Daisy Space Science Explorer badge: Step One of Three

When Daisies earn the Space Science Explorer badge, they’ll have explored and observed the Sun, Moon, and stars.

Did you know that Earth, the planet we live on, spins around the sun? During the day, it looks like the sun is moving across our sky, but we’re the ones moving! When you’re on the part of the Earth that faces the Sun, it’s daytime, but when it’s facing away, it’s nighttime.

Step One: Explore the Sun

During a sunny day, use a piece of paper, rocks, a writing utensil, and a small toy, to create shadow art! Place a piece of paper on the ground weighed down by small rocks on the edges. Place your toy so that it casts a shadow onto the paper. Using your pencil or marker, trace the shadow to create the shape of your toy on the paper! Come back every couple of hours to see how the shadow looks differently throughout the day. Trace it again to compare.

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