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a collection of important cookie communications from council

Colorado has Girl Scout Cookies


We have good cookie news! Following troop returns, there are now more than 170,000 packages of cookies in the cupboards statewide available for pickup; so orders can be filled, booths should be stocked for the week and girls can keep getting closer to achieving their goals!

We have extended the return date to today, Thursday, February 26, so anything troops and families have after today is theirs to sell or purchase. Troops can check out booth sale cookies from cupboards on consignment through March 27. Now is a great time to check eBudde for booths, as some have opened up, and you can always add a My Site booth. We have heard about some really creative and successful My Sites!

We are heading into National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, February 27 through March 1, so the buzz will be loud and demand for cookies is high! Thank you for all of your patience with a wild cookie season and making it a positive experience for the girls!

Girl Scout Cookies customers “pay it forward”

Submitted by Kim Bell

At our booth sale on Sunday, February 15, 2015,  we had someone buy some cookies and for the change he asked that we pay it forward and give the next person the cookies. That started a ripple effect and next thing you know we had four packages to give away, but everyone kept saying, “Give it to the next and here’s some more money to buy another box.”

Everyone was so generous. We gave away (the paid for) two boxes and had four left to put in the Hometown Heroes box. We couldn’t even give them away and people were offering more. Great experience for the girls!

Cookie updates – Feb. 24

We hope your chilly booth sales over the weekend were successful! Today’s update is brief, as we shared the latest information we have with our volunteers on Friday in the GSCO blog. If you missed it, here’s a link

Quick reminders/news:
Wednesday, Feb. 25 is the deadline for returning any cookies you don’t want to be responsible for selling or purchasing.

There are 3.5 million packages of cookies in the field and 1.9 million packages recorded as sold, so we have every reason to believe there will be some additional inventory available later this week.

All Hometown Heroes and customers who ordered cookies will get them – they just may have to wait until additional inventory is available.

We will provide a rough estimate of how returns are looking on Thursday, Feb. 26 and a distribution plan for cupboards on Friday, Feb. 27.

Keep promoting Digital Cookie, as those orders are not filled with our Colorado inventory. Hometown Heroes are also always a great way to support Girl Scouts!

Thank you for your patience as we all shuffle cookies to meet the unusually high demand this season and thank you for continuing to make the experience positive for girls!

Upcoming  Q&A sessions:

Feb. 24 6-7 p.m. (phone participant code: 6457806544)

*Note: the link will take you to a web based application, some systems will need a quick download of additional software to run the application. You will need an internet connection, and computer speakers and microphone. If you cannot hear the meeting through your computer, please use the 866-232-8977 conference phone number and enter the participant code provided above.

Colorado Cookie inventory

Girl Scouts of Colorado is so proud that the girls in Colorado have been on track to have the best cookie sale ever this year. Our girls are determined entrepreneurs, our volunteers are amazingly dedicated and we have a hard-working staff that wants nothing but success for all the girls.

And, we recognize how frustrating the inventory situation has been this year. We would move heaven and earth if we could to make more cookies to help the girls achieve their goals. We appreciate our girls, families and volunteers beyond words, and we are sorry that Little Brownie Bakers (LBB) has failed to deliver our needed inventory.

In short, LLB is not able to fill reorders for Colorado and other states. They projected lower demand because of lower numbers of girls selling, despite the high goals we asked for inventory to fulfill. The inventory shortfall is nationwide, and that’s what makes it even harder – we can’t drive to another council and get cookies for your girls because they don’t have them to give – we’ve asked, and we would drive anywhere to pick up cookies in a heartbeat. GSCO ordered and deployed cookies based on multiple business-driven data points and could not have logically foreseen this unprecedented demand for cookies from our troops. We ordered more cookies from LBB the day after the sale started to help our girls to keep their incredible momentum going.

The good news is LBB has said we should get a partial reorder today, Feb. 20, and we are hopeful that we will have some more cookies in inventory after the return date next Wednesday, Feb. 25, but we don’t know how many troops will return.

The bad news is that yesterday LBB informed us that they do not know if, when or how many reorder cookies they can send to Colorado. April is their projection, which is of course, after our sale is scheduled to be over.

What are we going to do?

To give girls a chance to fulfill orders with late arriving cookies, we have decided to extend the council sale through March 27, with girls using existing inventory.

  • All cookies sold by March 27 will count toward council rewards and earning Cookie Credits and troop profits.
  • If unexpected inventory becomes available, girls will be able to take more orders or do more My Sites.
  • Girls should use existing inventory for booth sales scheduled through Wednesday, Feb. 25.
  • After Feb. 25, the focus will shift to fulfilling existing girl orders.
  • We will see where we are at the end of next week before we can make a recommendation about booth sales past the return date.
  • We do not recommend taking new orders unless inventory becomes available.
  • The best way that customers can support Girl Scouts who do not have cookies is to make a donation to their Hometown Hero. This is a win-win-win for the girls, the heroes and the council.
  • The other way customers can continue to support girls is through their Digital Cookie personal sites. Fulfillment of these orders is from national. Shipping costs are reasonable for 3-day shipping, and the processing charge for Hometown Heroes is minimal.

We have a new cookie deadline schedule as a result of the extension:
March 27 — Sale ends
March 29 — Final troop data (Including rewards orders) due in eBudde
March 31 — SUCM review and submission of orders due
April 21 — Final debit

This is an evolving situation, and GSCO will continue to share information with you as soon as we have it. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we work to make the best of our challenges together.


Cookie Weekly Update – Feb. 17

What a wonderful response we have had to the cookie sale this first week. Right now, all of the available cookies for the sale are in girl’s hands –  this is unprecedented!


Everyone from the bakery to staff to volunteers are doing everything they can to help girls achieve their goals and get them the product they need to help their cookie businesses thrive – we’ll keep you updated when we anticipate more cookies to be available in your local cookie cupboard.

What can we do if we need cookies?

  • Do troop to troop transfers — communicate through your service unit or the GSCO Classifieds to try to find available inventory.
  • Encourage families to return any cookies they don’t intend to sell this week to the troop cookie manager.
  • Encourage girls to go old school and take orders for door-to door sales. Keep cookies in the troop and family cupboard for booths.
  • You don’t have to wait for Feb. 25 to return full cases – you can help other troops with extremely low inventory by returning cookies you don’t intend to sell in the next week to your service unit cupboard
  • Smart Girl Scout entrepreneurs know to use the law of supply and demand – lack of supply builds demand and excitement.
  • Keep your booth sales! It’s OK to sell out of some varieties and take orders at booths.
  • Sell what you have! The good news is that the cookies our customers love the most and that equate to nearly half of our sale are Thin Mints and Samoas, and those are the varieties we have the most of in the state!

Update e-Budde

Help us plan for the rest of the sale – please take some time this week to update the Girl Orders tab in eBudde. We need an accurate count of cookies allocated to the girls and amount of money collected from the girls to get a better idea of where we stand and what we need.

 Cupboard volunteers rock!

Please thank our cookie and cupboard managers for all they do! You wouldn’t believe how hard these local volunteers work. They are cookie heroines and heroes.

Right here, right now, you are an important part of a truly historic sale. Girl Scouts of Colorado is on pace to break all records, and we can’t thank YOU enough!

Cookie inventory

Five days into the sale, we have the equivalent of 93% of the amount of cookies that were sold in the entire six weeks of last year’s sale out in the field. With 1,700 less girls selling this year, we should not have this volume of cookies out. This means that troops are either on pace to more than quadruple last year’s sale or there are cookies in the field that will not be sold this week or even next week. As a result troops who have done what we have asked do not have enough cookies for their booths this weekend. Please play nice for everyone’s sake. We have enough cookies, we just need you to share and be realistic about needs for this weekend. Per the troop guide:

1.       Please check with your girls first for excess inventory, then check with other troops in your service unit.

2.       Use your starting inventory for booths first.

3.       If you have more than you need for this weekend, please let your service unit cookie manager know and transfer them to another troop or return them to your cupboard.

Council expects another shipment of cookies next week, so you will be able to get more, but the numbers tell us that some people have cookies in their garage that that will not be sold. That’s how our council gets stuck with hundreds of thousands of cookies at the end of the sale, and it hurts us all.  An important note:  please be kind to your cupboard managers. These are volunteers who put in an unbelievable amount of time to help you and your girls. They are awesome!

Where are the cookies?

Keep calm, Colorado has cookies! The rumors about not having enough cookies are just not true. We are excited that your girls are doing so well, and we have ordered more cookies which will arrive early next week. Based on last year’s sale and membership numbers, we estimated needing 3.4 million packages of cookies for the entire sale. There are currently 3.3 million packages of cookies out with volunteers and families in the state. This is without a doubt more inventory than we need to get through the first weekend of booth sales. The only way we are going to have a problem is if troops and families are keeping cookies that they will not need for this weekend. Please do not pick up enough cookies for what you optimistically will need for the next few weeks. Please don’t sit on cookies because that creates problems for everyone. Be a Girl Scout and share – ask your families to give your troop cupboard their excess inventory. Troops, take back extra inventory above what you need through the weekend to your cupboard. If everyone does this, we will have more than enough cookies. Thank you!!

Additional Cookie Booths open at 6 p.m.

Good Afternoon,

We want to thank one of the Girl Scouts of Colorado Board of Directors for securing an additional 24 booth slots for troops to choose from. To make the selection of these additional booths as fair as possible, we closed the booth selection today at 8:00 am and will reopen the selection process at 6:00 pm. Due to the limited number of additional booths we are asking that you select only ONE of these sites for your troop.

Weekly Cookie Updates – Feb. 9

Valued Cookie Crew,

Oh, yes, it’s Cookie time, and we got the sale off to a great start this weekend, with much thanks to you and your families!

Get ready for booth sales
Council Booth Sales start on Friday, but remember you’re not limited to these locations. We’ve already seen tons of My Sale Booths, so keep up the creative selling and finding new opportunities for girls to sell! Get them in eBudde to increase traffic for these entrepreneurial sales.

Let’s be clear on online promotion
Girl Scouts of Colorado realizes that the way our volunteers and families communicate is online, and we want them to be free to promote their daughter’s cookie sale on any online sites their family chooses. This includes Facebook, Facebook Groups, Craigslist and media advertising. We ask that you involve your daughter in the sale as much as possible so she gains the Five Skills. Never provide personal information on girls online, and remember cookies can’t be sold at prices higher than the council sets — $5.50 for Toffee-tastic and $4 for all other varieties.

Digital Cookie
Digital Cookie is off to a great start also! If your families need help, Digital Cookie has an excellent support team that is available 24/7 here.

Call in for our weekly product sales Q&A and support call Tuesday  Feb.10 6-7 p.m. (Participant code: 8356992476)

Go smart cookies, go!!

Upcoming Q&A sessions:

Feb. 10 6-7 p.m. (phone participant code: 8356992476)

Feb. 17 6-7 p.m. (phone participant code: 6457806544)

Feb. 24 6-7 p.m. (phone participant code: 6457806544)

March 3 6-7 p.m. (phone participant code: 6764837160)

March 10 6-7 p.m. (phone participant code: 8946055414)
March 17 6-7 p.m. (phone participant code: 4511610179)

*Note: the link will take you to a web based application, some systems will need a quick download of additional software to run the application. You will need an internet connection, and computer speakers and microphone. If you cannot hear the meeting through your computer, please use the 866-232-8977 conference phone number and enter the participant code provided above.