World Thinking Day in Steamboat Springs

Submitted by Christine Kucera

Mountain Communities

Steamboat Springs

On April 11, 2021, Steamboat Springs held their World Thinking Day event. We typically hold it late so the ski area is closed and the weather is nice. Girls ranging from Seniors to Daisies attended. We had a wonderful special guest, Lisa Renee Tumminello, talk about peace and working together. Combined Troops 54313 and 54959 led the songs, games, and a craft in a socially distanced outdoor environment. What impressed me the most, as the leader, was these Ambassadors’ growth. Samantha is a freshman in college and prepared ALL the materials for the event, including purchasing the craft supplies, and took over my normal role running the event. Grace encouraged shy Girl Scouts to raise their hand and share their ideas. Julia taught a game, while two years ago, she could not have spoken in front of an audience. Zofia and Gillian taught everyone how to build and decorate a pinwheel. A year ago, this was a very difficult task for these two girls. I watched incredibly shy Daisies come up to my incredible group of “big” Ambassadors to say thank you for running the event. A Senior came to our event on her bike, fully knowing that we were gearing the activities towards younger Girl Scouts, hoping that she might be able to help. While World Thinking Day is an event worth celebrating on its own, I am celebrating the growth of my girls and all the Girl Scouts in Steamboat. I saw the power of Girl Scouts and the leaders that it can develop from the lowest to highest levels. I am proud to be their leader.

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