Silver Award Girl Scout Upcycles Wooden Pallets to Make Garden Beds

Silver Award Girl Scout Scarlett Montgomery-Anderson from Grand Junction upcycled 16 wooden pallets to make more than a dozen garden beds for nonprofit organizations and members of her community. Those who received the beds include Karis, Inc. at The House, First Congregational Church, and Grand Valley Unitarian Universalists. Scarlett hopes those who receive the beds (and benefit from them) will discover low-cost methods to grow their own food. Scarlett also did a planting demonstration with Grand Valley Unitarian Universalist’s youth, showing them how to plant and care for their new garden.

The idea for this project came about at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Scarlett, along with help from her mom, made her own garden beds out of pallets. After learning how her family could benefit from growing their own food, Scarlett wanted to make more garden beds to help those in her community, especially during these challenging times.

Through completing this project, Scarlett earned the Silver Award, the highest honor for a Girl Scout Cadette. Also, as part of her project, she is encouraging others to make garden beds out of wooden pallets. She created a “how to” video and it is now posted on Girl Scout of Colorado’s YouTube channel:

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