Smart Cookie: February 22, 2021

Girl Scouts were out in abundance selling cookies across the state this past weekend, showcasing their innovative booth setups, safety, and stellar customer service skills!

Girl Scouts of Colorado CEO Leanna Clark visited cookie booths this weekend and congratulated hard-working Girl Scouts with Booth Excellence patches and her special CEO patch!

Gift of Caring and Hometown Heroes

Gift of Caring

Girl Scouts striving to meet their cookie goals can make the most of Gift of Caring and Hometown Heroes donations by making the ask! Customers who have already purchased cookies are happy to donate a few packages or more to bring joy and help girls reach their goals.

Gift of Caring cookies don’t come from the troop’s inventory and are delivered directly to uniformed personnel serving abroad and locally by Girl Scouts of Colorado.

Digital Cookie is a great way to increase Gift of Caring sales! Use the platform to send emails to friends and family, asking them to provide a sweet treat to front-line workers, military and other uniformed personnel, while helping you reach your goals!

Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes are selected by the troop/Girl Scout and the organization chosen is of great significance to the girls.

This past year has been an especially difficult one. Girls are asking their customers to purchase cookies to be donated by the troop to food banks, senior centers and retirement communities, front-line workers, and other essential workers. Receiving a gift of Girl Scout Cookies is a special treat and makes people feel appreciated!

Hometown Heroes should be listed in eBudde and cookies should be delivered by the troop to the organization as soon as possible after the Cookie Program ends.

Troops can pull additional cookies to fill Hometown Hero orders or use any remaining inventory at the end of the program for these donated cookies.

Take Stock of Inventory 

Ask girls and families to do a count and report back to you. Checking in helps volunteers and parents/caregivers ensure that all the cookies they have are sold by the end of the program!

Check the Cookie Exchange and help a sister troop out! Under the Cookie Exchange tab in eBudde, you can pick-up additional cookies that your troop needs from other troops in your area and offer your troop excess inventory to other troops as well.

Not sure how to use the Cookie Exchange? Check out the demo video on GSCO Facebook page and YouTube channel!

Cupboard Orders

Keep in mind that at this point in the cookie program, GSCO is constantly moving cookie inventory between cupboards around the state.

  • It’s possible your closest cupboard will not have all varieties available, but another cupboard in your area will!
  • It is important to note that anyone who picks up cookies from a cupboard will need an eBudde password.

Are you a new troop? Do you need assistance with inventory management? Troop cookie managers should contact their service unit cookie manager for support.

Order Inquiry Changes

If customers have questions or an issue with Digital Cookie orders, they need to contact Digital Cookie Customer Care . The more detailed information the customer can provide on the form, the better. GSCO customer care cannot access orders to check the status of orders or make changes.

Cookie Proceeds

Troop members share in the proceeds from a successful product program; proceeds aren’t distributed to individual girl members. Girls are eligible for rewards and Cookie Credits that they put toward council-sponsored camps, programs, and items in the Girl Scouts of Colorado Shop.