard volunteers rock!

Please thank our cookie and cupboard managers for all they do! You wouldn’t believe how hard these local volunteers work. They are cookie heroines and heroes.

Right here, right now, you are an important part of a truly historic sale. Girl Scouts of Colorado is on pace to break all records, and we can’t thank YOU enough!