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Exploring Camp in Mud and Snow

This weekend was a much anticipated one for some Daisy troops and some Brownie troops. After being snowed out in March, Saturday and Sunday held wonderful weather for exploring camp in the mud, snow and sun!

Saturday was for the Daisys. Troops 50885, 52511, and 73209 enjoyed stomping down snow in the wind, exploring the cabins, practicing rolling sleeping bags, building candy fires, a yummy lunch, perfecting their pink tent pitching, designing their own bag to take home, and playing with every fun item – from hoola hoops to pom poms – they could.  They wrapped up the day with very messy oven s’mores.

You can see pictures from Daisy Troop Day here:

Sunday was for the Brownies.  Troops 74376, 74160, 74159, 72996, and 50885 spent time in the cabin, showed off their packing expertise, a yummy lunch, and to prove they were not just there for the s’mores – accomplished a hike to and from Cliff Lake! The snow, mud, water, and wonderful spring time smells added to the fun as they identified track and scat from several resident wild life at camp.  They wrapped the day up with take home picture frames and s’mores.

You can see pictures from Brownie Troop Day here:

Thank you so much to each of these troops – the girls and adults, who were patient and flexible and ready for any muddy snowy adventure at camp!  It was a muddy-fun weekend at camp, and we look forward to seeing you back at camp soon!   =)

Cadettes and older Girl Scouts! Meadow Mt Ranch Summer Camp Sessions – We’ve added some new sessions!

ATTENTION all older Girl Scouts Cadette and higher! Meadow Mt Ranch still has openings for Summer 2013!


Still looking to come to camp? Meadow Mt Ranch has added some more sessions. We have added a Rodeo Rider I and Blazing Saddles I as well as Backpack 102! Another change we have made is those registered for Blazing Saddles II will be going on an overnite horsepack trip into RMNP!

5215_1143283340174_5557013_n2  5695_1168523451161_6871798_n2

If you are an older Girl Scout and love adventure, then we are the camp for you! All horse camps will spend minimum of 6 hours with the horses! From arena to trail, overnites in back meadow and in RMNP, and much more!  Trailrides will take you deep into Wild Basin RMNP to some high alpine lakes, waterfalls, and meadows!

5215_1143281940139_5093871_n2  5215_1143281580130_8041024_n2

If your interest is backpacking then be ready to see some amazing scenery and summit the continental divide!

We still have room in our Rocks and Ropes if climbing is your thing!  Come rock climb the Iron Clads and get an amazing view of the snow cap continental divide!


There are still openings for our other camps as well!  Take a look and come spend an amazing summer with us in the Colorado Mountains!

Check the latest list of summer camp availability

This is the most recent summer camp availability list as of Friday, April 26, for day camp and resident overnight camp. Click here for the latest and to register.

Camp Session Registered Capacity
Day Camp DC01-Kaleidoscope Fairy Adventure-Hamp Hut-Colorado Springs 22 40
Day Camp DC01T-Kaleidoscope Fairy Adventure-Hamp Hut-Colorado Springs 3 5
Day Camp DC01V-Kaleidoscope Fairy Adventure-Hamp Hut-Colorado Springs 7 12
Day Camp DC02-Sports & Nature Sampler-Bear Creek Reg Park-CoSprings 46 50
Day Camp DC02V-Sports & Nature Sampler-Bear Creek Reg Park-CoSprings 4 14
Day Camp DC03-Make a Mess-Faith Presbyterian Church-Colorado Springs 18 40
Day Camp DC03T-Make a Mess-Faith Presbyterian Church-Colorado Springs 0 5
Day Camp DC03V-Make a Mess-Faith Presbyterian Church-Colorado Springs 2 12
Day Camp DC04-Show Stoppers-Sand Creek High School-Colorado Springs 35 100
Day Camp DC05-Dance Explorer-Rampart High School-Colorado Springs 27 80
Day Camp DC05V-Dance Explorer-Rampart High School-Colorado Springs 4 10
Day Camp DC06-Awesome Animals-Interlocken Park-Broomfield 27 70
Day Camp DC07-That’s Entertainment-Addenbrooke Park-Lakewood 62 70
Day Camp DC08-Monster Camp-Dedisse Park-Evergreen 18 40
Day Camp DC09-Neverland-Franktown Elementary-Franktown 44 80
Day Camp DC09T-Neverland-Franktown Elementary-Franktown 4 5
Day Camp DC10-Animal Planet-Nottingham Park-Westminster 31 40
Day Camp DC10T-Animal Planet-Nottingham Park-Westminster 2 5
Day Camp DC15T-Brave Games-Boulder Valley Church of Christ-Boulder 2 5
Day Camp DC15V-Brave Games-Boulder Valley Church of Christ-Boulder 14 10
Day Camp DC16-Princesses on the Prairie-Plains Conserv Center-Aurora 24 40
Day Camp DC16T-Princesses on the Prairie-Plains Conserv Center-Aurora 3 5
Day Camp DC17-Explorers-City Park-Denver 27 50
Day Camp DC18-Girl Power-Interlocken Park-Broomfield 51 70
Day Camp DC19-Art Explorers-Twisted Pine-Genesee 5 15
Day Camp DC24T-Among the Pines-Kiwa Korral-Lyons 4 5
Day Camp DC25-Wild in the Outdoors-Nature and Raptor Center-Pueblo 0 20
Day Camp PA01-Kaleidoscope Fairy Adventure-Hamp Hut-Colorado Springs 4 8
Day Camp PA02-Sports & Nature Sampler-Bear Creek Reg Park-CoSprings 3 10
Day Camp PA03-Make a Mess-Faith Presbyterian Church-Colorado Springs 3 6
Day Camp PA04-Show Stoppers-Sand Creek High School-Colorado Springs 3 10
Day Camp PA05-Dance Explorer-Rampart High School-Colorado Springs 3 10
Day Camp PA08-Monster Camp-Dedisse Park-Evergreen 0 5
Day Camp PA09-Neverland-Franktown Elementary-Franktown 8 10
Day Camp PA10-Animal Planet-Nottingham Park-Westminster 4 5
Day Camp PA15-Brave Games-Boulder Valley Church of Christ-Boulder 9 10
Day Camp PA16-Princesses on the Prairie-Plains Conserv Center-Aurora 3 5
Day Camp PA21-Oopy Goopy Science-DeKoevend Park-Centennial 4 5
Day Camp PA24-Among the Pines-Kiwa Korral-Lyons 6 10
Day Camp PA25-Wild in the Outdoors-Nature and Raptor Center-Pueblo 0 2
Day Camp PAI01-Kaleidoscope Fairy Adventure-Hamp Hut-Colorado Springs 0 2
Day Camp PAI05-Dance Explorer-Rampart High School-Colorado Springs 1 2
Day Camp PAI06-Awesome Animals-Interlocken Park-Broomfield 4 5
Day Camp PAI07-That’s Entertainment-Addenbrooke Park-Lakewood 1 5
Day Camp PAI08-Monster Camp-Dedisse Park-Evergreen 0 5
Day Camp PAI10-Animal Planet-Nottingham Park-Westminster 4 5
Day Camp PAI11-Art in the Park-DeKoevend Park-Centennial 4 5
Day Camp PAI21-Oopy Goopy Science-DeKoevend Park-Centennial 3 5
Day Camp PAI23-Science in Our World-Clement Park-Littleton 0 5
Day Camp – Bear Creek DC12-Canoeing-Bear Creek Lake Park-Morrison 2 10
Day Camp – Bear Creek DC14-Windsurfing-Bear Creek Lake Park-Morrison 13 20
Day Camp – Bear Creek DC20-Countries and Cultures!-Bear Creek Lake Park-Morrison 25 70
Day Camp – Bear Creek DC22-H2O Sports Sampler-Bear Creek Lake Park-Morrison 15 38
Day Camp – Bear Creek PA20-Countries and Cultures!-Bear Creek Lake Park-Morrison 0 5
Day Camp – Bear Creek PAI20-Countries and Cultures!-Bear Creek Lake Park-Morrison 1 5
MS Overnight Camp MS02-It’s Your Camp-Create it 6 24
MS Overnight Camp MS03-Brownie Discovery Camp 8 18
MS Overnight Camp MS04-Scientifically Speaking… 28 40
MS Overnight Camp MS06-Brownie Discovery Camp 5 18
MS Overnight Camp MS07-Crayons and Creativity 14 24
MS Overnight Camp MS08-Night Owls 35 64
MS Overnight Camp MS09-Moose Magic 85 100
MS Overnight Camp MS11-Best 3-Day Camp Ever 101 144
MS Overnight Camp MS12-Best 3-Day Camp Ever 126 144
MS Overnight Camp MS13-Moose Magic 77 100
MS Overnight Camp MS14-It’s Your Camp-Create it! 13 24
MS Overnight Camp MS15-Brownie Discovery Camp 7 18
MS Overnight Camp MS16-Night Owls 58 64
MS Overnight Camp MS17-All the World is a Stage 22 24
MS Overnight Camp MS18-CIT I 16 20
MS Overnight Camp MS19-CIT II 2 10
MS Overnight Camp MS20-Archery Adventures 8 20
MS Overnight Camp MS21-Archery Adventures 5 20
MS Overnight Camp MS22-Archery Adventures 7 20
MM Overnight Camp MM01-Becoming an Outdoor Scout 8 14
MM Overnight Camp MM03-Shooting Sports 11 12
MM Overnight Camp MM04-Backpack 101 9 10
MM Overnight Camp MM05-It’s Ur Wilderness 2 14
MM Overnight Camp MM06-Blazing Saddles II 6 10
MM Overnight Camp MM07-Rodeo Rider I 11 12
MM Overnight Camp MM09-Citikids Wilderness Expo 8 14
MM Overnight Camp MM10-Mountain Music 10 14
MM Overnight Camp MM11-Blazing Saddles I 0 10
MM Overnight Camp MM12-Backpack 101 7 10
MM Overnight Camp MM13-Backpack 102 1 10
MM Overnight Camp MM14-Wild Basin Sampler 9 10
MM Overnight Camp MM15-Rodeo Rider I 1 12
MM Overnight Camp MM19-Rodeo Rider I 11 12
MM Overnight Camp MM20-Digiscape 13 14
MM Overnight Camp MM21-Rocks and Ropes 1 10
TR Overnight Camp TR01-TR Camp 89 96
TR Overnight Camp TR04-Backpacker 3 6
TR Overnight Camp TR09-Bronze Bits N Bridles II 22 24
TR Overnight Camp TR10-Silver Spurs I 17 20
TR Overnight Camp TR12-Bronze Mustangs 17 20
TR Overnight Camp TR13-Hollywood & Broadway Bound 22 24
TR Overnight Camp TR14-Photography 4.0 15 24
TR Overnight Camp TR17-Golden Top Hand 12 20
TR Overnight Camp TR21-Backpacker 4 6
TR Overnight Camp TR22-Muddy Madness 7 10
TR Overnight Camp TR27-Silver Spurs I 22 24
TR Overnight Camp TR30-Program Aide 5 6
TR Overnight Camp TR32-Program Aide 3 6
TR Overnight Camp TR36-WIT II 3 4

Because of Girl Scout Camp…part 2

Because of Camp:

I know that pancakes taste much better when cooked over an open fire

I have friends around the world

I have counselors that still send me Birthday cards and Campers that send me invitations to their weddings

I know how to vault out of a canoe

I saw a moose, bear, dear, elk squabit, jack-a-lope and plenty of chipmunks

I know how to be calm and offer help during a crisis

I know how to shoot an arrow and that it’s okay if I don’t get a bulls eye every time

I know that all people are beautiful and on their own path, and it’s my duty to respect, honor and positively influence them

I know how to groom a horse, and it’s not that gross picking their hooves

I know how to boil water at high altitude

I got to release a rehabilitated Kestrel back into the wilds of Pueblo

I know the value of receiving and sending a sticker filled card in the mail

I know enough songs that I can fill any amount of free time at camp with a melody and laughter

I know that sometimes you have to agree to disagree

I know that I don’t need to raise my voice to be heard by others

I know that homesickness can sometimes be cured with a little laughter, and a lot of activities

I know the magic of Modge Podge

I know how to make ice cream in a Zip Loc Bag

I first learned how to use a budget with just a small amount of money at the Trading Post

I know how to make Chocolate Chip cookies for 200

I know to sleep in my tent with my head facing uphill

I know how to survive using a BIFFY

I know the quite magic of aspen leaves in the wind

I know what it is like to watch the sunrise from Ranch Mountain

Everything I needed to know about being a good manager I learned as a CIT from a director named OshKosh

I am grateful for all that I learned at camp, and the continued opportunities I have to pass down the lessons, traditions and to continually challenge myself with intergenerational learning.

I am who I am today because of Camp.


“Aspen” a.k.a. Kathy Saad is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and is currently a Girl Scouts of Colorado Day Camp Director in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. To learn more about Day Camp or Resident Camp options with Girl Scouts of Colorado, please visit our website or contact our registrars at 877-404-5708.

Because of Girl Scout Camp…

Camp…the word has special meaning to anyone who has gone to camp…

I was a Girl Scout that never went to camp as a kid. I was young for my grade with a late birthday, and was always a shy, self conscious, late bloomer among my peers. I wanted to work at a camp the summer after graduation, like all of my friends, but was only 17 at time so instead, worked at the ice cream shop at the mall.

After my first year in college, I finally got my camp experience as a counselor at YMCA Camp Surf. It was the first time I felt like I had found the ultimate job, I found what I was meant to be doing. The job had perks for sure: learning to surf and how to teach it, living in cabins with screen walls and hearing the ocean pounding away each night, and wearing flip flops all day long as the mandatory footwear in a sandy environment.

But it wasn’t the perks that drew me in. It was at camp that I had found a place where I could truly be myself. I could explore and try new things without pressures that I’d experienced in all other areas of life. I learned how to use my voice among my peers. I became an expert at “repeat after me” songs. I was caring for kids each week and seeing amazing growth in them. It was the first place where I really learned how to appreciate myself and become comfortable in my own skin. I had been a closeted extrovert, not knowing or having the confidence to know how to express myself. That all changed at camp!

At camp, I realized that I was not on the right career path and that making the big bucks does not equal happiness. I found that happiness could happen anywhere, it just depended on your state of mind. I was able to blossom into the person I am today. My favorite people and memories involve camp songs, drives up to the ropes course, and sitting on the old camp stage, waiting for campers or weekend groups (usually Girl Scouts!) to arrive.

Camp is about opportunity. The opportunity for a girl to achieve something for the first time. The opportunity to make connections with “camp friends” who will be her friends for life. I am excited to work with an organization that creates opportunities for all girls to get to camp, to experience the outdoors, and have a chance of feeling how I feel when I am at camp!

Tomahawk Ranch Camp made this video, “because of camp girls will…” (check it out!)


Volunteer Opportunity of the Week


Why volunteer at Girl Scout Camp? First time camp volunteer, Kass Kohmnan, tells us “I decided to volunteer at Day Camp this year because I got hooked on the crazy happy vibe that was so evident when my daughter participated last year! Every day I came a bit earlier and stayed a bit later just to be a part of things. So many excited kids! They started each day happy and full of energy and finished happy and exhausted! You know it was a good day when even the grownups were smiling!” Want to have that happy vibe? We have opportunities all over the state, especially Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins. Contact Alli Oswandel at to find out how! “I love volunteering at camp because it is my daughter’s very favorite thing about summer! She loves it and looks forward to it every year!” says long time camp volunteer, Jan Leary.

New and Additional Camper Spots at Girl Scout Summer Camp!

You’ve asked, we’ve listened.  Check out these great new and additional camper spots at Meadow Mountain Ranch and Magic Sky Ranch!

These openings will be posted on Tuesday April 16 at 9am, and you can sign up via the link on our website:

Magic Sky Ranch

NEW: Archery Adventures,  Cadettes, $550 June 23-28 or June 30-July 5 or July 28-August 2
Have you recently discovered that you love archery? Do you think you might like Archery? Come help us to break in our new field archery course at Magic Sky Ranch. Spend time working on your archery skills, and enjoying the adventure of the outdoors. There will be plenty of opportunities for other fun camp activities too.

ADDITIONAL SPACES: Best 3-Day Camp Ever, $265  July 14-16 or July 17-19
Imagine having just a few days at camp-what would you do with them? Have the Best 3-Day Camp Ever! Squeeze in as much as you can, possibly including: archery, climb wall, high ropes (4th grade & up), arts, nature, hiking, singing, campfire. Now  you can answer that question: “What did you do today?” – “Play at camp!”

Meadow Mountain Ranch

NEW: Troop Camp for Juniors! 3 days/$150 per person; 6 days (consecutive)/$200 per person
Troop Camps are now open for Junior Troops too! Program choices include: Scouting, Nature, Homesteading, and Wilderness Survival.
Prices are deeply discounted if your troop wants a longer and more amazing experience at Meadow Mountain Ranch!

NEW: Wilderness Rangers, Blazing Saddles II, and Rodeo Riders II for Cadettes!

Blazing Saddles II:  6/23-6/28; $800

Campers are introduced to advanced trail riding in Rocky Mountain National Park, horse care and first aid on the trail as well as intro to horse packing, Leave No Trace camping, and other camping skills. Campers will also learn about edible plants common to the Rocky Mountains. Previous experience: Blazing Saddles I or equivalent, handle own horse with minimal assistance.

Wilderness Rangers:  7/7-7/12; $800

Covers intermediate trail riding into Rocky Mountain National Park, wilderness horse packing, overnights, wilderness survival skills, Leave No Trace camping skills, advanced horse care/first aid on the trail. Previous experience: Must have completed Blazing Saddles II or intermediate horse camp, or proven equivalent experience, handle own horse with no assistance, riding for long periods of time on extremely rocky trails.

Rodeo Riders II: 7/14-7/19; $800

Camper will learn more advanced riding skills at a trot and lope such as side passing, pivots, more advanced drill team patterns, and gymkhana games. Previous experience: Advanced gymkhana riders, must be have attended Rodeo Princess or equivalent intermediate resident horse camp, control horse at a walk/trot/lope, and be able to handle own horse with minimal to no assistance.

Check out Girl Scout Camp Open Houses – and Camp Openings!


Summer camp…it’s your child’s life learning classroom when they are out of school!

As we get out our T-shirts and shorts this spring, it’s time to start thinking about summer camp! Studies have shown that girls who attend camp have less summer learning loss, and are better at thinking outside of the box and problem solving.

Girl Scouts of Colorado offers many summer camp options that enable them to explore the classroom of life among peers and caring camp counselors. Learn more about our summer offerings, or visit one of the open houses at our amazingly beautiful properties:

Tomahawk Ranch: April 14, 1pm-4pm and May 19, 1pm-4pm

Meadow Mountain Ranch: May 18, 1pm-4pm

Magic Sky Ranch: May 5, 1pm-4pm

(Click here for directions to camp properties )

We also have online registration, or call us at 1-877-404-5708 to talk with one of our wonderful registrar team members to get your daughter into the right summer camp!

We also have some unique opportunities for older campers at Meadow Mountain Ranch near Allenspark/Rocky Mountain National Park!

It’s Ur Wilderness (6-day) $500 – 6/23-28 (MM05)
Girls will hike and explore ecosystems found in Rocky Mountain National Park and Meadow Mountain Ranch!

Wilderness Rangers (6-day) $800 – 7/7-12 (MM11)
Girls will get LOTS of trail riding experience in Rocky Mountain National Park doing wilderness horse packing, overnights, and wilderness survival skills!

Girl Scouts’ memory honored with special high adventure gift for Meadow Mountain Ranch

View more photos of the check presentation 

Since the fall of 2012,  39 Girl Scout teenagers of GECCCO (Girls Enjoying Camping, Canoeing and Cycling Outdoors) Troop 71106 from Northern Colorado (Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Greeley) have been working on a special fundraising effort for their beloved Meadow Mountain Ranch (MMR) Girl Scout camp near Allenspark.

In 2011 this troop lost a cherished member of their group, Taite Pugh of Loveland. Taite had special needs and epilepsy and died unexpectedly. While in Girl Scouts, one of Taite’s favorite activities was zip lining, which she did on an international trip to Costa Rica. She also loved camping with her troop at MMR. And after learning MMR’s future plans of being a high adventure camp for girls, with a zip line being one of the wish list camp features, the girls knew they needed to help with the fundraising efforts and name the zip line to honor the memory of Taite.

On Thursday, March 28th, the troop made their first fundraising milestone, presenting a check to Girl Scouts of Colorado’s CEO, Stephanie Foote, for $10,000 at a Fort Collins Service Center ceremony.

“We are really touched that the GECCCOs decided to keep her memory going through this project,” said Taite’s mother, Cheryl, who shed tears of pride along with her husband and Taite’s father, Mark, at the March 28th ceremony. “Taite left an impression on these girls. They always were good about including her. Girl Scouts opened many new doors. And the trip to Costa Rica was a trip of a lifetime.”

Troop 71106 needs to raise $70,000 for the project, so fundraising efforts are still ongoing. They have held fundraisers for this project, such as a pancake breakfast in the fall and selling bracelets. A part of all their fundraising efforts, including 2013 Cookie Program proceeds, also are dedicated to the zip line project. (The troop sold nearly 10,000 packages of Girl Scout Cookies and is fundraising for travel adventures they are planning to Peru and Alaska, to name a few.) Additionally, the troop is in the process of researching and applying for community grants.

“We hope this project inspires other troops to do community service,” said one of the troop members, Krista Beucler, who also commented that the troop is learning a lot through this project.

Once Taite fell in love with zip lining in Costa Rica she was always the first in line pointing and saying “up, up.” The troop hopes to help more children like Taite with special needs and disabilities find a love for zip lining by starting an annual day for them on this new zip line.

“We really can’t wait to complete the project. The project will make a difference for thousands and thousands of Girl Scouts,” said Sarah Bales, another member of the troop.

For more information on the MMR zip line project and how you can make a contribution, contact Elizabeth Winn at 970-319-3037 or

Fox 31 Denver covered this event and aired a story on their morning show on Friday, March 29th. The Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper also ran a short article and photo in their April 4th edition.

Wild in the Outdoors-Raptor Girl Scout Day Camp in Pueblo!

P 25

Come join us at the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo (NRCP) for a Free Range Kids day camp this summer.  You will build shelters, learn new outdoor skills, cool off by wading in the Arkansas River and learn about Colorado’s raptors. This camp is takes place July 15-19 and is for girls in from second to fifth grade. If you can’t attend this Wild in the Outdoors camp, your Girl Scout troop can also fulfill nature badge requirements easily with the Nature Center activities.  There are free weekend raptor talks at 11:30am on Saturday and Sundays. On May 4th you can attend the Raptor Center Open House to see the new larger cages for recovering birds. To learn about all the various group and individual activities the Nature and Raptor center offers, you can visit their website or call 719-549-2414.  You can register for the Wild in the Outdoors camp here.