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Girl Scouts participate in Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

Girl Scouts of Colorado once again participated in the annual Colorado Dragon Boat Festival at Sloan’s Lake in Denver on July 27 & 28. Despite the abnormally cool and wet weather over the weekend, this was a great opportunity to introduce Girl Scouting to the community. We received lots of interest from both new girl and adult volunteer members. Additionally our booth, which was in the children’s Dragonland area, gave participants the opportunity to color dragon masks, learn their Chinese zodiac symbol and spin the wheel for prizes (in addition to warm up a little from the cool weather :)).

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who helped make this booth successful. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Posted by Amanda Kalina, PR Director, Girl Scouts of Colorado, with help from the Denver Recruitment Specialists for Girl Scouts of Colorado 

Meadow Mt Ranch GSCO Blazing Saddles July 21st-26th 2013

Our final session of Blazing Saddles was a great week, even with the rain and a short hail storm.  The riders were able to venture out to Copeland Falls for lunch ride and day ride to Finch Lake.  Their final ride was full of trail blazing, games in arena, songs, and music as they sang their way into RMNP 😉  Check out their singing talents as they ride into the park at the following YouTube link:

A family of one of the campers also created this fun video from the week:

Girl Scouts create a library with over 1,500 books for Denver Children’s Home


Submitted by Lauren MacMillan

We bought, sanded, and painted bookshelves with donated paint, made 10 posters, solicited book donations and collected more than 1,500 books from one church, four schools, and two libraries; logged, sorted, labeled, shelved the books, and created a check out system therefore creating a self-sustaining library for the Denver Children’s Home Resource Center.

I was courageous by making calls to complete strangers for the project and strong by carrying boxes and boxes of heavy books. We were friendly, helpful, and caring by creating a fun little self-sustaining library with over 1,500 books. I helped my country and made the world a better a place by providing reading materials to less fortunate kids.

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Minutes – Outdoor Property Subcommittee Meeting, 7.19.13

In May, 2013 the GSCO Board of Directors commissioned a subcommittee composed of volunteers and staff to review the usage and sustainability of GSCO outdoor, or wilderness properties, including: Pawnee Lodge, Kiwa Korral, Hamp Hut, Lazy Acres, Twisted Pine, Magic Sky Ranch, Sky High Ranch, Meadow Mountain Ranch, and Tomahawk Ranch.
The Outdoor Property subcommittee held their initial meeting on 7/19 to review their charge from the statewide, volunteer board and determine their course of action. The following is a synopsis of the meeting and a list of next steps. Summaries from future meetings will also be posted on the blog.
I. Background/Context
a. The committee reviewed their charge from the board, which includes: gather and review data related to the outdoor / camp / wilderness properties in GSCO and make a recommendation to the GSCO Board of Directors on the future of these properties for their review, discussion and action.
ACTION: It was determined that the committee shall draft a formal statement of their charge for inclusion in the committee’s process document (referenced below).
b. The committee reviewed the current financial conditions and projections for the organization.
c. The committee reviewed the planned programming changes for the summer of 2014
d. The committee reviewed information and data about each property. Data included basic information about each property, current and historical usage, needed capital improvements, annual expenses and annual revenue.
II. Scope of Work
a. The committee discussed the potential process for the assessment and evaluation of the properties.
ACTION: It was determined that a proposed process should be drafted for committee review at the next meeting. The committee stressed that the process should include ways in which the public would be informed about the process, receive committee status updates and provide feedback.
b. The committee discussed current committee members and deliberated on the need to add members.
ACTION: It was determined that the committee would identify 2-3 additional members from GSCO volunteers. Interested volunteers may contact Jacky Noden ( for details.

III. Next Steps and Timeline
a. The committee discussed the overall timeline for the project, as well as a feasible goal for making recommendations to the board.
ACTION: The committee requested that the draft process detailed above include a proposed timeline. The timeline will be reviewed at the next committee meeting.
b. The committee agreed to meet again in approximately 2-4 weeks to review the proposed evaluation process and timeline.

It’s sticky, it’s icky, it’s a great time at Oopy Goopey Science camp

Submitted by Daffodil
Dekovend Park, Centennial

Oopy Goopy Science, Dekovend Park, Littleton

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It’s sticky. It’s icky. It’s Oopy Goopy Science week! Day camp this week featured a variety of hands-on activities that taught girls about science. And of course things got messy along the way! The week started with each unit talking about the basics of science. This allowed campers to get a feel for their knowledge of science as well as brainstorm things they want to learn more about. Activities this week included density jars, many types of dough, solar beads, solar balloon, making paint, oobleck, making lab coats, tye dye, learning about sound, dissecting diapers, and many more hands-on experiments! Girls learned a lot about the different types of science that they can study, and walked away from camp understanding that science is a fun and exciting thing for young women to be involved in.

This week also brought an interesting twist. July 25th landed in the middle of the week which meant campers took a few hours to hang up their lab coats and put on a Christmas in July celebration. Unit three organized a party in which we played with fake snow, decorated a nearby tree, made ornaments, and learned about some Christmas traditions celebrated amongst the group. This also opened up the conversation about what other types of holidays and traditions we celebrate with our families and friends. At the end of the afternoon, there was even a surprise visit from Santa.

Friday brought some memorable gooey all camp activities. The morning was spent in units, and the afternoon was spent in stations. Stations included making and testing various shapes and sizes of bubble wands; making colorful artwork out of bubble prints; understating sublimation with smoke filled bubbles; and some hands-on action with an experiment called vampire veins. Closing circle ended differently this week as each girl made a wish and blew bubbles into the wind. It was the perfect send off to a great week at Dekovend Park.

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Things are happening in Product Sales!

Product Sales is happy to announce that our team is now complete and “hungry” to serve Girl Scouts of Colorado, its members, volunteers and families. We are very excited to work with you!

(From bottom) Jordan Alvillar (Administrative Support Specialist), Kristina Meredith (Product Sales Specialist), Angel Haxton (Director of Product Sales), debi Metheney (Product Sales Specialist), Kathy Singer (Product Sales Specialist) and Dana Harrod (Product Sales Analyst)
(From bottom) Jordan Alvillar (Administrative Support Specialist), Shannon Allison (Product Sales Specialist), Angel Haxton (Director of Product Sales), debi Metheny (Product Sales Specialist), Kathy Singer (Product Sales Specialist) and Dana Harrod (Product Sales Analyst)

In order to serve you more efficiently, we have provided brief staff descriptions for each of us:

Jordan Alvillar, Product Sales Administrative Support Specialist:

Got questions about Cookie Credits, the Fall or Cookie sale, or need additional support from Product Sales? Jordan helps with “tightening up the screws” in our department. She is based out of the Denver office and is very excited to participate in the upcoming Fall and Cookie sale as an official Product Sales staff member!

Contact:, (303) 607-4870.

Shannon Allison, Product Sales Specialist (Denver Metro, Pueblo and Colorado Springs (El Paso County):

Shannon Allison, Product Sales  Representative
Shannon Allison, Product Sales Specialist

Shannon is our brand spankin’ new member in Product Sales! She just moved to Colorado after living and working in South Florida for the Girl Scouts of Gulf Coast Florida! She was the Sales Coordinator and worked with Product Sales and the Girl Scout Shop. Shannon was a Girl Scout herself and is loving the opportunity to work with volunteers and staff to continue to help empower girls to become leaders. She is ready to get started with Girl Scouts of Colorado and we are so happy to have her!

Contact:, (303) 607-4839.

Angel Haxton, Director of Product Sales:

After 17 years, Dorothy Gregory retired as the Product Sales Director. We were very fortunate to inherit Angel as the new Product Sales Director after serving on the Girl Scouts of Colorado Product Sales team for 2.5 years. Angel has twelve years of previous Girl Scout experience as the CFO of Girl Scouts of Oklahoma. Something you’ll hear Angel say often is, “I love my job”. She is an enthusiastic leader who is determined to make this years Fall and Cookie sale the best ever.

Contact:, (303) 607-4819.

debi Metheny, Product Sales Specialist (Northern, Northeastern Colorado and Denver Metro):

debi Metheny was a Membership Specialist for Girl Scouts of Colorado before she came to the Product Sales team. Through her Product Sales Specialist position, she has been able to make strong connections with volunteers and members.

Contact:, (303) 607-4886.

Kathy Singer, Product Sales Specialist (Western Slope, Southwestern Colorado and Mountain Communities):

Kathy has been on the Product Sales team for 2.5 years. Before that, she was a Service Unit Product Sales volunteer for three service units in Grand Junction on the Western Slope. Kathy has a knack for planning spectacular Top Seller events to honor the Girl Scouts of Colorado who sell more than 750 boxes of cookies!

Contact:, (970) 628-8018.

Dana Harrod (Product Sales Analyst):

Dana had worked for Girl Scouts of Colorado in Registration and Business Systems for eight years before coming to Product Sales. Dana also has experience as a troop and unit volunteer as well as a council trainer. Dana serves as the “technical support” branch of the Product Sales team. She provides extensive technical and customer support for the user side of eBudde and NutE and also assists in inventory management with the Cookie Cupboards around the state.

Are you ready for the Fall Sale and Cookie Sale like us?

We are excited to announce the Fall and Cookie Sale dates below:

Fall Sale 2013:

Sale Dates: September 21, 2013 to October 13, 2013
Order form due to leader by: October 14, 2013
Turn in Money to Leader by: October 14, 2013
Deliver Products to Customers: October 30, 2013 – November 10, 2013

NEW to this year’s Fall Sale! We are now offering Fall Program Credits for this year’s sale, which will work like Cookie Credits! Stay tuned for more details.

Cookie Sale 2014:

Sale Dates: January 26, 2014 – March 2, 2014
Deliveries Start: January 20, 2014
Big Delivery Day: January 25, 2014
Cookies Now! My Sale Boothing: January 26, 2014
Council Booth Sale Starts: February 7, 2014
Cookie Return Date: February 12, 2014 (*You cannot return anything that is non-chocolate after the return date)
Arrival of Awards: April 21, 2014

We will be selling the six most popular varieties
Do-si-Dos, Samoas, Savannah Smiles, Tagalongs, Thin Mints and Trefoils
*Since inventory management has been a big challenge for non-chocolate varieties, we’re asking that you order only what you think you can sell. Non-chocolate varieties cannot be returned this year.
NEW! Personal Booth Sales are a go from day one!
Get creative and think about where girls can arrange their own Booth Sales throughout the entire sale. You still need to get them approved so they can get in eBudde and you’ll get the bonus of public promotions through the Cookie Locator website
and mobile app!
Council contracted sites such as Walmart, Sam’s, Safeway, King Soopers and Albertsons will run Feb. 7– March 2.

Volunteer! Want to be an asset in this year’s Fall Sale or next year’s Cookie Sale? Become a volunteer! All you need to do is fill out a volunteer application and specify if you would like to participate in the Fall or Cookie Sale!

Hungry for updates regarding Fall Sale, Cookie Sale and Product Sales in general? Visit the Product Sales Facebook page!

Thanks for reading! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to better serve you.


Product Sales

Every day an adventure at day camp for this Daisy’s first camp experience


From Irene, a parent of a Daisy camper at Make A Mess Day Camp in Colorado Springs

Growing up in a small town in New Mexico, I have many fond memories of my time in Girl Scouts. Perhaps my favorite of them all is the summer I spent at a day-camp out in the desert, cooking breakfast or lunch every day in our little Dutch ovens and cleaning our plates and silverware in mesh bags and buckets. So as my little 6-year-old was nearing the end of her first year in elementary school, my thoughts turned to what kind of day-camp she might enjoy.

My daughter, M, had been enjoying her first year as a Daisy Scout and I knew she would miss the learning and fun of her monthly Girl Scout meetings. Initially, though, I thought there wouldn’t be any camps for her at such a young age. Thankfully, I was wrong! When I received a summer camp brochure in the mail one afternoon, I was excited to see many opportunities for a girl her age. We decided on an art and science camp for her – Make a Mess Art Camp. The art part for M, the science part for me (who desperately hopes she loves science more than I did!).

What a great experience this was for her! She was a little nervous on the first day, knowing that none of her troop friends would be with her, but after about three minutes she was busily making and decorating her name tag, and telling me I needed to leave!

Every day was an adventure. M would come home with a list of all the neat (but messy) things they made at camp that day – snow, mucus, putty. She would excitedly tell her dad and I about painting with her feet, bobbing for apples, blowing bubbles with Columbine, and singing lots of songs (some of which I remember from my Girl Scout days!). I did worry a bit because she is a picky eater, but she would come home telling me about the healthy snacks they got to have and what new things she had tried.

It was wonderful to see my shy little girl make new friends on her first day and tell me all the nicknames of her new pals and leaders – M&M, Happy, Aspen, Pills. While she looked like one of the littler kids at camp, she seemed so grown up and confident as I left her each morning. And she is already asking about art camp next summer!

We’re so glad we chose a Girl Scout camp for M’s first day camp experience. We don’t leave her with people we don’t know very easily, but knowing this was a Girl Scout camp, I had full confidence in the leaders and organizers and knew my daughter would be safe and have a great time.

Horseback Riding at Tomahawk – final riding opportunities


Attention all Colorado Girl Scouts!  We will be offering hourly riding sessions on weekends through August (after camp season ends) at Tomahawk! Don’t miss out on one last ride with your troop or family, or some lessons to develop your riding skills. You can register for riding at the following link:

We also still have plenty of room for Cadettes in our “Bows and Arrows” horse weekend event at Tomahawk Sept 13-15th!  If you like horses and archery, this weekend is for you! Register today and don’t miss out on a fun filled weekend!

“Ponies and Pals” / “Horse Fun in the Sun” events for Individuals and Troops

We are now able to offer both “Ponies and Pals” and “Horse Fun in the Sun” events for troops and individuals at Colorado Riding Academy in Parker, CO. The events vary and are time dependent on the number of girls who attend. For troops and individuals who register through the facility, you will be provided 15-20 minute sessions, one including a short riding lessons. . . and sessions could vary from 3 – 5 depending on number in attendance.  You should plan on being there for at least 30 mins to an hour for individuals, and hour or so if a large group. The sessions vary and include short riding lessons, grooming and tacking, making horse treats, or learning bout the facility and caring for horses. The cost is $15.00 per girl and the girls will receive a patch and glow in dark bracelet (while supplies last).  The event for small groups and individuals is not 3-4 hours long – that time frame with the special GSCO events was due to the number registered. The facility will create a great session that will be a strong learning experience based on number attending – the girls will get the same information and plenty of hands on time with the horses. If you are interested or have questions, please feel free to contact Julie Fischer or Jessica Soucy – or 303-747-2512

Jessica Soucy
Colorado Riding Academy
Office:  303-840-7105
Cell:  970-581-8217
45385 Summit Rd., Parker, CO  80138

Rodeo Riders July 15-19th 2013 MMR

Rodeo Riders at Meadow Mt Ranch July 15-19th session

Rodeo Riders had another amazing week at MMR! The girls were able to design their horse show in a day, choose music, and perform with the wranglers. The riders chose color schemes for this week and had a great time decorating their horses. They learned how to rope on horseback, do pole bending, and barrels for rodeo events.  They also got a break from the arena and were able to go on short trailride into Wild Basin. They performed with all three flags: USA, Colorado, and GS flags in their show. Check out the video of the final show: