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Two awarded Appreciation pins

Submitted by Marilyn Calhoun
Western Slope

Girl Scouts of Colorado, Mesa County, recently held a Volunteer Appreciation event. Volunteers were honored for their years of service, and many received the Girl Scout 100th Anniversary Honor certificate.

Two troop leaders received National Girl Scout awards. Melinda Goertz and Wendy Jones spent many hours during the summer guiding 30 girls through the requirements and helping them develop leadership skills that resulted in 15 Junior Girl Scouts receiving the Bronze Award, the highest award that can be earned by that age level. Fifteen Girl Scout Cadettes earned the Silver Award, the highest award that the Cadette level can earn.

Melinda and Wendy were recipients of the Girl Scout Appreciation Pin, one of three National Awards that recognize adult volunteers for their work. Congratulations to both women for the fine job that they do to help girls become women of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

Photo: left-Melinda Goertz, right- Wendy Jones

Gold Award recipient gives thanks to supporters

Submitted by Angela Natrasevschi
Fort Collins

As graduation approaches I have a lot to be thankful for. I would like to thank each and every one of you who have helped me grow and achieve my goals. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, for sending your good thoughts my way. I appreciate all you have done for me. To my teachers, advisors and Girl Scout community, thank you for shaping me into the strong resourceful leader I am always striving to be. My mom always says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Thank you for being my village.

Now, I am in my home stretch of high school. It is turning out to be a beautiful year. The stress at times has been nonstop but I wouldn’t change it. I found out yesterday I received the Daniels Fund Scholarship* combined with my other scholarships from: Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship, Nassp/Herff Jones Principal’s Leadership Scholarship, 2012 Buick Achievers Scholarship, Brian Ball Memorial Scholarship will pay for college. I also received Veterans of Foreign War Scout of the Year Award for Colorado, The Prudential Spirit of Community Award, President’s Volunteer Service Award, and the Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award. I am so happy to announce that I am going to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. I will study fine arts and teaching. I never imagined I would have college paid for before graduation, but my mom did. She told me I could do it and put her faith in me and now I am so happy!

Now I would like to do a flashback so you know my past year. I knew it was going to be my dream year after I finished summer at Pratt in Brooklyn. Summer school motivated me to work hard and dream big. My mother told me if I worked hard and finished I would make it back to Pratt. I listened and worked harder than I ever imagined and finished my Girl Scout Gold Award. My Gold Award project is called “Fighting Meth” you can view it online at:

Starting and finishing my Girl Scout Gold Award project was the smartest thing I ever did. It has created so many opportunities for me. My Gold Award service project has helped me become the leader I am today. It has also enabled me to help over 32,000 people with knowledge about methamphetamines.

In the past month, my family and I have had many sleepless nights. I’ve had interviews for scholarships, schools and summer jobs. I started to get scholarships, admissions and then the hard part denied admission to Yale. Throughout the whole ordeal I knew it would work out. I knew I would end up at Pratt. I think my mother did too, because she turned in all my scholarship acceptance forms to Pratt. I didn’t know that until today.

Last week has been the hardest week for my family. We knew this week was when we found out about the Daniels Fund Scholarship. My mom has been there every step of the way though the good and bad. On Friday (April 20) we found out the winners were announced on the news and would be notified by mail. Saturday morning (April 21) was the longest on record. My mom and I camped out in our camping chairs next to the mailbox waiting for the mail lady to deliver my news. We prayed and hoped and prayed again that it would be there for me.

The mail was late and we started to worry but just then, I saw the truck coming down the street. Just then, I called my dad to come film the event. My mom wanted the moment captured. Then the post lady pulled up and mom asked if she had any packages for us. She said not today. Then my mom asked if she could have that large white envelope in the mail truck. She told the mail lady it would say Daniels Fund in the left hand corner in blue writing and be address to me. The post lady picked it out of the truck read it and handed it to me. I still don’t know how my mom does that. She has a way of seeing something in her head and just knowing. The moment I received my Daniels Fund Scholarship is something I will never forget; it is my future, my education, my opportunities and my life’s dream. I am going to New York! I’ve loved New York ever since I went with Girl Scouts in the 6th grade.

In the next month I will finish at Fort Collins High School and have some events coming up for all who wish to attend. I made it into Battle of the Bands representing Fort Collins High School. Battle of the Bands will be on Sunday May 13th in Old Town Square, Fort Collins at 12 noon. I will also be class speaker at graduation on May 26th at Moby Gym in Fort Collins at 5:30. This is when my mom will start crying, I know it.

Girl Scouts has changed my life. It has made me the strong leader I am today. It has given me, my dream future in New York attending college and will give me the opportunity to earn a college degree through nominating me for the Daniels Fund Scholarship. Once again I would like to THANK Girl Scouts of Colorado for believing in me and supporting me. Thank You to my Girl Scout community, you have all played your role in helping me grow into the leader I am today. I will never forget, I will always pay it forward, give back to my community and volunteer.


Angela Natrasevschi

Fort Collins, CO Troop 70276

*The Daniels Scholarship is not “full ride,” but is supplemental to all other financial aid resources available to the student. After other financial aid resources have been applied, the Daniels Scholarship covers all required tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies and a variety of other miscellaneous expenses. Students also receive a laptop computer and a printer. Read more about the Daniels Fund and Scholarship and the  Colorado Girl Scouts who got to the finalist round of this process this year.

My Gold Award project: ‘Fighting Meth’

Submitted by Angela Natrasevschi
Fort Collins

Methamphetamine is a horrible drug that ruins lives, it has a large impact in my country, and our world. I, Angela Natrasevschi, have been working to educate others to create more awareness to the dangers of meth, and hopefully aid in prevention.

I created a presentation that fully educates on all the aspects people need to know about meth, and I’ve also translated it to several languages including Spanish, Romanian and Polish. It’s accessible worldwide through YouTube.


I’ve also organized or been a part of several events that have impacted large amounts of people and made an impact on their lives. The many facets of my project have served to educate people and spread my message. I developed a presentation and artwork to raise awareness and educate the community on the risks of meth use. In August 2011, I had a booth at the Fort Collins, CO New West Fest; I spoke with people about the dangers of the drug and collected signatures. I also created two meth-related artworks that were displayed in my booth. For months I prepared; one step was to conduct training for Girl Scouts available to volunteer at my booth. All my hard work made a difference. In the two days I ran the booth, collectively 1,017 people signed my “Pledge to be Meth Free.”

In September, my Meth-related art work was featured at the Denver Civic Arts Theater Gallery in Denver to create more awareness of the problems we face. I talked to Jonathan of the Colorado Meth Project and found out my paintings were viewed by over 2,000 people on first Friday at gallery. Wow, I love art.

In October 2011, I spoke at the Generation Wow event at the Denver Marriott about my project in front of 500 distinguished individuals of Colorado. I spoke at the Soroptimist International of Fort Collins Living her Dream Award Dinner on Feb. 21, 2012. It was a lovely evening with about 60 present. I received The Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award, which recognizes and honors young women who volunteer to make the community and world a better place. (At this date 4,260 people inspired by “Fighting Meth”.) My speech is online at [youtube]

The Coloradoan newspaper ran an article on meth on Feb. 28 2012. I interviewed for the article, telling my story and gave information about meth. The article featured my oil painting, “Meth Mouth.”
9 News Colorado uses Coloradoan news article about Meth online.

So far, I’ve put over 300 hours into my Girl Scout Gold Award Project, “Fighting Meth” and benefited over 32,761 people and counting. My 20 volunteers have spent of over 400 hours “Fighting Meth.”

Coming soon I will tell you what my Girl Scout Gold Award means to me.

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Troop 2198 earns national Disney grant

Submitted by Sandi Rhynard

While on the path to earning their Silver Award, team “Adoption Angels” won a national grant from Disney Friends for Change. The team’s goal is to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership as well as resources to help reduce animal abuse in our community. Out of 700 entries nationally, Troop 2198 was one of 50 that were able to secure the grant for their project.

Phase 1: Participated in Global Youth Action Day, April 22. During this one-day service project, Adoption Angels gathered more than 300 items valued at more than $600 to benefit local shelters.

Phase 2: Adoption Angels is launching a first-annual “Woof Walk” in conjunction with the Summerset Festival (more than 10,000 attendees overall) on Sept. 16, 2012. The proceeds from this walk will benefit local animal shelters. For more information regarding Woof Walk, please contact the team via

Media coverage the girls received on their project and grant:

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Girl Scouts earn the Barn Girlz Rock Patch at Colorado Classic Horse Show


Submitted by Alice Hughes

Girl Scouts of Colorado partnered once again with the Colorado Classic Horse Show to offer the 6th annual Barn Girlz Rock event on April 14, 2012. Nearly 80 Girl Scouts, ages 10-12, attended the 36th annual Colorado Classic Horse Show to learn about horse health, horse care and the horse show industry.

The Girl Scouts watched the horse show to learn about the Saddlebred, Morgan and Arabian breeds. After the show, the girls rotated through 10 educational stations with topics such as: horse behavior, horse health, safety around horses, riding equipment and clothing, grooming, horse shoeing, adopting wild mustangs, barn tours and a horse trivia game.

“This event is fun,” said Shea, 9, Lakewood, from Troop 3895. “Getting to pet and feed the horses is the best part.”

The patient purebred Arabian horse “Just Smokin’” demonstrated equipment while presenter McKenna Caspers delved into the three styles of riding represented at the horse show and the beautiful equipment specific to each style.

“I have to admit that I’m scared of horses, but I love them so much,” said Annabelle, 10, Denver, from Troop 3895. “Horses are so beautiful and they can talk to you with their ears, eyes, body and feet.”

Girl Scouts learned how messy it is to brush a furry pony at the grooming station. Godzilla, a mini-Shetland pony left an explosion of creamy white fur on the ground much to the Girl Scouts’ delight.

“This is so fun to brush a pony,” said Sarah, 10, Lakewood, from Troop 2801. “I’ve never done this before. I’ve never been this close to a horse before.” Sarah’s sister Willa, 11, chimed in “I like making patterns in her fur.”

Troop 2510 from Wheatridge learned the complicated process of making a horse shoe from farrier Del Slaugh. He demonstrated how he makes a horse shoe from a piece of steel, heating it until it is bright yellow at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit and then shaping it with his hammer. Each group of Girl Scouts got to take a completed, but still warm horse shoe home with them.

“It looks like hard work to be a farrier,” said Miranda,10, Wheat Ridge, from Troop 2520. “My favorite things about horses are that they are beautiful and graceful. Horses just click with me!”

At the veterinary station, Dr. Lauren Fischer described a horse’s skeletal structure and drew bones on a Shetland pony named Chili. Girl Scouts also listened to Chili’s heart beat and lungs breathing.

“That was cool listening to a horse’s heart beat,” said Jacqueline, 9, Aurora, from Troop 2105. “I love horses. They are calm and lovely. I like riding them too at Girl Scout camp.”

After the event, girls could continue their education with a special take-home notebook filled with horse facts, fun activities and equine industry contact information. Girls could also win free riding lessons donated by professional horse trainers.

See more photos:

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Silver Award Recipients – 2011-12

Individually Registered Girls
Julie Tew
Colorado Springs
Jessica Hild
Lindsey Jessen
Kat Sullivan
Natasha Snyder
Melissa Brunkala
Sara Reitz
Alexandria Hakala
Troop 4 – Colorado Springs
Madeline McWhorter
Troop 8 – Greenwood Village
Tessa Andrzejczak
Gabbi Cantor
Lexi Markowitz
Troop 24 – Fruita
Kaete Erickson
Jessica Hedlun
Maya Kolenut
Alexis Moss
Alma Wilkie
Troop 26 – Sterling
Taylor Griebel
Troop 27 – Cortez
Dezirae’ Todd
Troop 36 – Monument
Kelsey Briding
Lexi Maxwell
Edie Statham
Sheridan Sweet
Emma Thompson
Troop 42 – Fruita
Francesca Lujan
Troop 56 – Montrose
Alanah Remple
Troop 66 – Fort Collins
Erica Cismoski
Reanna Philpot
Troop 123 – Evergreen
Kelsey Pashman
Troop 149 – Colorado Springs
Amy Nelson
Troop 150 – Aurora
Kaycee    Bischoff
Kristina Paulsen
Troop 169 – Centennial
Mary Leigh
Troop 190 – Grand Junction
Addie Meders
T’Anni Meders
Troop 196 – Colorado Springs
Tierra Carter
Alyssa Engelman
Ashley Marttilo
Kristina Sullivan
Shannon Sullivan
Rebecca Vines
Noelle Windesheim
Troop 235 – Aurora
Shelby Johnson
Samara Smith
Malorie Williamson
Troop 245 – Colorado Springs
Kelly Conn
Carissa Gonzales
Katie Wilker
Troop 255 – Cañon City
Katie Abbott
Nani Albertson
Angel Potter
Troop 316 – Arvada
Taylor Baker
Isabella Colosimo
Julianna Desiato
Rachel DeStigter
Clara Geoghegan
Kristin Kembel
Katie Kubacki
Sarah Swanson
Amelia Williams
Troop 342 – Louisville
Christina Bartholomew
Ellen Gostling
Haley Hodges
Clara Horst
Morgan Kemmerlin
Franny Klatt
Katie McQuie
Emma Robbins
Troop 354 – Colorado Springs
Claire Landwehr
Meagan Prewitt
Troop 407 – Fort Collins
Autumn Horne
Troop 547 – Centennial
Kathleen Russo
Troop 564 – Aurora
Clara Brinkers
Kelsey Collins
Bailey Dagner
Haley Dunlap
Ellie Furtua
Megan King
Jaia Lovett
Savannah Morden
Jacqueline Pierce
Katheryn Riley
Kelli Stanton
Emily VanZee
Emily Waldman
Delaney Worthington
Troop 571 – Castle Rock
Caitlyn Alberts
Andrea Buckman
Katie Bulmer
Lexie Haynie
Lyssa Haynie
Mallory Happ
Megan Happ
Heidi Markel
Emily Novotny
Emily Provan
Katie Winsor

Troop 609 – Colorado Springs

KC Cruz

Ivy Marple

Lillian Nieman

Ashlynn Smith

Sarah Weidman

Troop 611 – Greeley

Bethany Ford

Cassidi O’Connor

Kylie Webb

Troop 615 – Denver

Devin Clapper

Kate Hasse

Amy Taylor

Abigail Yonker

Troop 670 – Louisville

Kate Brunette

Charlotte Jones

Melissa Kaiser

Natalie Keatley

Jillian Kolman

Zoe Lehn

Grace Newell

Chloe Pradeau

Madison Pritchard

Teagan Smith

Brianna Suazo

Mikayla Whiteaker

Troop 772 – Erie

Hannah Alvarado

Jordan Couper

Julia Hensley

Daniell Plomondon

Katelyn Rodriguez

Sarah Santilli

Troop 922 – Colorado Springs

Jonnae Byas

Troop 931 – Colorado Springs

Sophie Brown

Troop 941 – Louisville

Jessica Bishop

Becca Fantalis

Alaura Penz

Dasha Petropavlovskikh

Alexis Pollicita

Alexandra Treat

Troop 977 – Littleton

Aizja Trujillo

Troop 997 – Littleton

Bailey Andersen

Alessia Bryant

Amy Caran

Katie Kelley

Mikayla Lederhos

Morgan Moffitt

Gwynn Tipton

Chiara Zagnoli

Troop 1089 – Denver

Kassandra Caballero

Jade DeLeon

Revann Sirokman

Troop 1165 – Parker

Maddie Barton

Brandi Sundquist

Troop 1215 – Evergreen

Kendall Gallagher

Jenna Reid

Troop 1227 – Parker

Abby Hood

Rachel Hurt

Aubree Miller

Melanie Rost

Sara Sauceda

Troop 1238 – Conifer

Nina Barkmann

Troop 1269 – Littleton

Silje Hayes

Katie Huttenmeyer

Ally Lambercht

Sara McWilliams

Troop 1308 – Brighton

Kayli Davis

Chelsea Esposito

Paige Huffman

Juliet Knudsen

Lauren Mehle

Olivia Noakes

Troop 1383 – Highlands Ranch

Bailey Beebe

Heather Hewitt

Lauren Miller

Catie Vitella

Julia Vitella

Troop 1394 – Denver

Tessa Archuleta

Kacie Bush

Sierra Farrar

Julia Simpkins

Troop 1399 – Littleton

Kathryn Anderson

Julia Bouziane

Katrina Breidenbach

Alexis Clements

Rachel Lane

Ashley Moon

Troop 1401 – Highlands Ranch

Abigail Bacon

Lauren Bigner

Devon Mackey

Hayley Mitchell

Emily Reed

Olivia Simpson

Tori Tongen

Troop 1408 – Centennial

Jamie Stoner

Jessica Stoner

Troop 1554 – Centennial

Olivia King

Charlie Payne

Troop 1558 – Littleton

Kaitlin Engelbert

Rachel Parziale

Dana Ruby

Sanskriti Saxena

Lindsey Stone

Catherine Welch

Troop 1573 – Centennial

Katie Burns

Lindsay Carter

Marlo Cheever

Sarah Greichen

Seneca Herring

Samantha Krell

Grace Richards

Gianna Ruggiero

Troop 1583 – Centennial

Shannon Akin

Cori Birka

Gilli Breslar

Taylor Cozort

Troop 1630 – Arvada

Ashley Drye

Kelly Hanrahan

Samantha Quintana

Sasha Ramer

Solana Suarez-Holguin

Troop 1664 – Colorado Springs

Lyndsay Ruane

Rebecca Wilson

Troop 1713 – Broomfield

Samantha Gasaway

Troop 1750 – Denver

Isabella Cuss

Grace Hancock

Savannah Nichols

Kira Schumacher

Katie Smith

Troop 1854 – Highlands Ranch

Alexandra Dillon

Troop 1962 – Littleton

Amy Griffin

Troop 1976 – Colorado Springs

Alaine Hoffman

Troop 2107 – Littleton

Erika Colman
Emma Ferdig
Kitty Harris
Britney Martinez
Lindsey Romig
Coralynne Rowley

Troop 2110 – Golden

Clare Buntrock

Kate Greenhalgh

Troop 2113 – Littleton

Alex Bicket

Maggie Larson

Cameron Piper

Mariah Stopplecamp

Troop 2130 – Littleton

Gabrielle Velasquez

Jennifer Zigler

Troop 2237 – Highlands Ranch

Brittany Beebe

Taryn Bradley

Troop 2316 – Arvada

Madelaine Bass

Lexi Elio

Meg Henderson

Sarah Murphy

Kristin Sutherland

Troop 2333 – Superior

Kaseva Alavardo-Yule

Troop 2407 – Highlands Ranch

Molly Baird

Daria Baranoff

Karina Bonds

Megan Rogers

Troop 2543 – Parker

Caiti Callahan

Hunter Johnston

Jenny Knight

Addi Reynolds

Troop 2567 – Longmont

Margaret Harrison

Claire Murtha

Hannah Rieder

Troop 2662 – Littleton

Taittumn Barrett

Allison Caperton

Hannah Dort

Sara Higgins

Abigail Lee

Elisa Maxwell

Lauren McBeth

Samara Nester

Charlotte Quinn

Evangeline Read

Hannah Sarine

Jade Shank

Jessica Shapiro

Ali Williams

Troop 2857 – Aurora

Katrina Walker

Troop 3125 – Denver

Hadley Bowles

Heidi Hufford

Troop 3289 – Arvada

Rebecca Stankiewicz

Troop 3496 – Colorado Springs

Sophie Brown

Troop 3580 – Colorado Springs

Julia Barrier

Maya Branch

Kaitlin Courcy

Madeline Foley

Kailynn Hawley

Miranda Ortega

Devyn Sanchez

Kalyn Lowe

Lindsey Sablan

Troop 3693 – Highlands Ranch

Megan Coney

Troop 3810 – Colorado Springs

Hannah Clair

Jessica Husted

Troop 3870 – Lakewood

Cassidy St. Clergy

Cody St. Clergy

Troop 4199 – Aurora

Katherine Shupe

Troop 4407 – Fort Collins

Rylie Long

Zoe Milner

Margaret Patterson

Zoie Tollison

Troop 7645 – Nederland

Savannah Ames

Maeve Anderson

Sophie Anderson

Katelyn Jewell

Mikaela Kugel

Anastasia Snelling

Elise Storkamp

Troop 9508 – Denver

Aida Morgan-Russell

Alicia Topolnycky

Troop 9601 – Aurora

Suzanne D’Amico

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2011-12 Bronze Award recipients

Individually Registered Girls
Madison Martinez
Peyton Dailey
Grand Junction
Keanna Estes
Christina Perkins

Troop 19 –
Colorado Springs
Megan Angster
Kaitlyn Fark
Arianna Garza
Sharleese Guevara
Hannah Jewell
Allysen Jimboy
Genevieve Maneika
Hannah Martin
Reina Paker
Katherine Raynor

Troop 31 – Northglenn
Shaela Burkhert
Teagan Carlson
Lauren Facey
Megan Facey
Audrey Femrite
Carissa    Flores
Stephanie Hardee
Allison Hemzacek
Julia Kallis
Emily Losinski
Sabrina Losinski
Anika Malone
Josephine Martin
Samantha Martin
Sydney Mayer
Kate Richardson
Apoorva Seth
Lauren Ware

Troop 40 –
Grand Junction
Falynne Weinke

Troop 54 – Aurora
Shannon DiMarino
Gracelyn Gutierrez
Meskiel Schoneboom
Stephanie Vasquez
Kassia Wisneski
Mariana Zerr

Troop 87 – Littleton
Catie Bouziane
Kaeley Eagle
Lara Mckee
Kelsey Mease
Hannah Visser

Troop 120 –
 Grand Junction
Allison Hamm
McKayala Vigil
McKenzie Vigil
Makalea Snyder

Troop 123 –
Colorado Springs
Eve Balmaceda
Emma Downing
Sonia Karsanbhai
Nichelle Malone
Crystal Page
Amelia Peterson
Cassidy Swart
Jasmine Szczur

Troop 131 – Littleton
Kelsey Harry

Troop 132 –
Grand Junction
Amber Bilbrey
Hailey Bilbrey
Carissa Crawford
Royanna Crawford
Katelyn Ellyson
Kayli Plantiko

Troop 140 –
Grand Junction
Kasia Kucera
Rachel Lively
Natalie McConnell
Kim Mueller
Maddy Mueller
Marilyn Rice
Ashley Sage
Grace Trujillo
Riley Trujillo
Kayla Witherspoon

Troop 144 –
Colorado Springs
Sharon Dalsey
Amani Monroe
Lily Noteboom
Elizabeth Spalding
Nicole Starr

Troop 162 – Lakewood
Sarah Evans
Spencer Gahar-Jones
Cassie Schaeffer
Hannah Smith
Natasha Snyder

Troop 163 – Denver
Emma Deutsch

Troop 168 –
Colorado Springs
Alia Benz
Raechel Brady
Cassie Capela
Abbey Cook
Abigail Englert
Kirsten Kinder

Troop 182 – Parker
Oksana Alvarez
Makena Baldwin
Ingrid Bayer
Elisse Bergstrom
Elizabeth Brown
Kathryn Conrad
Gabrielle East
Katie Frontz
Jillian Jacoba
Grace LaClaire
Chloe LaPorte
Megan Preiss
Megan Rider
Catherine Schifano
Alyssa Schmidt
Reagan Shea
Clare Weisiger
Julia Wiley
Ashley Wright

Troop 190 – Longmont
Alexis Hartman
Olivia Jarvis
Susanna Jones
Melanie Knight
Petra Osborn
Daphne Phelps
Simone Saulnier
Patricia Smith
Megan Swenson

Troop 194 –
Grand Junction
Jasmine Archuleta
Kaylee Buniger
Christiana Cornwell
Jordan Goertz
Jessica Hajoglou
Alyssa Jones

Troop 202 – Craig
Caitlin Bagley
Alina David
Burke Henderson
Jaci McDiffett
Brittnee Meats
Molly Neton
Taylor Ovenden
Madison Reed
Trinity Schenck
Alyssa Spencer

Troop 204 – Aurora
Shana Barnett
Carlee Everson
Sidney Johnson
Kelsey Kisner
Lindsay Papper
LeAnn Smith
Alexis Tenorio
Taylor Trail

Troop 212 –
Colorado Springs
Karissa Highlander
Alexa Hulmes
Destinee Lamb
Nyia Lamb
Jordan Meyer
Amanda Smith

Troop 223 – Aurora
Melia Reyther
Ashley Trujillo

Troop 291 – Englewood
Molly Parris

Troop 301 – Lakewood
Hannah Billerbeck
Suzy Walsh
Sydney Weathers

Troop 383 – Aurora
Melony Erly
Rachel Ross

Troop 401 –
Highlands Ranch
Natalia Acosta
Ashley Burns
Ally Gosselin
Isabella Gross
Megan Mondragon
Chloe Powers
Samantha Sinclair
Kaitlin Yokley

Troop 480 – Niwot
Sydney Atkins
Lauren Bock
Taylor Ellis
Haley Heidemann
Katy Hirano
Katy Humble
Sierra Ivan
Camryn Kenkel
Becky Klatt
Erica Landreth
Kayleigh Limbach
Hailey Noterman
Claire Ryan
Sarah Scharff
Carly Sorenson
Erica Walters

Troop 485 – Denver
Maddie Alms
Marin Clapper
Rachel Golledge
Mei Harrison
Parker Keber
Jasmyne Lindsey
Helen Maley
Myah Roberts
Maxcy Ross
Julie Rumpf
Katie Schachter
Zelda Sidener
Reese Smith
Maddie Solomon
Maggie Torgerson

Troop 494 – Longmont
Eryn DiZerega
Mallory Granger
Hailey Kellogg
Kyra McDonald
Danielle Miller
Savannah Orvis
Anna Raehal
Siera Reisner
Victoria Taylor

Troop 532 – Berthoud
Laurelanne Hardy
Emma Lawrence
Lydia Moors
Tristan Pope

Troop 548 – Golden
Jessie Asay
Carrie Bishop
Brooke Campbell
Rhyse Fairchild
Mazy Hogan
Cammy Lee
Mackenzie Lincoln
Savannah Lincoln
Bailey Parker
Adi Uleha
Kailey Vanevenhoven
Ashlyn Wagner
Katie Wood

Troop 552 – Aurora
Kira Hopkins
Eleanor Votodian

Troop 561 –
Grand Lake
Grace Little
Brooke Stacy
Taylor Stacy

Troop 699 – Broomfield
Maleah Ayars
Taylor Carlson
Kara Dobbs
Brenna Giblin
Aleena Gunter
Sefra Hodge
Elaina Kelley
Kenzie Vierra
Allie Welch

Troop 727 – Aurora
Brianna Battung
Megan Bradford
Jessica Brookie
Abriana Cuvelier
Chelsea Gearhart
Sydney Goodson
Hailey Harris
Tristan Ikeda
Cayla Kennedy
Kyleigh Knapp
Kyla Moore
Emily Schaum

Troop 744 –
Highlands Ranch
Moira Davis
Victoria Gonzales
Sydney Hanson
Taylor Hopple
Arianna Rex
Amanda Rowe
Emily Stillwell
Haylee Weise

Troop 745 – Centennial
Christina Bryant

Troop 788 – Erie
Audra Alvarado
Faith Chatten
Brinkley Jaramillo
Christina Jourden
Allison Martin
Kenlie Rohrer
Natalie Valdez

Troop 841 – Littleton
Shaelee Haaf
Jocelyn Hodovance
Evalynn Pirnack
Amber Sheeran
Kate Wootton

Troop 903 – Evergreen
Alex Hummell
Alina Ramig
Rachel Roamer
Amanda Stup

Troop 910 –
Colorado Springs
Caitlin Cairns
Mary Katherine
Emma Hybl
Samantha Litten
Mckayla Nelson
Angelina O’Connor
Alexa Plante
Aurora Sawyer

Troop 918 – Littleton
Jessica Broome
Darkia Brown Courtney Coleman
Alissa Oster
Jessica Rindahl
Hanna Williamson

Troop 921 –
Colorado Springs
Hannah Lundquist

Troop 922 –
Colorado Springs
Daijah Jones
Isis Nichols

Troop 958 – Centennial
Mary Burns
Kaya Duncan
Abi Graham
Allie Highsmith
Megan Nelson
Erin Smith
Bella Sumner
Julia Zelaya
Troop 1019 – Bailey
Mae Costello
Brenna Curry
Kylen Curry
Lauren DeMarco
Shyla Hoglan
Kate Michel
Kayleigh Mills
Katy Monahan
Allyse Nothstine

Troop 1029 – Shawnee
Chantel Flukiger
Parker Girod

Troop 1066 – Aurora
Mackenzie Fish
Emma Hansan
Angel Mullen
Brandi Rollins
Isabel Stantz

Troop 1094 – Littleton
Kayleigh Dewar
Lauren Guagno
Katie Koch
Katelyn Treese

Troop 1105 – Fountain
Nichole Carano

Troop 1108 – Grand Junction
Kylie Babeon
Jessalyn Herrera
Leslie Jones

Troop 1113 – Arvada
Lauren Dunnewald
Kira Morris
Abby Reeder
Natalie Snyder

Troop 1166 – Denver
Maia Hoeckelman
Maura Turner
Katie Vaeth

Troop 1254 – Highlands Ranch
Sydney Hafer
Madelyn Toman
Annie Trizna
Riley Vallot

Troop 1292 – Parker
Tiara Chapman
Belle DiRanna
Tasha DiRanna
Bristol Lacey
Talya Lynch
Alex Merrill
Chase Morris
Kaitlyn VerBrugge

Troop 1327 – Aurora
Savannah Carlucci
Sierra Davis
Katelynn Eckles
Faith Manning
Amanda Minor
Ricki Palmisano
McKenzie Sievert
Emily Spicer
Ashley Whiting

Troop 1328 – Louisville
Caitlin Browne
Shloka Dhar
Avery Golder
Averi Hoffman
Lily Horst
Hana Lauer
Julia Litz
Ella McDonald
Laura Minter
Katie Riggins
Shaedon Sorbo

Troop 1348 – Aurora
Charisma Bartlett
Emily Crist
Sara Liberatore
Ivy Nickles
Ravyn Schneider-
Brianna Specht

Troop 1363 – Boulder
Julia Ellis
Brigid Mead
Rowan Phillips
Dariya Zavortny

Troop 1425 –
Castle Rock
Emily Baldelli
Hayden Baldwin
Audrey Hoskins
Kaylee Schuler
Kyleigh Smithwick
Kaitlyn Wilson
Brooklyn Young

Troop 1460 – Littleton
Abby Hause
Mychaela Hodous
Veronica Larson
Haley Lukowicz
Renee Lukowicz
Lindsay Rasizer
Laurette Selleck
Maile Starr
Lydia Waterman
Annamarie Wright

Troop 1519 –
Grand Junction
Allyson Laible

Troop 1587 –
Colorado Springs
Grace Bergacker
Abby Culbertson
Sara Green-McMurry
Marcella Veis
Dorina Vida

Troop 1619 – Lafayette
Kate Berg
Ingrid Cooper
Kaylee Hall
Claire Hankla
Claire Hathcoat
Jessie Huth
Anna Lettau-Fresquez
Kayla Ramirez
Claire Roalson
Megan Schmid
Jessica Shuler
Emily Soder
Maddy Swarm-Hewitt
Hannah Topliss

Troop 1630 – Arvada
Jenna Chavez
Ashley Drye
Kelly Hanrahan
Solana Holguin
Aspen Lucero
Samantha Quintana
Sasha Ramer
Rachael Stankiewicz

Troop 1639 – Thornton
Megan Ball
Bita Bell
Jillian Campbell
Serena Hockins
Jordan Layton
Haley Longcrier
Amy McClure
Hannah Pollock

Troop 1647 – Golden
Heidi Smith

Troop 1695 – Littleton
Tori Heep
Gabby Johnson
Julianne Kim
Cassidy Moore
Maggie Nuttall
Rachel Stoneking
Lily Touhey

Troop 1726 – Boulder
Anna Archuleta
Zoe Barley
Juliana Birkenkamp
Corey Christiansen
Emily Dalgleish
Emily Glaser
Madison Hamilton
Maya Hladisova
Michaela Lucas
Alyssa Millard
Sara Miller-Perez
Samantha Wallace
Alexa Warner
Mia Zender

Troop 1772 – Aurora
Mikayla Algeo
Malia Bernhardt
Hannah Carey
Maddie Crespo
Kylee Ellinger
Maddison Godlin
Jordan Koopman
Lochlan Layne
Maddison Leeper
Payton Nolan
Ally St. John Mackenzie Seip
Brittany Stadler
Afton Tanner

Troop 1866 – Morrison
Bethany Demuth
Maija Duran
Angela Giles
Callie Grawe
Casey Johnston
Cece Kronemeyer
Riley Morgenthaler
Rachel Shirlaw
Grace Soell
Annika Waisanen

Troop 1884 – Centennial
Shira Barnett
Talia Barnett
Sarah Edelman
Olivia Farrar
Lauren Gates
Samantha Gross
Amber Hall
Molly Stang
Emerson Vandenbergh

Troop 1887 – Centennial
Mallori Ackerman
Danise Bauchman
Megan Carter
Caitlynn Hansen
Emma Hazeiton
Audrey Pass
Mykaela Ryan
Gwyn Slape
Lily Sullivan
Amy Tomshack
Jordan Wood

Troop 1947 –
Colorado Springs
Kalyana Gallagher
Chloe Hilby
Alexa Huesgen-Hobbs
Lauren Sutz

Troop 1951 –
Highlands Ranch
Alexis Brooker
Briana Cahill
Emily Jones
Kaitlyn Krason
Briana Scherrer
Pourna Sengupta
Allyson Story
Sydney Trichler

Troop 1975 – Granby
Kiera Barr
Madison DeCicco
Ana Makowski
Kendall Maone
Karmen Reynolds

Troop 2012 –
Colorado Springs
Kelley Asselin
Taylor James
Julia Uddenberg

Troop 2035 – Littleton
Asha Barteczka
Destyny Bartel
Najah Chaoua
Jada Eckel
Lujane Hanna
Arianna Hernandez
Kayla Lawer
Skylar Lodice
Izel Palomares

Troop 2055 – Colorado Springs
Kate Danis
Sophie Dawrant
Sydney Dawrant
Rosie Devine
Regan Jolstad
Isabella LaGrassa
Danica Simpson
Peyton Walters

Troop 2079 – Highlands Ranch
Kylie Clark
Sadie Collinsworth
Abby Conley
Isabella Dempsey
Sabrina Elsell
Madelyn Graser
Mariah Moore
Jenna Wesson

Troop 2090 – Castle Rock
Theresa Cronin
Sara Eftang
Victoria Hebdon
Lily Manke
Lauren Miller
Allexus Noriega
Kylie Starrett

Troop 2136 – Aurora
Evelyn Coggins
Molly Coveyduck
Taylar Espinosa
Madeline Kling
Sierra Lucero
Megan Patrick
Cassandra Ranisate
Amber Savage
Hannah Todd
Brieyana Walton
Katlynn Webster
Sarah Weller

Troop 2145 – Parker
Emilie Crowe
Lauren Daniels
Rachel Dermer
Michelle Diller
Payton Hecht
Maddie Kellar
Briana Melendez
Grace Servia

Troop 2160 –
Fort Collins
Olivia Brumbaugh
Erika Hutchinson
Sonja Mantey
Madi Shorthill
Samantha Shorthill
Sydney Shortman
Hope Tharp
Lauren Wang

Troop 2183 –
Castle Rock
Grace Bowman
Ashley Eilers
Mercedes Geurin
Quindrid Gorman
Julia Hughes
Blayn Masoner
Jillian Seeman
Emily Wickenheisser

Troop 2201 – Parker
Mia Aguon
Yena Cho
Gabrielle Eckard
Makayla Fox
McKenna Gilbreth
Mallory Palizzi
Lexi Stark
Sydney Stark

Troop 2204 – Lafayette
Ashley Briski
Natalie Fitzpatrick
Caroline Frenzel
Hannah Gorman
Sophie Hughes
Val Jonas
Lauryn Legeer
Emily Moore
Lauren Sheeks

Troop 2242 – Westminster
Sarah Colgan
Inga Erickson
Ivy Gonzales
Nicole Gonzales
Tanvi Gopalabhatla
Olivia Johnson
Cheney Singer
Kaitlin Steinfort
Katie Szumski
Madison Theesfeld

Troop 2245 – Aurora
Jessica Hixson
Jamie McCool
Asia Menchaca
Brianna Ortiz
Madison Schumm

Troop 2327 – Arvada
Lauren Bader
Ashley Beard
Peyton Conrad
Gianna Guadagni
Kim Hobson
Hannah Immel
Heidi Immel
Genna LaRocque
Braiden McClurg
Elena Moore
Emma Moran
Lauren Owens
Lauren Ulvedal

Troop 2348 – Brighton
Erin Grove
Sophia Hull
Erin Roth
Devean Trujillo

Troop 2481 – Highlands Ranch
Lisa Crawford
Daphne Gosseu
Taylor Haword
Abby Lauer

Troop 2490 – Littleton
Emma Schneider
Catherine Winkler
Troop 2525 – Arvada
Morgan Eash
Aubrey Empson
Jeri Empson
Mariah Ibarra
Larysa Medina
Jessica Miller

Troop 2534 – Arvada
Bailey Hodgson
Skylar Koch
Keaton Maring
Halle Mills
Brianna Wolle

Troop 2540 – Centennial
Kira Acosta
Meghan Atwell
Rose Clark
Jia Jia Douglas
Kira Douglas
Madison Grimm
Emerson Klever
Julia Kortz
Ciara Langdow
Molly Leibbrandt
Tessa Miller
Grace Petroff
Samantha Poole
Makayla Rapp
Galya Sickles
Emma Walilko
Abbey White
Melissa Yang

Troop 2573 – Centennial
Chloe Ashworth
Victoria Delate
Alejandra Fabre
Maddie Friedman
Emma Gollob
Sofia Gratton
Claire Hendee
Claire Kelly
Sarah Knapp
Gwen MacLennon
Choi Minna
Rachel Moes
Annie Morrison
Emmaleth Ryan

Troop 2629 – Parker
Macey Dodd
Mary Dyson
Kristin Hoffman
Kaitlyn Knight
Ashley Leroi
Leah McChesney
Lauren McClung
Meredith Mistrot
Kelly Moroney
Olivia Rutkowski
Abby Ulrich
Emily Van Gorder

Troop 2674 – Highlands Ranch
Morgan Burger
Fiona Gilfillan
Allison Hodge
Helen Norblom
Marissa Richards
Kyra Roach
Madison Sassaman

Troop 2684 – Thornton
Lilly Alexander
Tori Andreen
Amber Guzman
Oakley Lanham
Breanna Mink
Melody Pilapil
Anna Rowe
Sienna Tanner
Makayla Veale

Troop 2699 – Aurora
Tatyana Bull
Mariah Byers
Brooke Gates
Amalia McClurken
Karissa Medina
Juliana Moore
Kailani Moore
Allison Ranucci
Sydne Wiederspan

Troop 2706 – Lafayette
Vanessa Brown

Troop 2763 – Highlands Ranch
Madelyn DeFore
Kassidy Hellman
Ashley McFerrin
Annelise Mikita
Olivia Myers
Anna Poelma

Troop 2782 – Denver
Grecia Alcantar
Olivia Hazard
Lauren MacMillan
Abigail Metscher
Glynnis Murphy
Skylar Phillips

Troop 2852 – Broomfield
Shania Royce

Troop 2879 – Centennial
Kathleen Laughton

Troop 3068 – Aurora
Juliana Davis
Ryan Gomez
Maddie Heiken
Karina Tatarka

Troop 3125 – Denver
Holly Hufford

Troop 3210 – Highlands Ranch
Karlie Bonds
Robyn Crawley
Riley Davis
Payton Land
Amanda Marlow
Gabrielle Mietzner
Paiglyn Perez
Mariya Reza
Kaitlin Schnell
Mia White-Lacomb

Troop 3302 – Arvada
Brittany Blish
Arianna Martinez
Leticia Salazar

Troop 3313 – Aurora
Cristina Detwiler

Troop 3465 – Denver
Analiese Abbasi-
Lillian Brooks
Abby Bryne
Isabella Camerena
Grace Carstenson
Lauren DeAnda
Micaela Jun
Elizabeth Meschia
Kianna Nguyen
Amaya Rios
Graciela Smet
Emma Stewart
Nicole Taro
Lelia Winn

Troop 3488 – Longmont
Gigi Bell
Jordyn Blaha
Katelyn Bond
Trinity Brubaker
Hanna Burns
Hannah Burton
Emily Churchich
Taylor Daugherty
Sarah Freese
Delaney Sheets
Cali Tutkowski

Troop 3496 – Colorado Springs
Ashley Emmons
Cora Ferguson
Shaynie Segal

Troop 3705 – Westminster
Skylar Gunter
Sierra Jenkins
Maria Lazano
Tiana LeBeck
Rebecca Manuel
London Samson
Samantha Sarmir
Audrey Sheldon
Emma Shileny

Troop 3787 – Boulder
Natalie Bell
Jessica Booth
Sarah Buck
Claire Feddema
Eevee Murdock
Rianna Waddell

Troop 3823 – Loveland
Caitlyn Anthony
Layla Benefiel
Barrett Gibson
Katelyn Hunter
Maisy Montagu
Reina Payne
Taylor Prindiville
Rachel Rosen
Lerin Workman

Troop 3830 – Firestone
MaKayla Dreher
Shade Grimsley
Kathryn Holbrook
Desiree Mast
Samantha Street
Kiya Tupper
Rava Watson
Anna Weingartner

Troop 3844 –
Fort Collins
Kyra Adamson
Station Charters
Taylor Lyle
Amber Reynolds
Rachel Weiss
Catherine Zhang

Troop 9508 – Denver
Rivka Reiffman

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Troop 3810 surprises Hometown Heroes with milk and cookies

Submitted by Jody Clair
Colorado Springs

Troop 3810 in Colorado Springs met with Cimarron Hills Fire Dept. As our Hometown Heroes, they received 123 packages of GS cookies as well as a Milk & Cookie party. The girls brought milk and additional boxes of cookies to share. During that time, the amazing firefighters chatted and answered questions for the Cadette troop about their jobs.  They were very nice and offered a tour of the station. But to our amazement…since they were our HTH they decided to take it one step further. They pulled a fire truck out in the drive area and all the girls (including a sister Daisy and Brownie) had a chance to go into the truck, wear uniform gear AND help pull out the hose and put out a pretend fire on the tree with water shooting from the hose. Emma (our sister Brownie) stated “that water is intense”.

100 donations for the 100 years


Submitted by Joyce Kohlmeier
Fort Collins

Troop 70884 started planning at the beginning of the year as to how to celebrate the Girl Scout 100 year Birthday. What do we do? Have a party, well that was a given. Then everyone thought- What would Juliette Low do? What would make her proud? So we decided that community service would make her proud. We knew that Juliette Low loved animals so the first service project was set. We would collect 100 dog bones to donate to the Animal House a no kill shelter in our community. We would do this by talking to our friends, neighbors our fellow Girl Scouts at our service unit meeting. Before you knew it we had our 100 dog bones and more. We went to the Animal House and made our donation. We told them of our 100 goal. The sent us a nice note and were very grateful.

Next- wow what to do next. Juliette Low liked education. That was it. We would collect 100 school supplies and donate them to Irish Elementary. We would do it in the same way. Getting the word out to our neighbors and friends about what we wanted to do any why. Before we knew it. We had 100 school supplies to donate. Irish was very grateful and we received a fantastic note from them. It was a wonderful experience. Part 2 of our service project will be next- stay tuned:)

Part 2
Troop 70884 continued story on what to do for our 100 years that would make Juliette Low proud. We decided that collecting dog bones for animals was wonderful and school supplies for children was pretty good also. What else, what else could we do that would make Juliette Low proud. We could collect 100 cans of food for the Larimer County food bank. So off we go, we tell our neighbors, friends and fellow Scouts what we want to do. We also had a goal of letting the community know that we were 100 years old and how Girl Scouts can help in the community. We collected and sorted our food, checked the dates and we had 144 cans of food. When we took it for donation it came out to 134 pounds. Karen the nice lady that helped us at the food bank told us that this food would probably go out tomorrow because the need is great. We are so thankful to all of the people who helped us make our goals. We worked on these projects for four months and it was worth every minute. We have a couple more goals for this year -wish us luck to make them.

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Troop 70884 at the museum


Submitted by Joyce Kohlmeier
Fort Collins

Cadette Troop 70884 from Fort Collins decided that we were part of a once in a lifetime experience. We wanted to visit the museum and learn all about 100 years of Girl Scouting. We were so very lucky to run into JoAnne Busch and Marty Allison who helped us learn so much about our history and why we are Girl Scouts. We decided to go to dinner and have an evaluation meeting. The girls loved the Girl Scout exhibit and said that their favorite part was learning all about the uniforms from Marty and learning about the Chippewa kitchen from JoAnne. We talked about how fun it would be to have a bunch more interactive things to do. Voting on the favorite cookies was a hit with us. We also loved tying knots. We also talked about how very lucky we were to have wonderful volunteers who would take the time and effort to put something like this together so we could learn. A big thank you to them.

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