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a collection of important cookie communications from council

Cookie University is now in session

Cookie University is now in session! Thanks to everyone who attended our first round of trainings in Summit County and Steamboat Springs on November 14 and 15, 2015.

This year, Girl Scouts of Colorado is hosting additional trainings for Troop Cookie Managers for the 2016 Girl Scout Cookies Sale. These training sessions are being held throughout the state. Upcoming sessions include:

November 21, 2015               Southwest Colorado- Durango


November 22, 2015               Southwest Colorado- Cortez


December 5, 2015                 Denver Metro Area & Pueblo


December 6, 2015                 Denver Metro Area                    & Northern/Northeastern


December 12, 2015             Colorado Springs & Western Slope


Cookie University is an excellent opportunity for you to spend time with other Troop Cookie Managers, get your required basic cookie training and most importantly, ensure your troop’s Starting Inventory Order is well thought-out and meets the needs of your girl and troop. You can also participate in some exciting new enrichment sessions to help with Inventory Management, Digital Cookie, eBudde and Sale Etiquette. Participants will also receive NEW collector lapel pins for each session they participate in.

You can register for Cookie University by using this link:


If you can’t attend the training session in your area, feel free to attend one in another area.

2016 Cookie Sale: A message from Little Brownie Bakers


Dear council customers:

Cookie Season is around the corner, and Little Brownie Bakers is ready! We’ve been moving forward on new plans, facility enhancements and cookie supplies to make sure we’re ready to serve you no matter what the season serves up. Please find here a video message from our top bakery leaders.

We know girls are ready to reach high goals this cookie season, and we at Little Brownie are ready to support them—and you—in every way we can.




Cookie University is coming


Girl Scouts of Colorado is excited to announce additional training for Troop Cookie Managers for the 2016 Girl Scout Cookies Sale. If you’re planning to serve as a TCM this year, THANK YOU! We understand the time, commitment, and heart this volunteer role requires and we truly appreciate it.

We will host a variety of Cookie University training sessions throughout the state. They will be:

November 14, 2015               Mountain Communities- Summit County

November 15, 2015               Mountain Communities- Steamboat                                                                        Springs

November 21, 2015               Southwest Colorado- Durango

November 22, 2015               Southwest Colorado- Cortez

December 5, 2015                 Denver Metro Area & Pueblo

December 6, 2015                 Denver Metro Area                           & Northern/Northeastern

December 12, 2015             Colorado Springs & Western Slope

Cookie University is an excellent opportunity for you to spend time with other Troop Cookie Managers, get your required basic cookie training and most importantly, ensure your troop’s Starting Inventory Order is well thought-out and meets the needs of your girl and troop. You can also participate in some exciting new enrichment sessions to help with Inventory Management, Digital Cookie, eBudde and Sale Etiquette. Participants will also receive NEW collector lapel pins for each session they participate in.

You can register for Cookie University by using this link:

If you can’t attend the training session in your area, feel free to attend one in another area.



GSCO visits the Little Brownie Bakery

“I am embarrassed by what happened during the 2015 Cookie Sale and personally guarantee that it will NEVER happen again.” – Jeff, Little Brownie Bakers

That quote from Jeff, a key employee on the production lines at the Little Brownie Bakery, was echoed in similar fashion by multiple top managers and key executives during Girl Scouts of Colorado’s visit to the bakery in Louisville, Kentucky in mid-August 2015. Members of GSCO’s Product Sales Staff, along with members of the Marketing and Communications Department and executive staff, visited the bakery to see what changes have been made since the challenges faced during the 2015 Cookie Sale. The trip was sponsored by Little Brownie Bakers.

During a tour of the bakery, Jeff showed GSCO staff members several pieces of new equipment he said will speed up production for the 2016 sale. They included a new oven for Savannah Smiles and equipment on the lines that produce Thin Mints and Trefoils. Jeff told GSCO these improvements also improve the quality of all the cookies LBB makes.

Our cameras were not allowed inside the production area. However, LBB provided this video to share with you.

After the tour, GSCO staff members met with LBB top managers and key executives, who explained in detail what led to the challenges experienced during the 2015 sale and what LBB has done/ is currently doing to make sure it never happens again. Changes at LBB include:

  • Equipment upgrades throughout the bakery to increase production and the quality of all Girl Scout Cookies made by LBB.
  • Adjustments to the LBB production schedule, so the bakery can better accommodate an increase in orders from councils nationwide.
  • New goals and deadlines for cookie production to ensure that more cookies are ready to be shipped prior to the start of the 2016 sale than there were in 2015.

LBB also asked GSCO to share the following link with you:  Letter to volunteers.

All in all GSCO feels this visit to LBB was a positive one. We are encouraged by the changes made since the 2015 sale and believe LBB has a vested interest in helping Colorado Girl Scouts succeed and reach their goals.

Important change for the 2016 Girl Scout Cookies sale

Girl Scouts of Colorado is moving to a no-return policy for the 2016 Cookie Sale. This policy will allow girls to be more successful because we’ll have better control over inventory, a more accurate Starting Inventory Order and girls will have the cookies they need.

After production issues experienced at the bakery last season caused challenges nationwide, Girl Scouts of Colorado decided to move up our planned timeline for a no-return sale. Girl Scouts of Colorado was one of only a few councils that allowed returns.

Girls and troops still will be able to transfer cookies from troop-to-troop and order more cookies from their local cupboard as needed.

Additional training will be provided to Troop Cookie Managers to ensure that troop Starting Inventory Orders are well thought-out and meet the needs of the girls and troops.

We’re looking forward to an awesome 2016 Cookie Program where Girl Scout Cookies can do a world of good!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is GSCO moving to this policy now?

Inventory shortages at Little Brownie Bakers created a situation in 2015 where some troops and girls ran out of cookies to sell and couldn’t get more. Moving to a no-return policy and troops submitting a Starting Inventory Order of what they actually plan to sell will ensure we have all the cookies on hand at the beginning of the sale.

2. Can I still checkout booth sale cookies on consignment?

No, booth sales will need to be accounted for in your SIO. We will provide solid estimates of the number of cookies you can expect to sell of each variety at a typical booth sale. Make Hometown Heroes a prominent push at your booth and door-to-door sales and any leftover packages you have will go to your HTH donation. Additional cookies will be available at cupboards but cannot be returned.

3. Can I swap varieties of cookies for others at the cupboard?

The council cupboards will not accept any returns or swaps. Troops and girls can swap with other troops. Service Unit-level volunteers will be able to help facilitate these transactions.

4. Can I return damaged cookie boxes?

Yes, if you find damaged cookies in your inventory, please exchange the package for a non-damaged package at your local cupboard as soon as possible.

5. Will GSCO recommend a SIO per girl?

A new section of cookie training will focus solely on Starting Inventory Order. Council can recommend an average SIO for a new troop or girl based on program level and region.

6. What happens if we have a girl who cannot sell at the last minute due to a family emergency or something?

As we saw during the 2015 Cookie Program, Girl Scouts are happy to help sister Girl Scouts. Your troop can transfer those cookies to another troop looking to supplement their inventory.

7. Can GSCO return cookies to Little Brownie Bakers?

Girl Scouts of Colorado pays for every case of cookies that we put in our warehouses. We cannot, nor have we ever been able to, return any cookies to the bakery or exchange cookies with other Girl Scout Councils.

8. How will this change the volunteer role of Cookie Cupboard Managers?

Cupboards will still be used for storing, managing and delivering cookies to troops/girls. A new Cupboard Manager training will be provided to focus on the no-return policy, troop-to-troop transfers and the number of cookies needed for booths.


Top cookie sellers celebrate at CEO’s house

Colorado’s top 15 Girl Scout Cookies sellers were the guests of honor at a special dinner at the home of Girl Scouts of Colorado President and CEO Stephanie Foote on Saturday, July 11, 2015. The #cookiebosses arrived in style via a limo and spent the evening celebrating. Some of them were even willing to share the secrets of their selling success with their Girl Scout sisters.

These special girls came from as far away as Durango and Pueblo to attend this private dinner party. Congrats, girls!


Top 15 of 2015

Paige, Thornton — 4,747 packages

Charlotte, Arvada — 4,010 packages

Olivia, Durango — 3,500 packages

Ciara, Lakewood — 3,364 packages

Jacquelyne, Aurora — 3,101 packages

Diana, Pueblo — 3,085 packages

Madison, Arvada — 3,083 packages

Tristina, Colorado Springs — 3,080 packages

Joanna, Lochbuie — 2,800 packages

Emma, Castle Rock — 2,778 packages

Kaitlyn, Arvada — 2,771 packages

Arianna, Lakewood — 2,529 packages

Alycia, Lakewood — 2,429 packages

Emilyann, Arvada — 2,276 packages

Jenni, Arvada — 2,204 packages

See all of the photos from the special evening on our Flickr page:


Girl Scouts honor Hometown Heroes

Thank you to all the Girl Scouts who have shared stories with us about how they have honored Hometown Heroes this year. Here are just a few of the amazing examples we have seen so far about the world of good Girl Scout Cookies can do:

Troop 225 in Denver delivered 100 packages of Girl Scout Cookies to the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. The story was even featured on  9News (KUSA).


Cadette Troop 2510 donated more than 100 packages of comfort to families struggling with violence and hardship at the Ralston House in Arvada.


Brownie Troop 1625 from Monument donated 170 packages of Girl Scout Cookies to Ronald McDonald House of southern Colorado. 


Girl Scouts in Western Colorado delivered cookies to the Grand County Sheriff’s office.


In Pueblo, Amber from Troop 30222 and Skyler from Troop 3022 delivered more than 200 packages of cookies to patients at the Dorcy Cancer Center.


Daisy Troop 40289 boxed up cookies to send to troops overseas.


Daisy Girl Scouts in Troop 43483 in Colorado Springs delivered more than 120 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to the 110th MP Company at Fort Carson. The company is deploying soon.

The Hometown Heroes program offers Girl Scouts the chance to honor non-profit organizations, food banks, military and uniformed personnel, who are so important to the community, during the cookie sale. Through this program, customers can buy a package of cookies to donate to Girl Scouts’ heroes – a perfect solution for those who pass on the tempting treats! Girls learn about the invaluable work of their recipients by taking tours, learning about careers in public service and helping with service projects. The 2015 goal for the Hometown Heroes/Gift of Caring program in Colorado is 200,000 packages. Last year’s statewide program netted 109,745 packages for hundreds of organizations.

Tell us about your Hometown Hero by using the Share Your Stories form.

Hearts Across the Miles: Thank you to Colorado Girl Scouts

Thank you to all the Girl Scouts who participated in “Hearts Across the Miles” again this year. The program sends Girl Scout Cookies to deployed service members.  We received the following note from one of the soldiers who received the care packages,

The Girl Scouts of Colorado-

We received three VERY large packages in the mail today filled with boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and other items.  THANK YOU!  Your generosity is very much appreciated.  We are an Army Veterinary Detachment stationed at Naval Support Activity Bahrain, consisting of 3 officers and 6 enlisted soldiers.  We are responsible for food safety and defense of DoD activities in Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and parts of Kuwait.  We also provide routine and emergency medical care to Military Working Dogs in Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  Although we are not truly forward deployed, we are stationed here unaccompanied without our families.   Your generous gifts were shared with our fellow Airmen and Sailors in Bahrain, UAE, and Oman. 

I personally appreciate your efforts as my daughter is a Girl Scout in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

We will be mailing out a thank you to the Girl Scouts of Colorado.  The kids pictures and letters are hanging up for the public to see in our Veterinary Clinic here in Bahrain. 

Again, thank you. 


CPT(P) Kubat

 Noel Kubat, DVM


Weekly Cookie Update – March 24

Tips for closing out your cookie sale:

Managing Money Problems  

  • The Money Problem Report is used for reporting issues with bad checks, counterfeit bills, theft, and unpaid family responsibilities to the troop.
  • Avoid an overdrawn account and report all issues to council via the Money Problem Report by the April 6 deadline.
  • Troops with unavoidable money problems that are reported by the deadline will receive support!

Allocating Cookies to Girls, *NEW* tips  

  • Please make sure there are not more cookies allocated to girls than the total the troop received. In the Girl Order tab, please look at the ‘”Difference” line and check the total. It should equal “0.”
  • Make sure to allocate all inventory, sold or unsold. The troop now owns any unsold cookies, so decide how to allocate those and boost girls’ reward levels.
  • Ensure a quick close-out in eBudde for you and your Service Unit Cookie Manager with accurate cookie allocation.

Travel Grants 

  • As a part of the Girl Scout commitment to support girls with big goals who were most affected by inventory shortages this year, a travel grant process has been developed. To apply, a girl can share her information here.
  • Please direct questions about this process to your Volunteer Support Specialist.

Thanks for making the sale great for the girls!

Homestretch for Cookies

Your girls have until March 27 to sell cookies, and the sale is winding down. Here are our top FAQs for closing up your sale:
How do I get donated cookies to deliver to Hometown Heroes?

• Use the remaining packages of cookies in your troop inventory
• Check with your sister troops to see if they have extra cookies and complete a troop-to-troop transfer
• Order and pick up from a cupboard  – most remaining cupboards have Trefoils, Do-si-dos and Rah-Rah Raisins. A few cupboards also have Tagalongs and Samoas.

*Remember, if your customers have purchased Gift of Caring (GOC) cookies for the military, these cookies are virtual so you don’t need to pick up or deliver. Just allocate them to the girls under the GOC column, and remember that the troop will be charged for them.
Can I place my troop’s reward order in Ebudde now?

• The rewards adjustment has been made in eBudde, so you can now work with girls to select their rewards and submit your troop’s order. Final reward orders due by 10 pm March 29.
• Please make sure you have allocated cookies to your girls – that’s how they get rewards!
• If you selected and submitted rewards before the adjustment, ask your Service Unit Cookie Manager to un-submit your order so you can make changes and re-submit.

When will the bonuses we earned show up in Ebudde?

• All troop bonuses (Early Bird, Cookie Rookie, and 375+ PGA) will be posted in eBudde on April 2 under Deposits.

What about the paperwork?

• We’re excited to be fully electronic this year, no need to turn in any paperwork.
• All troops should hold on to permission slips until after the final debit.

What special things should I be doing to support my Juliette’s sale?

• Juliettes/individual girls must submit deposit slips to a Product Sales Specialist via mail, or an image of the receipt via email.

We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help make the Cookie Activity a positive experience for the girls!

Q&A session:
March 17 6-7 p.m. (phone participant code: 4511610179)

*Note: the link will take you to a web based application, some systems will need a quick download of additional software to run the application. You will need an internet connection, and computer speakers and microphone. If you cannot hear the meeting through your computer, please use the 866-232-8977 conference phone number and enter the participant code provided above.