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a collection of important cookie communications from council

Top Sellers celebrate at Glenwood Caverns

154 Girl Scouts and guests gathered on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at Glenwood Caverns in Glenwood Springs to celebrate “cookiebosses” who sold 750 packages or more of Girl Scout Cookies. Top Sellers and their guests enjoyed the Caverns’ many rides, tours, and attractions while also being treated to a Fajita Bar lunch, during which the girls were presented with their Top Seller medallions by the GSCO Product Sales staff. The Glenwood Caverns event was attended by four of the state’s top 17 sellers for the 2016 sale.


Top Sellers celebrate at the Marriott Hotel in Denver

57 Girl Scouts and their families gathered on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at the Marriott Hotel in the Denver Tech Center to celebrate “cookiebosses” who sold 750 packages or more of Girl Scout Cookies. Top Sellers and their families enjoyed a sit down, plated dinner during which the girls were presented with their Top Seller medallions by the GSCO Product Sales staff. Once dinner and the ceremony were done, girls danced to music by DJ Phil Soderborg, who has been providing entertainment and music at Top Seller events for years. This year’s dinner was also attended by Ciara Marie Quiogue Leal, the state’s top seller for 2016. She sold 7,118 packages!

Top Sellers celebrate at Colorado Renaissance Festival

143 Girl Scouts and guests gathered on Saturday, June 18, 2016 at the Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur to celebrate “cookiebosses” who sold 750 packages or more of Girl Scout Cookies. Top Sellers and their guests enjoyed the festival’s many shows and attractions while also being treated to a King’s Feast buffet, during which the girls were presented with their Top Seller medallions by the GSCO Product Sales staff. The Renaissance Festival event was attended by two of the state’s top 17 sellers for the 2016 sale.

Top Sellers Celebrate at Seven Falls

95 Girl Scouts and guests gathered on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at Seven Falls in Colorado Springs to celebrate “cookiebosses” who sold 750 packages or more of Girl Scout Cookies. Top Sellers and their guests had a chance to hike and explore the Falls while also participating in a scavenger hunt focused on the history and natural features of the park. Girls and their guests were also provided a bagged lunch in one of the park’s many outdoor picnic areas during which the girls were presented with their Top Seller medallions by the GSCO Product Sales staff. The Seven Falls Top Seller event was attended by four of the state’s top 17 sellers for the 2016 sale.

Earn your way into the GSCO S’mores Club 

Blanket Design Personal Patch

Girl Scouts of Colorado has a new reward in honor of the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting in Colorado and 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts selling cookies!

The “S’mores Club” is exclusively for Girl Scouts of Colorado girl members and adult volunteers who rock BOTH the 2016 Fall Sale and 2017 Girl Scout Cookies Sale programs.

A special 100th personalized patch and beautiful, commemorative blanket are rewards for girls and adult volunteers (troop leaders, troop product sales managers – one per person who qualifies) for the 2016-17 membership year ONLY.  Each troop that qualifies will also receive an exclusive booth selection opportunity for the 2017 Girl Scout Cookies Sale. 

Two different blanket designs are being created – one for girls and one for adults. Girls can create their ‘mini-me’ avatar for the Fall Sale and that image will be used in her personalized patch if she joins the S’more Club.

To join the S’mores Club and earn the reward, a girl must:

· Create an Avatar and send 15 emails or sell 15 nut, candy items, and/or magazines during the 2016 Fall Sale program

·      AND sell at least 275 packages of Girl Scout Cookies during the 2017 Cookie Sale program

An adult (the Troop Leader, Troop Fall Sale Manager and Cookie Manager) can earn the reward:

·      If the troop reaches $350 or more in online sales during 2016 Fall Sale program

·      AND during the 2017 Cookie Sale, the troop achieves a per girl selling average of 275 or more packages. (The per girl average is calculated based on the total number of packages a troop sells, divided by the number of selling girls in that troop.)

Note: The reward for adults is for a troop participation only. Juliettes can still qualify for the club and receive her personalized patch and blanket. However, parents of Juliettes can NOT receive the patch, blanket, or booth sale opportunity.

All members of the S’mores Club must meet the requirements for BOTH sales to qualify.

For more information, check the FAQs

Meet the GSCO Product Sales Team

Jamie Haxton – Chief Product Sales Officer


Jamie oversees the entire Product Sales Team statewide. Among her many duties, she secures, manages, and works with vendors for both the Fall and Girl Scout Cookies Sale, supporting girls in reaching their goals and giving back to their communities. She has more than 18 years of experience with Girls Scouts, including six years with Girl Scouts of Colorado. Jamie also served as Chief Financial Officer for Girl Scouts Sooner Council.

Troy Engh – Product Sales Logistics Manager


Troy oversees inventory, logistics, delivery sites, vendor relations, cupboard management, seasonal staffing, and reward distributions, in addition to many other external logistical items.

Beth Homeijer – Product Sales Analyst

Beth Homeijer photo

Beth oversees the vendor software, uploads, event coordination, sales analysis, DOC, and many other internal logistical items.

Andria Thomas – Product Sales Administrative Assistant


Andria is the admin for the entire team, overseeing Formstack databases, communication overflows, mailings, meeting coordination, and many other items that keep the department running smoothly.

Rychelle Arnold – Product Sales Manager


Rychelle oversees the Product Sales Specialists.  She oversees the training content, manuals, guides, training designs, printed materials, assists with overall product program designs.  Rychelle also provides support as Region 4’s main Product Support.

Product Sales Specialists are the main Product Program Support for regional staff teams as well as responsible for managing the volunteer needs.  They are responsible for the key volunteer recruitment and design for their regions.  Each is tasked with the success of the campaigns, material distribution, rewards distribution, trainings, communications, and many other items within each region.

Mary Ann Deard- Regions 1, 2, & 5


Region 3 – This position, which is in Pueblo, is currently vacant. GSCO is actively working to fill this role.

Rychelle Arnold- Region 4

Allison Snavely– Region 6 Service Units 637, 638, 640, 641, 647, 650, 606, 608, 611, 642, 649, 643, 644, 646, 621, 622, 627, 628, 630, 631, 632, and 635.


Laura Aguon– Region 6 Service Units 623, 624, 625, 626, 629, 633, 636,604, 639, 652, 616, 617, 619, 653, 602, 607, 610, 612, 614, and 615.

GSCO photo

Elizabeth Lipp– Region 7


** Note: This in no way is the extent of all of their responsibilities. Rather, a snippet to help you direct your questions appropriately. 

Cast your vote for the 2017 Cookie Sale Rewards


The GSCO Product Sales Team is currently preparing for the 2017 Girl Scout Cookies sale. We want to give girls and volunteers a chance to cast their vote on rewards for the sale. Please click on this link to access our online voting tool. The survey will only be open until Tuesday, May 17, 2016, so vote now!

Two Colorado finalists in Girl Scout Cookies recipe contest

We have some exciting (and delicious) news! Two of the finalists in this year’s “Taste of Home” Girl Scout Cookies recipe contest are from Colorado!

Margaret from Colorado Springs created this “Samoa Swirl No-Churn Ice Cream.”

 Samoa Swirl Ice Cream copy

Jody from La Junta entered a “Fantastic Toffee-tastic Cheesecake.” In addition to creating this delicious dish, Jody is also a Girl Scout! She helps lead a multi-level troop (Daisy-Junior);  assists with recruitment; and serves as her troop’s Fall Sale manager and cookie manager.

Fantastic Toffee-tastic Cheesecake copy

You can vote for Margaret, Jody, or even both by using this link:


Thank you letters to Girl Scouts

Thank you to all the Girl Scouts who participated in “Hearts Across the Miles” again this year. The program sends Girl Scout Cookies to deployed service members. Girl Scouts, along with other volunteers, helped pack nearly 150 shipping boxes, which included 6,000 packages of Girl Scout Cookies! 2016 Top Seller Ciara Leal and her family brought more than 200 packages, plus a huge number of boxes from Peggy Riordan’s area. Of the 40 addresses provided to “Hearts Across the Miles,” half came from Girl Scouts.  We received the following notes from service members who received the care packages:

Thank you so much for the care packages you sent to us! We really appreciate the warm and encouraging words within the cards. The cookies were amazing! It really means a lot! We had so many cookies delivered, we shared them with other military members throughout our base. Our team also consists of military members from England, Canada and Australia. We let them know where and who they came from; the great people of Colorado! They, too, were very grateful and appreciative of the cookies. The drawings and cards made us smile and remind us of why we do what we do out here. We do it for each and every one of you.

A special thanks to Al and Julie, Jacqui, Bruce, Silvia, Michelle & Daniel, Bill, and Will, Lockheed Martin, our fellow troops at Buckley AFB, our brothers and sisters from St. Michael’s Catholic Church, The Young Marines, our brothers and sisters from Bethany Lutheran Church, the great city of Lone Tree, the Colorado National Guard, Rangeview High School staff and students, all the wonderful HATM volunteersn and the great people of the Denver Metro Community! And of course, our sweet and dedicated Girl Scouts of America, who without you, none of this would be possible.

God bless all of you!

Very respectfully,

Technical Sergeant John J. Vega


Hi there,

On behalf of the J2 shop for the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) here in Iraq, I wanted to thank you for the massive amount of Girl Scout Cookies- my Soldiers have devoured them! It’s such a blessing knowing that people like you are thinking about us.

CPT Rob Vendley


Your box of cookies arrived and will be shared among grateful soldiers. Thank you so much, nothing better to put smiles on soldier’s faces than Girl Scouts cookies from. Your dedication and hard work is appreciated. Thank you also, for all your prayers and support.

You are my heroes!

Father Emmanuel


I unexpectedly received a wonderful package from your organization this afternoon. My name is Dillon and I am currently stationed in Kuwait. Along with the goodies I also received two wonderful colorings from, Robbie and Chris. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all you do. This package was a wonderful surprise and not only lifted my spirits, but also those with whom I am serving. There are only four of us in my office, so I was able to take a few boxes of cookies and some of the goodies for us and I give the rest away to other troops who, like me, always enjoy a good girl scout cookie. Keep up the great work and know your efforts are truly appreciated it. Thanks again from the Camp Buehring CID Office.

Dillon, Jose, Orin, and Marcos

Cookie Cards, Cookie Credits and Camp in 2016


The Girl Scouts of Colorado registration team has just received a list of girls who requested their Cookie Credits to be held back in eBudde for camp.

If you have a cookie card, program card, or gift card, please use this link to submit it for redemption. 

NOTE: Save all cards until you have received confirmation from us. If you lose the numbers, it’s like losing a Target Gift Card, there is no way to get it back. 

Once we process your credits, you will be sent an invoice reflecting credits paid. If you input your cookie credit/program credit/gift card here by 11:59pm on April 30, you lock in Early Bird pricing. If for any reason, we have not processed your payment and you have completed this form, your prices will not go up after the Early Bird payment deadline.

Cookie credit cards for 2016 will be mailed starting the week of April 17.