Littleton Cadettes Aid in Animal Adoption for Silver Award Project

Submitted by Lisa Schwartz

Metro Denver


Girl Scout Cadettes Hayden C., Leah E., and Alexa S. from Troop 63227 in Littleton completed their Silver Award requirements with a project aimed at helping families who choose to adopt pets from the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley. There are so many animals being temporarily housed at shelters right now, and sadly many of them will not survive due to lack of space at shelters and not being adopted by a family.

Although their original idea was to spend time with some of the shelter animals and to write up information for the public to encourage the adoption of those animals, they were unable to pursue that idea due to COVID practices. However, these girls did not give up. Rather, they persevered to find their new idea, and they ran with it.

The girls are trying to encourage more families to adopt a forever friend, as well as to assist the families during the first stages of adoption, by putting together care bags to be given to families when they adopt an animal from the shelter. The bags include food, treats, toys, and other supplies, as well as important information that is invaluable to first time adoptive families. The girls have included a letter to encourage the adoptive families to “pay it forward” by donating supplies, food, or a monetary contribution to help out future adoptive families. Especially in this time of the pandemic, pets are highly important in providing love and companionship to people who may feel a bit lonely or isolated.

Here is what the girls have to say about their project:

Hayden: Our Silver Award project focuses on animals and their families. Creating care packages, we start to fill the void during COVID-19. For instance, individuals are separated during physical distancing hence, producing isolation. Therefore, animals are another route to filling the gap. Our care packages allow families to obtain a straight forward headstart to their pet’s life.

Leah: In the beginning, my group and I wanted to help get animals adopted at animal shelters. We were planning on writing about the animals so that it could help them get adopted. We started calling places, asking if we could help get their animals adopted. Sadly, we weren’t able to help get animals adopted, so we had to think of other ideas. So off we went, thinking of what we could do for the community. We eventually ended up with the idea of making care packages for new pet owners. We divided up the tasks everyone would do, calling places to see if they would like to have our care packages, writing the letter for new pet owners, and putting together our care packages. We were able to use virtual meetings to work things out.

Alexa: Our project idea is important to me because families might not know how to care for an animal, and we are able to help them. I helped pick this topic because it is important to help understand and help animals in need. A lot of animals at shelters don’t get adopted, which is a big problem needing to be solved.

Hayden, Leah, and Alexa have now completed the requirements for their Silver Award and have learned so much along the way. They have been go-getters, innovators, and leaders by changing course when their original project idea could not be implemented and by reaching out to members of the community for partnership and help. The girls would like to thank the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley for partnering with them in their endeavor. Also, a big shout out to Ms. Lisa for meeting with the girls and taking in the supplies—they were so glad to meet her! Finally, the girls would like to encourage everyone to consider either adopting a shelter animal or volunteering to help out at a local shelter—you just may make a difference in the life of an animal or a family!

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