Senior Sky Badge: Step Five of Five

The sky is a masterpiece. Every day it graces us with living art, whether through a glorious sunset, shifting cloud formations, or the stunning display of night stars. No wonder we take every opportunity to spend time outdoors. Girl Scout Seniors can earn their Sky badge at home with the help of GSCO’s Outreach Program.

Create a Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Check out this link to learn about the moon’s eight phases.

Supplies Needed:

  • String (enough for eight pieces, PLUS one longer one to hang)
  • Sick/Dowel Rod to tie the moon phases onto
  • Paper/Cardstock/Scrapbook Paper/Thin Cardboard from the recycle bin
  • Scissors
  • Glue/ Glue Stick
  • Markers/Crayons/Paint/Nail Polish to decorate your moons
  • OPTIONAL: Washi Tape or colorful yarn or embroidery floss to wrap around the stick for decoration. You may also want to add beads to the hanging strings.

Making the moon phase wall hanging:

  1. Draw and cut out the moons
    • Fold paper/ cardstock/ scrapbook paper/ thin cardboard in half.
    • Draw out eight circles onto your folded paper using a pencil and an empty tp-roll or any circle shape that is the size you want for your moons. Using the same template, draw over one of the two of the circles to make two crescent moons, then draw over two more to make the gibbous moons. 
    • Cut the moons out- to start, fold your paper in half if you didn’t do so before drawing the moon templates. You will have two of each moon phase that you will glue together (16** total). As you are cutting, keep those that you cut together ,so that when you glue them they fit together easily.
  2. PRE-CUT eight hanging string/ twine/ yarn for your wall hanging. Make sure you cut an extra two to allow for tying onto the stick and for ½”-3/4” to be glued in between the moons. They can be all one length, or you may choose to cut them varying lengths so that the moons will hang at graduating positions across the hanger stick. For this example, I cut my strings at graduating lengths and then played around with their positioning on the stick, so they’d all be a little bit different once the project was finished. 
  3. Place glue across the surface of your moons. On one side, add a little bigger glob of glue for the string. Put the string on the glue glob before pressing the two sides together to sandwich the string in between the two pieces. 
  4. Tie the strings onto the stick or wooden dowel rod.
  5. Once all the moon phases are tied on, add the “hanger string” onto the dowel tying it on either end of your stick. 
  6. Hang your beautiful finished project on a door, wall or in your garden.                                                              

**Optional: IF you prefer a smaller wall hanging you can choose a smaller stick and hang only some of the moon’s phases on it. For example, make one crescent and one gibbous moon to represent both the waxing and waning of these two phases and one quarter moon to represent both the first and last quarter moons. 

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