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a collection of important cookie communications from council

Hearts Across the Miles: Thank you to Colorado Girl Scouts

Thank you to all the Girl Scouts who participated in “Hearts Across the Miles” again this year. The program sends Girl Scout Cookies to deployed service members.  We received the following note from one of the soldiers who received the care packages,

The Girl Scouts of Colorado-

We received three VERY large packages in the mail today filled with boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and other items.  THANK YOU!  Your generosity is very much appreciated.  We are an Army Veterinary Detachment stationed at Naval Support Activity Bahrain, consisting of 3 officers and 6 enlisted soldiers.  We are responsible for food safety and defense of DoD activities in Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and parts of Kuwait.  We also provide routine and emergency medical care to Military Working Dogs in Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  Although we are not truly forward deployed, we are stationed here unaccompanied without our families.   Your generous gifts were shared with our fellow Airmen and Sailors in Bahrain, UAE, and Oman. 

I personally appreciate your efforts as my daughter is a Girl Scout in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

We will be mailing out a thank you to the Girl Scouts of Colorado.  The kids pictures and letters are hanging up for the public to see in our Veterinary Clinic here in Bahrain. 

Again, thank you. 


CPT(P) Kubat

 Noel Kubat, DVM


Weekly Cookie Update – March 24

Tips for closing out your cookie sale:

Managing Money Problems  

  • The Money Problem Report is used for reporting issues with bad checks, counterfeit bills, theft, and unpaid family responsibilities to the troop.
  • Avoid an overdrawn account and report all issues to council via the Money Problem Report by the April 6 deadline.
  • Troops with unavoidable money problems that are reported by the deadline will receive support!

Allocating Cookies to Girls, *NEW* tips  

  • Please make sure there are not more cookies allocated to girls than the total the troop received. In the Girl Order tab, please look at the ‘”Difference” line and check the total. It should equal “0.”
  • Make sure to allocate all inventory, sold or unsold. The troop now owns any unsold cookies, so decide how to allocate those and boost girls’ reward levels.
  • Ensure a quick close-out in eBudde for you and your Service Unit Cookie Manager with accurate cookie allocation.

Travel Grants 

  • As a part of the Girl Scout commitment to support girls with big goals who were most affected by inventory shortages this year, a travel grant process has been developed. To apply, a girl can share her information here.
  • Please direct questions about this process to your Volunteer Support Specialist.

Thanks for making the sale great for the girls!

Homestretch for Cookies

Your girls have until March 27 to sell cookies, and the sale is winding down. Here are our top FAQs for closing up your sale:
How do I get donated cookies to deliver to Hometown Heroes?

• Use the remaining packages of cookies in your troop inventory
• Check with your sister troops to see if they have extra cookies and complete a troop-to-troop transfer
• Order and pick up from a cupboard  – most remaining cupboards have Trefoils, Do-si-dos and Rah-Rah Raisins. A few cupboards also have Tagalongs and Samoas.

*Remember, if your customers have purchased Gift of Caring (GOC) cookies for the military, these cookies are virtual so you don’t need to pick up or deliver. Just allocate them to the girls under the GOC column, and remember that the troop will be charged for them.
Can I place my troop’s reward order in Ebudde now?

• The rewards adjustment has been made in eBudde, so you can now work with girls to select their rewards and submit your troop’s order. Final reward orders due by 10 pm March 29.
• Please make sure you have allocated cookies to your girls – that’s how they get rewards!
• If you selected and submitted rewards before the adjustment, ask your Service Unit Cookie Manager to un-submit your order so you can make changes and re-submit.

When will the bonuses we earned show up in Ebudde?

• All troop bonuses (Early Bird, Cookie Rookie, and 375+ PGA) will be posted in eBudde on April 2 under Deposits.

What about the paperwork?

• We’re excited to be fully electronic this year, no need to turn in any paperwork.
• All troops should hold on to permission slips until after the final debit.

What special things should I be doing to support my Juliette’s sale?

• Juliettes/individual girls must submit deposit slips to a Product Sales Specialist via mail, or an image of the receipt via email.

We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help make the Cookie Activity a positive experience for the girls!

Q&A session:
March 17 6-7 p.m. (phone participant code: 4511610179)

*Note: the link will take you to a web based application, some systems will need a quick download of additional software to run the application. You will need an internet connection, and computer speakers and microphone. If you cannot hear the meeting through your computer, please use the 866-232-8977 conference phone number and enter the participant code provided above.

Girl Cookie Rewards Boosted

We recognize how hard the girls and volunteers in Colorado have worked to achieve their cookie goals this year, despite the inventory challenges. As a council we will end this sale having sold 3.5 million packages of cookies. Early indications showed that our girls were poised to sell as much as 4 million packages of cookies. It won’t happen because of a supply problem from the bakery, but we want to reward our girls as we would have if they had sold at unprecedented levels and reached 4 million packages. In a situation that was largely beyond our control, we want to do what we can to make it right for the heart of Girl Scouting – our girls. We have adjusted the rewards levels past the 210 mark by lowering the number of packages to reach the next incentive level by approximately 12 percent. Below is the structure which will be automatically adjusted for the girls in eBudde by Tuesday, March 17.

Revised Levels Item
12 “2015” Year Patch
40 Theme Patch
75 Wristband & Zipper Pull
100 Magnet & Sunglasses
125 Summer Fun Bandana & Bandana Hanger OR $15 Cookie Credits
175 Cool Cat Fashion Tee & Samoa Tee Ties OR $15 Cookie Credits
210 Cheetah Plush & Hat OR $15 Cookies Credits
240 Beach Towel-in-a-bag & Water Bottle OR $20 Cookie Credits
315 Cookie Journal, Sweet Notes Cupcake & Crate OR $25 Cookie Credits
425 Build A Bear Experience OR $35 Cookie Credits
440 Camp Discount 5%
530 Cookie Clipboard & Wristlet Wallet OR $40 Cookie Credits
750 750+ Event & Medallion OR $50 Cookie Credits & Medallion
880 Barnes & Noble Experience OR $60 Cookie Credits
880 10% Camp Discount
1100 Large & Small duffle, Pillow, Blanket OR $70 Cookie Credits
1320 American Girl Doll Experience OR $125 Cookie Credits
1320 15% Camp Discount
1760 Beats Headphones OR $225 Cookie Credits
1760 20% Camp Discount
2200 Nike Design Shoes OR $300 Cookie Credits
3080 GoPro Action Camera OR Laptop OR $400 Cookie Credits
4000 Cookie Credit Bonus of $600
4500 For every 500 packages sold beyond 4000, girls earn an additional $50 in Cookie Credits



Can the girls keep selling to reach a new revised level?
While this structure is offered to offset inventory challenges, not an incentive to sell more, as long as there are cookies, girls can keep selling through March 27. We understand it’s not as easy without chocolates, and this is partly why the levels are lower. Remember, you also have Hometown Heroes and Digital Cookie as sales options that don’t impact your inventory.

Why are you offering a one-size-fits-all solution when circumstances were different for different girls?
We understand that some girls were not affected by the inventory issue and others were affected more. Unfortunately, there is no way to truly measure what individual goals were and how many cookies girls would have realistically sold under different circumstances. The most generous and equitable thing we can do as a council is to make an adjustment that helps all girls get to a collective level that would have been a real stretch as a council.

Why are the lower levels not adjusted?
This adjustment was designed for girls who had higher goals and weren’t quite able to get there because of inventory issues. Girls who sold under the council average were less likely to have been affected.

Why is the 750 level unadjusted?
The 750 level is not an item, but an event with a limited capacity; so we don’t have the same flexibility. It’s also a well-recognized level of distinction that could make girls who surpass it feel undervalued to have girls who didn’t sell to that level added.

What about troop proceeds?
We were able to make an adjustment for troops or girls, and impact on the girl level was the greatest, so that’s where the council offered the help. If troops are not financially able to fund goals they set to fund with troop cookie money, they can apply for an opportunity grant to partially offset those costs.

Weekly cookie update – March 9

Cookie supply update

We are sorry to report that our hopes of getting more chocolate varieties have been put on hold once again by our bakery. In the interest of giving you the information you need to finish the sale, Girl Scouts of Colorado is now operating under the assumption that we will not be getting any more chocolate varieties in the state. Please have your girls sell what they have on hand. Cupboards will have limited supplies of the chocolate varieties until they are gone, and troops can certainly get more non-chocolates from cupboards if needed to close out their sales. We have tried and tried to follow the cookie crumbs to get more chocolates, and it’s time to say we did all we can, but the bakery supply is beyond our control this year, so we are not getting more cookies.

Other updates:

• In light of this development, we will be assessing how goals were impacted and looking at the rewards structure.
• Please update eBudde with cookies allocated to girls. There are still thousands of selling girls with no cookies allocated to them. Thank you!
• The cupboards will have plenty of cookies for your Hometown Hero orders. Unfortunately, the heroes won’t get as many chocolates as we like to give them this year. The others are yummy too!
• As many troops are closing out their sales, so are some cupboards. Your cupboard manager will let you know their status.
• We will still give girls and troops until March 27 to finish their sales, but they can choose to finish sooner.
• If you want more details about the supply problem from the bakery, please see their volunteer information. 
We thank you for all you have done to work with a challenging sale on the supply side and to continue to keep the focus on making the cookie activity a great experience for the girls.

Cookie contest winners

Thank you to all of the Girl Scouts who entered our contests for “Bling Your Booth,” “Best Cookie Video”, and “Cooking with Girl Scout Cookies.” We received dozens of entries from all across Colorado and are so impressed by the creativity and enthusiasm of all of these cookie-bosses.

The winner of the “Bling Your Booth” challenge is Troop 70413 from Frederick. They will receive $100 in cookie credits. They plan to use it for either a troop camping trip or a sleepover at the Denver Aquarium.

Bling Your Booth Entry 31

The prize for second place, $50 in cookie credits, goes to Troop 59 in Lone Tree. The theme for their booth was “Girl Scout camp” because that is their goal.

Bling Your Booth Entry 27

Third place, $25 in cookie credits, goes to Troop 4762 in Colorado Springs. Mom Shannon Carino helped the girls make the crowns and banner. The patterns (along with ideas for other Girl Scout activities) are posted to her blog, The Diary of Nouveau Soccer Mom.

Bling Your Booth Entry 26

To see all of the entries from our “Bling Your Booth” challenge, go to our Flickr page and look for the album: #BlingYourBooth Challenge 2015.

The winner of the “Best Cookie Video” contest is Faith from Colorado Springs for her remix of Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off.” She will receive $100 in cookie credits.



The prize for second place, $50 in cookie credits, goes to Emily from Erie.



Third place, $25 in cookie credits, goes to Troop 51107 in Wheat Ridge.



All of the entries are on our YouTube Channel and part of the playlist: Best Cookie Video Contest 2015.


The winner of the “Cooking with Girl Scout Cookies” recipe contest is Jessica from Highlands Ranch for her Thin Mint Bars. She will receive an iPod shuffle. The prize for second place, a $10 gift certificate to the Girl Scout Shop, goes to Katherine in Berthoud for her Chocolate Samoa Cupcakes. Third place, a GSCO jump drive, goes to Dawn Evans, Leader of Troop 73061 in Loveland. She entered the Rah-Rah Raisin Banana Bread.


Thanks again to all the Girl Scouts who entered these contest! One more contest is planned for the 2015 sale. Stay tuned to the blog for details!

Cookie Update – March 3

We have great news for our Cookie CEOs and the volunteers who support them – we have cookies statewide and are continuing to move cookies to improve the varieties available so girls can fill orders, you can check out cookies on consignment for booths (including My Site booths) and all girls can reach their cookie goals!

  • Now is a great time to check eBudde for booths, as some have opened up, and you can always add a My Site booth. We have heard about some really creative and successful My Sites! Check out the Fruita troop who did a drive-thru cookie sale
  • Catch the cookie contest fever!! Vote by Wednesday for your favorite Bling Your Boothand Best Cookie Video. Winners of these contests and Cooking with Cookies and Samoa Selfies will be announced soon! You still have time to nominate the Best Cookie Dad and Share your Awesome Cookie Earning Stories.
  • Stay tuned for a Creative Last Chance Sale Ideas contest coming soon!
  • Remember to update your Girl Order and money info in eBudde so we know how sales are doing.



Thank you all for making the Cookie Program a positive experience for the girls!

Colorado has Girl Scout Cookies


We have good cookie news! Following troop returns, there are now more than 170,000 packages of cookies in the cupboards statewide available for pickup; so orders can be filled, booths should be stocked for the week and girls can keep getting closer to achieving their goals!

We have extended the return date to today, Thursday, February 26, so anything troops and families have after today is theirs to sell or purchase. Troops can check out booth sale cookies from cupboards on consignment through March 27. Now is a great time to check eBudde for booths, as some have opened up, and you can always add a My Site booth. We have heard about some really creative and successful My Sites!

We are heading into National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, February 27 through March 1, so the buzz will be loud and demand for cookies is high! Thank you for all of your patience with a wild cookie season and making it a positive experience for the girls!

Girl Scout Cookies customers “pay it forward”

Submitted by Kim Bell

At our booth sale on Sunday, February 15, 2015,  we had someone buy some cookies and for the change he asked that we pay it forward and give the next person the cookies. That started a ripple effect and next thing you know we had four packages to give away, but everyone kept saying, “Give it to the next and here’s some more money to buy another box.”

Everyone was so generous. We gave away (the paid for) two boxes and had four left to put in the Hometown Heroes box. We couldn’t even give them away and people were offering more. Great experience for the girls!