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Troop 65659 honors Hometown Heroes

Submitted by Jessica Spangler

Metro Denver


Multi-level Troop 65659 voted for the Colorado Animal Welfare League as their Hometown Hero for 2020. Colorado Animal Welfare League (CAWL) is a 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization founded with the mission to protect homeless animals in Colorado and the surrounding states of Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Their goal is to advance the awareness of the need for spaying and neutering our pets to reduce overpopulation. CAWL’s mobile spay/neuter clinic, the SNOW Mobile, is taken to rural areas with limited veterinary resources, inner-city areas, and Indian reservations where spaying and neutering will only happen if it is nearly free and comes to them. They work with local vets to provide the spaying and neutering service at no cost to the public.

The troop was very impressed by the work CAWL does to control pet overpopulation by spaying and neutering for free in areas where it would not otherwise happen. As an all-volunteer organization, CAWL is truly going above and beyond to help animals. CAWL was very happy to receive several cases of cookies for volunteers to enjoy!

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Recognizing our Hometown Heroes

Submitted by Marie Merrill-Exton

Southwestern CO

Pagosa Springs

Sage, with Daisy Troop 26237 of Pagosa Springs, donated a case of Girl Scout Cookies to a grocery store from her troop. The grocery store employees have been working incredibly hard to make sure the store is stocked for the community during this unsettling time with the COVID-19. They deserve a BIG THANK YOU for being Hometown Heroes in our community.

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Honoring our local veterans

Submitted by Krista Allard

Northern & Northeastern CO


Our Daisy troop collected donations during cookie season to support our local American Legion and veterans. The girls worked very hard and collected more than 250 packages of Girl Scout Cookies! Our very last cookie booth of the season was at a local restaurant where we invited veterans wearing a symbol of their service to visit, pick up a donated package of cookies, and enjoy a free drink on the restaurant. Our Daisies loved handing out the packages they worked so hard to collect and showing the local veterans our bulletin board of their own family veterans. The veterans enjoyed the recognition and connection with the Daisies!

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Troop 77904 hits final goals while visiting with Boulder County Sheriff’s Deputy Jennifer Mendez

Submitted by Kelly Davidson

Northern & Northeastern CO


On Saturday, at their last troop booth of the season, five Brownies from Troop 77904 in Longmont earned their “Uniform to Uniform” patch while hitting their final goals and helping their sister Girl Scouts.

Boulder County Sheriff’s Deputy Jennifer Mendez visited the troop’s booth at Safeway in Longmont, where she spoke with the girls about her job and life as a female law enforcement officer. The girls listened and asked great questions. They also shared with Deputy Mendez what they learned from selling cookies this season – hard work, goal setting, gratitude, and above all, teamwork.

After Brownie Nina M. came down with a bad cold and was unable to work her final booths to sell the last 25 packages she needed, two Brownies from her troop – Claudia K. and Maible M. – stepped up to sell on her behalf, helping Nina reach her goal of 1,000 packages. Having reached her goal, Ava J. also gave Nina a some cookie sales as well.

Then, after reaching her final goal of selling 1,250 packages on Saturday, Maible continued to sell to help another Brownie in her troop. Anagrace L. was short 21 packages of hitting her goal of 525. She had been hoping to earn the Build-A-Bear Experience, but her family had to shift their focus from selling to helping her grandmother, who is recovering from surgery. Claudia also gave some of her cookie sales to help Anagrace hit her goal! With their help, Anagrace is going to Build-A-Bear!

For Troop 77904, cookie season was a true team effort among the parents and the girls this season. The troop of 11 second graders finished the season with three girls selling more than 1,000 packages!

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Two sisters with one big goal

Submitted by Ana Martin del Campo

Metro Denver


These two sisters finished selling Girl Scout Cookies this year with an empty table.  Even though they are in two different troops (Troops 62816 and 66802), they worked as a team and reached their goals together. They sold 3,000 packages! We are so proud of them.

They have a go-getter attitude and wanted to each reach 1,500 packages, (3,000 together)! They did it by working a lot of booths, selling online, and asking friends and neighbors.

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Smart Cookie: March 9, 2020

2020 Cookie Program ends

It’s the end of another amazing Girl Scout Cookie Program in Colorado. Thank you for guiding girls to success! Please take a moment to reflect on everything your Girl Scouts have accomplished. Whether she’s a quiet girl summoning the courage to ask a new customer to support her, or she’s a seasoned entrepreneur pushing herself to go beyond her goals, she practiced real-life business skills that will lead her to accomplish much in life. She couldn’t do it without you and the supportive adults in her life – pat yourselves on the back as well.

Hometown Hero cookies

If you need additional Hometown Hero cookies, first check with other troops in your area to see if they have inventory to transfer. The last day to pick up Hometown Hero cookies from cupboards is March 12. Remember, all transactions (troop-to-troop transfers or cupboard orders) will need to be placed by Tuesday, as troops need to close-out in eBudde by March 10. The deadline to deliver Hometown Hero cookies is June 28.

Don’t forget to share photos of your Hometown Hero deliveries with us! We love seeing your girls in action, sharing their hard work, and putting smiles on their Hometown Heroes’ faces. If you would like to invite the media to witness you deliver cookies to your Hometown Hero, please contact Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at

eBudde Closeout

Troops will be *locked out of eBudde at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10. Before the deadline, allocate all cookies to the girls in your troop, enter and verify all transactions, and submit the final reward order.* You will still be able to see everything in eBudde after the lock-out, like the sales report and girl reward selections, though it’s a good idea to print the sales report and reward choices for your records. You can also continue to add cookie payments in eBudde, but you can’t change cookie allocations.

Need a refresher about how to proceed with your eBudde closeout? Check out our video for a how to demonstration of the steps.

If you have any questions about cookie closeouts, please reach out to the service unit cookie manager in your area. Don’t know who that is? Email

Money Problem Reports

Money problem reports are due by March 13 at 5 p.m. The ACH debit of funds to council will occur on March 18.

Celebrate Girl Scout Week

Whether you’re a Girl Scout alum, girl member, dedicated volunteer, supporter, or simply have an extraordinary Girl Scout in your life, you’re an important part of the Girl Scout family. And you know what families do together? Celebrate! Girl Scout Week 2020 is Sunday, March 8, through Saturday, March 14. In addition to celebrating with your Girl Scout sisters, invite the community to join in!

Celebrate each day of Girl Scout Week using our special calendar.

Let us know you earned the Uniform to Uniform patch

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 is the last day to let GSCO know that you earned the Uniform to Uniform patch during the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Important Dates

March 10

Troops will be locked out of eBudde at 11:59 p.m. TCMs can still see all information in eBudde but will not be able to change any information after the deadline.

  • Make sure all cookies are allocated, and all girl rewards are selected. Print a copy of the sales report and girl reward selections.

March 12

Last day to pick up Hometown Hero cookies from a cupboard.

March 13

Deadline to submit a Money Problem Report.

March 18

ACH debit occurs for total amount owed to council.

April 15

Cookie Credits begin being mailed directly to girls.

April 22

Cookie rewards begin to ship to service unit cookie managers.

April 30

Last day to sell excess inventory.

Girl Scout Daisy works to meet cookie goal

Submitted by Jamie Krewson

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Danicka, a second year Daisy, had big goals for this season. She wanted to sell 1,000 packages. After falling sick the second to last weekend, she wasn’t sure she would make it. But, her troop rallied together and found more booth shifts. The final weekend, she worked booths for nine-hours and even earned her “Booth Excellence” patch. Her last sale on Sunday was to a local firefighter outside of a Safeway. What she learned this season, “Always reach for your goals, they may seem impossible, but they are only impossible if you don’t try.”

Danicka is a real go-getter. She set a goal and worked for it. She didn’t let a small setback stop her.

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Hometown Hero delivery

Submitted by Jamie Caselnova

Metro Denver


Elisabeth’s Girl Scout troop delivered cookies to our Hometown Heroes. They chose the police department. They got a tour and to see where they keep bad guys, the car, and officers were happy to get cookies.

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Girl Scouts of USAFA


Submitted by Lenore W.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Our troop is unique! We always have girls moving, coming, and going with our military lifestyles. Our troop can fluctuate from five girls to 35 in the blink of an eye. Very few of us have been in the troop from Daisy to the Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador levels. I am one though. I have made friends with girls in my Daisy year who have moved and I still consider them my “sisters.”  We help each other and we work together always.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is proud of our commitment to military families. In honor of the Month of the Military Child in April, we are excited to announce The Carla Montana – Distinguished Military Veteran – Memorial Girl Scout Adventure Fund honoring its namesake, Girl Scouts, military service, and adventures through travel. Learn more here.

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Officer returns to the scene for cookies

Submitted by Jennifer Jurgens

Western Colorado

At a council booth in front of one of our local grocery stores, we saw a police car pull up next to us and out come two officers, walking casually. Georgie (first year Brownie) asked if they would like some cookies and to take a picture with her. One officer replied “we gotta go help someone, but then we’ll be back.”

Time goes by.  More and more police cars come. At one point, there were five police cars! Then, an ambulance! One man was walked out and they helped him into the ambulance. I told Georgie that they may not be able to come back and the way things were looking she said she understood. More time goes by. Some officers leave. Well, about an hour and a half later the last three officers bring another man out in handcuffs, They pause to tell her they hadn’t forgotten their promise and would be back after putting this guy in the back of the car. Sure enough, five minutes later one officer came back and said, “A promise is a promise!”

He took a picture with her and got a package of Samoas.

These Girl Scouts also earned the Uniform to Uniform patch! Learn how to earn yours: