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Girl Scouts learn about the science of snow


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More than 30 Girl Scouts from Eagle, Chaffee and Summit counties spent the weekend of April 25-27 learning about the impact of Colorado’s winter weather on the landscape for the rest of the year in the state. The event took place at the Keystone Science School, who in partnership with Girl Scouts of Colorado, have been providing a series of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)-related camps over the last four of years for area Girl Scouts.

Saturday’s activities included several hours of hiking nearby Keystone to see first-hand the impacts of the snow pack. Groups hiked around Keystone, Lake Dillon as well as Montezuma, which is a 20-minute drive from Keystone, along the Continental Divide. Snow pack was gone in many areas, except for the group that hiked in Montezuma.

“We hiked in waist deep snow,” said Girl Scout Maggie, 9, from Buena Vista.

Maggie’s group found that through the course of their hike they were witnessing snow melt in process.

“The snow was hard in the morning (making it easier to walk on), and softer in the afternoon (when we sunk in walking),” said Bailey, 13, also from Buena Vista.

Out on the trail each of the groups enjoyed lunch and learned where all the snow/water in Keystone ends up.

“The water from Colorado reaches the ocean,” said Lily, 10, from Eagle. “When it rains in Keystone that water reaches the Pacific.”

Back at camp after the hike, the Girl Scouts got to take a look at an experiment they had set up before they left. Each of the groups had placed snow from around camp in a cup or jug and had made personal predictions for how much water they thought would come from the snow.

“I understood the water cycle before I came (to camp), but I didn’t know how it all happened. I’m learning a lot, and it is cool to try out (earth science),” said Chianne, 9, of Buena Vista.

One of the concluding activities on Saturday afternoon was how water causes erosion. The girls worked in groups with tubs of sand to create a landscape. Some added rocks from around camp as well. Then they turned on the small water hose hooked up to each tub and witnessed how water could help or hurt the landscape they created.

Lilli, a 6-year-old Girl Scout Daisy from Summit County, loved every moment of the camp because she can’t wait to be a scientist one day.

“I like science and learning new things. I love experiments,” said Lilli.

Grant funding provided by Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation Climax-Area (CO) Community Investment Fund and Copper Environmental Foundation helped make this weekend camp and other camps in the series possible.

STEM is a core curriculum focus in Girl Scouting because more men enter STEM fields than women. Girl Scouts’ research shows that girls are interested in STEM but are not as knowledgeable about the careers and the opportunities afforded by these fields. By introducing girls to STEM in a hands-on setting and showing them how they can make the world a better place through STEM, Girl Scouts hopes to attract more girls to lead in these field.

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I saved the Halloween Carnival for my Silver Award


Submitted by Taylor Stacy

This is how I got my Silver Award. Our town usually has a Halloween carnival a day or two before Halloween. The school decided that they were not going to do it anymore. Many kids loved this event and I was still thinking of a way to get my Silver Award. This was the perfect event. I called many people to see if they would give us volunteer time, money, or candy. I even asked the Town Hall if they would give us money. They did! Many people volunteered and I also received a lot of candy. The carnival was also a huge success, and has continued as a volunteer project every year afterwards!

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Highest Awards girls honored at Fort Collins celebration

About 100 people gathered on Friday evening in Fort Collins to the celebrate the achievements of some pretty impressive Girl Scouts.  The Northern and Northeastern Colorado Highest Awards Ceremony was planned by Girl Scouts Annie, Abby, Jessa and Katie.

Five girls in attendance were presented with the Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout in grades 9-12 can earn. Girls who have earned this award demonstrate extraordinary leadership through a project that makes a difference in their community. Several Bronze Award honorees (the highest award a girl in grades 4-5 can earn) and Silver Award honorees (the highest award a girl in 6th – 8th grade can earn) also were presented with their awards. during Friday’s ceremony.

Girl Scouts of Colorado President and CEO Stephanie Foote said the girls’ spirit and motivation inspires us all to think of the needs of others and take action to make the world a better place.

“You are strong role models for our community and our world,” she said.

Each of the Gold Award honorees spent a few minutes describing her project and how working toward Gold has impacted her life.

“I want to say to the younger Girl Scouts out there: Look at me, I’m in high school and I’m a Girl Scout and I’m proud of it,” said Samantha Preston. “If you are thinking about doing a Gold Award – do it, it will change your life!”

Samantha made kits for kids with Type 1 Diabetes for her project. She said her project allowed her to be a leader and take responsibility.

Highest Award celebrations are planned around the state. In addition to the Fort Collins event, celebrations are taking place in Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs.

View all the photos from the Fort Collins celebration here.

Troop 3422 of Colorado Springs gains Bronze by providing art supplies

Submitted by Brenda von Lehmden
Colorado Springs

The girls of Troop 3422 in Colorado Springs earned their Bronze award by collecting art supplies at their school for the Boys and Girls Club’s afterschool program. The Club was also their Hometown Hero, so the children at the club will be enjoying some cookies while they use their new art supplies. Well done girls!

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Local Girl Scout selected for Colorado Aspirations in Computing Award

Christina Bear, a Senior Girl Scout and sophomore at Colorado Academy in Denver, Colorado is selected as a winner of the 2014 Colorado Aspirations in Computing Award given by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT). The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing is nationally recognized as the premier award for young women at the high school level for their computing-related achievements and interests. The winners will be honored at an Awards presentation on Sunday, April 27th, 2014 at the University of Colorado in Boulder at the University Memorial Center (UMC) at 5:00 pm.

It all started when her Computer Science teacher encouraged Christina to learn Greenfoot as an introduction to computer programming in the summer of 2013. She jumped right into AP Computer Science in her sophomore year and unexpectedly fell in love with the world of computing. Her projects include writing programs in Java language for interesting and fun projects such as a vending machine, Hangman, and Blackjack as well as grid computing.

Christina has worked in volunteer positions in computing while helping the 4-H after school program of Robotics in Jefferson County. She teaches an animation program called Scratch with drag-and-drop to lower school students in her school. In the summer of 2014, Christina has approval to teach an introduction to minority and underserved children at a summer camp at her school for her Girl Scouts of Colorado Gold Award. She believes there is computing involved in almost all fields of study and is keeping an open mind as to what she wants to study in college.

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Girl Scout Gold Award Project: Dottie Deane, Littleton, “Bird Houses for the Sacred Heart Retreat House”


Dottie Deane

Dottie Deane
Regis Jesuit High School
Bird Houses for the Sacred Heart Retreat House

What did you do for your Gold Award project?

I researched Colorado Birds and built 16 birdhouses for the Sacred Heart Retreat House in Sedalia. I also built a Purple Martin House that is 16 feet in the air.

Why did you pursue this Gold Award project?

Sacred Heart Retreat House is a beautiful area and was in need of bird houses so visitors could enjoy the native birds that live on or near the property.

How did your Gold Award project make a difference?

Provide homes for Colorado birds and allow visitors to enjoy the colorful species that inhabit the Sedalia area.

What skills did you gain through earning your Gold Award?

Project management, painting, woodworking, pipe fitting and time management.

What will you most remember about your Gold Award project?

Finally seeing the Purple Martin House hoisted up in the air.

How will earning your Gold Award help you in your future?

I developed skills that will stay with me forever. Such things as woodworking, painting, working with adults and other scouts, budgeting and planning.

Why do you feel the Gold Award is an important part of your Girl Scout experience?

It was the culmination of all my years in as a Girl Scout. I loved being able to add lasting beauty to a place as special as the retreat house.

Troop 2802 earns Bronze with P.O.M – Power of Me


Submitted by Carmen Rivera
Silver Sage

After some thinking and talking about how long they have been together, things in school, and ways they would like to reach out to other girls in the area, the girls of Troop 2802 thought of “P.O.M” Power of Me! They wanted to create bags to take to a shelter to inspire other girls and let them know they are never alone! They worked on their journey and learned how one person can make a difference, but the “Power” of a group can be amazing. They began thinking of a way to work independently as well as a team. They decided to collect items that they felt a young girl can use and be able to express herself. They collected hygiene items, books, journals, drawing tablets and color pencils, hair accessories, and stuffed animals. While selling cookies, they made their project their “Hometown Hero” because in their eyes these girls are heroes to stay positive, strong, and successful. They collected enough to order drawstring bags to put the items in and make up any missing items. All together, 50 bags were assembled and delivered to a local youth shelter on behalf of the Girl Scouts of Colorado. They are so proud and excited to be part of such a successful and meaningful project.

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Girl Scout Troop 132 in Grand Junction donates Hometown Hero cookies to Colorado Dept. of Transportation

Girl Scout Troop 132 of Grand Junction delivered Hometown Hero cookies to three CDOT employees in recognition of their efforts this winter in plowing snow at Eisenhower Tunnel and on Vail Pass during the weekends (Jim Gammill TM-II, Janet Lindley TM-III, and Andre Pelletier TM-II from Region 3 Traffic Operations) and four employees for spending time in Greeley during the flood response (David Oldham EIT-II, Richard Sarchet PE-II, Sean Yeates PE-II, and Devin Drayton EPST-III). Girl Scout troops select a Hometown Hero and ask their customers to purchases boxes of cookies to be donated to their heroes. This year Troop 132 (Teresa Cerise-McBride, Royanna Crawford, and Carissa Crawford) chose CDOT as their Hometown Heroes.

Photos by Bill Crawford, CDOT

(From left) Carissa Crawford, Teresa Cerise-McBride, Royanna Crawford, Sean Yeats and Devin Drayton.
(From left) Carissa Crawford, Teresa Cerise-McBride, Royanna Crawford, Sean Yeats and Devin Drayton.
(From left)  Jim Gammill, Teresa Cerise-McBride, David Oldham, Royanna Crawford, Richard Sarchet, Janet Lindley, Andre Pelletier, and Carissa Crawford.
(From left) Jim Gammill, Teresa Cerise-McBride, David Oldham, Royanna Crawford, Richard Sarchet, Janet Lindley, Andre Pelletier, and Carissa Crawford.



These girls truly shine – Congratulations Highest Award honorees

We’re so proud of all the Bronze, Silver and Gold Award honorees around the state this year. They put the Girl Scout Promise and Law into action and truly make the world a better place. They do this work throughout the year and we love to hear their stories year-round.

Each spring, ceremonies are planned around the state to recognize these girls and the difference they’ve made. Seeing the collective impact of this group of girls is amazing.

Read about each Gold Award project in the Highest Awards Program. In the digital version below you can click on each girl to read more about her project in her own words. At the back of the program, there’s a spot where you can leave congratulations and comments for the girls.

Also, check out the Take Action Wall of Fame for stories that include Bronze, Silver and younger girls Take Action projects as well.


Sky High season extended — book it today!


By popular demand, the Sky High Ranch fall season has been extended from September 15 to November 22, so book your fall stay today! Since Girl Scouts of Colorado devoted Sky High Ranch to volunteer-led individual troop camp and other group rentals, the popularity of this beautiful property near Woodland Park has soared.

More than 1,200 Girl Scouts made memories to last a lifetime at Sky High over the last year. We would love to have even more campers enjoy the property this year, so we’ve extended the season for guests to enjoy Sky High. It’s a wonderful place to hold camping programs for troops, service units or open to all girls. Plan a program to work on a Journey, earn badges or just have fun in the outdoors. If you want to plan an open Girl Scout camp, GSCO can even provide the resources to help you make it happen. To learn more, see pictures, and make your reservation, visit

If you have a youth, church, business or family group or event, we’d love to have you hold it at Sky High as well. Contact Cindy Saylor at 720-530-5059 or for pricing and information.