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Troop 2090 helping out bluebirds

Submitted by Kylie Starrett
Castle Rock

Troop 2090 of Sapphire Point Girl Scout Cadettes have adopted the park known as Gem Stone Park and share it with the senior citizens. As being a part of the park we took on the role of caring for the native bird the bluebirds.

Taking care of the birds is easy but also a huge risk, of predators (none native birds, fox, coyotes, bears and more).We try our best to keep them safe.

Some people ask how do we do that, how do they make their nests? Here is how: they live on a box with a hole big enough to get into and then at the bottom is a hook to open the box so we can look inside to monitor. As a troop we know when they are building a nest, what size it is, if there is a none native bird living it, etc.

We Girl Scouts of Troop 2090 are in 7th grade and have been doing this since the 5th grade. We in that time have taken some amazing photos of theses birds and are a always looking out for them. As we care for the birds we take our role to take care of the park. We clean up the trash and plant the flowers that are donated to us by the organization called Post Partners from Lisa and Barbra (they also started the bluebird projects).

We have had some rough years on having bluebirds to take care of but this year we have three nests out of five boxes, we have seen one mother bird in the nest and two nests with eggs, all out of a total of five boxes! This means great news for our troop! We have so much in that we made it on the side of all their Post Partners trucks and signs, also the flowers!

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