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Hello, I am the Outdoor Programs Director for Girl Scouts of Colorado. I have been an outdoor industry professional for over 15 years working with camps, outdoor programs, ropes courses and more, and love what I do!

Outdoor Adventure Club – First Weekend at MMR!

oac-tb-the-short-wallLast weekend the Outdoor Adventure Club had it’s first monthly event at Meadow Mountain Ranch!

The girls built a solid  support with each other while completing challenges together on our low ropes course.

The girls focused on building a foundation of outdoor cooking, fire building and campsite setup skills. This weekend, we have two more rounds of girls coming through the September program. We encourage girls who are in this program to “share their stories” on our blog.

Because of such high demand for this program, we have split weekends up into multiple events, and offered multiple weekend dates. This is a very exciting pilot program and we are thrilled at the response and feedback we will receive from girls and their families in order to work on future programs like this for older girls.


SHR Fall Olympics Rendezvous – camp with your troop!

Each year, Girl Scouts of Colorado summer camps host several programs for troops and families. One of those is called a Rendezvous. A Rendezvous is a weekend troop camp at one of our overnight camps (Sky High Ranch or Tomahawk Ranch) where an older troop learns valuable leadership skills while leading camp activities for younger troops. This Rendezvous is your next Troop Camp opportunity:

Sky High Ranch Fall Olympics
September 30 6pm through October 2 11am (Friday dinner through Sunday  brunch)

“Welcome to the Sky High Ranch Fall Olympics Rendezvous! Girls and adults will be divided into 5 countries representing each of the 5 Olympic rings. There will be opening and closing ceremonies, an Olympic torch, medals and other Olympic traditions. The activities will include various summer and winter Olympic sports, often modified in silly and unusual ways. Because this Rendezvous is in late September, the weather is difficult to predict. SHR is a rustic facility so please be prepared to share a cabin with another troop and dress for the weather!”

Register now for this exciting event!

All troops in attendance must have two unrelated adult Girl Scout volunteer approved chaperones. One adult must have attended Overnight Training, and one must have current CPR and First Aid certifications.

Happy 100th to the National Park Service – Get Your Girl Scouts Outside!

Get your scouts outside this weekend!
Get your scouts outside this weekend!

In honor of the National Park Service’s 100th birthday, get your Girl Scouts outside during free entrance days to national parks this weekend!

August 25-28
September 24 (National Public Lands Day)
November 11 (Veteran’s Day)

Learn more about free days at our National Parks!

Can’t get to a National Park? That’s ok, just get your Girl Scouts outside at a local park, open space, nature center or other local outdoor resource in your community!


NEW: Lower Prices at Magic Sky Ranch in 2017!

We are pleased to announce that property reservations at our locations have increased year over year! You may find that the property you are interested in for your Troop / Service Unit event is be already booked (as a reminder, properties can be booked 12 months in advance). To increase accessibility, we are excited to announce for the 2017 Membership Year, that we are lowering the price for Magic Sky Ranch, and offering a discount to any troop or service unit who would like to reserve the full property for their event!

  • The price to reserve an All Season Cabin is lowering to $100 a night each. The current price for reserving an All Season Cabin is $150 a night each.
    • This change will be implemented on the booking website on September 1st.
    • Any reservations made for All Season Cabins for the 2017 Membership Year qualify for the new, lower price.
  • If group reserves the full property, they will receive a 25% Full Property Discount.
    • To qualify for this discount, you must reserve all buildings on site, including all six All Season Cabins, the Old Lodge, the two tent sites, the four seasonal units, and the activity center.
    • To utilize this new discounted price, start your booking here for next year. Once you have reserved the full property, the Outdoor Property and Program Administrator will apply your discount, then you will receive a revised invoice with the discounted total.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is in the process of selling Magic Sky Ranch. Read more information about the property sale.

We feel comfortable that groups will be able to keep reservations through next spring and into summer, without concern of the Magic Sky sale. All troops and groups will be given between six- and nine-months’ notice if the property is sold before your reservation.  If the property is sold before your event, we will work to find another property or date that will work best for your group.  If we are unable to find another option that works for you, your reservation may be cancelled and we will provide a full refund.

Any questions, concerns or comments are welcome! Please email to receive more information!

Denver County Girl Scouts – Free Camp Opportunity, deadline 6/20/16

At times Girl Scouts of Colorado is approached with low- or no-cost camp opportunities in partnership with other organizations. Volunteers of America is launching this camp this summer, and has open spaces they would love to fill with Girl Scouts (and their brothers if they also meet the requirements for camp). Here is information about Camp POSTCARD!

Camp POSTCARD is a FREE, 6-day, overnight camp sponsored by Volunteers Of America Colorado Branch. Camp POSTCARD Program-at-a-Glance.


When:           June 26th – July 1st

Where:          YMCA of the Rockies –  Estes Park Center

Who:              Denver County Youth (males and females)

Ages:              9-13  Must be nine before January 1, 2016

Deadline:      Monday June 20th, 2016 4:00pm

Scan applications to / fax to 720-264-3306 / Bring to our physical location:

Volunteers of America
2660 Larimer St,
Denver CO 80205

Spaces are limited; campers are accepted to camp on a first come first served basis! This is a co-ed camp, with separate sleeping areas. Spaces may be available for brothers of Girl Scouts. Applications are due by 6/20/16 (this Monday!)

Camper Packet (application)
Things To Send to Families (packing list)
Things To Send to Families Spanish (packing list)

Campers must turn in a copy of your youth’s Physical & Immunizations with the Camp Packet you complete.  Multiple immediate family members can be on one packet.

Camp POSTCARD operates under the childcare license of the YMCA of the Rockies – Estes Park Center for Child Care Facilities and Resident Camps.


Host Families Wanted: Chinese Scouting Cultural Camp Exchange!

Calling on Colorado Girl Scouts in the metro Denver area!
Do you have a daughter between the ages of 10 and 15?
Would you like to be a host family for a girl between these ages from the People’s Republic of China?

Six to ten girls, part Capable Teens in China, are coming to the Denver area for three weeks July 15– August 3 2016, chaperoned by Capable Teens representatives. Host families in the metro Denver area are needed to provide room and board for a Chinese girl for three (3) weekends, bookending their participation in Girl Scouts of Colorado overnight camp at Sky High Ranch in Woodland Park.  By spending time with your family, these girls from the Suzhou area of China (near Shanghai) are hoping for a thorough immersion into American life.  Chinese girls may need your help in providing equipment for camp.

Capable Teens, modeled on the Boy Scouts of America scouting program, are bringing these young Chinese women for an introduction to an American Girl Scout experience. We need your help in welcoming these young girls to Colorado and the United States, and introducing them to the GSCO/GSUSA way of Girl Scouting.

Expectations of American Girl Scout host families:

    • All adults living in the household will be approved volunteers and members of Girl Scouts of Colorado, join now!
    • Be willing to live your normal lives with the addition of a young female guest from China
    • Be welcoming and loving; offer fun experiences and open your lives to girls from China.
    • Provide normal American opportunities for Chinese girls to practice their English, be a part of your family and to gain an understanding of Girl Scouting
    • Participate as much as possible with the plans being developed for this American experience for the Chinese girls, including helping with transport to/from camps, sending your daughter to the camps (if possible), providing equipment, etc.
    • Being willing to participate in Skype and email with your Chinese guest prior to their arrival in Colorado.

A small stipend per family is available.

Check out the Capable Teens Web site ( for more information about the Capable Teens program and this exciting opportunity for Chinese and American girls!

 For more information and for an application, please contact:
Linda Fuller, Girl Scout Program Coordinator, Capable Teens USA   303-909-2264

Welcome to Overnight Camp – Time to Unplug!

This is our first week of Girl Scout overnight camp at Tomahawk Ranch. Sky High Ranch welcomes their first campers on Sunday. At camp, our campers and staff unplug from their digital devices in order to build authentic connections with each other and the beauty that surrounds them.

We take tons of pictures at our camps. Our photo plan is to post the albums to the Girl Scoutfs of Colorado Flickr account by the Wednesday following each session. We realize it’s hard not to see pictures of your camper posted each day at camp. In our beautiful remote locations, internet bandwidth is limited. We have to reserve it for business operations like emails to parents and running reports from online .net cms software.

Although each year we work with our IT department, and they help us get our camp internet  bandwidth increased, internet in the mountains will never rival the speed we are used to in the city.

We thank you for your patience with our technology throughout the summer. We look forward to seeing you when you and your daughter come to camp. If you need something urgently, you can give our camp offices a call:

Sky High Ranch: 719-687-3278

Tomahawk Ranch: 303-838-5311

Lock in Low Prices – Pay Camp Fees Before 4/30/16

Lock in the lowest rates for camps by paying your balances in CampInTouch by April 30, 2016 at 11:59pm.

Prices for Overnight Camps at Tomahawk Ranch and Sky High Ranch go up $100 per 12-day session, $50 per 6-day session, $25 per 3-day session. Prices for Troop Camps go up $25 per girl.

Our registration team is busy applying Cookie/Program Credit and Gift Card Payments. If you have submitted this form and paid your best estimate of any remaining fees prior to April 30, you lock in Early Bird Pricing. If for some reason you overpaid, we will refund any overpayment.

If you have selected “autobill my card on April 30,” you have locked in Early Bird Fees.

To review credit card information on file, log into your CampInTouch account and go to “Financial Management” and then “Edit Billing Information.”

Register now for Girl Scout Camp!
Review camp sessions.
Reserve a Girl Scouts of Colorado Property for your troop/group! Check out Travel Opportunities for Girl Scouts!
Pay camp balances with CampInTouch, with a Cookie Credit Card or a Gift Card prior to April 30 to lock in Early Bird Pricing!


You wanted adventure programs, we’ve got adventure programs!


Girl Scouts of Colorado’s summer camps have answered your call! According to our 2015 summer survey results there was an outstanding number of parents/campers who asked for “more adventure program.”

We could not agree more with your advice! We have worked very hard to increase the number of camps which offer adventure programming for girls who want to explore, take risks, and learn about themselves and others in their leadership journey.

These adventure trips are a chance to explore Colorado’s great outdoors:
MMR High Adventure Troop Camps! TC044 July 15-17; and TC074 September 9-11
TR39 Expedition WILD! July 10- July 21
TT01 Colorado Horseback Adventure at Bear Basin Ranch (near Lazy Acres) 7/24-7/30

Adventure Camps at Sky High Ranch:
June 12-17 SH04 Zippers, SH08 Zip Life
June 19-24 SH155 Night Ninjas, SH165 Iron Chef SHR
June 26-July 1 SH25 Night Ninjas, SH26 Zippers
July 10-15 SH42 District 14, SH435 Adventure Olympics, SH445 Legends of Archery
July 17-22 SH52 Sky High Ranch Pentathlon, SH535 District 14
July 24-29 SH61 Girl vs Zombie, SH63 Legends of Archery, SH64 Zip Life

Adventure Camps at Tomahawk Ranch:
June 12-17:  TR04 The Olympians, TR06 Arrows, TR07 Survivor
June 19-24 TR16 The Olympians
June 26-July 1 TR23 Scout vs Wild, TR26 Arrows, TR27 TARDIS
July 10-21 TR32 I <3 Camp, TR34 Mocking Jay, TR37 Girl vs Zombie, TR38 TR Goes Pro, TR39 Expedition WILD!, TR405 The Dark Side

Register now for Girl Scout Camp! Review camp sessions. Reserve a Girl Scouts of Colorado Property for your troop/group! Check out Travel Opportunities for Girl Scouts! Pay camp balances with CampInTouch, with a Cookie Credit Card or a Gift Card prior to April 30 to lock in Early Bird Pricing!

Night Ninjas at Sky High Ranch


Sky High Night Ninjas are legends in their own right! These Juniors practice being stealthy at night by sleeping in during the day and practice their nocturnal skills when the sun goes down. At the end of their week, these girls will have mastered the art of “Glow in the Dark Archery”, navigating by the stars and learning basic self-defense moves.

In addition to night hikes and wolf howling, girls will learn about nocturnal animals and how they are able to thrive without light. Campers will create their own “cat-eye vision” and hike through camp at night, experiencing what it is like to slip through the forest unseen by all! Campers will practice using all their senses. This may include team building with blind folds on the low ropes course, a scratch and sniff hike, or maybe even a Tasty Treat Challenge!

Like nocturnal animals, Night Ninjas sleep in during the day and have a late breakfast as they readjust to life in the sun. Not everything can be done in the dark, so our sneaky stargazers will get a chance to play with the rest of the camp at the pond, the farm, and everything else Sky High has to offer. Their days (and nights) will be jam-packed with awesome activities designed to be FUN, and also, maybe a little educational.

Campers interested in this camp should be comfortable in the dark (even though we will have flashlights!) and able to adjust to staying up late and sleeping in in the mornings.

SH155 Night Ninjas 6/19-6/24, Junior: Our night ninjas are known for their camp stealth and adventure! Try your hand at Glow in the Dark Archery, Sleep-in Breakfasts, and Star Gazing. “You didn’t see anything…!” There will be time for general activities too. This camp does not include zip line.

Register now for Girl Scout Camp!
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Check out Travel Opportunities for Girl Scouts!
Pay camp balances with CampInTouch, with a Cookie Credit Card or a Gift Card prior to April 30 to lock in Early Bird Pricing!